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Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

DAY 1, Tuesday 16 April 2013
08.00 09.00 11.15 CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION REGISTRATION EXHIBITION OPENS OPENING AND KEYNOTE ADDRESSES Ozmine2013 Opening remarks, HE Mr Greg Moriarty, Australian Ambassador to Indonesia
Managing rapid growth: Outlook and future directions for the Indonesian mining industry

HE Mr Jero Wacik, Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources* Partnering for Performance: how mining underpins strong regional relationships Mr Kelvin Thomson MP, Australia's Parliamentary Secretary for Trade*
Strategic regional partnerships and the future directions of the Australian mining and METS industries

Mr Owen Hegarty, Director of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Executive Vice Chairman, G-Resources Group 12.15 13.30 CONFERENCE LUNCH SPONSORED BY LEIGHTON CONTRACTORS SESSION 1: INDONESIA AND AUSTRALIA – MINING GIANTS IN PARTNERSHIP Session moderator: Mr Phil Turtle, Chairman, Western Australia, Australia-Indonesia Business Council Common ground, mutual gain: how Indonesia and Australia are working together to succeed in a competitive global environment to capitalise on abundant mineral resources.  The Indonesian perspective: Recent developments in mining policy and regulation Dr Thamrin Sihite, Director General of Minerals and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources*  Australian Mining Technology - Response to Global Challenges in the Resources Sector Mr Robert Trzebski, Executive Officer, Austmine  A regional approach: ASEAN’s Connectivity Agenda and Indonesia’s Master Plan for Economic Development (MP3EI) and its impact on infrastructure and the mining sector Mr Eddy Satriya, Head of International Cooperation, Committee on Economic Development Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia (KP3EI).  IA-CEPA – Indonesia and Australia’s partnership in the mining sector, what will be the key influences and drivers for the two countries’ mining sectors? Mr Noke Kiroyan, President Director and Managing Partner, Kiroyan Partners  Questions and discussion 15.15 AFTERNOON TEA BREAK
*To be confirmed

3020. within budget: Innovations to overcome mining supply chain challenges in Indonesia Mr Hanns Hauptmann.austrade. Kaltim Prima Coal  Questions and discussion 17. A look at the partnership opportunities across the supply chain within the mining .  The key to successful resource operations in Western Australia – The importance of staying informed and communicating with stakeholders Dr Tim Griffin. Updated programs available at *To be confirmed www. Indonesian Forum for Mineral Exploration and Development (EMD)  Getting the basics right: New methods in planning world-class open pit and underground mines Mr Budi Santoso. SRK Consulting  On time. but is the lifeblood without which mining dies Mr Malcolm Baillie. Western Australia State Government  Exploration is not mining. President Director. President Manager Strategic Planning. Indonesia – Australia Business Council A focus on the first stages of the mining process .exploration.35 18.30 CLOSE OF DAY 1 Ozmine2013 networking reception in partnership with the Victorian state Government (Department of Business and Innovation) NB: Program subject to change without notice. Deputy Director General Department of Mines and Petroleum.30 SESSION 2: PLANNING TO PROCESSING Session moderator: Mr David Sutanto. PT Schenker Petrolog Utama  A best practice case study: Getting your internal operations running smoothly and reap the efficiency benefits Mr Andrew Lau. moving through to mine development and how Australian expertise can assist Indonesian capacity building. Secretary General.

 Mine explosives techniques .  Dispute resolution.45 09. Clean TeQ Limited  The importance of good communication: Increased digital management and communication systems capabilities Mr Darryn Fisher. Hiswara Bunjamin Tandjung in association with Herbert Smith Freehills  Divestment requirements: the way ahead for investors under Indonesia’s recent regulatory changes – an Automated Positioning Systems (APS)  Questions and discussion 10. REGISTRATION MAIN CONFERENCE . Sales and Marketing Manager.00 TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS DOING BUSINESS IN INDONESIA Regulatory and legal workshop: Led by Mr Haydn Dare.  Question and Answer MORNING TEA BREAK *To be confirmed www. Asia Regional Services Manager.DAY 2.  Current regulatory issues for mineral trading companies (and the current state of play for mining services companies). Wednesday 17 April 2013 08.45 MORNING TEA.austrade. Senior Consultant Performance Analysis. Business Development Manager – Water and Mining. Newcrest Mining Ongoing success requires driving performance and efficiency in mine operations via constant review of processes and timely introduction of innovations. Orica Mining Services  Workforces taking ownership for lifting mine productivity Mr Luke Gallagher.reducing cost and increasing safety Mr Brad Bulow. Operations Director PTNHM.00 SESSION 3: HIGH-PERFORMANCE PRODUCTION Session moderator: Mr Terry Pilch. Confiance Learning  Efficient water treatment and its impact on operational costs and achievement of regulatory water quality Mr Sean McKinney. mediation and governance: Keeping the business relationship healthy.  Structuring your investment into the Indonesian mining industry offshore and onshore.

PT.00 TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS UNLOCKING FINANCING SOLUTIONS Financing workshop: Led by Nick Halkas. Orica Mining Services A look at the later stages of the mining process: shipping. This session focuses on financing options and solutions. Business Development and Estimating. Director. Industry Capability Network (ICN)  Smelting Solutions . Asia Regional Services Manager.austrade. obtaining finance for mine establishments and developments has become more challenging.Export Finance: Utilising of Export Credit Programs .The World's Widest Range of Smelting Technology Solutions for Various Raw Materials Mr Paul Abbott .au/ozmine .  Socially responsible financing for companies investing and operating in Indonesia  Financing options and solutions: . Operations Manager.MAIN CONFERENCE 11. TUNRA Bulk Solids  Questions and discussion 12. Outotec  How Asian mines can profit from Australian best practise in bulk solids handling Dr Tobias Krull. through to processing/refining coal and minerals ready for market. ANZ.50 11. Jatenergy Australia  Australian expertise is driving efficiencies through new ways of doing business Mr David Executive Director.Corporate Funding: Solutions that grow with the company  Adhering to good corporate governance CONFERENCE LUNCH SPONSORED BY SCHENKER *To be confirmed www.Trade Finance: Monetising your commodity .Project financing: Making the most of non-recourse finance .00 SESSION 4: TRANSPORTATION AND PROCESSING: NEW TECHNOLOGIES TO STREAMLINE DOWNSTREAM OPERATIONS Session moderator: Mr Brad Bulow. Thiess Contractors Indonesia  Clean coal technology: Innovations for low rank coal upgrading Mr Chris Flanagan. Globally. Australian expertise is driving efficiencies through innovation. National Sector Manager – Mining. Executive Manager. Natural Resources. new technology and new ways of doing business.  Pit to port infrastructure: Finding cost efficiencies in transporting bulk material Mr Andy Coles. Director TSL Smelting.

PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia This session examines best practice in human capital development and capacity building. zero tolerance safety programs.20 TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS JORC WORKSHOP JORC workshop: Led by Mr Robert de Jongh. Immersive Technologies  Partnering for mine safety: joint presentation on a cooperative program to develop a new training course for mine inspectors under the Indonesian mining law and . Today unlisted companies will find it very difficult to obtain project finance without the support of a resources or reserves report prepared by a “Competent Person” or a “Qualified Person”.15 SESSION 5: PEOPLE. PT. International Mining for Development Centre together with Mr Bambang Gatot Ariyono. Aneka Tambang  Environmental case study: Learning from an Australian company’s mine closure experience. PT. including revegetation Dr Geraldine McGuire.Coal Resources .MAIN CONFERENCE 14. Vice President. Managing Director. Regional Crisis Management & Governance. development of key policies that impact mining operations. Sustainable Solutions  Questions and discussion 16. Regional Vice President Asia Pacific . This session covers:  An introduction to international standards on reporting of mineral resources and reserves (including coal)  The new 2012 JORC Code and a brief discussion of the differences to the 2004 JORC code  Ensuring that the report which you commission complies with the JORC Code  Classroom exercise The practical application of the JORC Code in the estimation of: . Mr Paul Davis.  Investing in your people: The importance of developing your mining workforce. THE ENVIRONMENT 14.Coal Reserves  Leveraging value from your JORC Report AFTERNOON TEA BREAK *To be confirmed www. Secretary of Education and Training Agency. environmental impact of mining operations.Mineral Reserves . Safety and Health. Freeport Indonesia  Working with the community: CSR is an important investment in future success in Indonesia Mr Alwinsyah Lubis. Australian and South East Asian Mining Consultants (ASEAMCO) Reporting of mineral resources and reserves to international standards has become mandatory for exploration and mining companies which are listed on most of the world’s stock exchanges.15 AND HEALTH AND SAFETY Session moderator: Mr Bob Davis.Mineral resources . Managing Director. Mr Solihin. President Director. Mr Ian Satchwell. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources  Zero tolerance: innovations and best practice in driving health and safety in mine operation. Executive Manager.

Specific details of the session available with invitation SESSION 6: PROSPECTS TO PROFIT .35 TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS INTERNATIONAL MINING FOR DEVELOPMENT ROUNDTABLE SESSION (by invitation) Led by Mr Ian Satchwell. Progress: a wrap-up presentation on the future of the ASEAN mining industry Mr Martiono Hadianto.  Exploring new mineral developments: a discussion of current mineral and resource reserves and projections for the future Mr Peter Goodwin.15 Account Manager. Promise.austrade.50 18.15 TO FROM HERE? MINING PROJECT UPDATES IN INDONESIA Session moderator: Miss Sity Leo .00 18.MAIN CONFERENCE 16. ASEAN Federation of Mining Associations (AFMA) Questions and Discussion 17. will be of particular interest to Australian suppliers of mining goods and services. Chairman. ANZ Indonesia Despite existing challenges for mine operators mining projects are coming online at a rapid pace. An opportunity for discussion on key mining for development issues for Indonesia and on approaches for capacity building by Australia. Updated programs available at www. Head of Institutional Banking. Director.30 Closing by Indonesian dignitary CLOSE OF DAY 2 Ozmine2013 networking reception in partnership with the State Government of Western Australia and the Indonesia-Australia Business Council NB: Program subject to change without notice. Mine Manager Toguraci PTNHM. IntierraRMG  Project updates: Development of the Toguraci Mine Mr John Lean. which will give a better understanding of new mining projects and future developments in Indonesia and across ASEAN.WHERE 16.3020. Newcrest Mining  *To be confirmed www. This session. International Mining for Development Centre.