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Frostproof, Florida
Pastors Remarks

March 2014

Dear Church Family, We live in a day and age when people are not flocking to the local church. In order to reach people in todays world, I believe the church must go where the people are, to discover their needs, minister to them, and then share the gospel when given the opportunity. In many churches, especially older ones, two factors hinder our outreach efforts- comfort and complacency. Comfort takes many shapes. We can be comfortable because of money, numbers, our buildings and property, just to name a few. Comfort tends to contribute to complacency. Complacency can cause us to think, Nothing is wrong just the way we are. We have been here in this same place for many years. Weve managed to deal with whatever comes up, so far. Everybody know where we are if they really want to come. There comes a time when we must break out of our comfort and complacency if we are going to reach people. Searching questions need to be asked: Who are those people outside the church? Where do they live? Where do they work? What are their needs? Why do they not come to church? What would encourage them to come? We must become aware of the people we want to reach, discover their needs, and try to minister to those needs, if possible. Outreach is related to ministry. Are we going to minister primarily to us or to those outside the church who need to be brought into saving relationships with Jesus? What is your take? Lets be found faithful because time is fleeting!
If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me. Where I am, there My servant also will be. If anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him. John 12:26 HCSB

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In His love,

Bro. Darrol

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Each year, we honor the life and work of Annie Walker Armstrong (1850-1938) when we give to the annual offering for North American missions named after her. As a tireless servant of God and a contagious advocate and supporter of mission efforts throughout the world, Annie Armstrong led women to unite in mission endeavors that ultimately led to the formation of Women's Missionary Union, for which she served as the first corresponding secretary. She spent a great amount of time typing and handwriting letters in support of missions. In 1893 alone, she wrote almost 18,000 letters! Annie also never hesitated to use her hands to reach out to hug a child or distribute food and clothing and the Word of God to those in need. Her hands held her own Bible as she studied to know how best to share Gods love with others. And, most important, Annie was a woman of prayer, folding her hands in prayer to intercede for the missionaries and for those they were helping discover Christ. Annie rallied churches to give more, pray more, and do more for reaching people for Christ. As we continue to unite to make her vision a reality in North America today, we can be confident that her legacy will also be ours.
2014 Budget Allocations

"Ask missionaries what the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering means to them, and they will readily admit
that it is the lifeblood for their service. When Southern Baptists place their money in the offering plate, they are in essence placing it in the hands of a missionary. Every dollar given to the AAEO goes to support missionaries on the field. The North American Mission Board works in partnership with state conventions to distribute monies given through the AAEO to missionaries and their efforts. Since the offering's inception, more than $1 billion has been received by the North American Mission Board to use in reaching people in North America for Christ. 100 percent of your Annie Armstrong Easter Offering gifts support missions in the following ways: Evangelism and Church Planting Personnel and Projects65% Includes:

Church Planting Missionaries Collegiate Evangelism Missionaries Love Loud Missionaries Convention Directors of Evangelism and Missions (new work areas)

Farm System (raising up the next generation of missionaries)20% Includes:

Student missionaries Church Planting Interns Church Planter Apprentices Church Planters

Healthcare Benefits15%



Hello Church Family! March is upon us, and O2 Youth Ministries has some exciting plans in store for this month. I am overwhelmed at the amount of blessings the Lord has bestowed upon this ministry. First of all, THANK YOU if you have come to support our youth at the O2 Caf. The Caf, throughout the course of January and February, has raised over $2700 for youth camp 2014!!! You are a wonderful church family, and my hope is that your actions become contagious and spread throughout the rest of our community. Also, because of your generous support, we will be extending the O2 Caf for at least two more weeks in March. We would love if you could invite others to keep this fundraiser as successful as possible. Neighbors, family and friends would be more than welcome to join us. Please keep an ear out during Sunday morning announcements for menu items or other important information for the following Monday. Secondly, we will be soon begin a brand new fundraiser that will be implemented for the very first time here on Sunday morning called 144 Envelopes. This activity is a great way for everyone to help us reach our goal, regardless of their financial situation! It is very easy to do; simply take an envelope off the display, fill out a donation card, and commit to giving that amount towards the youth camp. If every envelope gets taken, it will completely fund our camp financial needs in full! Special gifts will be given to anyone who donates $75.00 or more. I know we ask much from you financially, but be assured that these funds will directly contribute to the salvation and discipleship of many young adults. I worry with church attendance in decline all over our nation, what will become of the church in the next few years to come? However, when we support and grow our youth and young adults spiritually, we are making an investment in the church of the future that Christ promises will not return void. With this in mind, I personally thank each and every one of you for continuing to support and pray for our students, and for the opportunity to serve along side of you. Keep fishing,

Bro. Brian

144 Envelopes



KidZ~Korner News
Congratulations to the AWANA students and Leaders for a job well done in the AWANA Olympics. Your hard work and dedication was evident with the 3rd place win! Way to go! We are looking forward to the AWANA Grand Prix-Saturday, March 8 in the Smith Building. Stop by to encourage the children and their families and show your support. Sunday school attendance has been good and Good News Clubs have continued to show a steady increase. It is such a blessing to see children come and be excited about Jesus! I am thankful to our Pastor for the series he has been bringing on Church membership. If you have missed any of the sermons, you may go to the churches Website or Face book Page and listen to them there. In my personal Bible study I have been reading and meditating on the Church (Body of Christ). Numerous passages demonstrate the important part the body of Christ plays in the spiritual life and growth of one another. As members of one body, believers are to show the same care for one another (Rom. 12:5; 1 Cor. 12:25), and be involved in ministering to one another. This is abundantly evident in the many one another commands of the New Testament. We are to love one another, build up one another, encourage one another, honor one another, admonish one another, serve one another, show forbearance to one another, be kind to one another, comfort one another, etc. Along these lines, Ephesians 4:12-16 teaches us that the goal of Christ-like maturity occurs through the mutual work of the whole body of Christ. Mike and I have to say THANK YOU to our many friends and church family for the prayers and support you have shown to us in the recent weeks following my surgery. The cards and meals have meant more than you can know. We are facing a bumpy road in the months ahead with more trips to Tampa, additional surgeries and treatments. However, we have confidence that God is in complete control of the situation. Please continue to pray for the Childrens Ministry. We hope to resume our fund raising efforts for camp and summer activities soon. For His KidZ,

Diane Cannon



March 2014
Daylight Savings Time begins March 9
2 Deacon serving: 3 Larry Ogburn Bill Rankin Risk Management Mtg.. 5:00 pm-Fellowship Hall 9 Deacon serving: Doyce Cotton Cliff Lightsey 10 4
TKD 5pm Smith Bldg.








5 Student Refuge & Awana 6pm Bible Study 6:30pm Choir Practice 8pm 12 Student Refuge & Awana 6pm Bible Study 6:30pm Choir Practice 8pm 19 Student Refuge & Awana 6pm Bible Study 6:30pm Choir Practice 8pm

6 Care Center Banquet 7 Smith Bldg. 6pm Prayer Team 6pm F.H. Link 7:30pm 13
Prayer Team 6pm Smith Bldg. LINK 7:30pm

8 Awana Grand Prix

Smith Bldg. 9am

11WMU Sewing Fellowship Hall 9am

TKD 5pm Smith Bldg


15 Prayer Breakfast Fellowship Hall 8:30am

16 Deacon serving: Larry Blackwelder Ed Butler Life Group Mtg. 4:30 23 Deacon serving: John Cavanaugh Gene Graves

17 St. Patricks Day

TKD 5pm Smith Bldg

Prayer Team 6pm Smith Bldg. LINK 7:30pm


22 Joy Class Fellowship 10am Smith Bldg.

24 Spring Break


26 Student Refuge 6pm 27 Bible Study 6:30pm No Awana Prayer Team 6pm Smith Bldg.



30 Deacon serving: Freddie Senterfitt Garry Talley Deacon Mtg. 4:30pm


Clubbers go head-to-head with other clubbers' cars on race day. The top designs and fastest cars receive special awards. Join us for a great day of fun!

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Gods Vision For FBC: He desires us to be a church that impacts our community with the Gospel.


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Gods Mission For FBC: Making disciples, leading believers to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Gods Strategy For FBC: Connect with God through worship and with others through relationships. Grow spiritually and numerically through small group Bible study. Serve others by joining a team engaged in ministry.

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March 2014

Connecting with Others!

Dear Church Family,

Thank You Note

I would like to say thank you for the generous love gift. Your acts of love and generosity are very much appreciated. What a privilege it is to work and serve the Lord in the church I grew up in. It is unbelievable ten years have passed by. Love in Christ, Cheryl Hadden

Dear First Baptist, I want to thank you for helping to make my granddaughters and nephews Christmas very special. They were all happy with their gifts. God bless each and everyone of you. Jean Collins

Dear FBC Family, Thank you so much for the many acts of kindnesses shown to me during my recent recovery from my broken leg. We appreciate the meals, calls, cards and visits. Mostly, we appreciate your prayers and Christian love. With thanks, Ann Fulton

Welcome New Members

Terry and Ann Fulton 132 Fairway Blvd. Frostproof, FL 33843