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ReaDigest HIV/AIDS

Vo l u m e 1 , I s s u e 1 1 0 o f Oc t2 0 0 9
ReaMetrix is committed
to becoming the leading
provider of high quality
research and diagnostic
assay. We believe Novel CD4 enumeration reagent:
Indian resources bring For accessible ‘n’ affordable HIV/AIDS management
significant value to
identifying and The HIV/AIDS management in- settings. CE marked, Convenient and sim-
addressing the health volves diagnosis of immune status The unique and novel feature of plified workflow, Decentralized
care needs of the of an individual using CD4 enumera- the Dry Tri T-STAT is that it staining of sample, No cold chain
developing world.
tion test followed by prescription facilitates decentralized staining for storage and transport, Sta-
To know more about us of appropriate Anti Retroviral of patient blood. Reagents do not ble at temperatures up to 40oC
please visit Therapy (ART). Early and timely require cold-chain and can be and Affordability– significantly diagnosis of immune status helps shipped to the point of sample brings down the cost of CD4
millions of people by not just allow- collection with testing to 1/3 of the current
Contact us
ing an appropriate ART but also by minimal effort. methodologies.
ReaMetrix India Pvt. significantly reducing the cost and The blood samples
Ltd, 50 B, 2nd Phase,
time of treatment. can be stained and
TVS Cross, Peenya
Industrial Area, Peenya
The most widely used methodology fixed after which
Bangalore- 560 058 to accurately measure CD4 counts
is by flow cytometry. The following Picture showing Dry
India. Dr. Sujay Prasad,
Tri T STAT in a
factors in currently used method-
Phone: +91 80 2837 unitized format Director,
8693 ologies affect the affordability and
accessibility of CD4 testing; need Anand Diagnostics says
Fax : +91 80 4117 2451
for a cold chain during shipment and the samples can be shipped to “ReaMetrix help us in
storage of flow reagents, aging of centralized testing centers for keeping our commitment
patient blood samples due to delay analysis. The advantage is that the in offering tests at
in transport to centralized testing delivered sample is already proc- affordable costs
centers and the need for skilled essed and ready to be run on the especially HIV. Earlier
technical expertise (as the use of machine. External studies pub- we were providing this
PTO existing liquid reagent involves sev- lished in peer-reviewed journals (HIV) test for Rs2000,
eral manual pipetting steps that have shown that stained samples as the cost of the
to find
usually lead to erroneous result). are stable for up to 8 days with no reagent was high. But
HAART– as The Dry Tri T-STAT developed by change in CD4 counts. now with help of
prevention? ReaMetrix addresses the unmet The salient features of Dry Tri T- ReaMetrix we offer this
needs of sample processing, storage STAT are; high accuracy and re- test for Rs250”.
Do you know?
and shipment in infrastructure-poor producibility, US FDA cleared and
Toons for
Test your MQ* Industry New(s)
Brain Gym PIMA analyzer is a new
1. When was the first AIDS epidemic discovered?
tool in the management
2. What is the symbol for showing solidarity with AIDS of HIV patients.
affected people? CD4 count can be ob-
To know the answers for
‘Test your MQ’ and ‘Brain 3. Which cancer is developed due to an HIV infection? tained in 20 minutes
Gym’, log onto with a single finger
4. Which region of the world has highest number of
prick. AIDS patients?
Its battery operated, portable and robust.
right now and win excit- 5. Which of the following celebrities died of AIDS?
ing prizes if you are For more info:
amongst the first ten. A. Kurt Cobain B. Freddie Mercury
C. John Lennon D. Fred Astaire
*Medical Quotient

Toons for Thought
HAART as Prevention: A New Paradigm?
“ART is good, not only for treatment, but also for preventing HIV transmission

Excerpts from a study summary by Reuben Granich, M.D., M.P.H. © IAS Conference, Cape

HAART (Highly Active Anti Retro earlier would shift the risk of TB to
Viral Therapy) as prevention is a a much lower level. However if we
theoretical model that shows consider that people will live for
that if people are tested for tens of years on ART then starting
HIV, on average, once per year, 2-4 years earlier appears much
and ART [antiretroviral therapy] shorter. The model also showed the
is started immediately, a 95% benefit of HIV prevention for a
reduction in incidence of new HIV theoretical scenario involving a CD4
cases would be seen in 10 years. count of less than 350.
The end of 2007 reported, 2.7 People are starting to realize that
million new infections a year, and HIV treatment is not only about
6.7 million people who need treat- saving people's life, which is impor-
ment. tant, and keeping them out of the
The discussed model used a com- hospital, which is, of course, criti-
bined prevention approach that cal, and allowing them to live a pro-
would not only include ART, but ductive and longer life; but it's also
also many other interventions about preventing transmission to
(like couple's counseling and male others.
circumcision, for example) to get For a detail read go to
ahead of the epidemic, and pre-
vent transmission. Patients who content/confs/ias2009/
started ART earlier between 200 art52828.html?ts=pf Do you know?
and 350 CD4 counts had signifi-
• 650 Link ART Centers Planned under
cantly fewer deaths and fewer
NAPC - III. Presently there are 68.
cases of TB when compared with
those that had deferred treat- Reuben Granich, M.D., M.P.H., medical • There are eight state centers where sec-
ment to less than 200 or an AIDS officer for the World Health Organiza- ond line ART is available in India, previously
tion (WHO)'s HIV/AIDS Department only two were available.
defining illness. Starting ART
For more information visit


1. Orange dye– a nucleic acid stain

Brain Gym 3. A flurochrome abbreviation

5. Stimulates Antibody production

7. An enzyme inhibited by Elvitegravir (GS9137)

9. Abbreviation for a HIV drug

10. His equation shows the relation of temperature dependence
and the rate of a chemical reaction (A=RT)

2. A HIV protease inhibitor

4. An enzyme in HIV with an –ase amiss

6. HIV belongs to this family

8. Word ending with ‘fluid’- the liquid stream in flow cytometer

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