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form 2014

Application form 2014

Fill in all sections of the form and return via email to your Advisor. Please print clearly in English and in BLOCK letters. Dont have an Advisor yet? Please go to, ll out the form and you will be assigned an Advisor. Booking for more than one child? Please ll out a form for each. Need help with the form? Call +44 1273 339 400

Parent details

Emergency contact

Mailing address
Country Email

Zip/post code Mobile number

Work telephone number

Home telephone number

Student details
Family name Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) Other names Age Gender: M F Nationality

Country of birth
Are you in good health: Yes No

Your own language

If no please give details in medical section or on a separate sheet

Course options and dates

Course run from Sunday 6th July to Sunday 10th August. Please tick which course, centre, and the weeks you would like to attend Course Multi activities Horse riding Golf Tennis Football Performing arts Summer study Intensive English Art and design Warminster Kingham Hill 6 13 July 13 20 July 20 27 July 27 July 3 Aug 3 10 Aug

Course Multi activites All other courses Transfer prices Price per person for one way transfer Warminster (price per week) 855 985 Warminster 110 from any airport Kingham Hill (price per week) 855 985 Kingham Hill 110 from any airport

Please note there is a 100 enrolment fee for all bookings

Do you require a visa support letter? Yes


(Visa support letters cannot be issued until full payment has been received) No

Would you like to send pocket money in advance (we recommend 50 per week)? Yes (Please note: there is a one off fee of 50 for each bank transfer)

Application form 2014

StudyCare health, medical and travel insurance

Do you require StudyCare insurance at 8 per week? Yes


I have alternative cover and do not require StudyCare insurance

Please note proof of alternative insurance must be supplied if study care insurance is not availed of.

Name of contact in emergency daf Do you have any of the following that we should be aware of (please specify) Underlying medical condition Prescribed medication Special diet Allergies Other Telephone number jsdklfj

If yes please give details on any of the above

Do you have any objections to treatment or surgery on the grounds of religious belief? Yes Date of last tetanus injection


If so, please specify No No

Do you give consent for Embassy Academy staff to administer over the counter medication? Yes

I give my consent for any emergency medical, surgical or dental treatment deemed necessary by the General Practitioner, dentist or hospital Yes I declare that the information on this form is true and correct. Signature Date

Airport transfers
We recommend that you book ights only after your course is conrmed. If you dont have ight details at this stage you can send these to us later. Do you require an airport transfer? Yes No If yes, please ll in the section below No Flight number Flight number No Passport number: Airport Airport

Have you booked an unaccompanied minor service?* Yes Arrival date and time Departure date and time Will you be bringing your own golf clubs? Yes

Additional information
All students must be signed for by their parent or guardian. To be completed only if taking part in the listed sport

I consider myself to be a: Beginner Novice Intermediate Advanced

What is your handicap? Are you right or left handed?

Horse riding
I consider myself to be a: Beginner Novice Intermediate Advanced

I consider myself to be a: Beginner Novice Intermediate Advanced

Summer study Students wishing to enrol on this course will be sent a test in advance to ensure they are at an intermediate level.

Application form 2014

Payment method
Payment is made in two installments. First a small enrolment fee then the full balance. There are two ways you can make a payment, by credit card or bank transfer. Our preferred method is by credit card. If you choose this our advisor will send you a secure online payment link. If you wish to pay by bank transfer your advisor will send you our bank details. Enrolment fee of 100 GBP This is taken at the time of booking. No money will be charged until your place is conrmed. If no places are available, we will provide alternatives, or refund your money. Only when your place is conrmed and you proceed with the booking, does this fee become non-refundable. Please indicate your preferred method of payment: Credit card (via secure online link) Bank transfer*

Full balance The full balance for your course (and any extras such as transfers and insurance) is required at least two weeks before you arrive. Please indicate your preferred method of payment: Credit card (via secure online link) Bank transfer*

Agreement statement of parent/guardian I have read the information contained in the brochure and the published terms and conditions and accept them. In case of illness or injury I hereby grant permission to the school to follow the advice of the attending medical consultant. I understand that all fees and expenses must be settled prior to the start of the course and that failure to comply with this may result in admission being delayed. Name (please print) Signature Relationship (eg: mother/father etc) Date

Additional information
Payment of the full balance
Payment of the full balance for your course (and any extras such as transfers and insurance) is required at least two weeks before you arrive. Your Advisor will conrm the full amount in an itemised invoice and you will be able to pay by either credit card or bank transfer.

Keeping in touch
All children are required to phone home immediately upon arrival and we will assist your child to do this easily. We ask you not to phone the centre during the rst few days to allow your child to settle in. All children have regular access to email facilities.

There are laundry facilities on site. Washing will be done for your child at least once a week. Please make sure all clothes, towels and swimwear are clearly marked. Dry cleaning can be arranged at cost.

We provide three hot meals every day, except when children are going on a full day excursion when they will be given a packed lunch. There is a choice of food at each meal time including a vegetarian option. Our meals are as varied as possible. Special diets can often be catered for if you give us details in the medical section of the application form. In addition there are regular snack breaks every day.

Lost property
If something is lost your child should contact a member of our staff immediately.

Confirmation of booking
On receipt of the enrolment fee we will conrm your place on the course. Full payment must be received by us 14 days before arrival. When we conrm your place you will receive the following: Certicate of enrolment Visa support letter, if applicable Detailed arrival information and conrmation of transfer, if requested  Information guide including ancillary information and a clothing list for your course Unaccompanied minor letter ID badge to be worn on arrival in the UK Medical form.

Pocket money and valuables

The cost of all day-time activities is included in the fees. Nevertheless children like to have pocket money for drinks, sweets and souvenirs. We believe a maximum of 50 per week is sufcient. As all boarding schools do not have lockable bedroom doors all money and valuables, passports and return tickets should be deposited with the school ofce on arrival. Pocket money may be collected at specic times each week.

What to bring
Recommended clothing varies according to the course chosen. Everyone should bring T-shirts, trainers, tracksuits and a set of smart clothes for discos in addition to any special clothing on the list found in the information guide. All bedding is provided. Students should bring their own towels, toiletries and an alarm clock. It is advisable that all students bring a waterproof jacket and suncream with them. All course materials are provided but students should bring pens, pencils and dictionaries. Students are also asked to bring a passport sized photo with them for their ID badge. Art and Design, Summer study and Intensive English There are no special requirements as all course materials and resources are provided, but sensible clothes and jackets are needed for excursions and outdoor eld work. Performing arts Tracksuits or similar comfortable clothing are recommended. Footwear should be jazz shoes or bare feet. Football Football boots are preferred but not essential. Wet weather clothing is advisable. Golf We dont recommend that you bring your own golf clubs. Golf shoes are preferred but not essential, and appropriate non-branded clothing must be worn (no jeans or shorts). Horse riding All students should bring riding jodhpurs or suitable trousers (not jeans), riding boots and their own riding hat. If you do not have your own hat this may be provided by the riding school. If you do not have riding boots then please bring a pair of sturdy shoes with a small heel. Multi activities No specialist clothing or equipment required. Tennis Tennis rackets will be provided but please bring your own if you wish. Tennis whites and tennis shoes are recommended.

The welfare of all children at our schools is our most important consideration. We are in loco parentis and apply the same standards of care and safety that any parent would expect. Our staff are selected with this in mind and a staff/ student ratio of at least 1:5 is in place.

The courses
All courses start on a Sunday and students should report to: Embassy Academy Warminster School Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 8PJ Kingham Hill School Kingham, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 6TZ Emergency telephone number operational from 5th July 2014: +44 771 771 8776

Accident and medical insurance

Every student must have appropriate insurance and provide a document with the students name and date of coverage as proof. The company recommends that all students take our own StudyCare insurance which is tailored to the needs of international students. Cover under the StudyCare insurance policy does not commence until the insurance fees have been paid in full. In the USA students not wishing to take StudyCare must present an equivalent insurance certicate on arrival. Students without insurance must take StudyCare. Full details of what StudyCare insurance includes can be found on our website at

By air If you would like us to arrange a transfer from the airport to the centre this should be reserved at the time you make your booking, by ticking the box. A charge is made for this service. Transfers All transfers are at a cost of 110 per person for a one way transfer. This price is based on students sharing with others arriving or departing around the same time. It also includes the cost of the journey as well as a full meet and greet service on arrival and assistance with check in upon departure. By car If you would like us to send you a map of directions to get to the school please ask when making your reservation. Please advise us of an estimated time of arrival if you choose this option.

Damage deposits
On arrival, all students will be required to lodge a 30 damage deposit with Embassy Academy staff. This deposit will be returned immediately prior to departure, subject to any damage caused to the School or its property.

Terms and conditions

All enrolments are subject to the following conditions which become legally binding on acceptance of enrolment by Embassy Academy. 1. Payment of fees All fees including the application fee must be paid in full no later than 14 days before arrival. Transfers and accommodation will not be conrmed until all monies have been paid in full. For all payments made after the due date a fee of 2% of the total amount will be added. No student will be allowed to attend without payment being made in full prior to course commencement. 2. Services The company reserves the right to change the particulars of the services, including changes to courses, locations, facilities and dates of the programmes where circumstances beyond the companys control necessitate such changes or where the number of bookings received does not reach the minimum numbers required to operate a course viably. 3. General refund policy All refunds will be sent to the account of the Embassy Academy representative to whom the fees were originally paid, or to the individual from whom Embassy Academy has received the original direct payment. If a students visa application is rejected after payment has been received all fees, excluding any cancellation fees detailed in the Cancellation Policy below, will be refunded within 28 days, provided a visa refusal letter is received by our International Admissions Centre at least two working days before the course is due to start and the student has fullled all requirements for a visa application. No refund will be made if a visa rejection is based on students failure to meet the necessary criteria for their chosen visa category. 4. Cancellation policy Embassy Academy denes cancellation as the period prior to start of rst course. All cancellations must be made in writing to our International Admissions Centre. Where cancellations are received in writing more than 14 days before the rst course start date 100% of package price will be refunded, but any enrolment or airport transfer fee is nonrefundable. Where cancellations are received in writing 14 days or less prior to the rst course start date, 30% of the package price will be charged. Any enrolment or airport transfer fee is non-refundable. 5. Withdrawal policy Embassy Academy denes withdrawal as termination of a course after the rst course has started. Any withdrawal must be made in writing to our International Admissions Centre. No refund will be given once the course has commenced. 6. Travel details Students that have booked an airport transfer must send details to our International Admissions Centre at least three full working days prior to their designated arrival time. If notice is not received the company may not be in a position to provide a transfer. 7. Visas Some students require a student visa or tourist visa. Students should contact their local embassy, Consulate or High Commission to ensure they are allowed to enter and study in their chosen country. Arranging the correct Visa is the sole responsibility of the student or agent. No visa support documentation will be provided until all fees have been received. 8. Accident and medical Every student must have appropriate insurance and provide a document with the students name and date of coverage as proof. The company recommends that all students take our own StudyCare insurance which is tailored to the needs of international students. Cover under the StudyCare insurance policy does not commence until the insurance fees have been paid in full. Any medical costs (including transportation) are the responsibility of the student. Full details of what StudyCare insurance includes can be found on our website and in the parent guide. 9. Liability Embassy Academy and its staff and representatives will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where liability is expressly imposed by law. Embassy Academy will not be liable in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by Embassy Academy becomes impossible to supply for any reason or any cause outside the control of Embassy. 10. Student welfare As all our students choose our courses to obtain the best programme possible we owe it to all our guests to make sure that they can study and enjoy the stay to the fullest. Embassy Academy reserves the right to terminate the programme of any person or group whose behaviour is likely to cause distress, damage or danger to other participants, Embassy Academy employees or anyone else. Embassy Academy reserves the right to terminate the programme of any person or group whose behaviour is contrary to applicable local laws. This behaviour includes but is not limited to: under-age purchase or consumption of alcohol, possession of illegal substances, damage to property, threatening or violent behaviour. 11. Our student discipline procedure Our general discipline procedure in cases of misbehaviour is as follows: in the rst instance a student will be given a verbal warning. If the student continues to misbehave they can receive additional sanctions such as detention and removal from activities. Should behaviour continue to deteriorate a student will be issued with a written warning. Once a written warning has been issued, Embassy Academy would contact the agent as soon as possible, allowing differences in time zones. Any student who has been issued with a written warning will be made fully aware that any further incidents will result in removal from the centre. 12. Expulsion Students or group leaders who disregard the rules laid down by our staff may be expelled. Embassy Academy will not be liable for any costs incurred in this process. No refunds will be made for any programme missed as a result of such termination and such decision is nal. 13. Resolution of disputes If a student agent or their representative wish to complain about any aspect of the services provided by Embassy Academy, such a complaint must be made to the Embassy Academy Centre Manager, and to your Embassy Advisor. Each complaint will be fully investigated provided that it is received within a month of the course ending, it was initially registered in writing with an on-site representative or Centre Manager and all fees have been paid in full. In the event that the matter is not resolved, the student or group leader or agent should make a complaint in writing to the Embassy Academy head ofce, 1 Billinton Way, Brighton BN1 4LF, United Kingdom. 14. Promotional activity The student (and, where applicable, his or her parent or guardian): (i) agrees that the students photographs, videos, artwork or other works, as well as recorded or written testimonials and details of the students achievements (Student Images and Testimonials) may be used by Study Group, or by a third party agent of Study Group, worldwide for promotional purposes including in its printed and online marketing materials and on any social media network without further consent or notication; and (ii) gives consent to Study Group storing, or transferring across international borders, copies of the Student Images and Testimonials for such purposes. 15. Data protection Any information provided to Embassy Academy may be held on computer and shall be used in accordance with its data protection registration and the national data protection laws applicable. Our Privacy Policy is available on the Embassy Academy website. 16. Further information Pocket money requests for students will incur a processing charge of 50 per pocket money transfer. 17. Force majeure Embassy Academy is not liable in the event where it is unable to ful l any service to which it is contractually bound because of re, natural disaster, acts of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons which are outside its control. 18. Agents All the above terms are applicable to direct students and agents unless variations are expressly agreed between the agent and Embassy Academy or their parent company, Study Group, in writing. 19. General disclaimer Please note that the schools listed in the brochure provide facilities only. The summer courses are run by and for Embassy Academy and there is no connection with the schools in terms of operations.