Metis weaver's sash hangs in Washington

EDMONTON - An Edmonton woman known provincewide for her skilful weaving of traditional Metis sashes has had her work accepted into the National Museum of American ndians in Washington! D"#"
By The Edmonton Journal July 19, 2006

EDMONTON - An Edmonton woman known prov n!"w d" #or $"r %k l#ul w"av n& o# trad t onal M"t % %a%$"% $a% $ad $"r work a!!"pt"d nto t$" Nat onal Mu%"um o# Am"r !an 'nd an% n (a%$ n&ton, D)*) T$" %a%$ !au&$t t$" att"nt on o# t$" mu%"um "arl "r t$ % mont$ w$"n +aura M!+au&$l n wa% %$ow!a% n& $"r %k ll% on t$" Nat onal Mall n (a%$ n&ton a% part o# t$" ,olkl #" ,"%t val) -$" %tru!k up a !onv"r%at on w t$ a man w$o $ad %topp"d to adm r" $"r work, not know n& $" wa% t$" a%%o! at" d r"!tor o# t$" mu%"um) .On" day ' look up and t$ % &uy % %tand n& t$"r",. M!+au&$l n %a d) .(" %tart"d !$att n& and $" told m" $" wa% t$" a%%o! at" d r"!tor o# t$" Nat onal Mu%"um o# Am"r !an 'nd an%). M!+au&$l n v % t"d t$" mu%"um t$" n"/t day w$"r" %$" donat"d t$" %a%$ %$" $ad wov"n on t$" mall a% w"ll a% a #"w trad t onal M"t % %$ rt% %$" mad" n Edmonton) .T$"y w"r" %o $appy to a!!"pt t$" %a%$ and t$" ot$"r t$ n&% ' &av" t$"m,. %$" %a d) .O$ my &oodn"%%, ' wa% tr"at"d l k" a 0u""n). -$" d dn1t r"al 2" w$at an a!!ompl %$m"nt %$" $ad mad" unt l %$" $"ad"d 3a!k to t$" Al3"rta pav l on on t$" mall and told $"r p""r% w$at $ad $app"n"d)


.T$" # r%t M"t % %a%$ wov"n on t$" Nat onal Mall n (a%$ n&ton, D)*), w ll $an& n t$" Mu%"um o# Am"r !an 'nd an% and t1% mad" 3y l ttl" old m",. M!+au&$l n %a d) .May3" on" day my &rand%on w ll 3r n& $ % w #" and k d% to %"" t,. M!+au&$l n %a d) M"t % %a%$"% w"r" trad t onally u%"d a% a tool l k" a rop" #or M"t % voya&"ur% trav"ll n& a!ro%% t$" !ountry and a% a way to k""p t$" r 4a!k"t% !lo%"d) Today, t$"y ar" & v"n a% pr"%t & ou% & #t%, worn to r"pr"%"nt M"t % pr d" and v "w"d a% ntr !at" work% o# art) T$" M"t % Nat on o# Al3"rta !ould not 3" $app "r t$at M!+au&$l n % !ont nu n& to %pr"ad t$" word a3out M"t % !ultur" t$rou&$ $"r work) .'t1% mportant,. %a d Audr"y 5o tra%, pr"% d"nt o# t$" or&an 2at on) .'t1% promot n& our M"t % !ultur", our M"t % !ra#t n& and +aura $"r%"l#). 5o tra% %a d t wa% 4u%t a matt"r o# t m" 3"#or" M!+au&$l n1% work w"nt nt"rnat onal) .-$"1% alway% w ll n& to %$ar" $"r knowl"d&" o# t$" M"t % !ultur" and $"r !ra#t) .Not only do w" know o# $"r wond"r#ul work $"r", 3ut now p"opl" nt"rnat onally w ll a% w"ll,. 5o tra% %a d) M!+au&$l n a%k"d 5o tra% to donat" %om" o# t$" M"t % Nat on1% art #a!t% to t$" mu%"um a% w"ll) .' 3"l "v" w$at %$" would r"ally l k" to %"" % a M"t % !art) (" !"rta nly ar" !on% d"r n& t$at opt on,. 5o tra% %a d) A %pok"%p"r%on #or t$" mu%"um %a d t$"y don1t know w$"r" t$" %a%$ w ll 3" d %play"d a% t % %t ll %o n"w to t$" r !oll"!t on, 3ut t may 3"!om" part o# an "/$ 3 t #"atur n& M"t % !ultur" t$at $a% 3""n runn n& % n!" t$" mu%"um op"n"d n 2006)


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