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move beyond anxiety...


July 25 - 27, 2014
Friday 6:00pm - Sunday 1:00pm Co-created by The Yoga House and Gaia Farmhouse Retreat Location:1032 Cameron Lane, Algonquin Highlands
Re-vitalize body, mind, and spirit with Gaia-glorious meals, live music, hills lakes, yoga, labyrinth & more Decompress Friday begins with Yoga at Dusk in the forest, breath, walk into peaceful consciousness Awaken Saturday travel the woodland Labyrinth,discove Universe's story of becoming consciously alive in YOU. Moving Beyond Anxiety Explore how to harness this potent power. Learn to use it's forceful squeeze to move you to acceptance or action. Come to appreciate anxiety's call to become more aware of your needs and the beauty behind them. Embracing Anxiety Walk with Grandmother Universe through the lantern - lit cosmic labyrinth as she tells the story of 'Cataclysm and Chaos, My Evolutionary Drivers ' and invites us to journey beyond our fear of anxiety. Raising Consciousness on the Cellular Level On Sunday Yoga will become an art, done deeply with the rhythm of our breath, moment to moment clearing of the mind, providing the joy of peaceful sanctuary.

Fees include meals. With B&B add $100 /person

Standard $225. Solidarity ( support another) $250). Subsidized $200 Carol Kilby is an enchanting storyteller, author, spiritual companion, retreat facilitator and evolutionary pilgrim. In being with the trees I learned creativity takes many forms - cataclysm, synergy, emergence, and more. In walking the woodland labyrinth which tells the epic story of Mother Universe's evolution, I learned how anxiety is a life force within all nature. I believe this life force is calling in many at this critical planetary moment to move us to a higher consciousness. I'm committed to telling this story that calls us know ourselves as co-creators of a sustainable future. Celeste Shirley is a skilled Physical Education, Fitness, and Yoga instructor who inspires 'playing the body rather than working it. She specializes in teaching the emotional literacy necessary to move beyond anxiety due to post traumatic stress, mental illness, mood disorders, depression, and addiction. She helps us say 'yes' to the importance of living an awake life and equips us with ways to be with the intelligence in anxiety that can be an impetus for change. By learning to BE with the anxiety, she says, we transform it into a helper that tells us what is needed.

Register and Information: 705 754 2427 or 416 690 8966 info@the