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MATLAB R2006b (R16)

Windows Installation Instructions – Network License

1. Open and select Save.

Select a location, such as the Desktop, and then Save. Browse to the location and run license-

2. Select Unzip.

3. Select OK.

4. Select Close.

5. Launch the installer, either by running Installer.exe from the download or by inserting the
installation CD.
6. Select Next.

7. Enter the appropriate information and select Next. The network license PLP is:

Note: You can copy and paste this PLP in newer versions of Acrobat Reader by using the Select
Tool. Highlight the PLP and press Ctrl+C. In the MATLAB PLP box, place the cursor in the
box and press Ctrl+V.
8. Enter C:\MATLAB\license.dat and select Next.

9. Select Yes and then Next.

10. To install all toolboxes, select Typical, then Next, then skip to Step 14. To install selected
toolboxes and/or just MATLAB, select Custom.

Custom Install

11. Select the components you wish to install and select Next. Do not install the License
Manager and do not modify the destination folder.

12. Select Yes.

13. Select/deselect any options you would like. Select Next. Skip to Step 16.

Typical Install

14. Select Next.

15. Select Yes.

16. Select Install.

17. If prompted, insert CD 2 and select OK.

17. If prompted, insert CD 3 and select OK.

18. Select OK when the above warning message is displayed.

19. Select the appropriate choice, typically Yes to All.

20. Uncheck Start MATLAB and select Finish.

21. Open and select Save.

Select a location, such as the Desktop, and then Save. Browse to the location and run license2-

22. Select Unzip.

23. Select OK.

24. Select Close.

25. Send the following information to

a) NetID
b) Department
c) Toolboxes Purchased (if any)
e) Computer Name (can also be found by running ‘hostname’ from a command prompt)

If you are an employee of any of the following departments, you do not need to email this
information and can skip to Step 27. If you receive a FlexLM error stating that you are not
on the INCLUDE list, you will need to email the information above to
• Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
• Beckman Institute
• Computational Science and Engineering
• Computer Science
• Coordinated Science Lab
• Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Housing
• Mechanical Science and Engineering
• Physics
• Psychology
• Statistics
• Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (formerly General Engineering)
• Engineering Workstation Services

26. You will be notified that the license manager has been configured for your machine.

27. Once configured, you can start MATLAB via the desktop shortcut or the Start Menu.