One hundred. Almost down. The End is near.

In closing this chapter, after a prolonged and discomforting argument, I would like for us to examine how things might have been if America had come out of her sleepless trance, along with her billions of wasted dollars and actually challenged once again the mysterious lady and that city on the hill shining its light to the world. I have been wondering about this for a very long time. It seems so out of place, so wrong. It is the only part of our life that doesn’t make sense, especially under the circumstances. The major questions of humanity have been universally restored into a personal and lasting relationship… But what frustrations! What challenges! The Thinker – and all those like him – have not grasped that we must be completely confounded by the coming of this apocalyptic energy. We must be consumed by it. We must be eaten alive. We must see what we’ve done, and what we can do. The People Threw Off Tyranny “Look, Lisa…” he paused as he realized that it was the first time he’d actually considered such things. The only Socialism he’d ever known had been a lion among the dead wearing a fancy straw hat and a beige suit. “You can call me Lisa.” she assured him (though her name was, in fact, Mary) as his eyes caught hers. “What is it?” His face was completely in the shadows. Whoever had been in the house was gone; the grey buildings were silent, dark, empty. “What did you see?” she asked him again. “What did you see in there?” He had been, for a time, the keeper of the word, and he would have died, but resources made it possible for him to continue. It was a minimum guarantee, but it kept him alive. Alive, however, did not mean communicative. “Why won’t you speak to me?” she begged. “We believe in the peace method of solving internal and international disputes. We believe in love. We believe that global poverty must cease.” He continued to study the cross in silence. It was a two dimensional sketch done in pencil without artistic flair. He found the drawing drifting in circular patterns with the wind across the floor. “What do you make of it?” She asked as she lit another cigarette, her third in less than an hour. “The cross could be a symbol of the Christ. I see freedom, liberty, and prosperity. Do you remember those stories about the Boston Party Massacre? That type of work usually involves a revelatory dream and a cryptic end-of-the-world vision recorded very precisely by an electroencephalogram, a vision of the coming of the dead. Is that what happened here?” No sensible person could imagine the number crunching, transcendental curves and isoperimetry, dancing and trembling during worship services to purge our bodies of the past. And he certainly did not. He would leave nothing behind. While they believe in a future seven year tribulation period in which the Antichrist will rule the world, even they do not believe that Hollywood, with its secularity and liberal politics, will give the team one more mystery to try and understand.

“Tell me…” “I’m no expert in this field,” he finally said, merely whispering, “But I doubt a rogue Taliban group would have done it this way.” Two hundred. Unfortunately, the trip would not improve. No other system would soon be devised, which is probably why, despite a historical success rate over the past two hundred years of less than 15%, Professor Cross has not donated to the university. He flipped a light switch and a single 200-watt bulb, hanging with no shade from a rafter, illuminated the grey walls of the silent chamber Saddam Hussein, who was trying to rebuild and restore the ancient city of Babylon, is closely affiliated with the Communist movement in the United States of America, and fully 90 percent of his efforts are on behalf of communists who have come into conflict with the law. They are already working to replace the American flag with a photo of an old car pasted to the back of a sheet of newspaper. He shrugged in silence. The process of decay had not yet begun, so he refused to make comment on it. It may yet begin. It could begin today, a spectacular blaze of cataclysmic glory, horoscopes, UFOs and bent spoons. She flipped a switch and the scanner came on. Three hundred. He had a nice voice, but rarely spoke. And still he declined to answer her. Mary (or Lisa) eventually left the house and went out to eat eggs as the people threw off tyranny. The Sleeping Giant “Before we can fully awaken the sleeping giant we must first try to help him,” Jordan yelled as she continued to crank away at an apocalyptic wasteland. “Let the crank do the work! Get him completely up over the edge first then you can grab the rope very, very slowly! Get him under his arms and steady him.” “Get up under his arms and steady him as I continue to crank. Don’t pull!” My high school English teacher, the one who had nearly two millennia to practice his lectures put it like this: “We must preach, slowly and regularly. But what profit is it to a man if he gains the Sword but loses his Soul? Or what will he give in exchange for her fist under his chin? What challenges to the soul! What frustration! “Tell me about it, but let the crank do the work!” The hour was late, very late, but she gradually released her grip on the rope and saw the Revelation of God. She got up, grabbed a calendar and met her soul mate crawling along the edge of the desert trail. Dropping the coin back into the box she gave me a mysterious smirk and spoke those predictions of the end – those predictions that few of us have been allowed to forget. It was then that she forecasted a Russian invasion of Israel that would return $120 Million dollars to Western culture over the next 150 years. And then that she asked that terrible question: “Is man created in the fractured image of God, with a mind, soul, spirit?” “More than you could ever know,” I told her. “Just let go. Just let go.”

But she couldn’t. Not her. Not then. There was too much blood between us. And, unlike most people, she was not yet unaware of the old catastrophic planetary alignments, the slow, regular vibrations of the Universe. After scanning through a few dozen dusty old books she looked up at me and announced, “These are basically theological texts; just one version of the events. The end, that is the End with a Capitol E, is only a single generation away from us and that moral nature, that soul, that spirit, that life, and it is tic tic ticking away from us.” As she continued to study the old volumes, I reached in and removed the last prevailing notions thoughts about life and divine love and held them out for her. In the other hand I held one of the gold coins. I held it in the light allowing it to be radically changed by the glimmering light of the sun. She studied it and smiled. “This may require a bit of revision. I think time is running out…” An Unanticipated Head Wound The beam from the flashlight followed the contours of our plane as we made our less than graceful descent. Security guards and defenses were already in place. Restless Nostrum Squads dressed in riot gear stood waiting along the fence line, their weapons at the ready. A major solar eclipse. A major apocalyptic panic. That’s all it would take to establish the idea of the “last world emperor.” And the fact that he attends a liberal humanist Methodist church and carries a large Bible will not disturb them at all. But this is Nihilism. This is rape and murder. This is a terrible mistake. Every trace of our local government, our officials, and our school boards are unmistakably and demonstrably influenced by the practice of astrology – one of the few surviving remnants of the ancient faith of Babylon. Their internet tarot parlors and interzone communiqués from the dead, their electroencephalogramancy couched in the neutral terms of science and technology will not fool us. The Airplane was under the wings of angels in God’s creative scheme, no better than an insect, a tapeworm or a Presidential Press Secretary. Reagan battled in his twilight years against a metaphoric “wound” from which he would miraculously recover and rule the world, fidgeting with his telescopes and calculating the likelihood that there will be another portentous alignment of the planets within the next seven years. We were all watching the skies but, in fact, the bullet had barely missed the heart. History shows that governments are either good or bad depending on the moral convictions of the king. And odds are they don’t want our kind of king – the most harmful organization ever conceived. While we may find a way to protect the farmer’s assets, we do not consider the cougar wicked. But the National Council of Churches, a successor to the socialistic presidency is actively and aggressively trying to get search warrants for our homes. 100 senators, a president and a vice president have already supported this humanistic agenda, and they have done so often enough to bring us to the threshold of a secular, amoral society on the brink of collapse. The bullet has barely missed the heart. It struck him in the head, through the temple while we were all watching, waiting for some sort of resolution.

I Have Read the Book of Revelation

Who are we? Where did we come from? An elderly Spanish monk walked off the plane amid a crowd of people. When he spoke to them he said, “I don’t know much about aviation, but have read the book of Revelation, and I have read it the other way, carefully, completely. There is this book, and I have read the book and I believe the ancient things. I read nothing that dates after 1750 and certainly nothing from the era after the printing press. In fact I’ve seen almost all of these volumes in various libraries. I even have a few of them in my office, where I keep my regular routine. There is this book and I understand. “And it does prove my theory. Weather fluctuations, stray electrons, tectonic indigestion, massive earthquakes around the world, zeitgeist flux, the New World Order, radical changes in religious beliefs around the world, all these things are not completely unexpected. The power of the government to influence and control the minds of its citizens, its people, has not been lost. So what is wrong here? What is the solution? Standing before us was a small balding man, the Spanish monk, a member of a once vibrant and gay community. His blue-grey eyes twinkled even as his thin smiling lips hinted at deeper hurts and loss. There was more here than the merely visible. His gray eyebrows hung over deep set grey eyes. He was a little man. He had practically nothing except his bed and his table, and yet here he was, offering to share what little he had with us. Strangers. Were we signs from God? Were we thankful for the bounty we were about to receive? How could we have been? This was a situation that required a new sort of statement of the means and purposes of our religion, vital, fearless, faith, and a belief capable of furnishing adequate satisfactions, wild and true. And for this we were not prepared. “… how do you American’s say…ah…yes... I teach in the school of religion. The mystery that is good to know. And also of the nuclear Armageddon which will result in the deaths of two billion people.” “Are you done yet,” someone in the next room asked, but the wizen little man continued… “Unfortunately the Soviet Union isn’t just an antique piece.” Even through the now steadily falling snow we could see that the buildings looked ready to use. They were empty. The monks who had called this place home were gone. A half dozen buildings, all the same grey color as the mountains. “Do you smell that?” someone asked from the darkness of the hidden inner rooms. “They are all dead,” he explained. I buried each of them. Their souls are no longer of this earth.” The wrinkled man released my hand and once more clasped his together. “Would you share a meal with me?” The wind picked up, swirling the snow.

It Could Happen… After the upheaval of this last week I had to stop to ponder all of this. I pushed back against it, but there was nothing there. Once again I could feel my stomach tightening into a knot. Would they ever settle this argument? When would they come for me? Would I fling open the windows of my home so they could see me? I often visited the jail even though it’s almost impossible to see from the air. Constructed from stone that had been quarried in the area, it has survived for hundreds of years in one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Is this what the future would hold? Could it happen? As I glanced through the official communiqués and denouncements they’d sent me, I discovered that I really did not want to turn the television back on. I mean, some needs don’t go away. Some fears are not easily allayed. A religion founded upon perceived realities is a religion coming of age. Evolution must be taken seriously - so everyone commenced freaking out and fasting and generally making panicked noises until the sun came up on April 7 and only then did they return to their grumbling houses. “Ah,” I said to no one at all, “A man of my own heart. I’m sure that there is much I could learn, even though everyone was wrong. But still no dice. No Christ, either.” “Such a person should immediately be confined to mental ward.” That’s what they said to me. “They should be stripped of their privileges, their monument should be built and they should be lined up beside it so that they can be shot. Then we’ll dismantle their monument. How else can we call ourselves civilized?” All this talk of brotherhood and peace and harmony, but I don’t believe it. Rick was right. I had promised to attend the meeting with him, but the “Charmed One” hasn’t been seen in years. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: There was, of course, the risk that one of the palace sorcerers might still be hiding within the house, working with the computer geeks to give the king information that we don’t want revealed – a media counterattack. So what is the wizard to do? France has already made war on them. The British Bible Society was organized to hound them from England’s fair shores. They can only wait for the stars to come into realignment. But think about this: Maybe there is no time in heaven. At least not as we understand it. What to do? Equivocate? Beat around the bush? Should we buy the Anthropic Principle? I can almost hear the nervous coughs and furtive glances at the mere suggestion of that. But let’s continue our preparations for the anticipated epic battles we will face with unseen villains. The answer has already been authenticated by the celestial key; the solar system is governed though there is no sun in heaven because God is light enough. The wrong information will produce disastrous results for the wizards1. They will be cut into pieces and shipped off world – to the colony on Mars with what few honey bees have survived. But if they could

(dis*aster = bad star)

state – for man’s well being – even such details as the mass of this missing protons and the strength of gravity, these values would give stability to the Universe and reinforce the version of American History taught by Nostrum schools and Universities. But they refuse to do even this. What more can be said about them than to repeat the words of the Nostrum Group’s founder, “A revolution that has stronger marks of divine interposition will always supersede the Anthropic Principle.” 2 Although these missing subatomic particles might at first seem trivial, I hope that we’ll continue to find ways to draw our boundaries wider – wide enough to fill them with water so that our enemies will have to swim across those deep waters if they are to have any chance at approaching our city walls. With these precautions in place we might live, as the Babylonians did, with a strong sense of security. But still roll the ancient dead, and where, oh, where have you gone? O Babylon! O Babylon! Mankind will still be in trouble because the oxygen in the air that we breathe is replenished by marine plants. We can conclude that the moon is in the “correct” position – but it scarcely yields and echo when we ask the question, “Where?” POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: The patient was placed in supine position on the Operating Table. Under general anesthesia the abdomen was prepped and draped as Colonel Oberst spoke of the misfortunes that have attended the other governments on this continent. “This half century alone has extinguished three kingdoms, one grand duchy, eight duchies, four principalities, one electorate, and four republics. And, to date, nothing has taken their place. There was a king, but he’s gone, and just as the gorilla sleeps anywhere it likes in the jungle, the king could, if he chose, make up his own rules. I’m sure. But the beast won’t go to sleep.

“We know that this has happened to people, happened to you and me, happened throughout history. Kings come and go. Their enemies are forever. Even when wizards and astrologers come out with the truth – a single declaration of prophecy sufficient to guide us to important and correct calculations on this point – it’s certainly too great a job for most of us. There’s a close relationship between faith and risk, and the theory provides no answer at all.” The giant, when he dies still leaves his bones behind.

135 Amazingly Different Facts!
1) Many scientists have looked for evidence of a change in the speed of light. This, it is believed, will be sufficient to bring the world to its knees. And then, with unparalleled world dominance, they would be free to seat themselves upon the throne and to seize the power of the rainbow3.

2 3

(Additional examples are given in Questions 647 – 651.) Especially the rare and elusive emerald rainbows.

9) As the latter half of the seventeenth century was fast coming to a close, the fierce battles between the two remaining superpowers left no one, no children to inherit their thrones. Let this historical fact be carefully examined in connection with the predictions made above. This was a violent assault on the Greeks, by which their empire was overthrown and their independence thrust into the hands of the Turks who said, “We cannot reign unless you permit it.” FOURTEEN) If your servants will dream just one more time, I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with the correct interpretations. If not… Well, who can say? Energy transfer processes are notoriously wasteful; everything wears out, is totally rejected. We’ll all have to get ready. 97) Is the SPEED of LIGHT decreasing? By the summer of 605 B.C. Babylon was a teenager. I found him, down on his knees in the bedroom we’d converted to a playroom, building a tower. Since then, this speed (c) has decayed and slowed to its present value of c = 300,000 kilometers/second (186,000 miles/second.) This is true and explains why individual protons and neutrons resulting from cosmic interactions create a shower of more than 150 different “elementary” particles, which exhibit a bewildering array of historical measurements, each varying over time. 99) – Rainbows…now where had I heard that recently? It was in that same night [that] Belshazzar, the king of the Chaldeans, was slain. 100) Are dying stars a part of the curse in Genesis? Yes. And it’s a sad fact that many believers see the black wandering Arabs, and know it not. Heavenly Signs of the End of Times I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night – this was a century ago, when I was still living in England. I awoke, terrified by signs in the sky. I saw that as the planets circle the sun, the motion of each one is a unique form of slow, regular vibration. Slow regular vibration. Regular vibration – but the Devil comes to take away the meaning of this parable. I was astonished! Stunned would be a better word. After some three hundred years of research I came to the conclusion that there is no air in outer space to carry the distant sound waves to our ears. That is why they fail to produce any enlightenment in our minds that corresponds with a scriptural truth. Nevertheless, the idea of celestial tones has a valid basis4, since musical notes are always being produced by repeated regular vibrations. Repeated regular vibrations. Slow regular vibrations – whether produced by vibrating strings, reeds, or drum membranes. And I continue my research on this topic.5 On this particular occasion though, a startling thought entered my mind – something I had neither read nor heard in all my years of research and personal Bible study. Human ears are not sensitive enough to detect the vibrations – the slow regular vibrations – created by the Spirit of Gentleness. We cannot hear it, but the motion and music of the planetary spheres continues day after day, regular vibrations. Perhaps this is the blur of pure music that is enjoyed by the Creator and his angels.

4 5

The idea was first used in early Greek times. See Chapters 1 thru 3 of this book. A detailed study of these Electromagnetic Generations can be found in my book The Second Lord of Thermodynamics, Nostrum and Burroughs Publishing, Inc., 1974.

The Lord has put his faithful servant in charge of his household, to give them their share of bread at the proper time. He said that if the world was indeed at an end, it was too late to do anything to rearrange one’s life. And if it was not ending, there was work to be done. The men immediately returned to the Books of Daniel and Enoch with unconstrained fervor and enthusiasm. After all, if these slow, regular revelations were true – and I believe they were – I realized I had serious work to do before the division and dissolution created by the angry critics and atheistic evolutionists. They would be rebuked publicly. The Space Age has actually been beneficial to the church of the harbor, especially in half-crazy missions. For example, computers, a spin-off of space research, are a great aid in Bible prophecy interpretation and calculations. But it won’t last. After the world-dominating empire of the Space Age another empire will arise from the River, though we all know that the River is dry– a fourth kingdom composed of two human legs made of iron. This kingdom will be a new Rome with its “two fine legs” and a cannonball. There will be some criticism from members of the World Association of Churches who feel that we have crossed a dangerous line. And, yes, I suspect that I’ll get several critical comments from pastors who read this. They’ll lean that way forever. Nevertheless, after this, a voice from Outer Space called out “Whoever has ears to hear ought to hear. Then his disciples asked him just what sort of occurrence only happens when God places on our hearts a burden to pray. There are at least two dozen natural phenomena that we do not yet understand very well - these could be the source of UFO reports. The atmosphere is, in point of fact, very complicated. A more reasonable explanation of UFOs is that they result from natural interactions within the Earth’s atmosphere. This planet is neither a holy nor a sacred place, nor is it a dwelling place for the Most High. It bears no mark of distinction, except as being a revolving and revolting planet, marred by sin, scarred and withered by the curse. For example: The entire end-time message is predicted here in the Book of Daniel, thousands of years, in some instances before the actual historical events and regular vibrations ever occurred. But these stories are unfounded, or at least –cannot be confirmed using standard radio-wave signals. Even now, an intense search is being conducted (by the Nostrum Group) through time and space – even though such research is very evolution-oriented. Many scientists believe that life evolved on monetary and military strength, on the security of the Roman Empire – which will eventually be composed of a confederation of ten nations and will finally lead to a New World Order encompassing the globe. It will last several minutes – like ball lightning, drifting through the air and even bouncing along the ground. Lenticular clouds and ball lightning are just drawing outside the lines, but He is the Word through whom Universe was made.

Sun Moon

Darkened No Light

Darkened Dark

Darkened No Light

Black Blood Red

One-Third Dark One-Third Dark

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