What is the Student Access Guarantee? The Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and Ontario’s provincially assisted universities and colleges are partnering to support access to postsecondary education. In March of 2006, the Ministry ended a two-year tuition freeze and announced a new Tuition Framework for the Fall 2006 to the Winter 2010. Postsecondary institutions are now required to participate in the Student Access Guarantee (SAG) that states: No qualified Ontario student should be prevented from attending Ontario’s public colleges and universities due to lack of financial support programs. Students should have access to the resources they need for their tuition and books and mandatory fees. Eligible 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 year full time or part time undergraduate, and graduate students officially enrolled in a program of study at the university. A separate application is not necessary An Ontario student who is academically qualified according to the institution’s requirements for a particular program Meets the requirements to apply for assistance from OSAP or Part Time Canada Student Program(PTCSL) .
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How will the Student Access Guarantee be distributed to qualified/eligible students STUDENTS’ RESPONSIBILITY STEP ONE Apply for OSAP or PTCSL to determine your unmet need. (There is an expectation the student and where applicable his or her family will participate in financing postsecondary education. Should additional financial support be needed the student must apply for the Ontario Student Assistance Program first.) Paste this address to your web browser:

STEP TWO Pick up the first OSAP or PTCSL funding installment issued for the Fall term commencing the last week of August. Complete and sign the OSAP Confirmation of Enrolment. (The location of the OSAP funding distribution location is placed on the front page of the Financial Assistance web site) Click here: UNIVERSITY RESPONSIBILITY: STEP ONE Identify approved students and calculate Student Access Guarantee funding for each student based on the OSAP assessment of unmet need. Other variables including total number of OSAP or PTCSL applications and funding available will be consideration. The assessment is final. STEP TWO Notify approved students during the Fall term. STEP THREE Will Issue 50% of the SAG funds in the Fall term and 50% in the Winter term The Student Access Guarantee may include work study on campus, an entrance or upper year university scholarship/award or a bursary Students who withdraw or reduce their course load should consult with Student Financial Assistance to discuss their continued eligibility.