Welcome to the Test Item File for Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller’s Marketing Management, 12th edition text. This test bank was designed with the student and instructor in mind. All uestions in this manual are drawn directl! from the master text.

APPLICATION QUESTIONS" #ew to the twelfth edition of the Test Item File is
a section dedicated entirel! to application uestions. This section$ available in each chapter of the test bank$ offers real%life situations that take students be!ond basic chapter concepts and vocabular! covered in the &eneral 'oncept section$ and asks them to appl! marketing skills. Additionall!$ this section assists in assessing the students’ knowledge of application%oriented material from the various chapters. (ach chapter in the Test Item File contains )*+ uestions$ with the following breakdown" ))+ &eneral 'oncept uestions" ,+ -ultiple choice .+ True/false )+ (ssa! .+ Application uestions" 0+ -ultiple choice 0+ 1hort answer (ach uestion in the Test Item File is formatted with the uestion number$ the uestion itself$ potential answers$ the correct answer$ a difficult! scale$ and the page2s3 where the uestion and answer ma! be found in the textbook. The page number suggests where the material for the uestion begins$ not necessaril! where it ends. The uestion information ma! continue to other pages$ figures$ or tables. 4or each chapter in the textbook$ the uestions in the Test Item File begin at the first page of the chapter and follow a logical se uence to the end of the chapter. Answers to essa! and short%answer uestions are provided for the convenience of the instructor. When not specific to marketing terms and practices$ the provided responses are not meant to be an all%inclusive answer. Please allow for creative deviation where warranted. 5efore giving students examinations from the material contained in this Test Item File$ the students should be encouraged to read and ask uestions about the material in the textbook. The! should also understand that a 6best answer6 will alwa!s be available to a uestion. 'areful reading of the uestion to determine differences between potential

).. The Difficulty Scale The instructor will notice the scale used at the end of each uestion.ucf.++ . The uestions noted as 8hard9 re uire the student to demonstrate an in%depth knowledge of the sub<ect matter in the text$ an abilit! to recall detailed material from chapters$ and creative response to uestion ueries.e it in usage situations. &ood luck with !our course preparation$ instructional strategies$ and examination of !our students. 5rooks$ =r. 5ox ). We believe that the Test Item File will prove to be a valuable aid to !our course assessment process. 7t is our hope that this manual will help with !our effort to conduct a successful and meaningful learning experience for !our students.%). =ohn 5rooks created materials for chapters )%)) and >onald 5orrieci created materials for chapters )0%00.$ ?5A Prince%'havanne Professor 'hristian 5usiness (thics @ouston 5aptist Aniversit! 20B)3 . 1hould !ou have an! difficult! with an! uestions or need assistance$ please feel free to contact one of the authors listed below. =ohn >.answers would be .)D rborrieciEbus.++ Grlando$ 4lorida D0B).9 :uestions noted as 6eas!6 do not re uire detailed knowledge of the topic$ re uire onl! a casual reading of the text$ and have rather obvious answers. 5orrieci 7nstructor F 7nternship 'oordinator Aniversit! of 'entral 4lorida 'ollege of 5usiness Administration P.+H%B0D%).G. 7n addition$ students should be encouraged to read the opening vignettes$ tables$ and figures provided in each chapter of the textbook. Thank !ou for selecting the Kotler/Keller )0th edition text.C%DD)* rust!broksEaol. The uestions noted as 6medium6 re uire the student to demonstrate a clear understanding of the material in the text$ that s/he has read and studied the material$ and is able to s! >onald #. The scale is intended to aid the instructor in determining the degree of difficult! of the uestion and answer. The degree of difficult! scale appears as either 6eas!$6 6medium$6 or 8hard.

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