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Teach brilliantly with

Enhance Your Connection
Classroom with
from Discovery
Discovery Education
Produced Connection
by a content source you can trust,
Discovery Education Science Connection is
Produced by a content source you can trust,
the supplemental multimedia toolkit that
Discovery Education Science Connection
also shows you what students know so
is the supplemental multimedia toolkit
you can better target your instruction. It
that shows you what students know so
delivers dynamic, high-quality content in a
you can better target your instruction.
flexible online format that will bring your
It delivers dynamic, up-to-date, high-quality
curriculum to life and powerfully engage
content in a flexible online format that will
today’s technology-savvy students with
bring your curriculum to life and powerfully
engage today’s technology-savvy students
with science.

at SCHOOL : Supplemental 1

Engage Students with
Organized for easy integration in
your middle-school curriculum,
Science Connection is divided into
three areas — Physical Science,
Life Science, and Earth and Space
Science. Top-quality Discovery
Education multimedia instructional
resources are then further
subdivided so you can quickly find
the topic you are teaching now. Our
simple, dynamic content helps you
enhance your classroom experience.

2 at SCHOOL : Supplemental 3

Extraordinary Resources
Science Connection’s instructional resources are Educators can choose the mode that best relates to
presented three ways — Interact, Watch, and Read. their teaching objectives and students’ individual
learning styles.

Interact Watch Read

Within each concept, educators and students will find extraordinary Discover a comprehens i ve Access the quality, targeted
resources designed to encourage exploration, stimulate critical thinking, collection of full-length videos readings you are seeking for your
and deepen understanding. Three flexible components integrate easily and segmented video clips to students. Clearly written articles
with your curriculum: communicate with visual and in printable PDF format support
auditory learners. Most videos are key concepts and enhance reading
> I nteractive Video lets students click on “hotspots” to explore concepts exclusive to Science Connection. proficiency:
Science Connection transforms > Engaging, informative selections
> Integrated Science Simulations (ISSs) from Discovery Education’s
video into a multi-path learning from WRC Media’s award-
award-winning CD-ROM collection open the door for students to
experience, much like Discovery winning libraries feature on-
explore real-world situations from a variety of science perspectives.
Education’s unitedstreaming, the level, above-level, and below-
> Explorations allow students to explore a concept and gain a greater video-on-demand service reaching level reading passages to
understanding of how models work and how different inputs affect more than 1 million educators. support a range of student
an outcome. reading proficiencies.
> Passages from the Discovery
Education award-winning book
series offer highly visual and
> Build an Atom lets students choose dynamic reading.
the number of protons, neutrons, and
electrons to create their own model.

4 at SCHOOL : Supplemental 5

Extraordinary Resources
Inquiry-Based Learning Keeps Their Attention Tools to Understand the Scientific Process
Today’s science learners want immediate interactivity with the learning The Process Skills Library contains resources that build the inquiry
material they encounter. That’s why Science Connection focuses their skills students need in order to successfully engage in scientific
attention on something to do right away. Each topic contains an Inquiry methodology.
Problem that educators can use to engage students with the resources
on that topic, then challenge them to find a solution.

let students practice science
inquiry by investigating a
problem, creating a testable
question, and conducting a
virtual experiment.

>Try Our Ball-istics Lab! Visit:

engage students in real-world
challenges in which they
become science detectives.

6 at SCHOOL : Supplemental 7

Spend Less Time Planning,
More Time Teaching
Centralized Content Source
Having all your easy-to-use supplemental science-teaching tools in one toolkit
increases efficiency, saving you time.

Multiple Search Options

Science Connection’s robust search capabilities help you quickly locate just the
content you need so you can spend less time looking and more time teaching.
Search multiple resources at once by keyword or media type, or even search by
curriculum standards.

>Search by Curriculum Standards

Content is cross-referenced to teaching standards for all states and provinces.
Science Connection also includes differentiated “Multiple Documents” for states
that have them, broadening your options.

8 at SCHOOL : Supplemental 9

Improve Instruction with
Real-Time Feedback
on Students’ Understanding
The online assessment tools built in to Science
Connection make teaching more efficient by
providing timely, actionable recommendations
for what students need to move forward.

Science Connection’s Assessment Manager gives you many choices. It allows
you to create and assign assessments by individual student or by class, and you
can choose assessments at the topic level. Also, students can view their own
assessment results.

You can quickly identify students’ understanding of science concepts throughout
the learning process via a pre-test, mid-point check, and/or post-test to ensure that
lesson goals are achieved.

Actionable Feedback
Following each assessment, Science Connection recommends highly targeted
content based on incorrect answers, which helps fill in learning gaps. You then
have the choice of assigning additional Science Connection content to an entire
class, an individual student, or a group of students.

10 at SCHOOL : Supplemental 11

Contact Us Today to
Schedule an Appointment! Reliable Discovery Education Support Helps
You Succeed
Discovery Education Science Connection gives you the Discovery Education’s world-class support system is available to
help you take full advantage of Science Connection by providing
teaching confidence that comes from having the latest proactive customer support with the finest implementation resources
and guidance.
and best standards-based resources available to help
Your Account Representative can provide a variety of support services
you and your students explore science more deeply. tailored to your needs and technology resources, including project plans
and materials, customized Web- and phone-based orientations, and
Students will be more engaged with science because technical advice.

they are learning in individualized modes. And with

Science Connection’s assessment options, teachers Professional Development from the Pros at
Discovery Education
will know students are learning concepts as well as
Science Connection’s Professional Development provides self-paced
process skills. tutorials, live online sessions, and downloadable resource materials
such as Best Practice Video Segments that demonstrate the 5 E’s model
of inquiry-based instruction used in today’s science classrooms.

College Courses for Credit using Discovery Education Science

Connection content can be taken individually or applied to certificate or
master’s degree programs.
For Teachers For Students Get started now!

>E xtraordinary, engaging >A
 ddresses multiple learning styles
For a personalized demonstration of Discovery Education Science
content >T
 eaches science process skills as Connection, visit or call your
> Time savings well as concepts Account Representative at 800-323-9084.

> More targeted instruction >Interactive, real-world situations

keep their interest

12 at SCHOOL : Supplemental 13

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