(Copy of Inspection Assignment Package to follow)

Project Title:____________________________________________________________

Request Number: __________ Date:______________
VID-3000 (5/97)
To: SAO [ ] To: ASC [ ] To: AOC [ ] To: AOC - Tokyo [ ]

Saudi Aramco Dhahran Campus, New Admin. Bldg. R-119 Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia Attn: Vendor Inspection Div. Q.C. Unit Fax: 966-862-5201

Aramco Services Company Inspection Office P.O. Box 4534 Houston, Texas 77210 U.S.A. Attn: Inspection Office Fax; 1-713-432-4708

Aramco Overseas Company Schuttersveld 14 2316 AB Leiden, P.O. Box 222 2300 AE Leiden The Netherlands Attn: Inspection Office Fax: 31-71-160-610

Aramco Overseas Company (Ark Mori Bldg. P.O. Box 549) No. 12-32, Akasaka 1Chome Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107 Japan Attn: Inspection Office Fax: 81-3-5563-0544

This is a request for the above referenced agency to monitor the source inspection activities indicated below. The inspector assigned to monitor the Contractor’s inspection efforts shall arrange his visits in conjunction with the Contractor’s source inspector. Contact information is provided on this form for that purpose. The monitoring inspector is to communicate with the Contractor’s assigned inspector during the visit to determine if appropriate inspection coverage is being provided and the material/s meet Company specifications. Deficiencies found during the inspection shall be reported to; (a) the Saudi Aramco office that issued the inspection work order and (b) to the Saudi Aramco Inspection representative located at the Contractor’s design office. The monitoring inspector is not to issue rejections, or releases, during his visit to the vendor’s shop. The Contractor remains responsible for performing source inspection.. The Saudi Aramco Inspection Representative shall be notified in writing regarding the name of the Agency of inspector selected to perform the monitoring effort as soon as a work order is issued. Contact Information: Contractor’s Q.A. Manager: _____________________ Assigned Inspector: ____________________________ P.O. Number: Material Description: Source Inspection is to be performed by: Contractor’s personnel [ ] or Third Party Agency [ ] Frequency of monitoring visits requested: Monthly [ ] Project Name: Saudi Aramco Inspection representative: BI-Number Vendor: Phone # Fax # Location: Special Requirements:

Agency Name: Bi-Weekly [ ]

Other [ ] Contract Number: Signature:

Copy to: Supervisor, QMU - Fax # 966-3-862-5201

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