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As I observe a class, I will use the Observation Sheet for a more focused observation.

OBSERVATION SHEET Name of the School Observed:

Montalban Heights National High School School Address: Villa Ana Subdivision Date of Visit: February 3, 2014 Grade/Year Level: Grade 8
Principles of Learning Assessment Teaching Behavior of the Teacher/Learning Behavior of the Learner as Proof of the Application of the Principle of Learning The Teacher used questions to the learners

1. Assessment is an integral part of the teaching-learning process

2. Assessment tool/activity should match with performance objective.

The teacher is consistent to the performance objective

3. The results of assessment must be fed back to the learners.

The teacher returned the outputs to the students in a very usual way.

4. Teachers must consider learners learning styles and multiple intelligences and so must come up with a variety of ways of assessing learning.

The teacher come up with different strategies and techniques

In discussion, they were well accepted 5. Give some positive feedback along with not so good ones. and some were beyond to the question thrown but still the teacher managed. The teacher assessed herself before 6. Emphasize on self assessment. entering the classroom

Assessment of Learning was not used to 7. Assessment of learning should never be used as punishment or as disciplinary measure. punish students.

8. Emphasize on real world application that favors realistic performances over out-ofcontext drills.

Assessment may develop their skills such as writing and reading.

9. Results of learning assessment must be communicated regularly to parents.

The teachers practiced accurate records and communicate them to parents.

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