"4 C#$%ere$ce R##m & Adm'$'s(ra(')e O%%'ces
A*ENDA I. Call to Order A. II. III. IV. Pledge of Allegiance

Agenda Changes Board President’s Comments Visitor’s Comments V. Communications


Board and Staff Reports: A. Curriculum/ ducational !echnolog" Committee #eeting $ %e&ruar" '() *+onne ,e&o) chair- C"nthia Bufalini- and .eltra /illis. Items for Consent Agenda: A. Appro+al of the #inutes of the Board of ducation meetings on %e&ruar" (th and %e&ruar" '0th) '12(. B. C. .. . VIII. A. B. C. .. . Appro+al of the #onthl" !reasurer’s Report and Ban3 Reconciliation Statement for 4anuar" '12(. Appro+al of the #onthl" %inancial Report for 4anuar" '12(. Appro+al of the #inutes of the Committee on Pre5School Special ducation. Appro+al of the #inutes of the Committee on Special ducation. Items for Board Action: Appro+al of Inter5#unicipal Cooperation Agreement. Appro+al of Spring Sports Schedule 6as per the attached7. Appro+al of Independent Participation Appro+al of ducational !rip. Appro+al to Create 6.87 9ome School Coordinator) in the !enure Area of ,uidance Counselor) as related to Communit" Schools ,rant.



Personnel Report: • Retirement • :ea+e of A&sence • Appointment6s7 o Part5time o Spring Coaching 5 Bo"s o Spring Coaching $ ,irls o Spring Coaching 5 Volunteers Items for .iscussion/Information: Superintendent of Schools’ Report Second Reading of Board of ducation Policies: 8011) ducation Records- 8011.2) ducation Records Regulation- 8011.') Application to Inspect % RPA Records- 8011.<) Student Pri+ac"5Record of % RPA Re=uests- 8011.() Re=uest to Correct % RPA Records- 8011.0) Student Pri+ac" % RPA >otice- 8012) Parental Access to Instructional #aterials) !hird Part" Sur+e"s and #ar3eting Sur+e"s- 8012.2) Student Pri+ac" $ PPRA Opt5Out :etter Proposed Calendar '12(5'120 ?pcoming .ates: #arch 0 6/ednesda"7) /inter Sports Ban=uet) /9S @ A:20 p.m. #arch A 6!hursda"7) Sherman School Science %air) 0:<1 $ A:<1 p.m. #arch A 6!hursda"7) Bnic3er&oc3er School Science %air A:11 p.m. #arch A 6!hursda"7) Ohio School Boo3 %air/ 2st ,rade Concert A:11 p.m. #arch A58 6!hursda"/%rida"7) /atertoCn 9igh School #usical D Shrek”) 8:11 p.m. @ /atertoCn 9igh School #arch 8 6%rida"7) Star&uc3 School Science %air) A:<158:<1 p.m. #arch 8 6%rida"7) Personnel Committee) 2' noon) @ ..O. #arch E 6Saturda"7) /atertoCn 9igh School #usical “Shrek”, 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. #arch F 6Sunda"7) .a"light Sa+ing !ime @ ' a.m. 6spring ahead7 #arch 22 6!uesda"7) Curriculum/ ducational !echnolog" Committee) 2' noon @ ..O. #arch 22 6!uesda"7 #usic in Our Schools Concert @ /9S ,"m @ 8:11 p.m. #arch 2< 6!hursda"7) Pu&lic Relations/!ransportation Committee #eeting) 2' noon @ ..O. #arch 2< 6!hursda"7) >orth lementar" School Science %air A:1158:<1 p.m. #arch 2( 6%rida"7 Staff Developme t Da! " No S#hool #arch 2( 6%rida"7) %irst .a" to Pic3 ?p Petitions for Board of ducation lection) E:<1 a.m.5 (:11 p.m. #arch '2 6%rida"7) Parent Conference .a" 6B5A7 arl" .ismissal

I;. A. B.

C. ;. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ;I.


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