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Serbs - The People Of The Wolf Dabog, master of the dead, ruler of the underworld, protector of the wolves,

made by themselves, black and lame, according to the ancient belief of Apocalypse, will take troops of Serbvampires towards the final cosmic settlement. Dabog's cult, known as a cult of the supreme tribal deity, one of the gods of Slavish Pantheon, is incarnated from the first animistic cults early Metal era, old Aryan mysticism origin, so Doomsday should not be understood as the Christian Day of Apocalypse, as neither meaning nor result of "Cosmic Battle" are not convergent with metaphysics of the end of the world created in chaos of Christian belief. Morewise, cause, plan and purpose of this cosmic clash aren't clear completly. This essential motive Serbian pre-religion remains inexplicable, because the researching was mostly done around saved demonology kept in the customs and tradition while the pre-religion vanished. Hypothetically, signpost of something which is in some way established in Slavenian paganism lead to Svetavid, divinity of war and wisdom as the supreme god of all Slavens. Taking in advance this god of all gods as thoroughbred "dis patez" and genetic source of entire race mother Slava, the pre-mother, every slaven tribe each surely had its particular, tribal "dis patez". This mentioned "nation father", remarkable god and parent of the tribe people is the darkest slavenian divinity, god of darkness and underworlds, htonic Dabog, in slavenian pre-religion equivalent to Hellenic Tartar and germanic Votan. Like any other slaven divinity, Dabog is son of Svarog, god of the wood and blacksmiths, previously born as a wolf. That black lame wolf of antrophomorphic kind became something between man and wolf, the idea probably of early animistic origin. Of the same origin is generated a global vision of the werewolf in every Indo-European mythology. Dabog, a wolfish deity, is the first one given the secret of steel and the skill of forge by Svarog. Therefore, is ritual Dabog's cult of the hatchet, kept in Serbian people to nowdays. Energy, genetically inherited by Serbs, from the cult of Dabog is kept and linked with Sava the Saint, the national one, son of the first Serbian ruler Nemanja (XI century), and the fetishism of the axe has interwaved the folkways of christian holidays to the presence of today. So it's special relationship for the wolves, traditionally keeps the importance of privileged animals, with domestic animals, sacrificed in their names and personal name "Vuk"(Wolf) according to the national customs has the meaning of talisman to recent past. With medieval baptizing of slavens and decreasing of old gods into demonic realm, Dabog was not assimilated with Satan, as it could be expected, in spite of its very character, but supreme national christian saint Sava, one of the most intense cults in the Orthodox's. It was possible based on Dabog's moral indifference, as any other pagan deity, anyway. Cult of Dabog Contains an important futuristic mysticism tied to metaphysic destiny and purpose of the nation. According to this ancient creed, Serbs are

people that extinct, in a way that every deceased Serb becomes a vampire-the warrior of the underworld. The cult very close to scandinavian cult of Valhalla, dead Serb becomes in Dabog's realm, in the castle of glass in the unfathomable depth dark pre-ocean that bears the world, a warrior armed with axe, riding the black lame wolf, waiting the final cosmic battle. Vampire is in fact demon-werewolf, creature united wolfish and human instincts. Serbian yore doesn't have more horrifying fear of anything else but of werewolves, so there is Moon-Manus, one of the gods. This is already known and out of serbian territories, German sixteen century ethnomaps mark the serbian territory with wolf jaw wide open symbol. According to oral tradition, before the Day of Apocalypse reach its dawn, the last serbian descendant on Earth will pass over into Dabog's realm, and then it's time when every troop of Serb vampires-werewolves on the bottom of pre-ocean is completed. This gloomy legend distinct Serbs from other slavenian brothers. The pre-religion] of other slavenian tribes is based on shiner divinities. Widely spreaded cult of spring and importance of goddess Vesna in Russians confirms that, or mother Slava herself, the ancient cult intensively present through soviet soc-realistic symbolism, in colossal monument Mother-Russia in Volgograd. The leaning to the dark side of home-ground myth could be partly considered as racial feature of serbian psychism, completed with fact of well-kept demonology to nowdays. Historical occasions in which Serbs exists, from the medieval mist realm failure, are here just to intensify this racial resolve and to emphasize unconscious fatalism metaphysic fate of nation, psycho-mechanism based on archetypal model of myth. In the depth of serbian soul, as in Fore mother's uterus warmth, bliss and root power, still feeding the belief, in a way of some deep unconscious process, that on the Day of Apocalypse the gates of castle of glass will be opened, and troops of serbian vampires will ride out on wolves, led to final cosmic settlement by their god and Forefather, black lame wolf Dabog.