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The Land Conservancy of Will County Student Conservation Award

Purpose: Each year the Land Conservancy of Will County (LCWC) seeks to recognize the best nominated efforts of Will County students involved in local conservation projects that 1) protect and restore habitat, or 2) encourage sustainable community development, or 3) protect and manage open space for the future viability of the Will County ecosystem. Applicants can apply as an individual student (citizen activist or scout), or as a collective group (classroom or club), for this award. There is one award for each category of applicant, though certificates of recognition will also be presented. Our cash award for each category of applicant is currently $250, though this award prize may increase; our committee will update applicants regarding award amount, up until our March 21st deadline. The LCWC Student Conservation Award winners will be publicly announced at our Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 30th from 4:00 6:00 p.m. This meeting will be at the beautiful CD & Me Venue, 23320 S. La Grange Rd, Frankfort, IL 60423. Attendance at our Annual Meeting is strongly encouraged.

The LCWC High School Conservation Award: $250 (possibly more see above) Eligibility: Enrolled in a Will County high school, grades 9 through 12; or, participate in home schooling in grades 9 through 12. Participation in a local, Will County conservation or sustainability project. Board members of the LCWC and their family members and dependents are not eligible to apply for this award. Documentation required: Complete application form with parent or guardian permission
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LCWCs 2014 Student Conservation Award

Complete nomination questionnaire (attached) describing conservation project, project location, project goals, project accomplishments, and role of student nominee. Nomination should be no more than 3 pages long.

Project documentation such as maps, handouts, narrative or photographs illustrating the project location or project outcomes, or nominees role and involvement. Please limit this documentation to 3 pages.

One letter of recommendation is required, addressing the nominee or groups role in the conservation project. The letter should address the time and effort required for the project, the measures that can be used to determine the projects success, and the leadership provided by the nominee or group of students.

Please fill out the attached application form and submit via mail or email to our offices in Frankfort, Il.

Mail to:

Land Conservancy of Will County 925 Lambrecht Drive Frankfort, IL. 60423


DEADLINE: Friday, March 21 5:00 p.m. Questions? 815-469-5292 office 219-448-0148 - cell

LCWCs 2014 Student Conservation Award

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Land Conservancy of Will County LCWC High School Conservation Award

Complete the following background information: Name of Nominee or Group:____________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip _____________________________________________________ Home Phone Number:________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________________

I am applying for the LCWC High School Student Conservation Award (for Individual

Signature of applicant

I am the parent or legal guardian of the student applicant and give my permission for this
student to be considered for the conservation award. (for individual applicant)

Signature of parent or legal guardian

Our group, club, or classroom is applying for the LCWC High School Student Conservation

Name and lead signature of applicant group

Name of person writing the reference letter:___________________________________________

LCWCs 2014 Student Conservation Award

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Title or relationship to applicant or to group:_____________________________________________

Land Conservancy of Will County LCWC High School Conservation Award

Nomination Questionnaire Nominee:__________________________________________________________ Group Nominee Name: ______________________________________________ High School or Home School:___________________________________________ Name of Project:______________________________________________________ Location of Project:____________________________________________________ Time period for Project:_______________________________________________

Project Purpose or Goals:

Describe your or your teams involvement in the project:

How do you measure the projects success?

LCWCs 2014 Student Conservation Award

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Briefly describe the lessons you or your team learned as a result of your involvement in this project:

Other information you (or your team) wish to share regarding your conservation or sustainability project:

Thank you! Questions? Call 815-469-5292 or email:

LCWCs 2014 Student Conservation Award

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