The Shared Vision of Torrey Pines High School Foundation (TPHSF) is a list of priority projects that are developed in a process annually facilitated by the Principal using a set of criteria approved by the TPHSF Board involving staff and student leadership. This year, we were fortunate to use the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation preparation process as a way to discuss priority needs for TPHS. The WASC process has involved a number of focus group sessions of staff, teachers, parents and students. As the primary parent support organization for TPHS, the TPHS Foundation sees it role as enriching the high school experience for all students by partnering with the District and the School in maintaining high standards of instruction and a vibrant school community. A community in which students demonstrate a passion for learning and life, teachers are dedicated to the emotional, social and academic growth of students, and parents are involved and supportive partners. The Foundation supports this by assisting and managing the funds of 55 member groups and programs whose parent contributions ensure that the visual and performing arts, academic enrichment, technology and athletic programs are available to our students, and by leading the annual effort of providing support for the Shared Vision. In the past, TPHSF’s Shared Vision support has brought LCDs, computers, wireless technology, online subscriptions in the Library/Media Center, and the Aeries software to our school community. Every student has benefited from this continuous upgrading to sophisticated technology. This technology has created an environment in which students want to learn with the tools of the future. Building on these efforts and committing to ensuring a total campus environment for students and staff that is conducive to learning and achieving personal goals for excellence, the TPHS Foundation Board working with staff and student leadership are presenting the items below in our 2007-2008 Shared Vision for Excellence. I. Advancing Instruction and Learning - $25,000 Over the years, the TPHS Foundation has provided major support to bring state of the art technology to classrooms and campus learning centers. We want to prepare our students so they have the capacity to use these tools effectively as they move on from high school. Instructional Technology including LCDs, tablet PCs and smart boards along with ongoing maintenance and repair of the technology are needed. Effective learning and teaching are grounded in effective communications systems among students, parents, and teachers. The school website is increasingly being used by all as a communications and information management system. We want that maintained. Additionally, we want to provide the time and resources that teachers need to develop their skills and better serve our students with the design and maintenance of a website for Professional Development along with training and release time for Professional Learning Community opportunities. A. Instructional Technology - $15,000 B. Professional Development - $10,000

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II. Supporting Students in Their Academic Advancement - $15,000 We want all students to have the opportunity to develop their learning and study skills, and to set their bar for academic achievement. The Gateway Program is a study skills class available to all students who want to improve their study skills for high school work and beyond. Class covers test taking, study tips, organizational skills development, time management and strategies to minimize stress. Cost covers teachers’ time for curriculum preparation, teaching, materials and snacks. Classes are held on Saturdays. The Teacher-Student Mentor Program was piloted in the 2006-07 school year and has proved successful in providing a personal connection for a student with a caring adult. Individual teachers donate their time to be mentors to individual students. As individual students are identified who need extra support or guidance, teachers need resources to purchase small ticket items such as study materials, bus passes, incentives, etc. We want to expand this program to serve more students. A. Gateway Program - $10,000 B. Teacher-Student Mentor Program - $5,000 III. Providing Resources to the College and Career Center- $15,000 In its first year of operation, the College and Career Center has demonstrated its potential to serve as a resource center for both students and parents for exploring education and life choices after Torrey Pines High School. With its casual and welcoming environment, students learn how to navigate the many resources that can help them make choices about the future. We want to expand hours of access and operation, and keep resources updated. A. College and Career Center - $15,000 IV. Developing Campus and Student Pride - $60,000 The physical campus of TPHS is over 30 years old and its wear and tear shows. The students want to establish a culture and tradition of concern and care for their physical environment. The Falcon Pride Team of staff and students will seek to invigorate the entire school community in improving the physical campus environment. Student clubs and groups will be involved in fun activities and contests that enhance campus environment. The Team will have kiosks constructed at strategic spots on campus for all the announcements and information on campus events that currently are taped all over walls and doors. TP Pride signage at strategic locations is also planned. The kiosks and signage represent one-time capital enhancements with ongoing maintenance by students. In addition, emerging from the WASC accreditation process, students expressed a strong interest in establishing a Student-Run Information Center in the Media Center. Funds would cover the cost of the capital construction of a kiosk/counter in the heart of the campus. Students and visitors to the campus will have a centralized information station to obtain directions and other information from our most important people—our students. Challenge Days is a powerfully effective workshop for middle and high school youth. Each Challenge Day brings together 100 to 125 students and 20 -25 adult volunteers from the school. Highly skilled Challenge Day leaders guide the group through a series of trust-building exercises and activities that bring profound change in the participants. Communication and perception barriers that divide are broken down, and participants leave the experience with new levels of pride, respect and communication with their peers, teachers, parents, community and themselves. The program successfully addresses the issues of violence, racism, teasing, stereotypes, tobacco, drugs and alcohol within the context of teen life. We will be able to continue this program with our own trained staff, educated by Challenge Day leaders in a Train the Trainer format. This will be open to all staff and students with the goal that each student participates during his/her four years at TPHS. This has been done successfully and effectively at TPHS’ sister campus, CCA. A. Falcon Pride Team - $30,000 B. Student-Run Information Center - $15,000 C. Challenges Days - $15,000

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