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2 One Day Tournaments are very popular in futsal. Especially amateur futsal tournament. These tournament are easy to organize, it' easier to find team for such tournament (because teams doesn't have to change all their season's plans to participate) and it's great fun for players and their fans. lthough every team, that participates, !ants to !in the tournament. "n order to do that some preparations are needed to be made and some information needed to be gathered. "n this #uide " !ill decided to combine information from my !ebsite and my emails to subscribers $ information, that is absolutely vital for every futsal team, that is !illing to participate in One Day Tournament. Where does the tournament take place? "f the One Day tournament is in other city%

the manager of a team must ma&e a list of most important things, that players must have !ith them on the trip (for e'., passport, money, food, sleeping bag, training &it, match &it, shoes etc.)( the team should arrive a day before, so there's time to settle do!n and get some good night sleep.

The team shouldn't have any organizational problems, !hen it only needs to thin& about playing. "f the tournament is in your o!n city the team must be there at least ),*+, hours before actual start of your game. What about the sleep? ). -layers must sleep at least .+/ hours during the night before the tournament( ,. One day tournaments are usually .+), hours long, so your players have to be fresh. What about the eating? ). -layers should not eat too much in the morning( ,. 0etter, if they have some easy brea&fast (no bread, potatoes or pies)( 1. 0etter to have some fresh fruit 2uice, eat some eggs, bananas or oatmeal.

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3 Eating during the day: ). The team !ill have to !ait long (usually )+, hours) bet!een their games, so it's smart to have some meal !ith you( ,. 3o soda4 5resh !ater, bananas, little bit of nuts, chocolate, couple of apples..( 1. gain $ no potatoes, bread or meat. These products digest very long time and use a lot of body's energy for it. Is warming-up important during One Day Tournaments? This is the most important part of the !hole process. The coach must be ready to gather a team for *+)6 minutes 0E5O7E and 5TE7 a game for !arming+up and !arming+do!n. Warming-up:

!arm+up (!ithout the ball) and stretch before each game $ must be done off the pitch for )6+)* minutes. -layers !on't be getting to much time on the pitch before the game, because it's one day tournament and games are going bac& to bac&... so the coach should gather his player for 8uic& (1 minutes) !arm+up on the pitch and !ith the ball 9ome 8uic& !arm+up drills, !hich include passing and shooting at goal. Warming-down:

This is 2ust

9 important

9 !arming+up4

:arming+do!n (some stretching e'ercises) during *+)6 minutes reduces the ris& of in2uries for up to *6;4 What else do I need to know about warm-up and warm-down?

:arming+up before a training session or a game is a vital element of every training process. This aspect should not be underestimated. ny team (professional or amateur, doesn't meter) has to use !arm+ups. "t helps players prevent in2uries. :arm+up is basically an activity of lo! intensity, that is completed before an actual e'ercises or a match. "t helps to !arm all the muscles, that a player !ill

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4 use during his activities. "t also stimulates respiratory, cardiovascular systems and prepares them for further actions. There are three main types of !arm+up% ). -assive !arp+up. This is a !arm+up !ith no e'ercises, no physical activity. 5or e'ample by putting on e'tra clothes. 9ome times by heating the air in the room etc. ,. #eneral active !arm+up. This is a process of increasing the general temperature of a body by ma&ing slo! movements such as !al&ing or 2ogging. This type of !arm+up doesn't involve e'ercises for certain muscle groups. 1. 9pecific active !arm+up. The type of !arm+up that consists of specific e'ercises for specific muscle groups. The duration and intensity of !arm+up should be ad2usted according to the environmental temperature and the amount of clothing !orn. The higher the environmental temperature and the greater the amount of clothing, the sooner the desired body temperature is attained. "t is also important to begin a ma2or activity !hile still !armed+up. The benefits of !arm+up are%



in2ury ris& is reduced dramatically( player's muscle efficiency( player's reaction time and speed of movement(

thletic performance of players is improved(

"ncreased "mproved 7educed

severity of post+e'ercise muscle soreness. Is stretching necessary?

bsolutely4 -layers must al!ays remember to stretch after !arm+up. t first muscle temperature must be increases, only then muscles can be stretched. "f it's other !ay round, the ris& of in2ury !ill be very high. Don't forget these < things4 ). -layers must have spare shoes !ith them on the tournament( ,. The manager must have )+, spare match &its for the team( 1. :ould be smart to have at least *+= bibs (in case, if your opponents have the same &it colour)( >. The coach must have his team to come together , minutes before the start
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5 of the game for basic instructions( *. 9ometimes it's going to be hard for players to ?s!itch themselves on@ after !aiting for )+),* hrs. bet!een games, therefore the coach must ma&e a little team+tal& some )* minutes before each game in order to rise the motivation and concentration of his players( =. "deally the team should !atch other games and do it together $ it's not necessary, !hen the time bet!een games is used for a little rest or meal( .. "f the total level of organization of the team off the pitch is high, it !ill have a positive impact on the pitch too( /. Aanagers must get as much supporters (friends, relatives, fans etc.) to a tournament as they can. "t also sho!s a high level of organization and gives a motivational boost for players4 During One Day tournaments supporters can really ma&e a huge difference( <. The players and the management should do t!o things + !or& hard and have fun4 fter all it's the game, !e all love so much4 En2oy the process4 This &ind of approach can only help your team succeed4 What about the rules? 9ometimes, One Day tournaments can have their ?o!n@ rules. Aeans, the basic rules of the game are changed a little bit (for e'ample, the length of the game is reduced, so it's possible to have all necessary games played during 2ust =+/ hours) in order to suit the participants and supporters to en2oy the process more. lthough some basic ruling is usually unchanged. Bet's ta&e a loo& at some &ey moments, every team must remember. Passing back to your goal-keeper Cery often (especially bet!een amateur futsalers) a 8uestion is raised about the procedure of passing the ball bac& to a goal&eeper $ is it allo!ed( if yes, then $ in !hat situations( !hat are the restrictions etc. Even those, !ho thin& they &no!, !hat the rules say about it, not often &no! all details. s a result $ arguing, misunderstandings, stupid mista&es and a!&!ard situations occur. lthough, because of the importance of a &eeper in futsal (not only in defending the goal, but also $ during attac&ing plays), it is absolutely vital to be )66; sure of !hat the &eeper is allo!ed to do and !hat is restricted. There are also a lot of 8uestions about the ''rule of > seconds''. Dere's compact information from the 5"5 5utsal Ba!s of the #ame about

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6 involving a &eeper in attac&ing plays. 0ac& pass% pass bac& to a goal&eeper is punished !ith indirect free &ic& if a goalie% ). touches the ball !ith his hands( ,. touches the ball !ith his hands from a &ic&+in (out)( 1. possesses the ball using any part of his body for more than > seconds( >. touches the ball using any part of his body follo!ing a pass from his teammates before the ball left goal&eeper's half of the pitch or before an opponent player touched the ball. 7ule of > seconds% 5irst of all it's necessary to &no!, that a goal&eeper is not permitted to touch the ball inside his o!n half of the pitch, if he is in possession of the ball in his o!n half of the pitch for more than > seconds. "n this situation it does not matter, !hether he possesses the ball% ).!ith his hands inside his penalty area( ,.!ith his feet in his o!n half of the pitch( 1.starting !ith his hands inside his penalty area and continuing !ith his feet in his o!n half of the pitch. 9econd important aspect is, that in all these cases, the referee publicly ma&es the four+second count if% ). after playing the ball, a goal&eeper touches it again in his o!n half of the pitch after it has been deliberately &ic&ed to him by a team+mate !ithout an opponent playing or touching it (the goal&eeper is considered to be in control of the ball by touching it !ith any part of his body, e'cept if the ball accidentally rebounds off him)( ,. a goal&eeper touches the ball !ith his hands inside his o!n penalty area after it has been &ic&ed to him by a team+mate( 1. a goal&eeper touches the ball !ith his hands inside his o!n penalty area after he has received it directly from a &ic&+in by a team+mate. "t's not necessary for a goal&eeper to have the ball in his hands before the referee begin the >+second count. !ow to get players "resh and rested? "f One Day tournament ta&es place on 9aturday, for e'ample, then the training
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7 on Thursday must be very light, and the training on 5riday is better to be canceled. "f it's not possible to cancel the training on 5riday, it better not be a very late training then. lthough !e don't live in ideal !orld and some teams have only , or 1 training sessions per a !ee&, so canceling any of these training sessions !ill reduce the overall training time dramatically. 9o, if the coach has to train his team late in the evening ) day before the tournament, he has to remember four things% ). The coach should not ma&e his players do heavy physical e'ercises $ no sprinting e'ercises, for e'ample. ,. The coach shouldn't send players to train in a gym. -ulling !eights 2ust some hours before going to sleep is not smart. :eight lifting puts a very heavy load on the heart of a sportsman $ this !ill cause him problems, !hen trying to fall into sleep. 1. -laying fun games during late training session is a smart thing to do $ this !ill get players e'ited, so they !ill en2oy the process and as a result they !on't be e'hausted after the training session has finished. Aeans $ they !ill feel better and be able to sleep !ell in the night( >. Aa&e a !arm+up before and a !arm+do!n after a late training session $ this is vital. :arming+do!n after a training session in this case is even more important, than !arming+up before it. Dere are some suggestions on, !hat e'ercises the coach should give his players to do, so they could !arm+do!n after the end of a training session% ). fter the training session is finished, the coach should tell his players to run ,+1 laps around the pitch in a slo! tempo $ this !ill allo! their muscles to cool do!n a little bit(

,. The coach should ma&e his players shoot at goal from different positions (each player *+. times) or ma&e them practice penalties $ players !ill cool do!n, !hile still practicing useful things( 1. The coach can give his players stretching e'ercises to do, so they could stretch their leg muscles (calves, chilles tendon muscle etc.)( >. s a last activity of the day, the coach should tell his players to lie do!n on their bac&s on the floor near the !all, put their legs on the !all (legs should be straight, stretched !ide and at right angles to the floor). -layers should lie li&e this for ,+1 minutes. That !ill allo! the blood !ith less o'ygen to flo! out from their tired legs, so the ne! blood !ould be able to flo! into the muscles faster.

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8 s a result of this method, the legs of the players !on't be ?heavy@ after a late training session and during the ne't couple of days, so players !ill be sleeping !ell during the night, feel fresh in the days to come and therefore $ have a better chance of !inning the tournament. Player indi#idual preparation "or the tournament -reparing for the tournament begins 2ust at the moment, !hen the last game has ended. The player must rest his muscles $ light stretching and massage after a game !ould be a good choice. -layers must get a good sleep after the game. -layers should not be thin&ing about mista&es, they made during the last game $ they !ill do it in the ne't day during match analysis. player must understand, that a game has been already played, so no! it's time to try and get some rest. "t's important to remember that a match preparation consists of preparing yourself both mentally and physically. "t's vital to start the preparation at the right moment $ not too late and not too early. "deally a futsal player should start his preparation t!o days before the actual game. "t's recommended, that until this moment the player doesn't thin& about it. "t is also not that good if a futsal player is thin&ing about a game only on the morning on a match day. :hat is mental preparationE The player must be able to imagine himself doing things, he is going to do during the match (pass the ball, ma&e a shot at goal etc.) and visualize, !hile imaging doing these things !ell. 5or e'ample, if !e are tal&ing about the defender, !ho's beginning attac&ing plays, than he has to imagine good sight of the pitch and ma&ing good pass to attac&er. The player should not be afraid, that there is going to be something, that he !ill do badly during a game. 3o one &no!s for sure !hat !ill happen in the future. The 2ob of every futsal player is to do his best to achieve best possible result. "f the thin&ing is li&e this, there is no regret at the end of the day. There is another side of preparation for the tournament or match $ it's physical. The player has to get his body in the best shape, he can before the actual &ic&+ off. That's not only training (let your coach !orry about that), that " am tal&ing about here. This also involves good sleeping and eating. 5or e'ample, foods li&e pasta, potatoes and toast are high in carbohydrates and !ill help give player the energy to play at his pea&, so the player should ma&e these products a part of his pre+matchFpre+tournament routine. lthough a player should not be eating this &ind of food less, than 1 hours before the first tournament game, because this type of food needs some time to digest. "t's also crucial, that a player ta&es get to the pitch !ell hydrated. "t's necessary to drin& small portions of !ater or special sport drin&s regularly right up until the action begins. "t's important not to overdrin&, so the player doesn't feel bad $ the player
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9 should 2ust try to &eep the amount of !ater in his body on the same level $ on the level, !hen he feels most comfortable. !ow about alcohol? One of the big dangers, is that too much alcohol before a game !ill leave futsal player dehydrated. This reduces the ability of the muscles and mind to !or& effectively, !hich is !hy players can lac& concentration and feel lethargic or stiff on a hangover. lcohol also disrupts sleeping patterns. The deeper the sleep is, the better it is in terms of preparation for futsal game, but too many drin&s prevents the mind from getting into the deep slumbers, during !hich !e are most rela'ed. $an I eat during the tournament ? Drin&ing and eating during the tournament can help to replenish the energy levels. Gou'll often see professional futsal players ta&e regular sips of isotonic sports drin&s during brea&s in the game. 7esearch sho!s that, at all levels, the vast ma2ority of goals in futsal are scored in the second half, both at professional and amateur levels. This is do!n to fatigue and lapses in concentration, so being able to last the distance is absolutely crucial to success. :or&ing for your victories4 HEO of 5utsal "nternet Hollege rtyom 9amoylov

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