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+ (y name is 9udani (ufamadi and %Am #< years oldB % could gi/e you a thousand reasons to moti/ate my application for an 2urban and .+ -unior +oo&&eeping .hurch Street +ell/ille 31$1 ur!an "M# 31 Sil/erton Road (usgra/e 2urban $esua Consultants 2ia4 ffice 5ar& +loc& +6 7nit !# +each +oule/ard 8est 2ia4 +each 01"0 Mossel Bay For your diary / Events SAAA half-day webinar: Tax exempt entities (financial reporting and SARS requirements) .Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.where % completed my matric at Stein&opf :igh School in !""$B % did not further my education after high school6 but startedC Read more » MSC Benoni 1= 8oburn A/enue +enoni #1"# MSC College .(ler%sdorp <# Anderson Street >ler&sdorp !13# #"$1 'ite Campus the 5ia44a .East London 14 St Matthews Road Southernwood East London 5201 $ohannes!urg 2ear %.elspruit MSC College .orthern . preparation classes: :aig ? Rhodes Street 8itban& MSC College .nr Smith and (elle Street +raamfontein !""# *elspruit amelin *elspruit $= )erreira Street .Bellville 1 .entral 5ort *li4abeth Boston .o/ember exams .Braam&ontein #01 .0 Sep !"#$ "olo%wane Boston "olo%wane #st )loor6 5enur +uilding 1! 'anddros (are Street 5olo&wane "3"" "ro&in Shop !"6 )irst )loor Roadri .Bohmer Secondary School 8alter Sisulu Road 7ni/ersitas +loemfontein <$"# http //!!!"ic#"org"$a/e%ams-and-assessment/assessment-centres"htm& 2013/10/02 .*ewcastle =< Ayliff Street .hurch Street . South Africa Page 2 of 3 Assessment centres Cape Town Rhodes High School (ontreal A/enue (owbray MSC College .Assessment centres ."retoria *orth #st )loor6 Republic 'easing .nr -an Smuts ? Republic Roads Randburg !#<0 MSC College .ct !"#$ SA%T half-day wor&shop: Trust 'aw .Port Elizabeth 3#-30 5arliament Street .an der 8alt ? Andries Street 5retoria "ort Eli+a!eth "retoria *ewcastle Bloem& 9errit (arit4 ? +urger Streets 5retoria "#@! MSC College .entre6 #!" 9eneral :ert4og Road Three Ri/ers Vereeniging From our students 2ear %.+ (y name is Semonia +eu&es and %Am !3 years oldB % come from a town in the .ereeniging #<!< East 'ondon MSC College .ewcastle !<=" St .ape called >omaggasB %tAs about 0"&m from Springbo& .+ bursary6 but the most important one is that % absolutely lo/e what %Am studyingB %A/e recently experienced financial contraints6 as my family has lostC Read more » .)it!an% :arest :ouse .entre6 !nd )loor .ndrews "res!yterian Church !<= Schoeman Street +etween .ct !"#$ Tax Radar information and networ&ing brea&fast .Sep !"#$ Sage Seminars: (id-year payroll update Sep !"#$ )R** %+T.

South Africa Page 3 of 3 Rusten!urg MSC College .ueenstown %ome "#$ courses "#$ members&ip +.ueenstown 11 Ebden Street Queenstown 5319 ..Qs .Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.bout Qua i'ications Prospectus E(ams and assessment )&ere to study *ews #areers )&ere and &ow to study .Assessment centres .ssessment timetab e Terms and conditions Privacy po icy Site map Site managed by raramuridesign ! "#$ 2013 http //!!!"ic#"org"$a/e%ams-and-assessment/assessment-centres"htm& 2013/10/02 .Rustenburg 91 Tuin Street Rustenburg 0299 MSC College .

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