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Dear All:

I would like to share something with you.

Last Thursday (12-Oct-2006) I was invited for a small event at the Residence of my
colleague (Mohsin Shabandri,). The event was organised to felicitate Mohammed
Abdul Muneem, popularly known as Ahmed Pandit. He is reverted to Islam,
formerly known as Acharya Sanjay Dwivedi.

What is important about this person is he is a well educated person in Hindu

Dharma/Vedas. He attained the status of "Acharya", the highest degree in the
teaching of Hindu Vedas/dharma. There is no other degree above it. In the speech
he mentioned that after that he could become one of the head of the 4 Peets (like
Kanchi Sankaracharya) . At the age of 15 he was appointed as head priest of Birla
group of temples and also president of All India Brahmin's Association.

As far as the political influence of his family is concerned, his grand father is the
current Chief Minister of Uttaranchal, N.D. Tiwari. His mother Shri Kamla Devi has
served as education minister of Uttar Pradesh for over 9 years.

In the event he spoke in great detail about his life and his journey towards Islam.
The full video is available at (language Hindi). What returned him toward Islam,
because of which he lost so many things in this world. (He told in the meeting that if
he goes for a marriage as a priest, his fees will be around 51/- lakhs, yes 51 lakhs.,
such was his level among Hindus.) Now he is living the life of an ordinary Muslim.
But nonetheless he has taken up the mission of spreading Islam. Currently he is
President, Al Hidayah, Hyderabad, India.

What initiated his journey to the truth? It is nothing but a strict observation of
prayer by a fellow Muslim student at the school. (Ahmed Pandit used to attend
regular school for a brief time to give the board exams). The school in which he was
studying was a very strict one with rules. If anybody comes late for example for 5
minutes he will receive 5 beats. The fellow Muslim student called Imran used to be
late for about 20 minutes in the afternoon and used to receive 20 beats daily.

When Ahmed Pandit enquired the teachers about this they told him that "He is a
Muslim, he goes to prayer and always comes late, He will never improve". Taking
pity on him Ahmed pundit asked him "why don't you pray to your God after
returning from School or why don't you do that early at least."

Imran replied "Excuse me Panditji, You are controlling your God, you keep him at
house, office etc. and offer pooja at your convenient. For us we are controlled by
God, if I don't offer prayer at the established time, I will be punished in the next
world. The punishment, of this world is nothing for me compared to the
punishment of the next world."

Ahmed Pandit said that this set a spark on him, which ultimately returned him to

He said on one occasion he visited Imran's house, there he saw Imran's father
praying. (Imran's father was not a common man. He was chief justice of Bhopal.
Ahmed Pandit said that despite his position where he can easily amass his wealth by
bribery, that man led a simple life, staying in an ordinary one bedroom flat. He was
also conducting Dars-e-Quran to his colleagues, advocates and other professionals
at his home). The conversation between them went on like this. Just keep in your
mind that Ahmed Pandit was admitted to the Hindu university at the age of 14 and
he was not much exposed to the outside world, hence he knew nothing about Islam..

Ahmed Pandit: "Uncle if you don't mind can I ask one question?"
Imran's father: "Go ahead son."
Ahmed Pandit: "What type of yoga you were doing?"
Imran's father: "I was not doing any yoga, I was praying to God."
Ahmed Pandit: "Don't make fun of me uncle, if you are praying to God, where is the
God, there is nothing in front of you, it is just the wall. We used to pray in front of
God, who is colorful and well decorated"

At this point Imran's father said nothing he asked Ahmed Pandit, "do you know
Hindi well?", Ahmed Pandit replied that he is proficient in Hindi and Sanskrit.
Imran's father went inside his house and returned with a copy of Quran with Hindi
translation. He handed it over to Ahmed Pandit and told him to go through it. After
the exams are over, Ahmed Pandit returned to his "Gurukul" and he said there is a
private area which are only reserved for the student there. No one can enter there
without permission. There he took his time and went through Quran. He said while
going through Quran many bell rang within him. He came across many words which
were exactly matching the Vedas he learned, specially the word "Muhammad,
Ahmed". (He said that while teaching the Vedas his teachers said that Ahmed in the
Veda refer to Krishna , a clear lie...) He said the words of Imran "The punishment of
this world is nothing in front of the punishment of the next world" keep on
repeating in his mind. He decided to escape from the Gurukul and become a
Muslim, which he ultimately did.

He talked in length the details of his becoming Muslim and the turmoil he
underwent. Giving further details here will make this mail more lengthy. Full
details are available in the audio and video format (in Hindi) at <> . If anybody wants
more from me (if they don't understand Hindi) InshaAllah I will write again as
second part. He also noted that if Muslims are filled with the likes of Imran and his
father, The whole world will be filled with Muslims.

Remember he was in such a position where every VIPs and VVIPs will visit him to
get his blessing. He bared it all for the sake of Islam. Now he is in a mission of
inviting Hindu brothers towards Islam.