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Monica Piebrock ?

Aug.21, &''1(

least earth rule 7 extremely air! least mutable but and strong 9th
very card fix.
Moon Phase

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: 219

18. To know oneself through action rather than solitary reflection. Acce ts what life gives! however oorly it measures u to inner ideals. "ndividualism# any hiloso hy endorsing self$sufficiency. %uch talk! little action# ersuades others to endorse his words.


1919!"#$!%8 $!%8 drive for wealth vs. ower and res ect. )ubdued! flamboyant# assive or ushy. *orm an authentic self by acce ting both arts. +a able with authority! leadershi ! res onsibility. ,nconscious fear of ower. ruthless drive for success! des ite mild exterior# re ressed ower makes others uncomfortable. self$ sabotage. -eartfelt commitment to service . dedication. )uccess for the common good. Assume inner ower and get freedom! and abundance. /ratitude attracts blessings. -ealthy disci line leads to ersonal ower. swing from de endence to in$ de endence when feeling aggressive# use others as means for advancement or learning. 019&1(191&

Progressed Crescent: 082 Full: 21 Feb. 10

237 481

209 27' 495

6everything direct!7


To maintain a ure 9oy of being. )eems more alive than any other hase# instinct makes every decision.

)ub9ective intellect. *ury over her inability to 9ustify self intellectually# withdraws. 5. :eginning of ambition! direction. )enses and subconscious nature dominate intellect

The sim licity which intellectual theories seem to offer. +om els others to believe! that he might himself believe. 7. To strengthen individual will. *lair for adventure# a rich character fully revealed# interest in great ersonages.

"ntellectual abstractions. "ntellectually insincere and mediocre! like a child mimicking adults.

The security of conformity and anonymity. +owardly! flees from owerful ex eriences# im ersonates 6imitates BAC)DEAF"TG7# attem ts intellectual synthesis. 8. To discover one4s strength a art from the world# crisis in action. Hoes not shrink from conflict# finds new strength in the midst of outer defeat.


To remain faithful to instinct while recogni<ing different faculties in others. Ac=uires a ractical wisdom founded u on active ex erience.

>Adult? attitudes@ growing u is giving u in early hases. )u resses instinct but fails to find the substitutes which work so well for others. 3. 1. To unite with the ex erience of the moment. 8ery im ressionable# radiate the unconditional love of a ha y infant. To seek out rare adventures. "ntroduces society to new ex eriences# an excited worker.

Any o ortunity to avoid conflict or failure# 6 arental7 authority. Hire fear of failure# seeks distraction at every turn# cannot construct any lasting thing. 9. To hold to one4s center amidst emotional flux. /rows in strength through ex eriences of high emotional im act# very com etent.

)uccess! random in ut! over$ stimulation. -abitually demands s ecial attention from others# unaware of the extreme im ortance of right environment.

Axcessive solitary reflection. Attem ts to control life from an armchair# caught in sterile intellectual formulae. 0. To organi<e outer ex erience. Able to structure and inter ret new ex eriences for individuals or communities.

)udden emotional u sets. Amotional chaos# constantly losing his center# coarse! blundering. 1'. To concentrate and release emotional ower. 8ery assionate# a social rebel# burning restraint# owerful releases.

Axternal authority. :lames others for the conse=uences of his own conformity. 11. Bassionate creativity. Able to distinguish ersonal from mass emotion# finds himself in his creations. An offer to become an authority oneself. :etrayed against himself by social res onsibilities! u holds the status quo. 1&. To discover the com leteness of one4s inner life. )elf$assertion without effort# strength through detachment from social o inion. *lattery! excessive advice. Dver$reaction to external cues# self$conscious stiffness. 15. To organi<e and externali<e one4s inner truth. Bersonal ex ression valued for its own sake. )ervice motives# desire for com anionshi . )elf$ absor tion instead of self$ ex ression# morbid analysis of sensations. 1;. To remain faithful to a ersonal disci line.! Axtreme human beauty# release from conventional social res onsibilities# ersonal destiny above all. )enseless! often violent stimulation4s from without. Terror before the world# sadness over self$ com romise. 13. To find everything within oneself exce t loneliness# to unite inner and outer ex erience. >Avery beloved image

has bodily form! and every bodily form is love?# ractical successes# freedom from struggle. Db9ectivity# social conscience. Touchy# inner$ outer s lit seems irreconcilable# increasing loneliness. 10. To share one4s sub9ective life! even with only one other. Axtremely idealistic# devoted to beauty and heroics. *ear of disillusionment. Iuixotic# alternates between extreme exaltation and de ression. 17. To overcome shocks of disillusionment and inner disunity. +onstantly in touch with himself and his close com anions# very o en to change. )ocial or olitical involvement. Axaggerates a concern for social in9ustice to conceal ersonal hurt. 18. To know oneself through action rather than solitary reflection. Acce ts what life gives! however oorly it measures u to inner ideals. "ndividualism# any hiloso hy endorsing self$ sufficiency. %uch talk! little action# ersuades others to endorse his words. 19. To master the real world through the intensity of ideas. Axtremely dramatic# holds unshakable convictions# self$intent.

Bower. +ruel to others! occasionally to himself# fears himself! death# uses ower irres onsibly.

&'. To relate creative imagination to the outer world with force# to have resolved all ersonal conflicts within oneself. Axtremely creative# able to com el the outer world to conform to his inter retation of it# very ambitious. "ndividuals or grou s as targets for revenge. Bro9ects his conflicts onto the world# extremely vindictive. &1. To sim lify life through the ower of dominating intellect. -is finest acts stem from efforts to rove to others that he is not the erson they take him to be. BC"%ACG ideas! eo le. *eigns innocence! naivetJ.

&&. To emerge from oneself into the outer world# to be freed by a s iritual vision from ersonal alienation. "ntellect exhausts itself and the native is willing to look at life ob9ectively.

)elf$will# illusions of ersecution. Hreads releasing will# frantic! violent.

intensifies every ex erience. Bersonal dignity. 6)elf7$ destruction as the last assertion of individuality# severe loneliness# horror of self$9udgment. &7. To be nothing to oneself! everything to others# all of life is in love with the native4s nothingness. )anctity@ renounces all desire for ersonal authority! highly res onsive to others! ro hetic. Bersonal authority. %entally roud! aloof# 9udgmental# tries to urify himself.

&5. To develo a techni=ue or skill with which to serve the environment. An em athetic worker with a refreshing sense of humor and a reverence for all ex ressions of life. Bersonal emotion. Bities himself for the ersonal assion he cannot feel# gloomy! self$seeking.

&;. To codify life# to rid oneself of ersonal attachments. *inds a rightful lace for everyone# ca itali<es u on tradition# res onsible! rises to ositions of authority. Bersonal ambition. )elf$ righteous# insists u on absolute law and order# very 9udgmental! lonely &3. To unite all eo le under a common belief. Kields great social ower# a sterling exam le of rectitude. Bower for ersonal advantage. Axtremely intolerant and dogmatic# ersecutes those who do not assent to his beliefs.

&8. To en9oy an aimless life# not even to know that one is nothing# to ro hesy. %akes the most of each day# freed from the ush of ambition. ,rge to overcome im otence. -ates life# chained to the ast# morbid fantasies# malignant rage.

&0. To find the humility to acce t oneself as one actually is# to confront death. Benetrating sychological insight# foresees future# the certainty of death

1911' $ "nnate insecurity! addictions! hysical maladies due to blocked energy. find confidence# overcome hy ersensitivity. *alse bravado. A ear angry when feeling hurt or defensive. +reative service 6intuitive healing to handmade greeting cards.7 +an ins ire. The more creative energy! the better they feel. rely u on or resists others4 o inions and im ose own o inions. A natural force of healing and ins iration when acting with integrity and working their energy in ex ansive ways.

ins ired. :orn to su ort humanity# otential to bring creativity to life. Hirect high creative energy to u lift and ins ire! to su ort and heal. $8%11 $)ervice to a larger cause. Bowerful insecurity and self$doubt. /ive away! avoid or sabotage their own ower. Dften through s eaking. Authority issues. /et in touch with feelings to take on their authority. "nde endent and controlling $ hard to work with. +o$de endent. %ake waves! make money. Fearn to control self not others. Eeed to hel ! ins ire! u lift and em ower others. *ear emotional sensitivity and raw ower! esca e through addictions.

and others. Eeed to work through issues of ower and rocess. This life ath is new on this lanet! beginning with those born from &919199. Astablish their own foundation and acce t their own ower and rocess! then able to create structure and order to re lace old forms assing away. )trong ower issues therefore im ortant to be honest. Also res onsibility issues $ tendency to overwork! can be offset by their creative energy. *amily high riority! working out stuff with arents and learning from their children if they choose to have any. "n order to succeed need to work in coo eration with others. Come wasn4t built in a day! rocess and integrity. 5'15 e&otional e'(ression. overcome self$doubt about self$ ex ression# use inner gifts to encourage! u lift and ins ire. Brone to erfectionism# critical! com laining# de ression. +hallenge@ channel and release ex ressive energy constructively. *ocus on solution not roblem. 9oy in moving others emotionally $ ex ress self from heart! not head. )tart out feeling inca able of ex ression@ great satisfaction in it. &115 . 1&15 Dvercome insecurity and self$doubt. *ace issues of negative ex ression@ critici<ing# com laining# substance abuse. ,se creative and emotional energies in ositive ways. Kell$rounded! versatile! creative. Ax ress through any form. &115 have creativity issues# 1&15 have coo eration issues. "ntellectuali<e emotions! Amotional dishonesty with self resulting in neediness! withholding! giving too much and then shutting down.. *ear re9ection! overcome self$doubt and insecurity to o en u and ex ress themselves as they are. "0%" focused life ur ose. )uccess through short$term commitments and follow through! gradually ex anding the time frame until long term. "nner gifts of strength and ersistence! sensitivity! ex ressiveness and clear intuition! to be used in service for eo le or causes. "ntellectuali<e. distrust feel$ngs. Khen overanaly<ing! feel confused and stuck. Astablish foundation and clear ste $by$ste rocess. "m atient. trust intuition! gut feelings! not figure out. cling to 2if only4. Dverly re$ onsible@ lay groundwork! then one ste at a time( success. +ombine analytical ability with intuition! de$monstrate unusual clarity and foresight. )wing from analysis to im ulsiveness.

&811' $ +ombine material success and creative energy# a ly creative energy and intuitive gifts in service of others. insecurity. *ear using >-ealing hands? through which they direct or life energy! intuitively. >Iuestion Authority!? Hisown their ower $ then lean on others. Bower behind the throne when not in leadershi . Bassive$aggressive# control others emotionally or mentally# not direct in stating what they want. L 5711' $ Hee ly rooted insecurity. Take time to o en u and trust themselves or the rocess of their life. Trust is the touchstone of life. )elf$ betrayal and betrayal by others due to lack of self$trust. Hee down wise and healing s irits# Ax ress themselves like angels in human form once they align themselves with the higher energy and will that manifest within them. ;011' $ +reate better world! ractically! ste $by$ste ! in big or small ways is irrelevant. A ly their energy and inner gifts. Berfectionist tendencies may inhibit creative feelings. "m atient! difficult to follow and en9oy the rocess! want erfect roduct right now. Transform dreams into ractical reality and need hel and su ort from others to do this. Aasily get out of touch with reality due high visions and ideals. Iuick to 9udge! need to cultivate com assion and acce tance of what is. Kork with their vision in a sustained way for a higher ur ose.

;7111 $ +ombine creativity and trust to hel build a more stable! eaceful world. *ear of their own growth rocess over time! of betrayal! of trust. Brofound insecurity blocks o en heart. +reate beauty and share it with others! following a ste $by$ste rocess. "m atient. Cefined and strong. Fearn to trust ) irit in themselves and see it reflected around them. Eeed to learn to trust the rocess.

&'1& $ *ind oint of balance to coo eratively serve the common good out of love and caring. +ode endent# feel res onsible for everything. acce t res onsibility for own life not others4. )ervitude vs. service. Khat you feel good about! not what others think you should feel good about. )u ort self and others and feel su orted by you. Thrive in su ort ositions! es ecially for large causes. )ensitive to o inions and feelings of others. Eeed com assionate detachment. )avior com lex.

29%11 $ Axtremely creative.

+ombine creative energy with higher rinci les and integrity# find ways to a ly creativity in service! aligned with higher wisdom. Trouble handling the energy. Eeed find self first! boundaries! take res onsibility for own life. Tendency to de end on o inions of others. Houble insecurity. +om etitive! afraid of losing. %ental creativity. -igh energy when

5911& $ +reative teamwork. Amotional sensitivity. Eeed to grow and learn to feel fulfilled. +an be too serious. )elf$doubt and vulnerability to others4 o inions. Eeed inner balance! not hel too much nor too little! give to themselves and to others. Align themselves with higher rinci les most fulfilled. Fearn em athy and overcome sym athy. Eeed to 2stand u inside themselves4. Take care of themselves so they can take care of others. -a iest when working with others for a higher cause. ;811& Fearn teamwork! coo erate with others! to build ste $by$ste stable and secure world for themselves

&&1; achieve goals through atient rocess with mutually su ortive teamwork. Dver coo erate ( resentment and withdrawal. ski ste s# go back and do ste ski ed. )trong analytical! structuring. Axcess work results in worry! shutdown! reactive emotions or im ulsive action@ leads to regret! :alance logic with intuition. write down ideas and then trust instincts. A ly clear! realistic insight and self$com assion in confronting issues#. )trength! fortitude and endurance if they go ste by ste and establish a solid foundation.

41/5 & 14/5

*ind authentic freedom after finding what freedom isn4t. He end on others! while striving for aggressive inde endence. Hisci line and focus ( freedom. Dne ste at a time. )cattered. *amily orientation. +ombine =uick mind with creativity# show eo le new a roaches. )trong analytical mind! %ental stress from over analysis. )ubstance abuse. :ounce from one thing to another. Eeed stable base@ teaches inner freedom better than many ex eriences. %agic and chaos.!

Brone to frustration when life doesn4t meet ex ectations. )elf$doubt and erfectionism are biggest hurdles.


$1%" ) 1$%" Develo secure foundation! by ste $by$ste rocess. )tability! creativity and emotional ex ression. Dvercome self$doubt to reach goal methodically. ,nstable! lack commitment. :ig ego com ensates for fear of in$feriority. :lend strength! sensitivity and creativity. Eeed foundation to form base for ex anding into life. Hiligent work better than s urts of ins iration. Brocess 6not the end7 is the key to success. Eeed to ex ress all emotions including anger and resentment before they can ex ress love.

tendency towards erfectionism! live in ivory towers# Eeed a ractical focus. Dften feel scattered! directionless "ssues involving idealism ! inde endence and creative energy finding creative ways to u lift others by first acce ting themselves! then sharing their vision with others. ,nderlying insecurity! re9ect resent reality# need to acce t the resent in order to create their ideals! i.e. bring heaven to earth. -igh ideals!! tra ed or constantly disa ointed# ursue esca ist activities. Eeed for disci line. +reativity! liberation! 9ustice and a longing for erfection $ have strong creative ability which can transform ideals and visions into some kind of form.

1 %* "ssues of o enness! authenticity! acce tance and insecurity! learning to trust creative s irit within themselves and beauty within others! sharing their ideals and vision in ractical ways. Brefer lots of rivacy# much to contribute due their incisive mental clarity and awesome creative imagination. +onscious or subconscious longing! to find safe harbor! communion with self. Dften sense of insecurity or feeling of inferiority if strong creative energy not used for constructive ur oses. +an dee fear of being shamed or looking foolish! therefore tend to extreme rivacy $ high visions. +all to service is key. Fearn to trust themselves and the world around them. -igh ideals and erfectionist standards. Tendency to feel betrayed due high ex ectations.

2!%* inner

32/5 & 23/5 Emotional honesty and coo eration lead to freedom through disci line and de th of ex erience. Fate bloomer. Ax erience true and false freedoms. /et involved in too many things. His$ci line! focus and riorities frees. %artyr com lex# *reedom fighter. :ore$dom is ersonal hell. :road but shallow range of ex erience. +reate de endency because of insecurity. hide behind social roles. use extremes to develo balance. 6. 8ision and Acce tance. Ceconcile high ideals with ractical reality. "dealism and erfectionism. 8isionary of what could be. Hirect connection to archety al erfection must be grounded. :ut carries the human race onward. Acce tance is rimary M lack of it breeds emotional denial. /et lost in etty details.

24/6 & 42/6 Berfectionism! rocess# res onsibility! acce tance. -ard acce ting the world as it is. lost in etty details. Five in ast! guilt! regret. "m atient. master rocess! one ste at a time. -igh ex ectations! lead to disa ointment. balance idealism and vision with realism. /rass is greener.. Try too hard! feel too res onsible. criticism and 9udgment of self and others. Hifficulty acce ting now! !. %aster of self$dece tion and denial. Dutgoing! gregarious! bright! strong and vital. +hronic self$im rovement . trust that life reflects a erfect rocess.

rocess not materialism. Trust and disci line are rimary. Kithdraw emotionally from fear of betrayal or shame. Eeed rivacy and inde endence. A ealing lightness and clarity about them. )ense of beauty and harmony. Beter Ban. not sure where they belong. *ear intimacy yet desire to hel . )eek balance between giving and receiving. Kant direct ex erience of oneness. trust everyone but themselves. )trong mental shield. *eel ) rit inside! and everywhere.

$"%* ) "$%*

33/6 -igh standards! acute sensitivity# disheartened by roblems and im erfections but su ress it and attem t to 2do the right thing4# -ide de th of emotions@ a ear cool and unemotional. Beo le leasers. -o es and high ideals are here to ins ire them! not become the yardstick by which they measure the world. /et in touch with their feelings. Allows a more em athic! com assionate bond with eo le. )ensitive to criticism.

Trust! atience and emotional ex ression. :lend incisive mind with down$to$earth racticality! sensitivity! ex ressiveness. +ommunion or unconditional trust through ste $by$ste rocess of self$ discovery. -armoni<e a arent o osites! racticality! worldly business and s iritual ursuits. *eel safer in the realm of the mind but have owerful emotions. Baranoia! isolation! self$doubt until they come to trust their feelings and share themselves.


:y trusting the creative s irit inside them and sharing it with others! they reali<e abundance and ower. %ust confront and overcome conflicting drives! fears and beliefs about money and ower! develo

dee er trust in themselves and in ) irit and access confidence and creativity. Eeed to share their abundance. Trusting in ) irit working through them! lifts burden of aranoia and fear! attracting and generating abundance flowing naturally from their creative energy. +harisma of a >creative Eature s irit?! light! airy! imaginative and glowing. Eegatively! their inward 7 energy conflicts with and sabotages their energy as they withdraw from life and the outer work necessary to succeed# tendency to su ress their ower# need to trust themselves and ste out into the world. Bositively! grounded and connected to the earth! more u lifted! inward and s iritual energies balance and com lement drive for recognition! wealth and ower. +ombine inner growth and ins iration with very ractical goals in the material world.

,nconscious fear of ower. ruthless drive for success! des ite mild exterior# re ressed ower makes others uncomfortable. self$sabotage. -eartfelt commitment to service . dedication. )uccess for the common good. Assume inner ower and get freedom! and abundance. /ratitude attracts blessings. -ealthy disci line leads to ersonal ower. swing from de endence to in$de endence when feeling aggressive# use others as means for advancement or learning.

and success unless they self sabotage. Eo matter how successful their life looks! they face internal conflicts! as if the subconscious restrains. )elf$ examination! understanding and forgiveness leads to a heartfelt s iritual laws the core of life! share wealth and dedicated to service not accumulation or influence. serve others by exam le! of integrity! ower! blended with com assion and aligned with a higher will. reachy! need to ractice! otherwise life gets their attention in dramatic ways# nothing subtle about this number and nothing subtle about life4s feedback.


""%8 money! control! res

2 %8

"nnate idealism inhibits ersonal ower. Cecogni<ed for =uality of work. Kork hard for success! but have mixed feelings due to idealism. Bassive and1or aggressive but subdued# de ending on level of self$worth. /ive away ower when dealing with emotional confrontation. +an4t en9oy fruits of efforts. )trive for security and recognition! although deny it. +ore belief $ must suffer to deserve abundance. +hildlike urity# mature late. mixed messages@ lease on the surface and! control underneath. Attract subtle or not$so$ subtle forms of abuse.

onsibility and stable foundations. *ollow system to achieve material success N in su ort of other eo le or causes. "m atient! angry and frustrated without gradual rogress Eeed intros ection! )trong stability! business acumen# stubborn! rigid! brilliant and confusing! commitment and instability! ambition and im atience# Eeed foundation within family $ work out arent issues. )trong money and security concerns. +om ulsive! im ulsive# Eeed to listen to feedback. sense of abundance grows as they reach out to serve others.

Dvercome tendencies to mentali<e rather than trust the heart. Fet go of others4 o inions. Awareness$ training 9unkie or spiritual vagabond. ,se more words than necessary. Eeed rivate s ace. A ear self$assured# charisma! *orceful o inions com ensate for lack of trust. %istake o inions for 2god4s will. *ind meaning in su ort and coo eration. Hon4t reach# teach by exam le. *ear s irituality. Fong for guiding rinci les of life. Eeed to ex erience higher wisdom directly. Kill not rest until they4ve reali<ed this truth.

$ %9 emotional honesty!

erfectionist ideals# self$doubt. *eeling vs. what you think you 2should4.! )ensitive# refined! 8ulnerable to criticism. %anic over$confidence$doubt and de ression. Acknowledge self$doubt then move through. )eeks a roval.. Aim for the real not ideal. Acce t life as is# then live as an ins iring exam le. -igh$strung! nervous. -ealth vulnerable to state of mind and emotions@ Aasily disheartened! fall short of unreachable standards and 9udgments. Hiscover your talent@ self$ worth increases.



$!%8 drive for wealth vs. ower and res ect. )ubdued! flamboyant# assive or ushy. *orm an authentic self by acce ting both arts. +a able with authority! leadershi ! res onsibility.

a ear ex ansive! outgoing! 9ovial but not frivolous about their inner life! which contains guilt! fear insecurity. rely on high ethics and honesty. Aither ins iring exam le or bad exam le. create a satisfying life of honest! diligent work! en9oying the fruit of labors. Bowerful mind! charisma! abundant energy. Bowerful leaders# ins ired! or crushing through fanaticism. attract money! influence

Bhysically strong and mentally$=uick! with a desire for adventure and excitement! often deal with life$and$death issues. %ay have to ass through disillusion and difficulty to reach com assion and wisdom. %ost ex erience both the u side and the underbelly of life. Kork through issues of stability! inde endence and integrity as they learn to a ly a rocess of disci line over time to ex erience freedom and to align their life with higher rinci les and heartfelt wisdom. +hallenge of utting their knowledge into action $ living in accordance with

higher laws. Although might want the big ex eriences! they are here learn about being ordinary! direct and stable# for them! achievement ha ens only through a gradual ste $by$ste rocess. -ere to lea! teach or ins ire others in everyday ways. -ere to ins ire eo le by acting on what they know in everyday life even if that entails a long! gradual rocess. Tenuous sense of identity! tendency to define themselves by the roles they lay# want to be somebody without do the necessary re aratory work. Tendency to feel scattered and unable to act and move forward in their lives. Eeed to get grounded and stay ut long enough to harvest the fruits of their labors. )eek inner freedom! not mere inde endence or self$indulgence due to their intuitive if sometimes unconscious connection to higher laws. Kith inner stability! demonstrate loyalty! res onsibility and strength for exam le. Kisdom comes as they begin to live what they understand. And then they can teach others! without words! by exam le.

im ression! active fighter for social cause! o ular! moody! and ca ricious lover! honest! and tolerant artner! recise sense of 9udgment. Po(lar: The Uncertainty looks very decorative! not very self$confident! only courageous if necessary! needs goodwill and leasant surroundings! very choosy! often lonely! great animosity! artistic nature! good organi<er! tends to lean toward hiloso hy! reliable in any situation! takes artnershi seriously. %ay 1 $ 1;! Aug 3 $ 15.

Fir@ The Mysterious Axtraordinary taste! dignity! so histicated! loves anything beautiful! moody! stubborn! tends to egoism but cares of those close to them! rather modest! very ambitious! talented! industrious! uncontested lover! many friends! many foes! very reliable Oan 1 $ Oan 11! Oul 3 $ Oul 1;!

,i&e: The Doubt -acce ts what life dishes out in a com osed way! hates fighting! stress! and labor. Hislikes la<iness and idleness! soft and relenting! makes sacrifices for friends! many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom! often wailing and com laining! very 9ealous but loyal.. %ar 11 to %ar &'! )e 15 $ )e && -a.elnut: Mar. 22 / Mar $10 Se(. 2" / 1ct. $ The Extraordinary -charming! undemanding! very understanding! knows how to make an