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a string longer than 65534 bytes is not supported In Hadoop. the extra information is truncated.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 Release Restrictions Crystal Reports Reports that contain hierarchy variables and hierarchy node variables may need to be re-saved to the BI platform When setting SAP BW prompt values individually during scheduling for a Crystal Reports report that contains a hierarchy variable and a hierarchy node variable. the STRING type is mapped to a length of 65534 bytes in Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports 2013: For Hadoop JDBC connections. for the fix to be implemented in your existing BI platform reports. This problem is resolved by showing all the prompts to edit when the variable dependencies are unknown. 5/29/13 1/14 . you must resave those reports to the BI platform. no matter how long or short the string is. HttpOnly session cookies are not supported by Crystal Reports Web Java (applet) viewer When HttpOnly session cookies are enabled. If the string is longer than 65534 bytes. However. The information is truncated to maximize support for Crystal Reports functionality such as sort. Workaround: Use the Crystal Reports Web (html) viewer when HttpOnly session cookies are enabled. if the hierarchy variable prompt value is set and you attempt to set the hierarchy node variable prompt value. link. This can occur when variable dependencies are turned off. the Crystal Reports Web Java (applet) viewer repeatedly prompts for logon. the hierarchy node variable list of values will show up as a flat list. and so on.

That is. dynamic calculations behave as expected. A sort icon may appear on unsorted data in a migrated workspace When you migrate an SAP BusinessObjects Voyager workspace that has a sort applied across its measure members. a sort icon appears in the Analysis. remove any sort applied across measure members in a Voyager workspace before migrating to Analysis. favorite filters for structure hierarchies can be created only using the "Filter" panel. they do not appear in the analysis when the root measures member is collapsed. Dynamic calculations may not appear correctly in workspaces migrated from Voyager When a workspace that connects to Oracle Essbase is migrated from SAP BusinessObjects Voyager to SAP BusinessObjects Analysis. edition for OLAP The Create Favorite Filter button in the metadata explorer is not enabled for structure hierarchies In Analysis. and not using the buttons in the metadata explorer. 5/29/13 2/14 . the custom group may appear in the middle of the hierarchy. dynamic calculations do not appear correctly at first. because sorting across measure members is disabled in Analysis. Custom groups can be repositioned within a hierarchy when you apply a sort When a custom group is added to an analysis as a hierarchy member and you sort the data by measure. you cannot restore the prompt values for the active variant by clicking it again in the Variants menu. For example. edition for OLAP workspace. You can select the active variant in this dialog box to restore its prompt values. you must click More to open the “Variants” dialog box. if you select a variant and then change some individual prompt values. The measures are collapsed. You can only select a different variant from this menu. As a result. you cannot reselect it in the Variants menu that shows the ten most recent variants. To prevent this icon from appearing. instead of as the first or last member at the root level. edition for OLAP. Active variants cannot be reselected in the Variants menu If you select a variant for an Analysis. edition for OLAP workspace. edition for OLAP. the custom group is sorted along with the other members. but the calculations still appear in the analysis. When you expand the root measures member and save the workspace. Instead.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 Release Restrictions SAP BusinessObjects Analysis. The data is not sorted. however.

they do not include the calculated members. that is. If the custom group includes regular members that are the siblings of these calculated members. Improvements to this behavior are planned for future releases of Analysis. the Analysis workspace fails to open. When all measure hierarchies are removed from the axis of an analysis. If the custom calculation is created on a measure dimension. but they are not included in the aggregated totals.1 Release Restrictions Workspaces based on MSAS data may fail to open after calculated members are changed in the data source Analysis. the Analysis workspace opens and a message is displayed to alert you that the custom calculation is removed from the workspace. Restoring the SSAS calculated member to its original name and location in the hierarchy resolves both of these problems. the calculated members are displayed in the hierarchy when the custom group is expanded or used as a standalone hierarchy. renamed. edition for OLAP.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4. or repositioned. To avoid this problem. any calculations on that axis are also removed Measure-based calculations are removed from the analysis when there are no measure hierarchies on the same axis. Custom groups with server-side calculated members may not display the correct totals The totals for a custom group are incorrect when the custom group includes one or more calculated members that are defined in the OLAP data source off of a non-measure hierarchy. Server-side calculated members may appear incorrectly in custom group hierarchies The hierarchy of a custom group may not appear correctly if the custom group is based on a data source that has calculated members defined off of a non-measure hierarchy. The totals for the custom group are displayed correctly. The calculated members are displayed when the custom group is expanded or viewed as a standalone hierarchy. If the custom calculation is created on a non-measure dimension. edition for OLAP workspaces based on MSAS data may fail to open after calculated members in the data source are deleted. The calculations reappear when a measure is added to the axis. make sure that at least one measure hierarchy is present on the same axis as the calculations. 5/29/13 3/14 . This problem occurs when the workspace includes a custom calculation based on the calculated member that is changed in the data source.

Workaround: 1. &lt.tld"/> </fileset> </delete> <echo>Removing taglib node in web.xml. 2..0 \wdeploy\conf\apps\" folder./exclusions&gt.AnalyticalReporting/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath.slf4j&quot.1. /& &lt.jasper.InfoView/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ .1 Problem: The error "org.slf4j. &lt.1.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4./deployment&gt.module name=&quot./jboss-deployment-structure&gt. Undeploy the existing BOE application from JBoss 7.jboss-deployment-structure&gt.</echo> <echo file="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/jboss-deploymentstructure. </echo> <echo>Removing struts tld files.CrystalReports/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall 5/29/13 target="_removeStrutTaglib"> 4/14 <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath. /&gt.55) File "/ WEB-INF/struts-html. & Edit the "BOE.1 Release Restrictions SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform Error in creating new documents in BI launch pad when BOE web application is deployed to JBoss 7.tld" not found" may be encountered when attempting to create a new local document in BI launch pad when the BOE web application is deployed to JBoss 7.hibernate&quot.JBoss7 new requirement to get rid the struts --> <equals arg1="${as_type}" arg2="jboss7" casesensitive="false"/> <then> <echo>Creating jboss-deployment-structure.impl&quot. 3.xml" file located in the "<InstallDir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4..jsp(31.xml. /& &lt.</echo> <delete> <fileset dir="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/plugins" casesensitive="yes"> <include name="**/struts-*. &lt.exclusions&gt.xml">&lt. &lt. Search for "JBoss7 new requirement" in this file and comment out or remove the following section below it: <!-.</echo> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath.JasperException: /jsp/Shared_Upload/documentSelect. &lt.module name=&quot.module name=&quot.apache.

PlatformSearchAppActions/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath.PlatformServices/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <echo>Removing taglib node is done. 5/29/13 5/14 .InfoView/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath. XML-reserved characters in parameters cause tenant provisioning to fail in the Multitenancy Management Tool Do not use XML-reserved characters in multitenancy parameters (for example.xml. causes onboarding/provisioning to fail.AnalyticalReporting/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> SAP <param Business Intelligence Suite 4. StreamWork Integration is configured incorrectly when BI platform is patched to XI 4.1 Patching BI platform to XI 4. AdminTools will only function correctly with the default root context.war application and deploy using the JBoss Command Line Interface (CLI). such as an angle bracket (>). Including XML-reserved characters characters.CrystalReports/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath.1 Release Restrictions name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath. 5.Monitoring/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath. The workaround is to change the connection URL to the StreamWork URL in the Collaboration application in the CMC. Predeploy the BOE.</echo> </then> </if> <if> 4.xml file. "tenantName" or "templateToken"). AdminTools web application does not support the root context being changed The AdminTools web application does not support non-default root contexts.</echo> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath. Save the BOE.PerformanceManagement/web/WEB-INF"/> </antcall> <antcall target="_removeStrutTaglib"> <param name="path" value="${internal_work_dir}/${as_type}/application/${APP}/WEB-INF/eclipse/ plugins/webpath.1 changes default properties for the Collaboration application to Jam Integration.<echo>Removing taglib node in web.

therefore the Arabic search result is incorrect. ar_MA.9. or ar_TN. Number. Eastern Arabic numerals may not be used for date. and times may be performed with only Western Arabic numeric digits 0 through 9. In some Arabic preferred viewing locales.8. prompt values that were entered with Western Arabic numerals will display as Eastern Arabic numerals. 5/29/13 6/14 . this configuration is not supported. Multiple Promotion Management Services is not supported Although more than one Adaptive Processing Server can be created in the Central Management Console to host multiple promotion management services. This is an issue of the Apache Hadoop HIVE JDBC driver. Only one promotion management service can be enabled and running per environment. time. date.1. view. and time prompt entry format does not match display format in Arabic locales Prompt value entry for numbers. the value has to be re-entered using Western Arabic numerals. or schedule these documents.x to 4. Data Access: TIMESTAMP data type issue with Apache Hadoop HIVE data source An error message displays in the information design tool when you query TIMESTAMP columns to Apache Hadoop HIVE data source 0. customers will not be able to edit. Publications containing Desktop Intelligence documents are not supported Customers may have migrated Desktop Intelligence documents from version 3.0 through JDBC. which does not support TIMESTAMP data type. or numeric prompt value entry.0 or 0. AdminTools cannot log on when running on JBoss 7 The AdminTools web application does not support the JBoss 7 application server at this time.1 Release Restrictions Arabic search results are incorrect In this release. Workaround: Select one of the following options as the preferred viewing locale: ar_DZ. Platform Search does not include an Arabic analyzer. If Eastern Arabic numerals are used. Use AdminTools with the bundled Tomcat application server instead.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4. dates. Although these options are available in BI launch pad.

0\configuration14. Open the InformationDesignTool.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4.657 directory. 3. Log into the BOE CMC.0\configuration directory. Open the config.ini for editing. Go to Servers > Crystal Reports Services.timezone=server_timezone_value . In the Crystal Enterprise Server 1.Run the following command: CrystalReports. you must set the same timezone value to the JVM as the timezone set at the database server level. Right-click CrystalReportsProcessingServer and select Properties. 2. For example: GMT. Restart the application. 2.exe -vmargs -Duser.timezone=server_timezone_value.-Duser. Add the following line at the end of the file: user.timezone=server_timezone_value 4. 4. 4.Follow the steps below: 1. Save the file. In Crystal Enterprise Java Designer Do one of the following steps: .timezone=server_timezone_value 5.ini file located in the %APPDATA%\Roaming\Business Objects \Crystal Reports for Enterprise XI 4.ini file for editing. 5/29/13 7/14 .1 Release Restrictions "Date" type support for Informix JDBC reports Queries to IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11 through JDBC may return wrong date type values if the client tool and the database server are located in different timezones. 6. In the Crystal Reports Processing Service. Go to the bip-install-dir\win32_x86 directory.3. 5. Add the following line at the end of the file: -Duser. add the following line to the end of the Java Child VM Arguments: . Restart the server. Exit the information design tool. Go to bip-install-dir\Crystal Reports for Enterprise XI 4. 3. To avoid this problem.0. where server_timezone_value is the timezone value set on the database server. Delete OR update the config. Follow the steps below depending on the application you are using: In the information design tool 1. 3. 2.

for example SYS. remove the associated table and hide the dimension.DUMMY. The definition of CurrentTime must reference a table. then keep the associated table. To avoid this problem. the dimension “CurrentTime” provides the system date. in some cases an unexpected extra SQL query is generated that returns undesired results. Remove the associated table from the copy and hide it. which is not joined to any other table. when running a query. a second query is generated and returns undesired results. sometimes a mandatory business filter is defined on an object that has an isolated table associated with it. Create a copy of the dimension and define the business filter on the copy. If you want to keep the dimension visible in the business layer to use as a result object.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4. If you define a mandatory business filter on CurrentTime. For example. if the dimension is only used for the definition of the mandatory business filter. 5/29/13 8/14 . In a relational business layer.1 Release Restrictions In queries on relational universes created by the information design tool.

1 pixel borders may not display correctly on mobile devices If the canvas size of a dashboard is larger than a mobile device's screen resolution. 5/29/13 9/14 . then when the dashboard is viewed on the device in fit-to-screen mode.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 Release Restrictions SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards No error message appears when a mandatory prompt is not given a value In a dashboard with a Query as a Web Service connection with a mandatory prompt. Gradient colors on chart components may not render correctly Gradient color settings on Bar Charts or Column Charts are occasionally displayed as a solid color on Android devices. if no value is entered into the mandatory prompt. no error message is displayed. component borders with a size of 1 pixel may not be displayed.

the data providers are hidden. the welcome page tries but fails to open the document using its CMS ID. when an index-aware attribute is a Date datatype. an “All values” operator appears in the Report Filter pane. We recommend that users do not use this operator. This problem happens even when the document is stored locally. Data datatypes incorrectly set to String In Web Intelligence Rich Client.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4. the prompt values are not updated and display all the values. if a report has rankings calculated on a hierarchy and the member selection of the hierarchy changes. Workaround : Click the Open icon. when you activate and desactivate the Track Data Changes. Updating rankings based on hierarchy levels In a Web Intelligence document. 5/29/13 10/14 . Users can manually update the ranking in the report to resolve this. the displayed values are wrong. Prompt values are not updated In Web Intelligence Rich Client.1 Release Restrictions SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Cannot open documents in the Web Intelligence Rich Client welcome screen When you open a document in the Web Intelligence Rich Client. this can prevent the ranking from working. Filter operator “All Values” should not be used In a Web Intelligence document. when you use the "where" filter operator in a condition that contains a dimension. the type of the answer is incorrectly set to String. Where operator in a condition with a dimension returns the wrong values In a Web Intelligence document. Report queries with identical names and separate data providers When editing a Web Intelligence document that has multiple queries with the same name but different data providers and where there are report filters on both query objects.

They do not appear in the category view. If a Desktop Intelligence document has more than one instance but the name of all instances is the same.1 source CMS to a BI 4. the online help does not launch when accessed from the tool interface. Multiple instances with the same name are not published on the target CMS after conversion. In the Romanian and Slovenian language versions of the Report Conversion Tool.1 Release Restrictions Cannot create a document using a large Excel file In Web Intelligence Rich Client. Desktop Intelligence documents are visible only in the folder view. Documents with non-desktop Intelligence (non-rep) source are not published to the target CMS when the source CMS is XIR2 When converting Desktop Intelligence documents from an XIR2 source. only the documents or instances converted from . A purge is performed instead. Romanian or Slovenian online help cannot be accessed from the tool. you cannot create a document based on an Excel file that is larger than 50Mb. Desktop Intelligence documents based on Sybase ASE15 direct stored procedures are unsupported for conversion The Report Conversion tool doesn't convert Desktop Intelligence documents that are based on direct stored procedures of Sybase ASE15 with no parameters. the Cancel option are not available.1 target CMS. A purge is performed instead of a cancel In a document open in the Web Intelligence HTML interface.rep source instances are published to the 4.1 target CMS.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4. Non-rep instances are not published to the CMS. 5/29/13 11/14 . The remaining converted instances are not published due to the conflict in instance names. Desktop Intelligence documents with images lose images during conversion After converting a Desktop Intelligence document with images from a XI 3.rep source documents or . Desktop Intelligence documents are not visible in category view In the Report Conversion Tool. only one instance is published on the target CMS after conversion. the published Web Intelligence document loses the images.

It is recommended to use the browser search function instead. the Sort in Excel does not take in account these characters. Drill down not available for charts without dimension labels In a Web Intelligence document. if the user inadvertently types spaces at the beginning or the end of sentences. In that situation. When using custom sort. Web Intelligence: No horizontal slider for the toolbar in the HTML client It is currently not possible to horizontally shift the HTML client toolbar when its width exceeds the display size. Web Intelligence: nested database ranking filters are not correctly generated with . if adding custom dimension's value on the lists. if any charts do not display labels for their dimensions. The whole area of a hierarchical object in the result object pane of the Query Panel does not react to the click to select it.1 Release Restrictions Web Intelligence: Leading or trailing blanks are not ignored for values coming from an Excel column In Excel. Web Intelligence with BEx queries: The hierarchy object in the Query Panel is not selected when you click members of the hierarchy. Web Intelligence with BEx queries: It is not possible to manually input values for a custom sort. the toolbar is truncated. then you cannot drill up or down the hierarchy. the Apply button doesn't apply when you manually input values to the custom sort lists. when reading this file via the Personal Data Provider. Search with Japanese characters does not work in the WebI DHTML client In Internet Explorer. This is not supported for BEx queries. Similarly.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4. the SQL statement is not correctly updated with the Nested expression. you can only expand or collapse the hierarchy. the Web Intelligence client's search function does not work properly when the text contains Japanese characters. But in Web Intelligence.UNV universes When filtering a query with a nested database ranking filter. Clicking the list of selected members does not select the hierarchy object itself. the arrow calling the member selector dialog does not select the hierarchy object itself. 5/29/13 12/14 . no assumption is made about the blank characters they are considered as different values compared to similar values without the blanks.

'Search in Keys' is not available when selecting values from a list. the list of available universe corresponds to the universes available on the platform. after returning the member descriptions: 'Show/ Hide Keys' icon is not active. In the Query Panel filter (In List-> Value from List). not the universes for which the end-user has access rights.1 Release Restrictions Web Intelligence with BEx queries: 'Show/Hide Keys' icon is not active and . 'Search in Keys' is not available. 5/29/13 13/14 . Web Intelligence Rich Client: Universe list is not filtered with security rights When the user creates a document based on a universe.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4.

on re-opening the Universe from the server.1 systems.1 and BI 4.1 Release Restrictions Universe Design Tool State of linked Universe not saved in the BI 4. the modifications made to the linked (second) Universe are not visible in the Universe Design Tool.1 CMS If a Universe is linked to another Universe. This issue existed on both XI 3. and is not related to migration. Only the modifications made to the primary Universe are visible.SAP Business Intelligence Suite 4. It is now fixed for BI 4. and a modification (such as hiding classes) is done to both the Universes.1 5/29/13 14/14 .

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