½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend



½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


Just as we finally managed to – with some difficulty – reach where Long Dian was hiding, our way was barred by a bunch of super-strong robots. We could only watch as Long Dian escaped easily. What now? For Lolidragon s sa!e, Long Dian reopened "econd Life, but we disco#ered that "econd Life had changed greatly from before. $lus, %enshin and "unshine had disappeared without a trace& Just as ' was worried to death about them, the Dictator of Life appeared once again before my eyes( )nd re#ealed the truth of the matter to me* Long Dian had an incurable illness& +is only hope for sur#i#al was to merge together with the Dictator of Life. ,reat, this way he would be able to control -ust about anything on the 'nternet and he could e#en create a body in the real world for fun& .When Father and ' merge as one, ' will gi#e up my consciousness in order to pre#ent our consciousnesses from clashing. ' am here to say goodbye to you, $rince./ What should I do? Don’t miss the exciting grand finale of ½ Prince! You’ve already pic ed up the !oo " so hurry up and ta e it to the cashier" or else you’ll regret it!

0u Wo* Who am '1 "ometimes ' am li!e a warrior, wielding a sword on the battlefield with limitless passion and energy. )t other times, ' resemble a mage, with a mind de#oted to research, completely absorbed in the things ' li!e. 2r ' might be li!e a thief, leading a free and easy life, letting fate lead me to distant and unfamiliar lands. 2ccasionally, howe#er ' am similar to a priest, with a gentle heart, filled with compassion towards the li#ing things of this world. 3ltimately, ' am a !indly Fantastical world.


½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


Eternal Legend
½ PRINCE VOL. 8 2riginal no#el in 5hinese by* 御 我 60u Wo7

Table of Contents
Disclaimer ! ....................................................................................................................................... C!a"#er $: ,reetings to Long Dian .................................................................................................. % C!a"#er &: "econd Life - 2ut of 5ontrol ....................................................................................... $' C!a"#er (: Danger to the 8ntire World .......................................................................................... &' C!a"#er : 5old Fo9:s ;errifying "pecial ;raining ........................................................................ ) C!a"#er *: Departure ..................................................................................................................... *& C!a"#er %: Deception ..................................................................................................................... %& C!a"#er ': ;he 8ternal Legend ...................................................................................................... '$ E+#ra C!a"#er: 8pilogue 68nd7 ..................................................................................................... 8(


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B7 Lucathia 6chapter 1-B. D H e9tra7 ?ull 6chapter E7 Iapore 6chapter 47 C0E E/i#-rs: )mgine 6chapter 17 Dahlys 6chapter e9tra7 8ilinel 6chapter E7 Lar!a 6chapter 1.rea/ers: )rcedemius 6chapter D7 5esiumAlac! 6chapter 1.princerevolution.sla#-rs: Aleachpanda 6chapter B7 Dahlys 6chapter C-D7 8roding$ersona 6chapter 47 8#angeline 6chapter 17 Lucathia 6chapter E7 ?ausicaF 6chapter <7 Pr--. C7 Gaddie 6chapter 47 ?agihi!o 6chapter E. <-B. C-D H e9tra7 PD1 1-rma##er: @ind E . E-C7 5-frost 6chapter <-E7 8#l?abi!i 6e9tra7 Liene 6chapter 1.org Credits : Tra.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.

with an alarmingly huge shadow behind it( .7e c-m"le#el4 8!e.+ow should ' !now&/ 0ang Ging answered without daring to ta!e his eyes off of the oncoming traffic.$rince.his is a twist on the usual 5hinese saying 6女大十八變7 about how girls change greatly 6usually becoming a lot more gorgeous7 when they grow up.c!a.+elmet.Aastard& 5an t you !eep your eyes on the road1/ ' couldn t help but turn around and as! my brother. right1/ Aang& 0ang Ging staggered out of the car and collapsed on the filthy grass. he screamed in a #oice that shoo! with fear. C . and the building didn t e#en ha#e a front door. bouncing boots. .. as though no one had li#ed there for years. . +ow could there be no rats&/ . 8#en though general traffic safety rules did say that stic!ing one s head or hands out of a car is prohibited. that rule was clearly only taught to children.$rince. ray gun. light defensi#e armor set.he people who had been sitting obediently in the car all came crowding o#er to the window closest to me. ' immediately turned the steering wheel 1JK degrees to the left and too! a big whirl..here wouldn t be any rats in there. "he then dumped a pile of eLuipment on me and e9plained. ' was curious to guess who was who. )ll of them were -ust short of stic!ing their legs out the car. light sword(/ 1 23a45e 5-4s6 a""eara.ces als.princerevolution. . barely able to catch his breath. e#eryone&/ "ince this was our first meeting.0ou should already be glad if there are no gigantic spiders in there.)h. power glo#es. . narrowly missing a car by an inch. we re going to crash&/ 0ang Ging suddenly -er!ed the steering wheel around with both hands. turn left and we re there&/ shouted Lolidragon as she hung out of the window. .roared/ faintly at me. )fter the #ehicle reco#ered its balance. s!ewed. #!e4 7r-8 9":: . ' turned bac! to face the front. and wasn t shown to the insolent adults and youngsters in this car. so much that they are hard to recogniNe. with the surrounding weeds that grew thic! as a thic!et. )n old ric!ety building came into #iew. +e .org Chapter 1 : Greetings to Long Dian . . .5rap&/ ' frowned. . #h? $hat super classy" cute girl loo s a lot li e Doll% &mm? 'ould that woman !eing em!raced !y my school’s doctor Wolf(d)g* !e Yu +ian(d)s. 'ould he !e /ing &uang? 0ut" I remem!er that /ing 0in doesn’t loo li e this? /ay!e !oys’ appearances also change completely when they grow up?1 . -trange" who’s the !oy with the !a!y face? . put on this eLuipment&/ Lolidragon decelerated from 4EK!mMh to K!mMh in one moment and par!ed her car masterfully.+i.o? Wolf(d)g* is so luc y% -he loo s li e she will !e a great wife and mother."omeone s here&/ ' suddenly spied a silhouette emerging slowly from the dar!ness of the building.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.ot it&/ +earing that. who was in the seat behind me.0ang Ging. who is that baby-faced boy1/ .

right1/ .he baby-faced boy made an e9pression that ' was #ery familiar with. .5old Fo9&/ 5old Fo9 answered succinctly.his little bro here. it was true that ' felt much safer with the weapons. and with the help of Lolidragon. similar to( @ui being e9asperated at my rec!less actions. . 'old 6ox is a high school student.+ey& Aaby face. ' was geared up to the last inch li!e a terrorist within minutes.' thin! ' will ta!e the light sword.a bit short. who are you1 ?ot a spy from Long Dian.8#eryone be careful&/ ' shouted in a deep #oice.(/ . . +e had already wriggled into his gear. .. @ui1/ ' was surprised out of my wits. hmm1/ . and sing the national anthem.princerevolution.ui and ' loc!ed eyes.'t s me&/ ' lowered my #oice and answered.ui stumbled o#er in a hurry. 7ight" who is that !a!y(faced !oy? ' hurriedly loo!ed at e#eryone who was coming out of the car in succession and shouted. ' couldn t stop myself from retorting sarcastically. . and then con#eniently trampled on my brother.org ' stared at the pile of powerful weapons that should only be seen in mo#ies.$rince. $his is 8an 9ong :ui? 9od" how could the !ig( !rother(li e 8an 9ong :ui with his decisive commanding !e a cute little !oy? @ui ga#e me an incomparably cute smile and nodded.)nyway. but ' was a bit lost at what to do. that shadow is wal!ing towards us&/ What! ' immediately snapped to attention and grabbed the light sword tightly. Lolidragon cried out in alarm. -trange" when did I get so used to spea ing in Prince’s tone and inflection? . attend the morning assembly. Is it possi!le that the -econd +ife 'orporation is secretly a weapons manufacturing company as well? +owe#er. ' had -ust remembered that e#eryone still didn t !now that ' was a girl& &ow am I going to explain? Just as . .ong. . who are you1/ 0ang Ging as!ed in surprise.$rince.he reason for his stumbling was the same reason 0ang Ging was sprawled out ne9t to the road* carsic!ness& .?an.$rince( is that you1/ . you seem(/ a haughty high school student who was clearly wearing his school uniform under his gear said with cold arrogance. hmm1/ 3uch! -hort? I am at least 145 cm" o ay? $hat’s not short for a girl" right? Damn it" I want to grow a couple more centimeters too! 'n a rage. D . you seem(a little young1 Why don t you go bac! to your high school. ./ I have never used guns !efore" so I would pro!a!ly end up shooting myself in the foot and ma ing a 2o e out of myself% . . but was still continuing to play dead.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. his eyes filled with emotion( .

Loo! out&/ ' sho#ed @huo-gPgP aside and met the charging robot. "he calmly e9plained. ) shadow flashed in front of me. e#eryone came o#er and stood either behind me or beside me( e9actly li!e in the game& . e9ecuting a few slashes and !ic!s. >obots designed by Long Dian-biQogP are definitely not to be trifled with.@huo-gPgP1/ . facing the anonymous silhouette that was almost at the doorway. 't didn t ha#e any weapons.Riao Lan. @huo-gPgP. ../ I will 2ust pretend that it’s an 8P' in the form of a ro!ot% ' wal!ed out slowly with my sword raised.' ha#e to go. astonished. you(/ @huo-gPgP turned and began to lecture me sternly. you can stay by my side and help me. if you don t stop gaping. you can still achie#e all !inds of regular attac!s&/ . I can actually do a 1?@ degree ic ing slash? 'ould I really do that? I am currently in the real world" right? . don t go o#er there& . J . 7ight" now is not the time to !e . and challenged laNily.isi#i. .' see&/ -o it will !e fine if I 2ust fight the way I do in -econd +ife% ' le#eled my sword. ' could feel the pressure e#en 4 2.org . right1/ Lolidragon slipped on a face of e9treme satisfaction. come on out.7 #!e i.8#en though you can t do any special techniLues li!e the ones in the game. . the familiar figure ma!ing me call out. . Lolidragon was strangely calm.princerevolution. with a bul!y figure to which e#en Wolf-dOgP couldn t e#en compare. .his is not a game&/ @huo-gPgP s #oiced was laced with worry and determination.<la8s:: ./ I now that :huo(g*g* is worried" !ut how can I !ac down? . you re going to get chopped in two by the enemy&/ Lolidragon Luipped coldly. awesome gear. but don t try to stop me.+ehe. ' calmed myself.) robot1/ ' gaped.Aut Riao Lan.Whoe#er you are. .he silhouette also strolled out.visiting the in(laws%<= 6irst we have to ferret out +ong Dian and save the Dictator of +ife% /oreover" >enshin and -unshine are still in -econd +ife" their situation yet un nown! ' twirled my blade( &m? It feels 2ust li e !eing in the game! ' continued. 't was definitely o#er two meters tall. ' snapped around.5areful.his is a phrase used to describe the families of the bride and groom #isiting each other for the first time after marriage.he most important fact was( .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. pointed it toward the silhouette.$rince. but its steel fists and iron strength was the most formidable offensi#e./ )t the same time. ' m don t ha#e the time to be in a standoff here with you.ot it./ . $rince. .

' was absolutely certain that she was Fairs!y. . comrades included. )fter a few siNNles. the techniLue of shooting e#erything in sight. 8#en though the rays were bouncing e#erywhere.ong @ui assuming a 1KKT proper gun-firing posture with a serious e9pression.irls that ha#e -ust lost their boyfriends are truly frightening.princerevolution. +owe#er. face pale as he loo!ed at the disastrous aftermath all around. Aefore ' could e#en react. . an agility-type warrior& With a flic! of the light sword in my hand. on the walls. .i#e me bac! my "unshine&/ ) girl with high pigtails screamed as she let loose her ray gun against the robot.. ' wasn t planning on going head to head with itS ' was. .he moment it staggered. . dumbfounded."o she s Fairs!y. ' turned and saw ?an . With glistening eyes. the robot crumbled to the ground. ' sliced off its head with my sword.$rince.he rays scorched big smouldering holes in the grass. on the trees."top sha!ing me. grabbed my shoulders. my goggles are almost about to fall off&/ ?ausea started to ta!e effect. Dead as a post! 8lated. $hose are my mom’s% If anything happens to them then she would s in me alive! . loo!ing #ery handsome( sans the baby face.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . was comparable to Geatbun s )roma >elease. . and yelled. sending us flying to the side. ' sliced at the robot s head.)h& Gy goggles&/ ' wailed. @huo-gPgP had already tac!led me. but she !ept on staring at me with her mouth agape( U .org with Lolidragon s power glo#es on. ' finally saw that the headless robot !ept on attac!ing. Luic!ly&/ . stopping my blade was not enough. ' turned and made the #ictory sign at e#eryone.Who cares about goggles. )s the robot continued to charge at the two of us. go sa#e "unshine. after all.$rince& Loo! out&/ Lolidragon shrie!ed.. Fairs!y charged at me. 9od" are all women with romantic crises this violently strong? ' had not e#en finished spea!ing when my poor goggles flew off my face and !issed the dirt with a thump. . shoo! me as if her life depended on it./ 0ang Ging patted his chest. ) frenNy of rays and screaming followed as both humans and robot ali!e do#e for shelter. #e " my mom’s going to ill me% . as if it didn t care about its decapitated head at all.What s wrong1 Fairs!y1/ ' wa#ed my hand in front of Fairs!y s face. her eyes focused on something behind me. my "unshine is more important(/ Fairs!y s #oice grew softer and softer until she stopped altogether and stared at me. )lthough the robot immediately raised its hands and bloc!ed my light sword. beams of light suddenly flew at the robot s !nee. ' ruthlessly !ic!ed at the robot s right leg with my own right leg. and e#en on my mom s precious ho#er bi!e./ +earing "unshine s name.

.. ."tudent Feng Lan. do you1 8#eryone s still here&/ Fairs!y stared at my chest in shoc!( 'rap" did -unshine’s a!sence totally change 6airs y’s temperament and even her inclinations? . she fell silent without saying anything else. his face full of !nowing. +e !ept on gaNing at me in such a way. muttering to himself as if in disbelief.org "uddenly. . +is eyes were conflicted and serious.ui hugged my legs li!e usual. she made her mo#e& With lightning speed she peeled off my light armor deftly and tore off my cute windbrea!er with one breath( 'f ' hadn t sensed that something was wrong and tightly grabbed my last article of clothing. and said softly."tudent Feng Lan( you re s!ipping class1/ .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. you re not teaching class1/ ' replied calmly. What" everyone. #xplain what? .0our ma-esty.ui1/ ' as!ed.$rince(/ . . 't was as if he was burying his head into my legs. e#en though "unshine s not here. but after mumbling to herself. hasn’t figured that out yet? Impossi!le! Do I loo li e that much li e a !oy? #ven if my chest is a little on the small side.ui with a flying !ic!. it really is(/ Wolf-dOgP forced a chuc!le and scratched his head."tupid old sis. don t call me your ma-esty&/ ' dispatched . .ui.ui raised his arms as if to embrace me."o you were right by my side the entire time. ./ 0u Lian-dOsVo stared at me in disbelief. ' gaped at her and said in surprise. .your ma2esty<.2h( $rofessor Gin . refusing to raise his head to loo! at me. Fairs!y would ha#e probably torn off my little t-shirt too. a loo! of sudden realiNation coming o#er her face. . ' stared. . . . you don t ha#e to be that eager.ui missed you.'t really is $rince&/ 8#eryone yelled.+uh1/ ' turned around stupidly to loo! at 0ang Ging.0-0ou(you are a girl1/ Fairs!y stuttered and finally yelled. baffled. 't turns out ' saw you e#ery day. his eyes penetrating into the depths of my eyes.ui slowly raised his head but was not li!e his usual silly and smiling self. but before ' could e#en punch him as a 1K .Wolf1 's she really $rince1 Aut( she s a girl.Fairs!y. a petite figure can also !e appealing" right? .ui Wen. . e9plain already&/ 0ang Ging hurriedly and agitatedly reminded me as he glanced at the crowd that had already fallen into a stupefied state. and then ' went stomp stomp stomp& . 'n fact(/ "tanding up. ' #e told you a hundred times. ./ ) person lunged at me. $he open arms" the impossi!le feat of lunging parallel to the ground" and the disgusting name of .princerevolution.ui forced a laugh and shoo! his head. . but not with eyes full of grie#ance and desire.

. For some odd reason.2h. there s no one who prohibits teacher-student relationships anyway& ' can t belie#e how wimpy you are&/ . but rather a more sic!ly hue with some gray. discontent. . 0ut. .Riao Lan& Loo! out&/ @huo-gPgP fired near me.Prince"< not the plain and ordinary . ' as!ed. ) clear clan!ing sound signaled that it had found its mar!. ' chided myself.Long Dian-biQogP. the ray whiNNing by within twenty centimeters of me. ' still had to admit that $rince s BKT beautified loo!s was much more glamorous than my own.he handsome face was the same as the one in the game.princerevolution. and she as!ed out of concern. he muttered./ Lolidragon s eyes spar!led with tears. . Who would have thought 9ui would !e scared of hugging me !ecause he’s my teacher? &ow amusing! ' couldn t help but challenge his limits.ui called out hesitantly. edging closer until ' was only a few centimeters away.ui call me $rince li!e always sent a bolt of e9traordinary resentment through me. . could he be the Dictator of Life1/ ' as!ed in shoc!. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.Who cares about protocol1 ?owadays.Don t call me $rince&/ ' yelled bac!.6eng +an!< . Bse your head. . ' m your teacher. &e loves the handsome and incompara!le . I don’t loo li e Prince anymore% Is that the reason? ' bit my lower lip% Does 9ui still li e me more as a guy? 8#en though he said that he didn t care what ' loo!ed li!e./ ' giggled. "hui +an. are you sure you don t want to hug me1/ 9ui actually !lushed? And turned away" not daring to loo at me?! $his is not li e 9ui at all% For some odd reason. Areathing deeply. but an e#en stranger color W white.Lolidragon. which could merely be called comely. unable to belie#e it. ' can t. hearing . not the Dictator of Life. ) silhouette had appeared in the third story window.org warning. it loo!ed as if he were tired and sic! of this world.$rince(/ . 8#eryone loo!ed in the direction of Lolidragon s gaNe. so ' started to ma!e -abs at him.he person stared at Lolidragon with a faint smile. 't wasn t the same spar!ling hue as $rince s white hair. but it was somewhat haggard.Long time no see.Long Dian-biQogP1/ Lolidragon loo!ed up at the building in disbelief. ' can t. . . he retracted his hands. how is that possi!le? $he Dictator of +ife only exists in the game" so why is he in the real world? .+e s Long Dian./ 11 . . 5ombined with his pallid comple9ion.2r is it(/ ' suddenly remembered something. ' felt unsatisfied.here are too many stressing affairs so my hair turned white before ' e#en realiNed it. and his hair wasn t the signature fiery red. . how come your blac! hair has turned white1/ Long Dian smiled and touched his white tresses./ .?o. bearing a familiar face – it was the Dictator of Life s appearance& .5an t help it.

and now you re coughing up blood1& 0ou ha#en t told me anything.0ou ha#e nothing to do with my business and none of my actions in#ol#es any of you anymore./ Lolidragon stared for a long time. and you e9pect me to not worry1 0ou are going too far. who had ne#er shown e#en a sign of wea!ness before anyone. +e clenched his fists until they turned white.+umph. . . 0ou better be careful. Long "hui +an. Long Dian&/ .he shadow bris!ly leaped from the window and landed on the ground./ +owe#er. ' swear ' will catch you and ta!e you bac! to Dad&/ Lolidragon yelled with her crac!ing #oice. Lolidragon. or die.princerevolution. dumbfounded. )nother shadow detached itself from the bac!ground. ) cold. +e said frostily.hen who is to stop fate from hurting me1& .Dian1/ Lolidragon cried out in concern. Long Dian chuc!led and then laughed.Who cares about you& ' don t need your mercy. ' don t !now what has happened. ' ad#ise you not to try to stop me. don t hurt e#eryone anymore. .Dian. because ' will not show mercy ne9t time.What Ydon t worry 1&/ Lolidragon swiped at her tears and growled. What ind of situation is this? Why can’t any of the final !osses live up to their reputations? $he previous final !oss confessed to me" and this one coughed up !lood even !efore we started fighting? . sobbed. but please. .AiQogP. what s wrong1/ Lolidragon s tears were running freely by now.Dian( please. . cough(/ Long Dian s handsome face suddenly contorted. Li!e in the most clichXd soap opera shown on tele#ision./ ' laughed coldly. Long Dian smir!ed and turned from the window to lea#e. "oon. . go ahead and try.org . 'rap" I mistoo him for the Dictator of +ife for a second there% +owe#er. '(/ Long Dian loo!ed ta!en abac!."hui +an. we are not lea#ing. and he howled at the hea#ens in pain( but then he suddenly loo!ed as if he couldn t breathe and his face turned as pale as a sheet. stop going down the wrong path&/ urged Lolidragon relentlessly until e#en her #oice crac!ed.First you started to act strange and wor!ed on "econd Life as if your life depended on it( and then you did that e9periment that !illed a bunch of people. mechanical #oice threatened. ./ Long Dian smiled and reassured Lolidragon softly. he coughed up a puddle of blood. and after that you went and created mayhem and ha#oc in "econd Life. not e#en an e9planation. "he blin!ed again and again. .Don t hurt anyone1 +ahahahaha& .his was followed by a painful cacophony of coughing.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . his mo#ements 14 .?othing. his laughter turned into wild guffaws. Long Dian s e9pression #anished and was instantly replaced by a loo! of utter coldness.)s for !illing us. don t worry.Lea#e./ . ./ Aang& .Who is going to stop fate from toying with me( cough. trying to force bac! her welling tearsS her fists were clenched so tightly that her s!in was turning red( . Long Dian didn t answer and !ept on coughing.

Was he that strong1 5ould it be that he bro!e his legs before we e#en started fighting1 2b#iously. ' also worried about how there was a large chance that ' could die from Fairs!y s craNy. 'f robots also had a sense of aesthetics. straining to stop the attac! with my light sword. watch out&/ ' spied a figure out of the corner of my eye hurling toward Lolidragon.princerevolution. ' could only watch as the robot sent Lolidragon flying with a punch and swiped at me with a !arate chop( Will I !e singing my swan song at the tender age of twenty? $he heavens must truly !e envious of fair and youthful maidens.he tall and strapping Wolf-dOgP wielded a light sword and stubbornly started fighting with the robot. Aang& . Lolidragon had already let loose countless lines of rays with her ray gun. Is this one completely different from the last one? .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.ong @ui and @huo-gPgP were practically superb e9perts with their guns. ?an . Damn" I can’t even crawl up. but ' was in enough pain to turn pale. Where did it go1 ' gripped my light sword. +e carefully a#oided my earlier mista!e of fighting within close range of the robot while effecti#ely pre#enting the robot from attac!ing others. . who had sa#ed me. ready to see holes opening in the arm of an innocent passerby robot.he light sword and power glo#es actually crac!ed. With the rays from their seamless cooperation.Lolidragon. 3nable to do anything else in time. Lolidragon was definitely cut out to be a terrorist as well. accompanied by gunshots. If I !orrowed a phrase from martial art novels" this would !e called having my !lood and Ci surge? ' was -ust short of spitting blood out to signify my se#ere in-uries. forcing the robot to step bac! and stop its !arate chop. +owe#er. 8#en though ' was worried about Wolf-dOgP s safety.he pre#ious robot could not at all compare to this robot s strength. ' loo!ed around and saw that it was the baby-faced boy( no. half-sitting. ' struggled to lift my body.it&/ 't was another robot.hat hit almost too! my dear little life& . stray shots before the robot got to me& 1< . and watch e#eryone ris! their li#es fighting that incredibly strong robot( . /y chest feels. 8#en worse. but his feet seemed to sin! into the ground a couple of centimeters. its appearance when compared with the pre#ious one was more sua#e and stylish. and the huge pressure bore me into the ground.ong @ui.org incomparably nimble( ' didn t !now if my eyes were playing tric!s on me or not. Geanwhile. ' couldn t e#en raise my arms( . but the robot disappeared in a flash."top&/ a #oice rang out. this one must be considered pretty handsome among robots& Dispatch him" and then go gra! +ong Dian! Lolidragon seemed to ha#e reached the same conclusion as ' had. because before ' could e#en raise my light sword. my thoughts of ha#ing our wor! done for us didn t wor!& +e stood up without a scratch. the robot s mo#es soon became e#idently labored. ' scratched my face. ?an . at the same time. ' could only bloc! in front of her with my own body. Pain definitely feels different in real life" unli e !eing in the game! ' could only lay there. and we soon saw the reason* it was because he was an .

. you re always ma!ing a scene. ' blurted out without thin!ing.hus.riumph by about a doNen meters. are you alright1/ ) cute and sweet loo!ing girl with a dignified air suddenly rushed o#er and carefully helped me up. ' followed . this guy loo!ed e9actly li!e Winter . )n aircraft appeared before our eyes and started to slowly descend to the top of the building. .$rince-gP( uh. 'ome to help +ong Dian ma e his getaway? . who normally had an air of elegance. . Yu +ian(d)s. gi#ing him a fa#orable impression of being well-read. and smiled gently. but she was eLually !nown for being terrible as well as for being cute.o is truly so gentle! .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. 0u Lian-dOsVo rubbed my head. but e#en though he loo!ed as if he wouldn t hurt a fly. and we were seemingly unable to e#en handle him. then she was definitely Doll& ' ne#er thought that Doll would be such a beautiful and elegant-loo!ing girl. +owe#er. 3nli!e her . we all too! ten steps away.hat gentle smile of his was a great weapon to lower an enemy s defense. when e#eryone heard her shout. she grabbed some unidentified ob-ect.riumph.org .innocent/ personality in the game. Aoom& With a blinding flash. ' could tell that there was something more to him. the un!nown ob-ect suddenly ga#e off much heat. let alone rush up to the rooftop to stop Long Dian from getting away. loo! up&/ . the real Doll truly did ha#e the presence of a princess.$rince. 8#en ' got dragged away by 0u Lian-dOsVo and Winter . Doll did a #ery simple action* her right hand reached into her poc!et.princerevolution. . so he was definitely a horrifying and ruthless character. ' also noticed the man and woman standing ne9t to Doll. get out of the way immediately&/ Doll. don t e#er become a pitcher& 0ou d definitely be out of a -ob&/ 8#eryone wailed. . . )t this time.ui s instructions and loo!ed up.8#eryone. )s for the woman. . and the ob-ect got thrown( landing about ten steps away from the robot.0u Lian-dOsVo&/ Just li!e in the game. made a throwing motion. . the fer#ent flames 1B .. a new row of smo!ing holes appeared in the ground. Doll.Doll1/ 'f she had called me $rince-gPgP. and his gold-rimmed glasses spo!e of boo!s and !nowledge.)h& 0ou dare to attac! my future husband1& 0ou must ha#e a death wish&/ 0u Lian-dOsVo hea#ed her hea#y machine gun and after a hailstorm of rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat./ +earing that. +is neat clothing was also a guise that couldn t be missed for lowering an enemy s defenses( 'n conclusion.?o& Dian is getting away&/ Lolidragon shouted in worry. ?o matter if it s in the game or not. the robot before us was too strong.ui yelled desperately. suddenly shouted out.he man wore gold-rimmed glasses and bore a gentle smile. . ' grinned stupidly li!e usual.>eally. We all !new that Doll was normally #ery cute. $rince is $rince after all.od. 8#en the robot stared wordlessly at the two new punctures in its arm.

' ha#e already genuinely completed "econd Life. the edge of the crater was only about a meter away from my feet( Don t e#en mention the robot W not e#en a scrap of it was left behind. . but(/ Doll hesitated somewhat.Wow. . A couple hundre( thousand dollars? Was that !om! made of gold? ' said calmly. his infuriating smile disappearing. if he were placed in the aircraft. the high-pitched sound rattling e#en the surrounding glass."hui +an./ @huo-gPgP frowned and guessed while mumbling."o the robot was actually flattened by cash. 0et she loo!ed with interest at the crater and gasped. don t do anything stupid&&/ "he screamed desperately. no. 7ight" what was I thin ing? $his is not -econd +ife" this is the real world where people could truly die% I actually said that I was going to shoot +ong Dian down% ' shoo! my head../ . 8#eryone s faces turned pale. ' loo!ed up at the top of the building and saw that the aircraft was lea#ing.final parting gift to you. +is hand caressed the glass( Gaybe all he really wanted to do then was touch Lolidragon s face.Dian. .)h&/ Lolidragon s scream caught e#eryone s attention as she rushed into the building. We could hear her wheeNing e#en from the ground and realiNed that she had ne#er run so Luic!ly in her life. . 't could get shot down.?o one is piloting.riumph s #oice shoo! with immeasurable grief as he stared at the hundred-thousand dollar crater.hin! of it as a(/ Long Dian s e9pression changed bac! into a faint smile.'f we shoot him down.Doll.oo late&/ Wolf-dOgP said in a low #oice. who had suddenly appeared on the rooftop. that s not safe enough. ' saw what loo!ed li!e a deep and blac!ened meteor crater. ./ 1E . .0es. and then she as!ed with e9treme s!epticism. ' m begging you. as they stared at Doll.5ould the Dictator of Life be piloting that aircraft1 Does that mean the Dictator s core is in that aircraft1 ?o.princerevolution. yet the aircraft is mo#ing.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . e#eryone loo!ed li!e they had stepped in shit. and hurriedly as!ed Doll. 8#en more terrifying.$-princess. +is faint smile was truly #ery infuriating to me./ . that fire grenade cost a couple hundred-thousand dollars(/ Winter . . ."hoot it down&/ ' snapped abruptly. do you ha#e something li!e a cannon that we can use to shoot down Long Dian1/ . it is really powerful&/ . but Long Dian sat leisurely in the bac!seat. Long Dian would definitely die& $rince-gPgP( )re we really going to use that1/ &e’ll die? ' felt as if lightning had struc! me.Dian&/ shrie!ed Lolidragon.org almost roasting me until ' dripped a layer of oil. ?o one was in the coc!pit. . 8o" we definitely can’t use cannons! . . )fter ' finally reco#ered from being blinded. e#en ac!nowledging us with a nod. Long Dian stared at Lolidragon.

½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.org .$arting gift1/ Lolidragon s #oice sounded as though it was sha!ing.princerevolution. 1C .

8#en his #oice had gradually become softer and softer. so you actually !now how to cry1 ' thought that you only !new how to cac!le e#illy li!e a witch.ui immediately e9plained.org Chapter 2 : Second Life – Out of Control )fter ' struggled to stand.What nonsense are you tal!ing about1&/ Aoth of them loo!ed down with their faces red. . %enshin. . .Witches wearing pointy hats are actually #ery cute too. ) blush bloomed on her face and. riding on a broomstic! is also Luite fun&/ 8#eryone stared at 0ang Ging strangely while Lolidragon loo!ed at him./ 0ang Ging suddenly coughed. .Aut ' don t belie#e that Long Dian will go into hiding so easily. for the first time. and "unshine1/ ' worriedly thought of the three people whose statuses were un!nown../ 0ang Ging wal!ed o#er to Lolidragon in an infuriating manner and teased her. ' charged to the rooftop with e#eryone else and saw Lolidragon !neeling down on the ground. possibly e#en shooting holes in innocent bystanders./ . once in a while loo!ing up and snea!ing glances at the other. . )s one of those innocent bystanders. who was green with en#y and shooting death glares at Lolidragon and 0ang Ging might( whip out a machine gun and shoot randomly in anger. ' of course needed to hurry and come up with a plan to rescue "unshine.he total number of times ' had actually comforted someone was so infreLuent that it was pathetic( I thin it’s mostly !een other people comforting me instead of the other way around% . +er entire demeanor was that of a person in shoc!. . Fairs!y. )fter all. it might still be alright. it s not only princesses who get lo#ed by others( '.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. Lolidragon seemed to finally understand that the moronic 0ang Ging was trying to comfort her. but what about the Dictator. she had a bashful loo! on her face. on the other hand.' definitely do not belie#e that Long Dian snatched the Dictator of Life for the sole 1D ..)ctually. ' could only as! e#eryone else about what to do ne9t. perple9ed( '.'f they -ust disappeared li!e this./ . 'f we didn t hurry up and thin! of an idea.hat s right& )fter all.Wow. ' for one prefer witches(/ 0ang Ging stammered and stuttered. . . completely consumed in their own little world& ./ Wic!ed said. ' m -ust a scary old witch that no one lo#es.comfort/ Lolidragon. +e was trying to .here s a one hundred percent chance that he will ne#er go into hiding. completely understood what he was trying to do. as 0ang Ging s elder twin sister. his face completely red.Long Dian ran away already.here were e#en two trac!s of tears running down her face( &ow am I supposed to comfort +olidragon li e this? ' couldn t help feeling frustrated. .princerevolution. "ince Lolidragon was immersed in her own world. Lolidragon swi#eled her head around.

ui s worried stare roamed o#er my body and lingered for a long time on my bruised hands. ' ha#e already called the ambulance.org purpose of hiding. Aecause the situation with Long Dian had yet to be sol#ed. . +owe#er. ?ormally. ' didn t want to lie to you on purpose. ' -ust could not fathom it. repeatedly lin!ing and unlin!ing ten fingers that had swollen to the siNe of sausages was really tough. . 'f ' mo#ed about restlessly. nobody could gi#e me an answer.he baby-faced ?an . @ui(/ ' apologiNed with my head lowered.hen why would Long Dian want to ta!e the Dictator of Life away1/ 8#en though ' tried with all my might. you(/ . bitterly as!ed. she might(/ +earing this.$hew&/ ?an .' m sorry e#eryone.Riao Lan.0ou re actually a girl. my head dipped e#en lower. . let s -ust ignore that for the moment. ' hate bad guys who cheat on a girl s feelings the most. . that s rightS my real gender had been re#ealed. .2h1 0ou re so sure1/ .$rince. . $hat’s a really disgusting image% )lthough they heard my Luestion. ' tentati#ely turned around to face my teammates. ?ow. +ow are your wounds1/ ./ Facing @huo-gPgP.2!ay.' m so sorry.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. whom ' had lied to for the longest time. +e said somewhat helplessly. ' would definitely recei#e an endless lecture from him.here must be some other plot behind that. 8#eryone lowered their heads and tried to brainstorm se#eral different reasons why he could ha#e done so. . ' had actually turned into( a girl who cheats on another girl s feelings& . whose face twisted in -ealousy./ Plot? ' as!ed in surprise.Dian wants to control the world1 +e s not that type of person&/ Lolidragon.5ould it be that he wants to use the Dictator to control the world1 ' remember that he once said that the Dictator could set off the missiles of e#ery country li!e firewor!s1/ . no one had o#erly Luestioned me. not doing anything./ @huo-gPgP gently lifted my hands up and frowned when he saw the swelling bruises littered all o#er them.Luc!ily $hoeni9 hadn t come along.he determined loo! on her face said that she was not going to allow anyone to insult Long Dian./ Gy heart s!ipped a beat.$rince. shoo! his head and said. his concern written all o#er his face. . &ow am I supposed to face them now? ' couldn t help lowering my head and playing with my fingers. 3gh.ong @ui had wal!ed up to me. . 2riginally it was because(/ ' turned around and grabbed 0ang Ging.princerevolution. 'ould it !e that +ong Dian had fallen in love with the Dictator of +ife and wanted to ta e him away so that they could live together forever? Bgh" two people who loo exactly ali e" living together forever.ong @ui ga#e a big sigh. .. ' could only readily comply. suddenly protested this furiously. who had still been in her own little world. ' pointed 1J . 'f she found out that you re of the same gender as her. Don t mo#e about for now. . who was standing around. . 0ang Ging.

Feng Lan. if one too! a bit of e9tra care to notice. how could ' not tell your true gender1/ .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. 'ould 9ui not have recogniDed me? &ow could that !e true? Isn’t he a genius with an IE of =@@? . it d be too hard not to do so&/ Wolf-dOgP scratched at his face and shoo! his head. ' don t care what $rince loo!s li!e&/ . Wolf e#en !new who you actually were&/ What! Gy eyes bulged out of my head.o saw through me" that’s alright" !ut even Wolf(d)g*" who was as o!livious as me" new? .)lthough ' did say that ' didn t care about guessing who you really were. if ' was going to die./ Doll chewed at her fingers. 8#en though your appearances differ. while ' was still staring in confusion.ui s face tightened. 6It’s normal that you couldn’t tell.ui. and he yelled. .'t s all his fault& Aecause ' fought with him. . you don t ha#e any more period cramps. 0u Lian-dOsVo smiled gently.princerevolution. . she loo!ed passionately at Wolf-dOgP and said. no.' #e been with you for so long. ' had already seen the real you.ui had a blan! loo! on his face as he murmured./ If this is true" then 9ui" who sees me in class every day" had also. ' went on to become a trans#estite& $lease.his( Was it really so easy to recogniNe you1/ ' flinched. do you1/ Wolf-dOgP laughed cheerfully. . ' had used something li!e that as an e9cuse( . Period cramps? Ah! ' suddenly remembered that when ' had snuc! off to pee! at Wolf-dOgP.' already !new that you were actually a girl.hat s not true. . $rince. .. laid her hand on my head. your e9pressions and actions were too similar to the ones in the game.7 . .hen why didn t you recogniNe me1/ ' as!ed coldly. and patted me.0ou purposely acted li!e you didn t !now it was me1/ .)h( Doll didn t !now that $rince-gPgP was actually $rince--iZ-ie. yet he hadn t recogniNed me.org my inde9 finger directly at his nose and loudly proclaimed his wrongdoing. &ow can I leave my !rother" who was the cause of all of this" to 2ust go unscathed? 0u Lian-dOsVo suddenly giggled aloud and.$rince. don t blame only me&/ )fter all. daNed.+ow did you find out1/ ' as!ed. ' had to drag someone down with me.ui was the one person who had spent the longest amount of time with me.. 8#en if ' didn t want to recogniNe you. pursing her mouth in dissatisfaction. 'ould I have really !een such a failure as a transgender person? If Yu +ian(d)s. 9ui must only li e Prince’s loo s 1U . it was easy to recogniNe you.. ' as!ed unhappily.0ou couldn t e#en recogniNe Riao Lan1 Were you only able to see $rince s Yloo!s the entire time1/ @huo-gPgP ruthlessly attac!ed. recogniDed me a long time ago? ' turned my head around Luic!ly and loo!ed at . . .$rince.

.ui and swi#elled my head around to loo! at e#eryone. Finally. he dropped his head down sadly. . and the humanoid ?$5s in the cities no longer -ust stand in one spot.>epeat that&/ Lolidragon pressed the loudspea!er button and summoned e#eryone to come closer./ 4K .he bloc!ade on "econd Life has been remo#ed1 )re you sure1/ Lolidragon as!ed./ 3pon seeing Lolidragon.+a#e there been any changes in the game1/ Lolidragon as!ed while frowning.org after all! ' suddenly felt #ery unhappy. ' noticed with surprise that the glass ' had shattered had already re#erted bac! to its original shape.Aring them up to my office and gi#e them the game helmets to allow them to enter "econd Life.he shape of the entire world has had little to no changes.  )fter yet another car racing -ourney."e#eral boss ?$5s are also wandering around. shoc!ing e#eryone present. and are coming up with absurd reLuests. +owe#er.here are already people who ha#e entered inside1/ ./ 5old Fo9 suddenly replied. . Lolidragon made a shushing gesture at me./ ./ )fter we nodded our heads.princerevolution. +is sudden words were li!e lightning. try going online to see what the game has turned into and chec! on %enshin and "unshine. turned to us. Lolidragon told the receptionist.ot it.he main changes ha#e been in the ?$5s..)ll of you.he "econd Life 5ompany really did do things #ery efficiently./ . . Giffed. 8#en the ?$5s who wor!ed to help players change their classes are now not willing to do that. .What on earth is Long Dian trying to do1/ ' couldn t help but as!. . )ll of the ?$5s ha#e been modified to ha#e #ery high '[ s. and said. . the 5hairman wanted you to see him when you returned. . the female wor!er at the reception immediately bowed and ga#e her the 5hairman s message../ Lolidragon nodded her head. Lolidragon brought all of us to "econd Life s headLuarters. . +is mouth hung open.he cell phone announced the inconcei#able changes in "econd Life in succession. . .0es. miss. ' ignored .'(/ .) real "econd Life.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. +e had !ept silent for so long that ' had long forgotten his presence.Giss. her -aw dropped open and her eyes bugged out as she hurriedly demanded. planning to continue on ta!ing care of the Long Dian problem.hey run around li!e real humans. ' -ust saw a boss wal!ing around the streets of "tar 5ity and Luite a few cities ha#e already been massacred by the ?$5s.. .ui was at a lost for words. ' ll go see my father first and tell him about Dian s escape. 3pon hearing the reply. ./ the receptionist replied and politely said to us. . . . . holding a cell phone. but he wasn t able to say a single word the entire time.$lease follow me.

/ .. -he must !e really worried% . 5an you help me get my character bac!1/ ' as!ed without much hope. "he ga#e a polite ninety degree bow to us and said. ' couldn t help but feel sad.+i1/ What is going on? Why am I here? Why am I not in 6lower 'ity( Ah! $hat’s right" my character" Prince" had disappeared completely% 2nce ' remembered this.he minute the ele#ator doors opened. ' nodded at the lady and said to e#eryone.he number four in 5hinese culture is considered an unluc!y number because it sounds the same as . ./ . that was ob#iously far larger than my home. +ow could ' not try1 $rince was a character that ' had painsta!ingly trained. appeared./ @huo-gPgP also nodded his head.' already created one before. +ospitals also do not usually ha#e a Bth floor. What a double dose of bad fortune& 41 . ?eedless to say. .ower. .he only thing out of the ordinary was that the boo!shel#es weren t filled with boo!s.princerevolution. 8#eryone put on their helmets and returned to the "econd Life that had been thought to be closed fore#er to us.l--r=:: . . ' put on the helmet and entered the game./ Flattered.hen let s all go and see what has become of "econd Life. you can design your character howe#er you li!e..½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www./ so many apartments actually s!ip the Bth floor. the ele#ator doors closing behind her.hen can you let me play as a guy1 ' want white hair and red eyes. . . please let me !now.he ?$5 beauty blin!ed her eyes. e#en the . but were rather filled with brand name bags li!e 5hanel( . ' will help you prepare it.he decorations on the des! were simple and plain and. but my character has disappeared. was a large glass surface pro#iding a #iew of the entire city. let s all gather at Flower 5ity s 5entral .7. the BBth floor is also considered unluc!y.org Lolidragon hurriedly rushed into one of the ele#ators. 1 2=#!e #! . When ' slowly opened my eyes again. . she left. .'f you were pre#iously destroyed by ?D or +D. .Do you want to create a character1/ . but the . behind the des!. the sight that greeted me was both familiar and foreign( 't was the initial scene to create a character.he ?$5 beauty answered matter-of-factly. 't was a completely foreign ?$5 beauty. Without e#en saying goodbye to us.)nything s fine. a roomy office.he ?$5 beauty shrugged her shoulders. .he receptionist brought us to the ele#ator and elegantly pressed the BBth floor1 6+olidragon" you really should have chosen a !etter floor. and then beautification by forty percent1/ . "he stared at me curiously and tentati#ely ga#e a greeting.death. +ow could ' let him go -ust li!e that1 . .0es.2f course not.2h(/ ' was a little disappointed but didn t lose hope and continued by as!ing.'f you need anything.od of Life can t bring the character bac!&/ .he receptionist unhurriedly helped us to set up some ten-odd helmets.G standing in front of me wasn t Lolidragon.he game s original rules were that the players could design their characters in any way they wanted&/ .

'f ' had unwittingly landed in the "outhern 5ontinent. almost ma!ing the same mista!e ' had made the first time. 8ow all I have to do is 2ust regain my levels" right? .5alm down./ "till suspicious. .Gy .his particular $rince loo!ed #ery cool..he ?orthern 5ontinent again1 8#eryone really has no creati#ity.+aha.princerevolution. . and another group of people all choose either the ?orthern 5ontinent or the 5entral 5ontinent.od& Why can t ' $G1/ ' yelled up at the s!y. ' yelled loudly. . it had ob#iously been based on the person s actual face. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www./ ) snobby and infuriating e9pression came o#er one of the people with $rince s loo!s. . ' could only design my character. .he ?$5 beauty laughingly as!ed. .Why are there so many $rinces1&/ . 44 . ' already started to feel myself free-falling( When ' landed on the ground li!e a meteor. red-eyed people. ' would really ha#e to cry myself to death.' m the real $rince&/ . +e probably wasn t that obno9ious $rince from earlier. )ren t you using $rince s loo!s yourself1/ ' couldn t help yelling bac! in frustration. 0ut I can’t open the P/ channel% What on earth is going on? . What does that mean? )n alarm sounded from the bottom of my heart./ . did you set a name before you entered1/ one of the surrounding $rinces as!ed coldly./ ' hurriedly changed my words. Ah! 3h no" what if Wolf(d)g* and the rest of them mista e someone else for me? ' couldn t help feeling worried.)nywhere is fine( ?o. ' stared doubtfully at the ?$5 beauty. .Loo! who s tal!ing.Where do you want to be born1/ .he ?$5 beauty laughed and urged.Duh. $his sort of loo . When $rince s appearance appeared before me once again. calm down.Why(/ Gy eyes bulged out as ' stared at the group of white-haired.+ehe( 0ou loo! so confused. and gender couldn t be changed. ' found my answer( . ' couldn t help breathing a sigh of relief.he surrounding $rinces snic!ered. yet another person who s saying that he s the real $rince.+urry up and create your character. the ?orthern 5ontinent& ' want to go to the ?orthern 5ontinent.org What? &owever we want to design it? Aefore.here are still a lot of people ' ha#e to help create characters for. my emotions finally calming down a little. -he couldn’t !e toying with me" could she? . . ) group of people all li!e this sort of loo!. /y 9od" please don’t use that sort of expression" it is completely staining my reputation and destroying my style! /y 9od" there are actually so many people using my loo s" it’s no wonder the 8P' !eauty said that./ the ?$5 beauty murmured to herself. ./ ' breathed in two deep breaths. but before ' could as! the ?$5 beauty. $hat’s right! I should P/ and tell them a!out this first.

' tilted my head upwards and loo!ed toward the 5entral .org . screaming out the name of the 89ecution "Luad.'gnore that guy.8#eryone loo!& .What1/ Gy entire body turned to -elly. .he 89ecution "Luad is here&/ "ome sharp-eyed indi#idual ga#e a loud shout. immediately started calling out their names too. upon hearing me yell their names. .8#eryone.Doll& 5old Fo9\\/ . .89ecution "Luad& 89ecution "Luad(/ . &asn’t Wic ed mentioned gathering at the 'entral $ower? #verything will !e alright% If I mention that I’m 6eng +an" then wouldn’t everyone now that I’m the real Prince? >ealiNing this. he turned thousands of ?$5s into mincemeat.. ' breathed a sigh of relief. $his. . Why is this happening? ' saw them standing before the 5entral .he crowds started cheering.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.he tens of thousands of people cramped together in the plaNa suddenly turned wild.he corner of my lips stiffened.hen. their faces all sharing stony e9pressions. Is he really tal ing a!out me? . 3pon seeing the tens of thousands of ?$5s. With a slash of my !lade" I turned thousands of 8P's into mincemeat? Why is it that my memory tells me that it was the 8P's that had almost turned me into mincemeat? . Alright" move forth toward the 'entral $ower! ' rela9ed and followed the crowd of mo#ing people.Doll&/ ' could also see e#eryone now. so ' hurriedly yelled. almost as if the crowd had gone craNy( ' flinched again. . loo!& .5old Fo9& @ui& Fairs!y&/ . ' wanted to rush forward and sLueeNe through the crowd. Liege Lord of 'nfinite 5ity& Long li#e the Alood 8lf\/ .?o(/ $hat’s rightF I didn’t even set a name! ' suddenly recalled this. but ' !ept on being pushed bac! by the frenNied crowd and ended up farther and farther away from e#eryone( ' was so worried that tears were already 4< . .Long li#e $rince.ower.he people around me./ When an e9cited $rince finished saying this. the surrounding crowd then started mo#ing in the same direction. his e9pression didn t e#en change& With a slash of his blade.his is the place where the 89ecution "Luad massacred ?$5s while outnumbered a thousand to one& . . &ow am I supposed to communicate with everyone else now? .ower.he pri#ate messaging system has completely disappeared. we should hurry up and see what s happening at the 5entral . and arrogantly laughed that he wanted the Dictator of Life to stop sending out trash li!e them(/ .princerevolution.ower. . $rince bypassed all of the guards and led the charge into Flower 5ity s plaNa alone./ a cheerful $rince told me with a smile.he surrounding atmosphere became e#en more frenNied."o many people(/ ' stared open-mouthed at the crowds of people thronging the grounds.

.ui s gaNe brighten all of a sudden. $here’s actually someone who could recogniDe me amongst this crowd of . no matter how it has turned out( ' still li!e you. ' was stunned for a half a beat. )s ' sLueeNed out of the crowd with all my effort. 4B ./ . .)lso. 8#en I thought that ./ Just as ' was growing more and more de-ected.ui( What are you saying. 0ou.Princes<? ' turned my head around.'t s alright.. Gy promise to you was so important to me. your blan! e9pression. . e#eryone s loo!ing for you./ . ' m really happy.. uh(/ "eeing . you did recogniNe me. ' lied to you and e#en had other people thin! you were gay(/ .$rince& 2#er here.he more ' went on. why were you so sure it s me1 . why can t ' understand a single word1/ +earing my words. . +e slowly turned his head around and loo!ed at me.ui really ha#e such a good temperament1 .$rince. . . hurry up and come o#er here. +is gaNe was still as gentle as e#er. 0our light footsteps. but was actually tal!ing to himself.ui.princerevolution. ' !new you were $rince. your fa#orite action is to tighten your fist and show a stubborn e9pression on your face. . .ui s e9pression suddenly became distant.here are so many people with this loo! now. . you always unintentionally tilt your head to one side.ui stopped in his trac!s. . my right hand was suddenly tugged by someone.$rince.Aut you didn t recogniNe that Feng Lan was me. ' scratched my head and couldn t help but say. When you fly into a temper.he atmosphere became #ery aw!ward. so important that( ' let myself be blinded and could not see your real identity../ .' will ne#er mista!e you for someone else. ' couldn t help but blush. ' completely forgot the words ' had planned on saying.ui should be furious at me. . the smaller my #oice became.ui s slightly seducti#e demon face greeted my eyes.ui smiled bitterly.ui abruptly said./ . but ' had promised you( ' promised that ' would ne#er try and guess your real identity.ui1/ 5onfused. very surprised. ' as!ed doubtfully.. and . .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. We wal!ed for a short while before . +e murmured. +is shoulders dropped. and with frustration he said. and a familiar #oice yelled for me in panic./ . . .ui s sad loo!.+ow could ' not ha#e recogniNed you1 Aut ' really hadn t( Gaybe ' had already !nown beforehand. .entati#ely. 5ould ./ "eeing .ui pulled my hand and led me out of the crowd of people.he minute ' saw you. ' as!ed. ' couldn t help feeling #ery./ +earing this.ui couldn t help laughing. yet ' couldn t help retaliating.0ou re not angry1 '. ' couldn t react properly.org threatening to fall./ Gy heart warmed.' also ha#e no idea what ' m saying. 't was as if he was not answering me.

. 8mbarrassed. +e opened his mouth. '. drun! on that gentleness./ ' blin!ed my eyes. .ui as!ed hesitantly. not allowing me e#en half a chance of escape.ui acted as though he had made some !ind of decision and said. . but didn t seem to !now what to say.What did you want to say1 . his face betrayed his surprise. . .ui s handsome face. but his hands were firmly loc!ed onto the bac! of my head( 8#en worse. scared that you won t care about me anymore. .ui s mouth(. and instead started running his hand lightly through my hair. We should hurry and meet up with the others./ . 't ll -ust ma!e me feel #ery guilty. "lowly. ./ .princerevolution.ui stopped holding onto me tightly. you(/ Aut .Aut ' don t dare to get angry.org . . Aeing pulled bac! by me.' don t blame you for lying to me anymore.ui./ Did 9ui want to say something? Deep in my heart. ' pushed him away slightly. but it felt #ery soft. the hand hugging my waist tightly. ' belie#ed that he did.ui !issed me again. but . 't was almost ma!ing me feel drun!.ui turned around and faced me. truly understood the feeling of !issing someone( .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ' unconsciously closed my eyes as well and felt . strongly tugged at . his shoulders slumped and he said dimly.ui ga#e a light sigh. . ' m scared that you won t be happy. again.ui fell silent for a while. ' tried to push him away. ./ ' stubbornly refused to let go of . the light heat between our bodies pressed close together.' m angry that you lied to me.ell me..' wasn t thin!ing of saying something. his e9pression drun! and soft. who had his eyes closed. .ui s absolutely serious e9pression made me feel #ery shy all of a sudden. ' stared wide-eyed at .his time it s my fault. +is e9pression turned conflicted( Finally. angry about the things ' don t !now but that Wic!ed !nows so clearly(/ )fter saying this. admitted my wrongdoings. 8#en though this wasn t the first time ' d been !issed. 0ou don t need to co#er for me.his wasn t the first time ' d been !issed. ' could not push . and this time he e#en. and with the greatest amount of courage ' could muster.ui&/ ' tugged at him. 4E . Aut his !iss was #ery soft. Loo!ing at . yet ' don t dare to be angry. ' was thin!ing of doing something. . he e#en slipped his tongue into my mouth& $anic!ed. and then finally said. this time ' felt as though ' truly understood it for the first time. but..ui.ui s palms were still strongly latched onto me.ui. his tongue light in my mouth( ' had no idea what description to use./ . scared( that ' will no longer ha#e any chance of getting you to li!e me.ui seemed to en-oy saying a bunch of incomprehensible things.ui away.hen what were you thin!ing of(/ Gy words were lost in . the gentle touches on my hair.ui s utter gentleness* inside my mouth. $rince1/ . #ery very soft.What s wrong.ui. the character ' had -ust created didn t ha#e any ad#antage o#er him in strength. . +is lips were pressed closely against mine( .oday s ...' am a little angry.

2h my . . the deeper you will hurt the two of us. you really are the real $rince.hen is this the real $rince-gPgP1/ Doll rushed o#er. .org . ' hurriedly pushed .Aaby-faced police&/ ' immediately said. ' actually !issed .owerS e#en the Dictator of Life is not there. ' started.his was the thing that ' had dreaded the most. ./ Gy heart wa#ered./ .ui sighed. but were @huo-gPgP s shoulders sha!ing1 . a little bit of doubt in her eyes. $hat’s right! We came here to ensure -unshine and >enshin’s safety! ' hurriedly tried to ma!e sense of the situation. . is that you1/ ?an . hurt :huo(g*g*? . ' saw someone W @huo-gPgP& ?e#er before had ' seen @huo-gPgP. opened her eyes wide and stared at the three of us.ui in public. . ' almost thought that @huo-gPgP( was crying1 .he surrounding people suddenly yelled aloud.8h1 Aoth . . 4C .od& ) guy s !issing a guy&/ .@huo-gPgP(/ @huo-gPgP didn t say anything and Luic!ly turned around( ' might ha#e been wrong. then couldn t help herself and started sobbing with her head bent low.$rince( . which was made e#en worse since we were both guys at the moment( ) burning sensation on my face made me feel li!e meat could be grilled on it instantly./ Doll said with worry.princerevolution.ui-gPgP and Wic!ed-gPgP are here1 .$rince.here is no one in the 5entral .ower1/ . /y 9od! ' almost forgot that we were on a busy street. and told me unhappily. . ?an . +is face was star! white and( +is eyes were red-rimmed.$rince& "unshine has disappeared&/ Fairs!y yelled furiously. who was always so strong and unyielding. as if he were ma!ing a rather hard decision.ui away.ui and ' both started."unshine and %enshin are not in the 5entral .)lright. 't was as if all his beliefs had been destroyed.he longer you ta!e to decide..ong @ui frowned. with such a wea! e9pression on his face. but -ust as ' was about to smac! him and release my anger. ' couldn t help suc!ing in a breath. &ave I.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.ong @ui let out a blea! e9pression. What? -unshine and >enshin couldn’t have.

he sight of Lolidragon s tearful eyes and trembling mouth caused my own mouth to drop open in surprise.Lolidragon is probably loo!ing for us.+e threatened the entire world1/ ' blan!ly repeated.(What1/ ' nearly couldn:t respond.Dian. . 'n an e9tremely e9hausted tone he said. .ame has e9perienced a disturbance from the outside world.ong @ui immediately inLuired. 2ust li e that? .+urry.+ow has the go#ernment chosen to respond1/ ?an . heWhe( sob sob(/ Lolidragon was crying so hard that she couldn t utter a single word. ' found myself at a complete loss for what to do. 8#en though it was launched into the ocean. . $lease conduct #erification. not !nowing how to react./ ' hastened to ta!e off the helmet.$rince& What are we going to do1/ Lolidragon couldn t help throwing herself at me. the ne9t nuclear attac! won t be as forgi#ing. and no sooner had ' remo#ed it than ' recei#ed the sudden shoc! of seeing Lolidragon s face immediately before my own./ Long-bO said.Long Dian has threatened the entire world&/ said a #ery commanding #oice as Long-bO s imposing figure appeared at the door. he wal!ed into the room. Lolidragon1 Don t be upset.] ' paused for a few seconds before finally reacting. Yet here she is" crying her heart out? .What s wrong. Long-bO s imposing aura #anished. Lolidragon had been able to endure it.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . let s all go offline and see what s happening outside./ 4D . his #oice almost pained."urely the go#ernment won t permit him to do whate#er he pleases.org Chapter 3 : Danger to the ntire !orld <Ding& "ystem notice* . its effects spread to the small islands nearby./ 5old Fo9 muttered to himself after a while. which had originally been full of #igor. . he has also demanded that the entire world send him the things he needs. With hea#y steps. What happened1/ ' worriedly as!ed as ' hurriedly hugged her. resulting in thousands of casualties. actually crying! . +e no longer had a smile on his face and now wore an anguished yet forceful e9pression. )s she proceeded to sob loudly and uncontrollably into my chest.Goreo#er. Distur!ance from outside? . 8#en earlier when Long Dian had said all those heartless things. . 2therwise.princerevolution. seemed to ha#e suddenly aged by ten years. What in the world has happened? Gust what earth(shattering event would cause +olidragon to !rea down li e this? ' simply could not belie#e it. +olidragon is loo ing for us? Did something happen in the outside world? [uic!ly ' said to e#eryone. +olidragon is.+e used the Dictator of Life to fire a nuclear missile. $housands of lives gone./ . . . and his face.

hat s true. . all of the radar detection systems. who was caught completely off guard.ui. 3pon seeing his sorrowful e9pression.he truth is.his world is entirely dependent on computers..he go#ernment has no way to trac! his whereabouts. )t the same time ' realiNed that ' was the reason @huogPgP had hit ./ . we can speculate why he s doing all of this. Long Dian s identity and appearance ha#e already been altered. most of which are related to the area of biotechnology. and muttered.+e reLuested many things. ' definitely won t gi#e up $rince. . 0y delaying my decision" am I hurting them even more? . ' found myself unable to criticiNe him. authorities on neurosurgery. "isWlet s go ta!e care of Long Dian first&/ 0ang Ging s serious #oice called us bac! to our current situation. and since the computers are now being controlled. no one would try to arrest him.ui in such a miserable state.What does Long Dian want1/ .ui( With some hesitation. Gy heart ached a little when ' saw .@huo-gPgP(/ @huo-gPgP did not loo! at me. Lolidragon. e#en if Dian were to boldly appear before the police in broad daylight.ui.. and tric!les of blood were seeping from the corner of his mouth.@huo-dOgP. red bruise was forming high on his chee!. Wic!ed1/ Wic!ed turned his face toward .princerevolution./ . ' will use my mouth to hang onto her and ne#er let go.hat s my line. but when ' saw his red-rimmed eyes. but he also wants personnel from the medical field. . . but fi9ed his glare at . why did you hit . ) large. .' won t gi#e up Lan./ ./ . and e9perts on energy.'f we !now what he wants. 8#en if you brea! both my arms.ui.+m( ' m no e9pert in those areas. .ui. . as if he were suggesting that we weren t aware of the gra#ity of the situation. but said nothingS instead. who was lying on the ground. ' opened my mouth and said.ui on the head with my hand. .ui1/ ' angrily turned on @huo-gPgP. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ' couldn t stop myself from fiercely whac!ing .ui turned to loo! toward Wic!ed. including #arious instruments and human resources.. 8#eryone was o#ercome by the same sense of utter disbelief./ . ' felt my heart clench tightly. and all of the satellites are under Long Dian s control. ./ Long-bO said in a frustrated #oice. +e sounded almost reproachful. much less actually capture him.ui&/ ' Luic!ly rushed to chec! on . !noc!ing him to the ground.@huo-gPgP.What do you thin!. the go#ernment is unable to do anything.What the hec! are you tal!ing about1 +a#e you lost your mind1/ ) complicated loo! flashed across @huo-gPgP s eyes. who had been sobbing into my 4J ..ui replied.ui.. smiling an e9tremely arrogant smile. .ui as!ed. but the go#ernment has its hands tied. he #iolently punched . .org . Goreo#er./ Long-bO sighed again. )ll of the immigration administration./ Long-bO said coldly. because according to the go#ernment s information.

' couldn t help moc!ing 0ang Ging. saying. . ' will ha#e the entire company cooperate to assist the go#ernment in arresting Long Dian and bringing him to -ustice. )s things currently stand. and with an e9pression a!in to shoc!. Long-bO immediately reprimanded. Why am I the one !eing singled out? It’s not li e I particularly en2oy loo ing for trou!le( ?e#ertheless. Lolidragon dropped wea!ly onto a chair. )s his smile became lewder.' can t do that& Dad. while Lolidragon s face filled with guilt. turning to loo! at Lolidragon.2h. .he same goes for all of you. . ./ Long-bO sighed hea#ily. Lolidragon ga#e a shudder.What are we going to do1/ ' as!ed. . 0ang Ging immediately assumed a loo! of embarrassment.his time he almost !illed all of you& Do you thin! you ll be so fortunate ne9t time1/ .Aut(/ Lolidragon argued in determination. . 8specially you. under Long-bO s terrifying stare. "hui +an&/ Long-bO roared. which 0ang Ging easily dodged. .org chest. Lolidragon couldn t stop herself from throwing a !ic! at him. he e#en ga#e me a se#ere loo!. 4U . 2n the other hand./ +earing this.)las./ 3pon hearing this. $rince&/ )fter saying this. all the strength seemingly gone from her legs. none of you need to help anymore. had switched positions and was presently tuc!ed away into 0ang Ging s chest. )s ' watched the two play around. Are we really going to leave things as they are? 0ased on +olidragon’s personality" there is no way she’d 2ust give up.+ehehe(/ 3pon seeing such a lasci#ious e9pression../ )fter hearing my reply. . >ight away Lolidragon loudly protested. ' will not allow him to harm anyone else. Do not in#ol#e yoursel#es in this matter anymore.princerevolution. Lolidragon became e#en angrier. lifted her tear-stained face. her face turning completely red. Long-bO turned to face us and said. .+ey& Who s the one fooling around now1/ )s soon as he heard this. Long-bO ga#e another Luiet sigh and wal!ed out of the room. ga#e a shout and -umped away from him as she babbled. .Wasn t ' with $rince1 +ow did it become you1/ 0ang Ging s serious e9pression e#aporated in an instant and was replaced with an increasingly lewd-loo!ing one as he chortled.'t s #ery ob#ious now that Long Dian is no longer the Dian that we !new.' forbid you from interfering in this matter anymore. ' couldn t do anything besides mee!ly answering with an .8nough.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. there s no way ' can lea#e Dian alone. .

had ne#er worn such a terrifying e9pression before. ' thought Luietly for a bit and then said. lain down. Why don t we try going into "econd Life again1 Gaybe it s -ust that they couldn t wait for us. and since there were too many players there.princerevolution./ . ^Gan. or e#en whether he was dead or ali#e. but when he s serious./ Aefore Fairs!y had e#en finished spea!ing she had already put on her helmet. . who had been silently standing by this entire time. it was completely my fault that we weren t able to download them in time.8#en though we can t do anything about Long Dian.ower. and her haste caused to me suspect that she had done it on purpose( 2h well. . Aoth Lolidragon and ' swallowed. . ' !new #ery well that with <K . We all froNe.rust me. and that s why we couldn t find them. ./ Lolidragon smac!ed me on the head. )fter all. "eeing our dumbstruc! faces she Luietly snorted. we need to at least sa#e "unshine and %enshin and bring them bac!.We didn t ha#e enough time to carefully search -ust now.Let s hurry up and log in then. before ' had the chance to say anything.^ Lolidragon said worriedly. . Gy dad loo!s li!e he s easy to deal with.hen e#ery head turned to loo! toward Fairs!y../ . 'f you don t do as he says. $hat can’t !e true" can it? After all" +ong(!) loo s so ind. Lolidragon swiftly put on her helmet. some people will immediately come to drag you away and throw you into an underground cellar where you ll be loc!ed up and ne#er see the light of day for o#er a year./ Lolidragon said in a most unprecedented turn of e#ents. ' #e been his daughter for twenty-some years. IHm 2ust afraid that the Ice Age would repeat itself. Aoth Lolidragon and ' hurriedly nodded our heads.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. $rince. and appeared as though she had already entered the game. ' couldn t help wanting to open my mouth and urge her not to blame herself.Just do as my dad says. Let s hurry up and go ta!e a loo!."top -o!ing around. whose former loo! of sorrow had been replaced by an icy cold e9pression./ .org .Don t be mista!en. the one that loo!ed as though she had -ust wal!ed right out of a freeNer. to tell her that there was no way anyone could ha#e !nown things would turn out li!e this. . e#en as she forced herself to smile.Fairs!y would probably turn into a thunderous s!y(/ 8o" a thunderous s y wouldn’t !e all that !ad. things get really scary. they left 5entral . if anything has actually happened to "unshine. . .'s it that bad1/ ' as!ed blan!ly. 8#en 5old Fo9.>eally1/ Fairs!y s original loo! of sorrow finally bro!e through her icy e9pression. had thrown Fairs!y into a state of distress. 2f course we all !new that not !nowing where "unshine was. -ust li!e that1/ as!ed Fairs!y in an e9tremely frigid #oice. ?o one wanted to see that e9pression on Fairs!y again.Lolidragon(/ ' hadn t !nown that Lolidragon felt this way."o that s it1 We re gi#ing up. +owe#er./ . ' don:t want to imagine how Fairs!y will respond. Lolidragon rolled her eyes.

echniLue. )s befitting his title of the ./ Demon !ard? #motionless swordsman? What are they tal ing a!out.really want to !iss. e#ery time Lolidragon fell into one of her rare moments of sadness./ )s soon as ' heard the words . at the same time putting a helmet on my own head.5rap& Wic!ed. since there weren t that many bards of the demon race( but what the hec! was an emotionless swordsman1 2b#iously there was only me.ui.ui./ ) rush of e9cited chatter escaped from the surrounding crowd. so of course e#eryone !nows that you re the real $rince. the .+-+ow do you guys !now that ' m $rince1/ . and in the end Lolidragon would toss all of her sadness out the window and proceed to try to !ill him( ' turned my head to loo!.emotionless swordsman. <1 .  ' entered the game. thus entering "econd Life once again.' really want to !iss them. why are there so many people1/ )t this point.Let s also go find "unshine and %enshin&/ ' turned to loo! at the others. for his part. . let s run for it&/ ' shouted as ' prepared to use my 3ltimate >un-for-Gy-Life[ing-. loo!ing with astonishment at the surrounding crowds of people.. . and then swallowed her sali#a. .. ' couldn:t persuade her out of her thoughts. in a spread-eagle position./ some girl e9claimed longingly. Aut at that precise moment. all three of them loo! so handsome. and( Wic!ed1 -o Wic ed is the emotionless swordsman? Alright" I admit that the title is rather fitting% .$rince. .he demon bard and the emotionless swordsman ha#e both appeared. ' tripped o#er my legs and.demon bard/ also appeared. #h? What ind of situation is this? ' stammered in incomprehension.Wow. ./ Wic!ed. 0ang Ging had already put on his helmet. .ui. Why are there so many people staring so intently at me? 't was only at this point that ' disco#ered that ' was actually surrounded by a massi#e crowd of legions upon legions of people.2f course we d !now& .ong-. and as e9pected./ .he Alood 8lf has logged on. ' could guess that the former probably referred to . and the second ' opened my eyes( ' realiNed that something weird was going on.hat s the real $rince.'t s about time& Waiting here wasn t a complete waste of time. but said nothing. !issed the ground.princerevolution. that phrase would #ery Luic!ly become a reality( . furrowed his brow.org Lolidragon s personality. Perhaps Yang /ing would !e a!le to? )fter all./ ' was suddenly struc! by an e9tremely uneasy feeling( as though if we didn t flee now.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. 0ang Ging especially lo#ed to rile her up. 't loo!ed li!e my idiot brother was pretty serious this time. after all. . which included a number of people who had the same appearance as me./ .

fuming with anger./ $his./ Wic!ed softly reminded me.Gama&/ Geatbun s cheerful shout could suddenly be heard./ ' hurriedly said to the other two. . slightly #e9ed. . Last time all of the hair on my body was burned to a crisp by that phoeni9. ha#e you seen my Geatbun1/ .he people around me murmured. both Wic!ed and . . and in one breath he said.Geatbun& .org "eeing my situation. my fame for my military prowess as well as my prestige were sure to disappear down the drain. my /eat!un! 3h my goodness" I actually completely forgot that as soon as my character disappeared" /eat!un would !ecome a wild meat !un% What should I do? $anic!ing. you re only at le#el one.hat bun with a pair of eyes1 "o that was your bun&/ . .$rince. )t this rate. and they could only watch helplessly as ' performed the act of prostrating myself for all to see.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. 3h well" those can all !e regained through training% . .princerevolution.'t hurts& .2f course we ha#e& . and flooding the place the ne9t. ."houldn t we also be loo!ing for Geatbun and Fire $hoeni91/ /eat!un.ui tried to rush o#er to sa#e me. frowning. ' slowly crawled up. 0ou can t use Ling gong anymore. -igh" all my levels and s ills" gone. maybe you(/ . ' wailed. but unfortunately their speed wasn t as fast as it was before.Why did ' fall1/ ' as!ed. . Let s hurry and go loo! for "unshine and %enshin. $hat’s right! ?o wonder ' had fallen in such in unsightly manner. that s right.hat gluttonous scoundrel of a meat bun and that despotic phoeni9 ha#e been tyranniNing Flower 5ity. . A !un with a pair of eyes.What1/ ' as!ed. &e would" wouldn’t he? .hey ha#e been stealing food from players one day. it sounds li e /eat!un and 6ire Phoenix are doing pretty well for themselves! I-weat . . and holding bac! my tears ' ga#e a muffled groan. <4 .ui started hesitantly.Forget about that for now. . What if he s being bullied by players and ?$5s1 Gaybe he s already been mista!en for a regular meat bun and has been eaten& "ob sob sob& Geatbun. Gy s!ills and le#els had disappeared without a trace the second ' d created a new character from scratch.' wonder if Geatbun would still be willing to be my pet1/ ' couldn t help being a little worried.ui seemed to ma!e up his mind./ .$rince. and ' could e#en clearly hear the sound of sali#a dripping from some person s widely gaping mouth. !esides my meat !un" there canHt !e anything else with this distinctive trait% ' hastily as!ed.0es.he whole scene had fallen silent. Gommy s so sorry.2h no& ' don t e#en !now where Geatbun is. then bro!e off.

e#en the slightest touch could be lethal& .] .org ' felt a bit daNed. my face deathly pale. and had no more than some ten drops of blood. -<K +$. my #oice sounded so feeble that ' suspected that ' would soon turn into a pillar of light and chec! bac! at the rebirth point. 3r is it that I was so worried" I imagined it? ' loo!ed left and right. please don t mo#e anymore./ ' helplessly warned the other pet master. you ll commit matricide(/ . . e#en after Fairs!y had found "unshine and the two had finished throwing their wedding ceremony. << . for a le#el one player facing a pet o#er le#el fifty. ' didn t !now where the rebirth point in Flower 5ity was. please. ..½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.Geatbun. -EK +$.i#en the degree to which ' was directionally challenged./ Geatbun said./ ' begged. its cute face wearing a Luestioning loo!.ui and Wic!ed. don t mo#e. it began to bawl and howl uncontrollably. )t this rate. When ' did. Geanwhile. it s Geatbun& 8#eryone run&/ ) flurry of mo#ement embroiled the surrounding crowd. e#en though ' had the feeling that . or loo! for them myself( forget it. Aang& Gy head was suddenly dealt a hea#y blow.princerevolution.ui.2h my god. ' seemed to ha#e heard Geatbun s #oice. .] ' #iolently spat out another mouthful of blood as ' finally understood that. <"ystem notice* 0ou ha#e been attac!ed by Geatbun. Geatbun actually bounced out of the bloody hole. ' still wouldn t ha#e found the other two. calling for me. and while my head spun and my #ision blurred ' heard( <"ystem notice* 0ou ha#e been attac!ed by Geatbun. ' instantly became a pillar of light.Gatricide1 Geat-bunbun doesn t !now what Gama s tal!ing about. ' stood Luite still. be careful not to follow me to the rebirth point. and its lo#able yet loathsome head !ept burrowing itself into my chest( <"ystem notice* 0ou ha#e been attac!ed by Geatbun. at a complete loss for words. spat out a lot of blood. chubby figure. but ' didn t see anything. . you ha#e died.Where did Gama go1 Geat-bunbun missed Gama so much&/ )s Geatbun tal!ed.(/ ' loo!ed at the huge ca#ity that Geatbun had burrowed into my chest. ?o wonder my swollen head felt as though it were on the #erge of e9ploding. . -1K +$.ui would soon follow in my footsteps. ' was really going to !ic! the buc!et. and wondered whether ' should wait there for .Geatbun( don t do that again. and then spo!e. opened my mouth. and e#en the girl who had e9pressed a desire to !iss me gathered up her s!irts and in the blin! of an eye fled many meters away. #ery happily bouncing onto my shoulder.] /y god! ' was only le#el one. hoping to see that white.

do you li!e my appearance1/ as!ed the Dictator of Life. 't was the most genuine one ' d seen since meeting him.he Dictator of Life was a peerless super hottie after all.Do ' loo! nice when ' smile1/ . . because( -ust ha#ing to e9plain to Geatbun what the word . ' tilted my head to the side. .here was no way Geatbun would !ill me intentionally.Did you order Geatbun to come !ill me1/ . and behind the Dictator of Life was a #ery large throne.0ep& ' d say e#en super idols can t compare&/ ' praised him #ery directly. .0-0ou(/ ' was so shoc!ed that ' couldn t e#en spea! properly. ' could not be mista!en about that pair of eyes that re#ealed a sorrowful resignation to fate. ' couldn t resist telling him. with the e9ception of that idiot brother of mine. ' nearly drooled at the sight. . With beautiful guys.)s ' e9pected.princerevolution. . 't would ha#e been faster to find some other ?$5 to come hac! me to pieces. a little hesitantly. though nothing came out. . an incomparably brilliant smile. but a palace. each so wide it would ha#e ta!en two people to completely wrap their arms around any of them.Geat-bunbun is so muddle-headed. Aeneath my feet lay a gigantic magic portal.he Dictator of Life blin!ed. my head started hurting again. but then ' suddenly remembered that the Dictator of Life was also one of my admirers./ . as usual.hen.Do you belie#e that Geat-bunbun would do such a thing1 'ntentionally !ill you1/ ) trace of grief came o#er the Dictator of Life s face.his wasn t the rebirth point.. li!e a child. 0ang Ging himself would promptly ta!e me to #isit the doctor to see if something had gone wrong with my brain./ . ' #igorously nodded my head.?o. 't s such a waste of that face if you don t smile. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. it wasn t a person. ' was o#ercome by a wa#e of nausea. magnificent palace./ the Dictator of Life said with a slight smile./ Gy heart trembled as ' as!ed. $he Dictator of +ife! ' was a hundred percent certain that it was the Dictator of Life and not Long Dian. ' was always #ery generous with gi#ing the praise that was due( ah.he Dictator of Life bro!e into a smile. a gray-colored. Why is the Dictator of +ife here? &uh? Where is this place" anyway? ' glanced left and right. and then as!ed. he really did end up !illing you. ' don t. 9ui and :huo(g*g* are already giving me enough trou!le to deal with" and now there is the Dictator of +ife to add into the mix! &eavens" 2ust when did my charisma !ecome so irresisti!le? <B . and ' doubled o#er #omiting. . yet was actually before me right now( >ather ' should say.org )s soon as ' landed on the ground. e#en though he possessed an identical appearance.hin!ing of this. . . thin!ing. ' loo!ed up and saw a person. . not only would ' die of re#ulsion. someone who could not possibly be here.0ou should smile more often. . 2nce the nauseous feeling that always followed death passed. 'f ' told him he was handsome to his face.!ill/ meant was enough to gi#e anyone a ma-or headache. "urrounding us were countless giant pillars.

/ the Dictator of Life e9plained.hen how did you lea#e Long Dian to come here1/ . and remained silent for a #ery. my palace. suddenly loo!ing #ery discouraged. 'f ' could persuade the Dictator of Life to stop helping Long Dian. #ery long time( until ' suddenly realiNed that he had come here in secret. ' would do it without the slightest hesitation./ +earing my Luestion. For an )'.)t that time./ the Dictator of Life answered simply. .his time.' didn t actually lea#e Father. e#en if it is an order to !ill you.?o. ' could only cautiously as!. . can you stop helping Long Dian1 8#erything he s doing is wrong./ the Dictator of Life told me plainly upon hearing my reLuest.. 3pon hearing that %enshin and "unshine were both alright. but rather end up in the residence of the Dictator of Life. ' immediately countered. e#en my last hope was gone.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www./ the Dictator of Life said calmly. ' would neither go up to hea#en nor descend into hell. the Dictator of Life stopped abruptly. .Aut you did disobey him when you refused to return to his side.his was -ust as well.' am not a human. whose e9istence is limited to a single place./ ' found myself at a loss for words. and this is my real residence. +e has complete control o#er me. simultaneously appearing in countless locations is a #ery simple tas!. . but decided that ' didn t want to use this method after all. ' would ne#er ha#e guessed that after dying this time. . 6Who1 Who says ' m lying17 . Father was utterly unprepared for my rebellion because he had not imagined that ' would re#olt.What happened to "unshine and %enshin1 )nd -ust where is this place1/ . then e#erything would be sol#ed.' ha#e already sent %enshin and "unshine to find your comrades. .' m -ust doubtful that Long Dian would let you come here.hings are different now. .Wait a sec-/ ' suddenly wondered what in the world ' was doing.org .' cannot disobey Father. +owe#er./ .princerevolution. . . Yet" how am I to convince the Dictator of +ife to stop helping +ong Dian" who is almost li e a father to him? Is it possi!le that I would have to resort to using my charm and !eauty to seduce him? ' struggled with myself for a bit. and if he gi#es me an order.hus. didn t you1/ . 5onsidering things in this <E .0ou don t li!e it1/ the Dictator of Life as!ed. )ppearances aren t that important. because ' could use this chance to resol#e the matter concerning Long Dian.2f course ' !now that& +ow big of an idiot do you ta!e me for1/ ) bit dissatisfied ' retorted. . ' forcefully as!ed. .Dictator of Life.. that s not it./ ' #aguely said. &ere I am" discussing appearances and loo s with the Dictator of +ife when there are clearly more important matters at hand% $here is the Cuestion of -unshine and >enshin’s wherea!outs" not to mention the issue regarding +ong Dian% ' hurriedly as!ed./ . .he situation was different. ' was finally able to breathe a sigh of reliefS at least this meant that ' wouldn t ha#e to worry about them anymore.

)hh(/ the Dictator of Life ga#e a deep sigh. $his matter is simply too complexF +ong Dian actually wants to merge together with the Dictator of +ife? . . 'f it was me.he word Ypitiful has nothing to do with him./ ) sorrowful smile appeared on the Dictator of Life s face.org light.Father will merge together with me. $erminal illness. ' couldn t !eep my face from turning red upon hearing such a direct confession. but that plan completely failed.his way. When ' heard this. ./ the Dictator of Life said with regret. .Father./ the Dictator of Life said with a gentle smile.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ./ .Father is #ery pitiful. 8#en though ' !new ' shouldn t sympathiNe with that scoundrel Long Dian. $rince. ' still couldn t !eep myself from as!ing. ' want to than! you./ the Dictator of Life said serenely. .When ' ha#e merged with Father. .han! you for letting me understand what lo#e is.+uh1/ ' was only aware of a sense of diNNiness that had en#eloped my head. . ' was filled with e9treme rage. . which felt #ery swollen.hat scumbag ought to die..?ow. .)lso.. his condition had loo!ed Luite terrible. if it meant that ' could remain by your side fore#er./ 8#en though ' already !new the Dictator of Life s feelings for me. . ' will let go of my consciousness. ./ the Dictator of Life finally said. ' remained silent for a #ery long time and recalled Long Dian s figure from when ' had met him before( 't was true.$rince(/ the Dictator of Life gently called me./ <C . as though he had fallen #ery ill( Why havenHt I thought of it !efore? .'sn t Long Dian doing fine1 ' don t see how his life is in any danger. he still had some way to disobey Long Dian./ the Dictator of Life continued in a light #oice. ' came here to say goodbye to you. . not only can he continue li#ing and control the entire internet world.Just what happened to Long Dian1 Why s he threatening the world1 What s he reLuesting those strange items and people for1/ .erminal illness&/ stated the Dictator of Life directly. 'n an attempt to change the sub-ect. &ow can a scum!ag who fired a nuclear weapon and illed thousands of people !e called pitiful1 ' icily said. ' said. ' might ha#e done the same thing. but he can also create an artificial body that can e9ist in the real world. he( originally he had only wanted to li#e within "econd Life. to remain with the ones he lo#es fore#er. "o.Father only treasures too much the happiness he wor!ed so hard to obtain.princerevolution.. in order for there not to be a conflict between two people s consciousnesses. .Father only wants to !eep on li#ing. there s only one way left./ .

the Dictator of Life ga#e me a painfully lo#ing loo!.princerevolution. "trictly <D .$rince1 $rince1 Wa!e up(/ ' rubbed my eyes. as if he had been struc! by lightning. the Dictator of Life froNe at once. .here won t be any more casualties.here was a loo! close to longing in his eyes. and the figure of the Dictator of Life all faded away../ 3pon hearing this. $rince1/ .' won t&/ ' coldly replied. 3pon hearing my answer.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ' nearly went mad./ . Don t worry.. e#erything before my eyes began to turn fuNNy.)t the #ery least. . . and the only thing that remained #i#id was the bright smile that rested on the Dictator of Life s face.hen. Why? .+e has already hurt too many people./ .+uh1 .hat is good enough for me. it was .  . . . . .Don t cry. 0ou will die. the Dictator of Life suddenly !issed me lightly on my forehead.2b#iously&/ "ounding #ery content. . he won t hurt anyone else anymore.he throne.ui. ' will do e#erything ' can to not hurt anyone. the Dictator of Life sighed. the Dictator of Life actually smiled happily.Don t than! me.han! you. >est assured..)re you worried for me1/ ' forcefully wiped away my tears as ' yelled. . you will get hurt. Father has promised me that once the plan to merge and produce a body has been completed. . as though he was concerned that ' was still worried. $rince.. and wiped away the tears on my face./ ' said hoarsely. #ven though the Dictator of +ife has a very high level of comprehension and intelligence" in the end" this guy is no different from /eat!un! .'f you dare to go and die. .ui s handsome face that materialiNed before me. .Liar&/ ' angrily shouted./ )s he ga#e me his word. glaring at him./ )t this. the palace. ' swear that ' will forget about you completely& 0ou hear me1/ ' threatened the Dictator of Life. you ha#e to li#eW/ Aefore ' could finish spea!ing.he Dictator of Life actually reached out his hand.org Why does someone always have to sacrifice themselves? ' simply could not understand. will( will you remember me fore#er. why are you here1 Were you also brought here by the Dictator of Life1/ ' as!ed stupidly. )fter remaining still for a while. What 2ust happened? Is that the Dictator of +ife calling me? Aut when ' opened my eyes. e#en though ' didn t !now why the Dictator of Life would bring him here.

the Dictator of Life is not really a human being. When ' was reborn.. . .org spea!ing. 'mmediately ' narrated in full detail e#erything that had happened./ ' insisted. . after all.ui s response. .Goreo#er. ' was also burned to death by Fire $hoeni9.. 0ut that smile on the Dictator of +ife’s face was so genuineF it didn’t loo anything li e a dream% .. his brow furrowed in #ery deep thought.hat way. . and then hurriedly as!ed . but still he obediently listened. +e lifted my chin up. . ./ .ui did not loo! entirely con#inced.' was definitely in the Dictator of Life s palace -ust now.princerevolution.he way things currently stand. sacrificing the Dictator of Life is for the best. . did you fall asleep1 )fter you were accidentally !illed by Geatbun. +elp me thin! of a solution.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . but in a most ordinary-loo!ing rebirth point.ui could not possibly <J .ui.Was it really a dream1/ ' furrowed my brow./ ./ 9ui. )nd what is more( after all is said and done.$rince.'s there any way that the Dictator of Life doesn t ha#e to die1/ )fter hearing e#erything ' said. not comprehending the situation. ' definitely wouldn t be able get away with snea!ing around behind his bac!( 0ah! What am I thin ing? IHm not even married yet and already I was planning on snea ing around. ' was no longer in that gray palace. what are you tal!ing about1 ' don:t understand anything you re saying. but the dream( had felt a bit too real.ui paused./ .he Dictator of Life1 $rince."acrificing the Dictator of Life( is for the best1/ 8#en though ' !new that ./ .ui. .ui analyNed critically. . I fell asleep? 'ould it !e that it was all a dream? ' couldn t help but begin to wonder if my sleeping s!ills were so amaNing that ' was able to sleep soundly to the point of dreaming e#en within the game. ./ ' answered with utmost certainty.ui.ui stood silently for a moment. ' saw you lying here.he one who wiped my tears away was the Dictator of Life. from my point of #iew.)nd someone e#en wiped away your tears for you. ' also stopped abruptly./ .2!ay. .erminal illness( so Long Dian can only sur#i#e by merging with the Dictator of Life1 . ' suddenly disco#ered that the surrounding scenery loo!ed #ery strange.ui as!ed.Your o!servational s ills are a little too much" don’t you thin ? You even new that someone wiped my tears away for me? 't loo!ed li!e if ' married . the most ob#ious decision is to sacrifice either Long Dian or the Dictator of Life. >ight then. . suddenly staring at me. e#erything will be resol#ed e#en if we don t do anything.ui was his lo#e ri#al.hen ' definitely wasn t dreaming. . .$rince( were you crying1/ .2h yeah. thin!ing hard./ 3pon hearing . and loo!ed o#er my face carefully. the Dictator of Life told me a lot of things.. where there couldn t possibly be any trace of the Dictator of Life.ui loo!ed at me with some concern.

princerevolution.'s that the way it has to be1/ 0ut is the Dictator of +ife.$rince. .Does there ha#e to be a sacrifice1/ . ' couldn t help as!ing again. you may lose e#erything. there are many things that cannot be resol#ed perfectly./ .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. 'f you forcefully insist on a perfect resolution.ui loo!ed deeply into my eyes and said with purpose.org ha#e erred in his -udgment. . really going to !e sacrificed li e this? <U .

"ad about what1/ 0ang Ging replied as he laNily remained on the floor. . right1 ' can always help you tell .Aut no one should be sacrificed.' m sad.he Dictator of Life really had come to say his farewells./ ' suddenly wo!e up.princerevolution.witching my mouth. my future wife Lolidragon would be deeply hurt. only to find my face co#ered in tears and that phrase resounding incessantly in my mind( Dictator of +ife. my sis would feel remorse and regret toward him for the rest of her life. we also encountered Fairs!y and the rest. . to me. . 'f Long Dian were to die. ' felt immensely pleased. . not bothering to get bac! up. if the Dictator of Life died. 'f Long Dian died. ./ . ' hesitatingly as!ed 0ang Ging.. 't was similar to how Fairs!y felt that "unshine was definitely not an ?$5. Lolidragon would definitely be really heartbro!en./ ' stared at 0ang Ging.org Chapter " : Cold #o$%s &errif'ing Special &raining . only to freeNe upon seeing the scene before him.here is no one in this world who should be sacrificed&/ 0ang Ging said in all seriousness. he was a real human being. ' bet he wouldn t dare flun! you anyway(/ -hut up! ' immediately used all my strength to throw my pillow at him. )fter Lolidragon heard the news that Long Dian had an incurable disease and needed to combine with the Dictator of Life in order to li#e. . pro#ing that the things that had happened that day weren t the result of becoming muddleheaded from o#ersleeping and dreaming e#erything& . "ad& Do you understand1/ . perhaps e#eryone wouldn t ha#e made such a decision( +owe#er.hey were real& . )s ' heard his cry of agony.Aut. +e paused for a long time before finally saying. ."is( 8#en if you ha#en t slept enough. .Do you thin!( the Dictator of Life should really be sacrificed1/ ./ BK .' !now&/ 0ang Ging sighed.% )fter the day ' saw the Dictator of Life. ' said. . really the !est way to do this? 'f the Dictator of Life were an actual human being.ui that you don t want to get out of bed to go to class. $rince.)nd you !now that Long Dian is really important family to Lolidragon. Is sacrificing the Dictator of +ife. "unshine and %enshin had really come bac!. she was stupefied and had no idea what to do.han! you.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. we will need to sacrifice Long Dian. +owe#er.han! you for letting me understand what lo#e is.. if we don t sacrifice the Dictator of Life. you don t need to cry li!e that."is& 0ou o#erslept again& What about my brea!fast(/ 0ang Ging !ic!ed open the door. 8#eryone told me that not doing anything and letting them combine would be the best method( Aut ' -ust couldn t forget the content smile the Dictator of Life had shown -ust because of a few words of mine.

/ 2nce again. )fter all. 0ang Ging rode into the transmission station and B1 . ' still climbed onto the bac! seat of the bi!e. you still won t be able to sa#e him./ said 0ang Ging. the route that 0ang Ging was dri#ing through was a route that ' was e9tremely familiar with. ' would definitely be tortured for the rest of my life by my conscience. .princerevolution.ui helped us ta!e lea#e. . 0ang Ging re#ealed an enigmatic smile. )s we sped off.0ou sure decided Luic!ly when you were so indecisi#e -ust now.0ou really are my sis.he go#ernment has agreed to Long Dian s conditions. ma!ing an artificial body might only ta!e two wee!s. 0ang Ging nearly fell to the floor again. ' ha#e to go sa#e him& 2therwise.. What? $a e leave? ' furrowed my brows. >ight now. ..hat was then. ' couldn t help but roll my eyes at him e9aggeratedly. ' !new you would definitely go to sa#e him. +e rubbed his nose and said. . . 'f ' did./ What and what? What has this got to do with family and love( Gy bro s ability to spea! irresponsibly at any time had really grown day-by-day. ' will regret it for the rest of my life&/ ' said with no doubt in my mind. muddling my mind and ma!ing me unable to guess his intentions. )ccording to their estimations..hey ha#e handed o#er the people he wants and the eLuipment he needs./ )lthough ' didn t !now what 0ang Ging was trying to do.org 0ang Ging e9aggeratedly held his head in indecision. so what could you possibly do1/ 0ang Ging coldly bro!e my confidence apart.' m dri#ing this time. ./ .8#en if you #e decided to try. +earing this.2ne wee!1/ I don’t understand" why one wee ? 0ang Ging softly uttered. ./ . .Follow me.>egardless.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. there isn t any time for hesitation&/ ' desperately shouted. ' had speeded on this #ery road last time in order to arri#e at the transmission station to go to Lolidragon s..' need to go sa#e him&/ ' stood up abruptly. .+owe#er&/ 0ang Ging spun the !eys to the ho#er bi!e around his finger. 0ang Ging guffawed. my speculations were confirmed. suddenly raising his head. ' thin! you still ha#e a wee! to thin! about it properly."is.he fusion plan will probably start after that. 'ould it !e that we’re going to -econd +ife’s main headCuarters right now? ?ot long after. ' became more and more confused. .Where are we going1 Don t we need to go to class1/ . . 'n addition. Where does he want me to follow him to? ./ 0ang Ging replied without turning his head. . 8#en the go#ernment can t handle Long Dian. .his is horrible& 't really is hard to choose between family and lo#e. ' definitely couldn t wait here blindly.

Gama. ./ said Lolidragon. who was wearing a set of light armor. Whereas. $hoeni9. .Why do you always li!e putting my name along with this guy s1/ muttered . 0ang Ging led me into the company silently.Wolf-dOgP. It’s not 2ust +olidragon" everyone else. . Doll.What is(e#eryone doing here1/ Gy mind was filled with confusion./ . .Long Dian( he -ust hasn t figured it out yet.herefore. at most. 0ulian-dOsVo.ong @ui. Fairs!y and also 5old Fo91/ .ui. he would be immortal. foolproof preparations and greatly increase the success rate instead1/ 0ang Ging light-heartedly smiled. Wic!ed also re#ealed a loo! of disdain toward . )fter he par!ed. dissatisfied. we wouldn t !now what accidents you would get into./ Lolidragon re#ealed an e9pression that said .ui and Wic!ed.ui. )fter going through many twists and turns. it would probably bring about the best results since only the Dictator of Life would be sacrificed( +owe#er. we would !now that it s impossible for you to simply sacrifice the Dictator of Life.8#en if we don t use our brains and merely use a bone in our spines to thin! about it. dumbfounded. two hundred years. ' was completely and utterly baffled about the entire situation. we thought./ Lolidragon s eyes re#ealed her determination. ./ B4 . .princerevolution. ' understand and !now that things are not that simple. Geat-bunbun doesn t understand. . ?an .Waiting for me1/ . as she smiled at me.Waiting for you./ ' replied a bit guiltily.his reply made me e#en more confused. but ' still put my hands on the door s handle. )t that moment. 0ang Ging gestured for me to open the door and enter. . +e wants to stay beside Dad and me but he has forgotten that if he were to combine with the Dictator of Life.'t s true that if we don t do anything. you finally came. &ow come everyone understands me so well? $he past few days" even I myself still dou!ted whether I should go or not" !ut everyone already new that I would definitely go% . not e9plaining a single thing.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ' put in some strength and pushed open the door( ./ . What exactly is going on here? Is it possi!le that everyone has gathered together for a -econd +ife get(together? .' saw through you ages ago. we finally made it to a steel door.org dro#e all the way to "econd Life s main headLuarters.'f we were to lea#e you to do e#erything yourself. ' guarantee that my eyes right then definitely loo!ed e9actly li!e Geat-bunbun s whene#er he says.Aut( 8#eryone said that it would be better to -ust lea#e it. why don t we try to ma!e well-made. the two of us would only ha#e a life e9pectancy of.)h.% ' called out e#eryone s names. ' thought you had changed and decided to be an obedient and compliant girl./ e#eryone said in unison.

hen. sighing. +e has already stepped onto a path of no return on which he will ne#er be able to obtain happiness.here is a high possibility that we will encounter e#en stronger robots than the one we ran into before. . ' will definitely set the pain le#el at one hundred percent./ said Wolf-dOgP as his hearty laughter bro!e the dar! and gloomy atmosphere. . Le#el A isn t something normal people can B< . $rince. . .his is a battle simulator that the military uses to train their soldiers combati#e abilities.)t that time.hat s why we re all here. although e#eryone said that allowing Long Dian to merge with the Dictator of Life would be the best outcome. in reality. this time s operation will be se#erely dangerous.)fter all.8#eryone here agrees to that. will not be allowed to go. 't had a circular pedestal and a clear outer shell wrapped around it.'s this really for the best1/ )nd right now. e#eryone doubted li!e me and thought.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . with the support of my teammates. e#en if it is you./ Lolidragon wal!ed toward a gigantic machine that had a similar shape to a birdcage.)ctually. Fighting inside here is e9actly the same as fighting in the real world and. she slowly said. 'n addition../ 0ang Ging dimly said. .. the only ones who can go to sa#e the Dictator of Life are the ones that can pass the test. of course. 'n my case.)nyone who does not reach le#el A or higher. ./ Lolidragon said with no leniency.) life bought with the sacrifice of others would definitely bring sorrow. much larger. ./ Lolidragon lightly smiled. )s for me.hen.org Lolidragon stopped for a moment. .8#eryone(is willing to go stop Long Dian and sa#e the Dictator of Life1/ ' as!ed with a smile on my face. 't loo!ed li!e one of those #irtual combat games that ' d seen in electrically controlled amusement par!s. ' could finally freely scream. .8#eryone. Aut all of you should be prepared for more than that. .+owe#er.hat definitely isn t the best outcome&/ .)ll of you will ha#e to become familiar with the eLuipment we used in the pre#ious battle within two wee!s. e9cept this one was much. .?o it isn t& . ./ .'t s to sa#e the Dictator of Life and Long Dian as well&/ ' finally understood e#erything. Lolidragon s e9pression turned stern.herefore. 2nly those who achie#e le#el A are allowed to participate in the actual operation. wor! hard&/ Lolidragon said. it was ob#ious that ' definitely wouldn t allow myself to fail& . . how would he cope with his eternal life and endless solitude1/ . it wouldn t ta!e that long. . once again./ ./ Lolidragon strictly said. 8arlier.princerevolution./ 8#eryone re#ealed an e9pression of determination to achie#e this no matter what. )nd Long Dian has already sacrificed the li#es of o#er a thousand people. the degree of pain felt can be manually controlled and ad-usted. they came to this conclusion much faster than you. you will ha#e to fight using this eLuipment in the simulator.

. . )nd in reality. ) is a le#el that only elite military personnel can achie#e(/ said ?an . ' was positi#e that the sound had come from the simulator( Who was it? Who is at level A without even going through any training. my mouth agape. dumbstruc! as a policeman familiar with the machine. wear your protecti#e gear and we will do different types of battle training. he won t allow us to lea#e this room. although this guy might not actually be on the ten most wanted criminals list.5old Fo91/ said Lolidragon. +owe#er.org achie#e. 5old Fo9 was a man of few words.Wa!e up at four e#ery day and run fifty laps around the room. ./ )s usual.Aesides $rince. 8#en more frightening was that 5old Fo9 was only holding a small !nife similar to letter-openers and had no other gear at all& . your le#el is )./ )fter spea!ing up to this point. allow me to train you guys. these few words were enough to ma!e our hearts tighten at the thought. 0ou ha#e to run fifty laps.)fterwards. It seems that the most terrifying terrorist is actually the student wearing a high school uniform! 5old Fo9 turned around and scanned e#eryone with his eyes. 3pon seeing his cold eyes.princerevolution.ong @ui./ <Aeep Aeep Aeep . +owe#er.0our opponent will be me. we started to suspect whether 5old Fo9 s face had actually appeared on the ten most wanted criminals list before.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. 'an it !e that I accidentally angered 'old 6ox !ecause of !eing >enshin’s master? BB .hen it will be one #ersus one matches. staring at the simulator. as she loo!ed at the shadow inside the simulator. your le#el is )] ( ' stood. . . my dad insisted that unless we reach le#el A. . 5old Fo9 coldly shot a glance at me. ./ What? 7un fifty laps around the room? $his room isn’t my !edroom man" not to mention" this can’t even !e called a room% $his is a training ground and considering -econd +ife’s financial status" how !ig do you guys thin this training ground is? It’s definitely no smaller than a school’s sports field! 8#eryone s faces paled. $eople these days lac! e9ercise and thus running fifty laps was definitely something outside of our imagination. amaNed./ ' suddenly felt uneasy.he women. . his cold-bloodedness could definitely match up to that of the ten most wanted criminals in the world.)( +ow could that be possible1 8#en ' could only reach le#el A. run thirty laps.'n these two wee!s. 5old Fo9 once again icily shot a glance at me for some un!nown reason./ 'ould he !e implying that I donHt count as a woman? ' suddenly had an urge to strangle the man in front of me to death.

Judging from the past. ' felt that the sweat on my bac! ne#er ceased to flow.ui s bac!. my face was already ghostly pale to the point that both . . . it loo!s so horrible&/ ./ .ui was doing this for me.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. you shouldn t do that&/ said 0ang Ging as he laNily leaned against a wall. . ' couldn t help but say to . his physical strength was e9tremely good. "ince ' !new that he wouldn t gi#e up. ' deeply belie#ed that . )lthough @huo-gPgP didn t show any e9pression.princerevolution. . Loo! at your face. 't could cause dire conseLuences in the future. so why aren t you gi#ing up1/ . e#idently ha#ing finished eLuipping his gear a long time ago.'f running can sa#e him. 'f the training grounds had a bed. and shout ^' don t want to do this anymore. ' definitely would ha#e crashed on it and then slept for a wee! without wa!ing up at all. gi#ing him the cold shoulder would be nothingS e#en if ' were to bash him up. .his determination wasn t something anyone could brea!. he still wouldn:t gi#e up. ' finally felt relie#ed and began happily humming a song while putting on the gear that Lolidragon had meticulously prepared. @huo-gPgP was shoc!ed.ui and Wic!ed furrowed their eyebrows at me. ?ear the end. if you really can t do it. 8#ery time ' wanted to -ust forget about e#erything. then don t force yourself. e9tremely unhappy.org 'n the following two wee!s.he fifty laps e#ery morning were already torturous enough. . )fter ' finished running.^ the Dictator of Life s smile and his damn ^than! you^ would appear before me. !eep on going&/ )t first. ' couldn t help but open my mouth and say.$rince doesn t loo! so good either./ 't was because of these words that ' was able to sur#i#e through the fifty laps on the first day. BE . 5learly. Wic!ed didn:t say anything. there was no need to gi#e him the cold shoulder to try and force him to gi#e up.Aecause ' need to sa#e the Dictator of Life(/ ' suddenly realiNed that ' was doing this in order to sa#e the Dictator of Life and . . stop.ui.ui actually re#ealed a wea! smile./ ' said. but then he nodded and smiled my way. ' wal!ed to @huo-gPgP s side. Geanwhile. feeling a bit guilty.' -ust don t want to hurt either of them.@huo-gPgP. +owe#er. ' !new that he wasn t happy and that he was. "eeing their e9pressions. 't was possible that running was basically his daily e9ercise.Don t gi#e hope to two men at the same time. ' !new that they really wanted to tell me to gi#e up and stop running. my legs would stop responding to me. ' patted . merely that fifty laps may -ust be a little more than usual.ui."is. . but they also !new that ' wouldn t gi#e up. )s ' caught my breath. encouraging him.. then running one hundred laps or e#en one thousand laps would be worth it. in fact.ui s comple9ion was much more terrible than mine.

½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


.Do you remember what ' said before1 'f you try to force a perfect resolution, you will li!ely lose e#erything,/ 0ang Ging said profoundly. &as Yang /ing recently !een a!le to spea more li e a human? ' replied a bit miserably, .' !now. ?o matter what, after this, ' will gi#e them both an answer./ "uddenly, 0ang Ging put his hand on my shoulder. ."is, choose ,ui&/ ' was stunned. .Do you thin! ,ui is better1/ .0eah./ 0ang Ging tightened his fist and passionately said, .' really li!e @huo-dOgP as well, but if $rofessor Gin ,ui Wen were to be my brother-in-law, it would definitely guarantee that ' will be able to graduate from uni#ersity. For my graduation certificate, for this graduation certificate that will help me find a -ob, for this -ob that will allow me marry Lolidragon, and for the children that will carry on the Feng family line, you should choose him, "is&/ $his guy.% 0am! ) power glo#e ruthlessly hit my bro s precious little thing, also !nown as my bro s little willy1. ;hen, as my bro tragically howled, Lolidragon came and dragged him away. Lolidragon continued cynically, .With this, you don t need to carry on the Feng family line anymore, so -ust let $rince choose at her own pace&/ ."till ha#e energy to tal!1/ "uddenly, 5old Fo9 re#ealed a smile we had ne#er seen before. +owe#er, from that point onwards, no one wanted to see that smile e#er again, especially afterwards when he dealt with us so brutally and inhumanly( .'ndi#idually pic! a sword or a gun as your weapon,/ 5old Fo9 dictated. .;hose who choose swords, go to the test performance machine and practice swinging the sword fi#e thousand times. 2nly swings with a power abo#e one hundred fifty will count. ;hose who choose guns, go to the shooting range and practice. 0ou must hit bull s eye at least fi#e hundred times./ )fter his speech, e#eryone chose their own weapons while 5old Fo9 once again shot a glance at me. .5ome here&/ -o!. Why is this happening again? I want to sue 'old 6ox for discriminating against me! .;his is your weapon./ 5old Fo9 threw a light sword at me( ?o, this weapon was different from other light swords. $he su!tle curve of the !lade’s shape. a dao’s shape? $his is a dao! In addition" it is exactly the same as my 0lac Dao! J3f course" this had a white luster instead as it was impossi!le for it to !e !lac %K ' raised the lightsaber4. 't felt so smooth and light in my hands, e9actly li!e my good partner Alac!
1 >...als- ?,-8, as m4 5r-6s li##le 8ill4...>: Literally, Lan says, ^...also !nown as my little bro:s little bro.^ 'n 5hinese, ^little brother^ can be used as a euphemism for the same as willy. 4 >li7!#sa5er>: )t first, we were going to call light swords this, but then we decided that a dao is much more li!e a lightsaber than swords are. Light daos will be called lightsabers in this translation. Whene#er Lan:s dao is not prefi9ed by ^light,^ we will still be calling it a dao, but when it is prefi9ed by light, it will be !nown as a lightsaber.


½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


Dao. 't felt precisely the same. .' !now you are best at using the dao,/ said 5old Fo9 simply. .;han!s&/ ' said from the bottom of my heart. You now" 'old 6ox isnHt as cold as he appears% 3n the contrary" heHs actually very considerate and attentive% .,o practice swinging&/ ordered 5old Fo9 simply. +owe#er, he stopped for a moment and then continued, .$rince, you ha#e a lot of potential. ' could tell from "econd Life. ;hat game is one that is real beyond imagination, which is also why ' decided to play it. .Gagic and abilities may not be possible in real lifeS howe#er, if you are capable of e9erting your fighting s!ills in the game, then you are capable of them in reality./ )fter 5old Fo9 finished his unprecedented long speech, he re#erted bac! to the silent and wordless him as he Luietly super#ised e#eryone s practice. .;han! you 5old Fo9. >eally, than! you,/ ' softly murmured, completely understanding that under 5old Fo9 s cold appearance was an e9tremely gentle and caring person.

.Aastard 5old Fo9, idiot 5old Fo9, you ha#e no blood, no tears, no heart and no li#er( +uff, huff(/ ' said while Luietly cursing him in my mind and panting for breath. -tupid 'old 6ox" treating us li e this% ' finally understood what ^swing the blade fi#e thousand times with each swing ha#ing a power of o#er one hundred fifty^ finally meant. Listening to what ' was supposed to do as an idea didn t sound li!e #ery much, but once the phrase became an action, it was really something that could !ill me. 8specially when the one completing these actions was myself, it really( made my whole body feel li!e -elly and my spine tingle with pain to the point where ' couldn t e#en pic! up chopstic!s anymore( ;hat was my current situation. .8yes forward and straighten up your bac!. 0our upper body is slouching and you re swinging your blade too flimsily. Do you thin! Long Dian is using a few dogs to obstruct you1/ 5old Fo9 said as he ruthlessly smac!ed his bamboo sword on my slightly slumped bac!, ma!ing my teeth clench in pain right then and there. ' hurriedly straightened up my bac!, focused my eyes on the swinging at hand, not e#en sLuinting at any possible distraction, and shouted continuously e#ery time ' brandished my blade. 't was only then that 5old Fo9 slightly nodded his head in appro#al and wal!ed o#er to see how the others were doing. )fter much difficulty in completing the fi#e thousand swings, ' was as tired as a dog and sprawled across the floor. 't felt li!e only a fleeting moment had passed and ' hadn t e#en rested enough when 5old Fo9 s frosty #oice sounded once again, .0ou #e rested enough& ,et up& "par with me./ We can finally spar! ;he moment this word entered into the language center of my brain, ' immediately -umped up. Gy eyes couldn t help but spar!le and shine as ' loo!ed toward 5old Fo9.


½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


't didn t matter whether it was the thought of fighting against the third best player from the game or the fact that ' would be sparring against an opponent in real life that possessed the capabilities of an ) le#el soldier in the military simulation machineS both of these ideas rendered me eLually e9cited. ) rare smile surfaced on 5old Fo9:s face. .)s e9pected of one who lo#es combat./ ' loo!ed at 5old Fo9 who was on the opposite side. +e still hadn:t eLuipped his armor and his hands merely held a small !nife that was a!in to a letter opener. +owe#er, e#ery strand of hair on my body that was standing up told me that the guy in front of me was serious& ' raised the dao in my handsS my stance was the same as when ' was in the game. ' single-handedly held the dao and raised it in line with my body at an angle of thirty degrees. ;his was the best stance that could ad-ust to changing circumstances. 5old Fo9 s eyes re#ealed a hint of admiration. +owe#er, he didn t go easy on me because of that. ;he speed at which he rushed toward me made me feel terrified. 'n an instant, he appeared in front of my face. ' only managed to dodge his attac! clumsily, barely a#oiding his attac!. +owe#er, 5old Fo9 had already changed the direction of his !nife, which meant that my throat was heading right for it. ' hurriedly turned my head, allowing the !nife to barely scrape by me. 5old Fo9, howe#er, only had to lightly push the !nife before it rested directly against my nec!. I lost% It was a loss that I can’t even !rand as merely a crushing defeat! 5old Fo9 slowly withdrew his !nife and said plainly, .>eturn to your positionS we re doing it again./ 3nsatisfied, ' instantly returned to my original position. 2nce again, ' fought against 5old Fo9( +owe#er, the result was the same as before. ' couldn t retaliate at all. ' couldn t e#en dodge. .)gain. ;his time, ma!e use of your eLuipment,/ said 5old Fo9 indifferently. .' did ma!e good use of my eLuipment&/ ' retorted, aggrie#ed. 'f ' didn:t ha#e any eLuipment, how would it ha#e been possible for an untrained girl li!e me to be able to spar with 5old Fo9, who could possibly be an assassin or a terrorist1 5old Fo9 snorted, .0ou don t understand the capabilities of your gear at all. .We ll end it at this today, $rince. 0ou ha#e really disappointed me&/ )fter 5old Fo9 finished, he turned around and left without batting an eye. 5old Fo9 s words hit me really hard. What did I do wrong? ' had been trying really hard to cooperate with 5old Fo9 s whole training program. )s ' thought about being wronged, tears started welling up in my eyes. .$rince, don t cry./ ,ui immediately ran toward me and then turned his head to complain at 5old Fo9 who was far away, .5old Fo9, aren t you a bit too strict1 $rince is only a girl and this is only the first day of training./ .Don t train anymore, Riao Lan&/ @huo-gPgP s distressed e9pression could clearly be seen. .We BJ

"he was obstructing 5old Fo9 with her entire body. ' ha#e ne#er seen $rince shed tears. ' performed all !inds of horiNontal slashes and #ertical chops. +ow could ' forget1 ' changed from being e9tremely scared of wol#es to playfully chopping them li!e ' did fish. . ' learned that the most important thing was to loo! for their wea!nesses and use the simplest yet most effecti#e method to attac!..his is real life& 't s not a game&/ ' couldn t help but retort./ ' -umped up immediately and yelled. Who compares com!ative a!ilities within games with reality?! ./ ' froNe. 5old Fo9 only raised his eyebrows a little and turned to go around me from the side. ' also remembered the first time ' fought against a player.Wait a moment.org will help rescue the Dictator of Life in your stead. 't was against Dar! 8mperor and my opponent was Wic!ed.e+#e. ' immediately rushed before 5old Fo9 and e9tended my arms and legs widely to bloc! his way<. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www..+mph.he first battle. 3n!nowingly.^ which loo!s li!e this* 大..>: 'n the original.princerevolution.Which part of you resembles $rince1 )t least. I am an agility(!ased warriorF my speed should !e extremely fast and light and dodging attac s should !e simple for me! < >. 2nly 5old Fo9 plainly said. )t that time./e/ m4 arms a. Lan describes her stance as e9tending her arms and legs into the 5hinese character ^big. and ' ha#e also ne#er seen $rince use such sloppy fighting s!ills. .. ' closed my eyes./ le7s 8i/el4 #./ . .5l-c? !is 8a4. What does 'old 6ox mean? &e thin s that I’m not li e Prince? 0ut I am Prince. . +owe#er. . ' began doing my fa#orite e9ercise* dancing with my blade& 2ne after another.. Gy mo#ements were smooth and accompanied by firm but fle9ible shifts. 5old Fo9.?o& ' definitely won t gi#e up&/ 8#eryone too! Luite a fright in reaction to my high-decibel shout. $rince is actually held bac! by these words1/ 5old Fo9 icily said in ridicule.What did you mean by what you -ust said1 Do you doubt the fact that ' m $rince1/ 5old Fo9 once again shot a cold glance at me.he resounding moment whene#er our weapons collided had e9hilarated us at e#ery turn.0ou finally seem a bit more li!e $rince. I. . BU .he images of all the battles ' had fought flashed across my mind. have !een held !ac !y these words? 'ould it !e that !ecause I unconsciously thought that it was impossi!le to do these things in reality" I then couldn’t do them? ' touched the eLuipment on my body and tried my best to recall all the battles ' had fought in "econd Life. my body slowly felt lighter and lighter. 'n addition./ ' hurriedly opened my mouth. .

. Aut that s all right.. .89cellent&/ 5old Fo9 bellowed loudly. %eeping a certain distance between 5old Fo9 and me was the best way to ensure that ' wouldn t lose.Let s not wait until tomorrow.5esie7i.$rince&/ 5old Fo9 once again re#ealed one of his rare smiles 6)lthough ' later realiNed that those were ^dangerous^ smiles and not ^grinning^ smiles&7B .i. E >.if this were a real battle. he only uttered. )fter all./ )fter he finished spea!ing. . smiling and filled with confidence as my chest beamed with pride and delight. he instantly appeared before my eyes. ' abruptly realiNed. . EK . ' dropped my combati#e stance. 'n an instant. .hirty-"i9 "tratagems and means a#oiding head on battle. "tri!e at wea!nesses elsewhere.he strategy is part of the . . +is hand that was holding the !nife changed into. )t the end. you:re dueling with -ust me. B >@Al#!-97! I la#er realiAe/ #!a# #!-se 8ere >/a.. with his speed.org ' too! a few strides and landed on the wall beside me. ' withdrew a step and in the same moment that ' retreated bac!wards. ' had already raised my lightsaber in line with my chest.. A loss is a loss% ' magnanimously admitted./ . there s still a lot of days left for me to defeat you./ 5old Fo9 said with a hint of e9citement in his eyes.the throwing !nife position. 5old Fo9 too! the tactic of besieging Wei to rescue @haoE. +e used his eyes to inspect e#eryone and said. dodging the opponent s attac!. ' ran up it in one go. he suddenly switched to a strange stance.7 Cei #.0ou would ha#e been dead./ 5old Fo9 said steadily.. . less than half a step between us. ' turned my body and safely dropped down to the ground face-to-face with 5old Fo9.princerevolution. +e didn t guard against my lightsaber but instead raised his !nife and thrust it toward me. using the dao s length to !eep the distance between us. . ' lost. >ight as 5old Fo9 was about to enter my attac! radius.7er-9s> smiles a. we both retreated a step.>: . It couldn’t !e.uiling where the state of Wei was attac!ed to direct attention away from the state of @hao.-# >7ri.7> smiles!B>: .0eah. -ust different characters.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . 'n the moment that would ha#e decided life or death. 'n the moment 5old Fo9 started his mo#ement..his is a pun on the characters for ^smile.^ which can be written as 微笑 6wPi9iOo7./ 5old Fo9 s eyes re#ealed his admiration. ' slashed horiNontally at 5old Fo9 with my lightsaber. 3sing my speed. Let s go and eat. my dao s attac! radius was larger than his.a!e this. .his was a strategy used in the Aattle of . $rince./ . 5old Fo9 s eyes left me. while dangerous smiles is written as 危笑 6wPi9iOo7 with the same pronunciation. 5old Fo9&/ ' said. ..?o problem.resc9e D!a-.he time for dinner passed long ago. +owe#er. +e too! the initiati#e to go on the offensi#e and..From tomorrow onwards./ +i e I had feared( Discouraged. besides running.hen you can go and familiariNe yourself with how you should be using the eLuipment.

and it was an e9tra tragic !ind of ^ta!ing care of.$rince. 5old Fo9 wal!ed to the door and casually too! a bo9ed meal from the ones that were deli#ered and began eating without a care for the others. . ' will correct your fighting techniLues. +e continued playing his act and bowed with his hands together to 5old Fo9. a throwing !nife1/ )lthough 0ang Ging didn t ha#e a feather fan.7>: 5hu Liu Riang is the protagonist of the wu9ia no#el series by the same name. you guys hadn t e#en crossed blades yet./ With that. at that moment. and if he were to really throw it at me. so why did you say you lost1/ ' matter-of-factly replied. after dinner.princerevolution. 3nfortunately.^ C >Eia-li 1ei/a->: Literally. .^ also !nown as the >omantic "wordsman. this can be read as ^Little Li Flying Dagger.org ./ Lolidragon coldly ridiculed. E1 . ' would ha#e definitely died in one hit. we will see a good show where 5hu Liu Riang is miserably ta!en care of by Riaoli Feidao.5hu Liu RiangD.+oly crap.'t couldn t be that brother. Lolidragon couldn t stop herself from as!ing me. $he 7omantic -wordsman is a wu9ia 6martial arts7 no#el series featuring a man whose signature weapon is a flying dagger.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www./ . 0ang Ging has been said to imitate his mannerisms in "econd Life. D >C!9 Li9 Eia. after dinner. you d better hurry up and thin! about what errors you are ma!ing in combat or else afterwards. 5hu Liu Riang was ta!en care of by Riaoli Feidao.Didn t you see 5old Fo9 s motion1 .here was a throwing !nife in his hand. he still posed as if he were an elegant and handsome !night-errant.8#eryone else./ . . ' belie#e that with 5old Fo9 s ability. you are the descendant of Riaoli Feidao1C 89cuse my lac! of manners. +e is someone who robs from the rich to help the poor.

princerevolution./ Lolidragon suddenly mysteriously gathered e#eryone together. and the damage is e9tremely e9tensi#e. ."top grumbling and hurry o#er&/ Lolidragon wal!ed in front of a large screen. .hat s fine. What in the world is going on? 8P's are actually attac ing the cities now? . . pressed a few buttons. all the other cities ha#e been attac!ed too. >ight now. ' had still not reached le#el ). Geatbun.%enshin. there are a lot of ?$5s running about now./ E4 .Fairs!y&/ With incomparable e9citement. With -ust "unshine. 8#en though ' had long passed le#el A. how would ' e#er feel satisfied1 . come here for a moment. how ha#e you been1/ . remember to wear more clothes. ./ %enshin furrowed his brows.2!ay./ ma!ing me feel super pissed off. and then the screen displayed( an e9cited "unshine and an e9asperated %enshin& ./ %enshin re#ealed a worried e9pression.'n contrast. ' also as!ed after %enshin. what are you doing1/ ' had -ust been ha#ing an awesome battle with 5old Fo9."unshine&/ 'mmediately.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. we don t ha#e the manpower to protect "un. . )n>ui. super than!ful to all of you for that. ' didn t thin! %enshin would actually answer . >apidly.Aesides 'nfinite 5ity. ' had only as!ed in afterthought. ' am super. she fired off li!e a machine gun. 2riginally. . Goon. plus a few other players of 'nfinite 5ity defending. things are a little tough./ ' blan!ed out for a moment before ' hurriedly as!ed in worry.?$5s ha#e been endlessly attac!ing the cities. . . . ha#e you1 Do you ha#e enough to eat1 When you re cold.."unshine. and '.?$5s are attac!ing the cities1/ Gy eyes widened. You try getting sic !7 "ince "unshine already had someone caring for him.?ot e#en close. ' ll wear more clothes. are you alright in the game1 0ou ha#en t been bullied by players or ?$5s. Fire $hoeni9. Fairs!y rushed to the front of the screen./ ' was than!ful from the bottom of my heart. fewer and fewer players dare to log on to "econd Life./ . and there were only three days left before our two wee!s were up. ./ said %enshin faintly. 5old Fo9 e#en coldly tossed me the words.+as something happened1/ .0ou re willing to help us protect 'nfinite 5ity.Lolidragon./ "unshine e#en re#ealed a helpless smile as he said. 'f ' didn t pass le#el ) to pro#e myself to 5old Fo9.not good. "unshine gaNed at Fairs!y./ "unshine smiled idiotically in his o#erwhelming happiness."orry.org Chapter ( : Departure . and "tar 5ities./ .?ot too good. 6You’re an AI. almost pressing her entire body against it.8#eryone.

with how red it was./ 5almly./ )fter "unshine spo!e. do that later off to the side. %enshin.+e s on an island.$rince. if we e#en approached the island s #icinity.princerevolution. the fusion plan would ha#e wor!ed as well if Long Dian wanted to fuse with either me or "unshine. . then let s decide on who will go. if you want to profess your lo#e to each other. . . . ' lea#e the Dictator to you. 8#en if you didn t as! me./ . With the Dictator of Life s power.5old Fo9 goes E< . +e was( truly too !ind. .$inpointing Long Dian s location1 What s going on1/ ' as!ed in incomprehension. +ow are we going to escape the Dictator of Life s notice and reach that island1/ Lolidragon furrowed her brows. >ight now."unshine. +e told me that a girl li!e Fairs!y is #ery rare. "unshine and ' will help you a#oid the Dictator of Life s detection.org ./ Lolidragon re#ealed a cruel smile.Whoa."imple.hat s not true. Lolidragon rolled her eyes. . a small island appeared on the map. the Dictator wasn t on guard against the two of us.Fairs!y is li#ely and honest. loo!ing helplessly at this pair of lo#ers who did not !now what being corny meant. so Long Dian decided to continue fusing with the Dictator(/ 8#eryone fell silent. . . tell us where Long Dian is located first.)n island& .Don t worry.2!ay./ Without a hint of cowardice. "lowly. you can e#en do something li!e that1/ ' stared at %enshin in shoc!. but the Dictator con#inced Long Dian.'diot& 'f e#en the go#ernment is unable to find Long Dian. the map loc!ed onto a specific area. ' loo!ed at %enshin. ' lo#e Fairs!y the most. ' sincerely belie#ed that the Dictator of Life would definitely do this. ' would definitely sa#e him. we would be disco#ered.We found him. . )ll you ha#e to do is snea! onto that airship. ' m so o#erbearing(/ "unshine re#ealed a passionate e9pression. ./ Lolidragon spread her two hands out. %enshin said./ %enshin loo!ed straight at me. Lastly. and %enshin. ha#e you helped us pinpoint Long Dian s current location1/ as!ed Lolidragon urgently. . . When ' ran into him.'n two days. how would we be able to find him1 2f course we ha#e to depend on ?$5s with self-awareness -ust li!e he does&/ "unshine smiled as he said. Fortunately. the Dictator e#en greeted me and told me to treat Fairs!y well. who always had a cold face./ +earing this. . Fairs!y s face loo!ed e#en more li!e a coo!ed crab.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.2riginally. %enshin fell silent for a while before he said.)lright. a world map suddenly appeared on the screen. the go#ernment will send supplies to Long Dian. actually re#ealed a rare smile. ..hat ma!es things difficult./ Fairs!y couldn t help but blush. .

. and one of them was e#en herself./ 0u Lian-dOsVo furrowed her brows.ui go. )s e9pected. Wic!ed also has no problems. . .ong @ui has also reached le#el A for some time.$rincess. ?an .Let me go&/ )n incomparably mournful and unrelenting sound arose.'(/ )fter .' want to go with $rince. 8#en though ' !new ./ .ui dispiritedly let his shoulders drop.Fairs!y and $hoeni9 are out too. as!ing women to train and reach le#el A in two short wee!s is a bit too much. ' could only lea#e him and start discussing with Lolidragon. but you will ha#e to a#oid human eyes by EB ./ .Aased on what abilities1/ Wic!ed went as far as roaring.ui barely managed to sLueeNe this word out. and he !ept repeating. mercilessly. ./ Lolidragon shoo! her head and sighed.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. there s also me.' want to go. Fairs!y and $hoeni9 smiled helplessly.org without saying.. ' #e successfully passed&/ . and ' did not want to see anyone get hurt./ .Aut you ha#en t passed(/ .Do you want to drag Riao Lan down1 Do you want her to lose her focus in dangerous moments to protect you1/ . can t Doll go1/ Doll s two eyes filled with tears.ui s shoulders shuddered. but he still perse#ered. .Aoo. and of course so did Wolf-dOgP. he slowly lowered his head and said no more. it would cause a gra#e foreign affair problem. . 0es. if something were to happen to you. . Lastly.Let me go let me go let me go(/ ' helplessly lowered my head to loo! at him. but ' still did not plan on letting . but she also !new the se#erity of the situation.' !now. . forgetting that there were three women who trained and passed le#el A in two short wee!s. it was too dangerous.'(/ 'n pain. . . Feng Wu [ing has also passed.Doll also passed. 't s alright e#en if you don t go with me.ui used both hands to co#er his face. ' could do nothing about it. . &ow were we going to stow away on the airship the government was going to use to send supplies to +ong Dian? .0ou can -ust wait for me here./ . $rince has passed as well.We can help you a#oid all detection from machines. so she did not argue any further. ./ ' felt a little sorry for him. .princerevolution.hen don t go and be a burden&/ said Wic!ed. .?o&/ 8#eryone yelled at the same time.ui was #ery disappointed.2h(/ Doll couldn t help pouting. )fter all.ui was currently pulling on the corner of my shirt as if his life depended on it. .

8#eryone. e#eryone s hearts were functioning Luite normally. we had been dependent on computers and the internet for such a long time already.he go#ernment wor!ers are pressing closer. ' could only call the e9perience a thrilling and e9citing acti#ity. +e e#en utiliNed his position as a police officer to help us a#oid many dangerous traps.his way. . . +umans became unable to step away from technology ages ago.Lolidragon./ ' nodded my head.)re you planning on directly impersonating go#ernment wor!ers to head o#er there1/ Lolidragon was stunned.he moment the go#ernment began transporting supplies onto the ship.. along with %enshin and "unshine s guidance.%enshin.. alarmed but not in danger of a heart attac!( . we immediately found seats and sat down. We almost didn t ha#e time to buc!le our EE .hat s enough. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ./ +earing this. Don t let them use computers to contact Long Dian to alert him about the ship being seiNed. so there wasn t enough space for all of us to hide in. )fter ' heard this. people were still depending mostly on computers for sur#eillance. once we stepped onto the ship. 8#en with Long Dian s appearance. . please stay seated and buc!le your seat belts.. then seal off the go#ernment s communication with Long Dian. we were./ .here s no time for hesitation. ' m actually !nowingly committing a crime. we disco#ered that the situation was !ind of bad.org yourself. . he still obediently accompanied us in brea!ing the law because our current situation left us with no choice. start up this airship and head toward Long Dian s location. Ay the time ' finished instructing %enshin.he ship s cargo capacity truly wasn t #ery large.  )fter stowing away on the go#ernment ship./ For the first time. on a whole. . remember to download me into a small computer that you can bring along with you. ' clenched my teeth and then yelled at the tablet pc Lolidragon held in her hands. With 5old Fo9 s e9pertise in stealth.han!fully. the airship had already begun launching. +owe#er. ' happily said. . ' will start the ship. they would disco#er the lot of us for sure. ' can help control the situation on the scene.)h.princerevolution.his is bad&/ 8#en though ?an . ./ %enshin clearly e9plained what he could do./ 8#en though someone li!e Long Dian had appeared and caused the entire world to begin worrying about the usage of computers. %enshin lengthily rambled on. and ' can also !eep in contact with "unshine in case we need to change tactics./ . as well as an unsuitable e9ercise for people with bad hearts.his is the most we can do. %enshin also straightforwardly said. .he two of us are not as powerful as the Dictator and cannot be in too many places at the same time.. .ong @ui had protested before our departure.hat is enough. .

. %enshin.' had the same thought./ 8#eryone started laughing.%enshin. lamenting. .' am in the process of opening it.princerevolution. telling them not to chase us. ' couldn t help but as!. so there s no way for me to open it wide./ "unshine s happily smiling face slowly disappeared from the screen. and they let us swagger through the gates in our departure.'n the past./ +earing my words. the airship went from a horiNontal state to a #ertical state.Well then."unshine. ' couldn t help but brea! the silence. ' m going to focus all of my efforts on stopping the go#ernment from releasing a public statement."unshine. . EC . there are small airships chasing you from behind. )fter all this. but we re too pressed for time. or else we ll launch nuclear weapons. ' would definitely ha#e scolded him for being such an alarmist. -ust how did you gain such a strong fighting ability1/ 2nce my words left my mouth.hey seem hostile. . "unshine said.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www."hould we retaliate1/ ' had a sudden flash of inspiration. 3nder %enshin s control. "unshine smiled and said./ %enshin still had no e9pression on his face. ./ 't only too! a moment for the small airships behind us to stop. . e#eryone stared curiously at 5old Fo9. .hey no longer dared to ta!e any action. ./ said 5old Fo9 simply. . ' started thin!ing about 5old Fo9 s strong fighting abilities and his e9pertise in stealth. a radar image appeared on the screen.here were truly some small airships chasing us from behind. . it would be best if you tilt the airship #ertically to fly through.org seat belts when all of a sudden the airship s main body shoo! and then we too! off. . but in an instant. if someone had told me that ' would steal a go#ernment airship./ Iery professionally./ )fter "unshine said this.Gy family is part of the criminal underworld.%enshin. this way we won t ha#e to attac! them. ?e9t to his face there was a small image of "unshine.' ha#e this feeling li!e ' m riding a clam(/ 0ang Ging s face was pale as he recalled the frightening memories of riding )n>ui. . 't loo!ed li!e they had been harboring the same Luestion for Luite a while. you can pretend to be the Dictator of Life and issue them a warning./ .2!ay./ "unshine wrin!led his brows. the airship flew #ery smoothly. rising into the s!y in an instant. ha#e you opened the gate1/ %enshin s face appeared on the airship s screen. and since ' was bored sitting on the airship. .3nderstood. ' m going to lea#e it to you to help them a#oid the Dictator s detection.. li!e %enshin was communicating with him.ong @ui smiled wryly. ?an . ./ +appily. . we finally breathed a sigh of relief. .5old Fo9.

$repare for landing.ong @ui s mouth dropped wide open. 0ou don t !now about him1 +e was rumored to be a fierce person who !illed the prime ministers of two countries. Just as ?an . $his guy got rid of the prime ministers of two countries? .roup but written with different 5hinese characters. an area in Japan.roup1/ 9uan Dong :hu?1 &asn’t this type of food !een gone for a long time? ' thought ' was the only one who !new about the deliciousness of this type of food.ong @ui couldn t help but as!. a type of Japanese dish that contains se#eral ingredients such as boiled eggs. . 'nstead. he said.he 'ce 8mperor "yndicate has a famous assassinW"il#er-Gas!ed [uic! Fo9. . . 3h well" it’s not li e there are many ordinary people among this group% .hey don t count as prime ministers. . . ' loo!ed toward 5old Fo9. the righteous syndicate of the criminal underworld. "is. . "is. Finally.ouched.uan Dong .8#en if crime syndicates !now how to use a dao. ma!ing me #ery worried that his -aw might fall off at any time./ e9plained 5old Fo9 indifferently. but my brother 0ang Ging had already re#ealed an e9pression full of worship. 5old Fo9 remained silent.uan Dong @hu refers to oden. .uan Dong/ is the 5hinese pronunciation of %antou.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. )fter a moment."il#er-Gas!ed [uic! Fo9 from the 'ce 8mperor "yndicate& Gy god& +ow come ' didn t ma!e the connection1/ ' was still completely confused.princerevolution.?o. it was ?an . . ' really ha#en t seen before(/ )s ?an ./ 0ang Ging re#ealed an e9pression that implied ' was truly ignorant and ine9perienced. my life is complete.0ou can t be( someone from the . ) crime syndicate member li!e you using flying daggers for all situations. ED . 5old Fo9 wore an e9tremely rare smile as he said. dai!on radish.We ha#e arri#ed abo#e the island. .ong @ui. but ?an . he re#ealed an e9pression of sudden realiNation as he shouted. D-. ' couldn t help but cut in. but he suddenly thought of something else and loudly shouted./ Alan!ly. .hey will definitely use guns if guns are a#ailable..7 D!9: $ronounced the same as .Riaoli Feidao.hey were merely the military leaders of rebellions from small countries.ong @ui started rela9ing #isibly.ong @ui would also be interested in it. ./ %enshin calmly said.ong @ui carefully as!ed. it s still only used under circumstances with no other alternati#es./ Ice #mperor -yndicate? ' was completely confused. he had still been moc!ing 5old Fo9 with . .What s going on1 What s the 'ce 8mperor "yndicate1 "il#er-Gas!ed [uic! Fo91/ . 'ce 8mperor "yndicate./ 1 F9a.' am a member of the 'ce 8mperor "yndicate.org 8#eryone fell silent for a bit until ?an .Who !new that ' was guided by "il#er-Gas!ed [uic! Fo9 in martial arts1 "niff. -o this guy really is a terrorist% ' tilted my head to thin!./ Is this really such a !ig deal? Aefore.ong @ui himself who stopped as if he was thin!ing about something.ong @ui trailed off. and fish ca!es in broth. . you #e become a top tier fighter.Gy god& Gy sis was actually able to spar against "il#er-Gas!ed [uic! Fo9 for ten minutes.uan Dong .. ?an .2h please. ./ 5old Fo9 glanced at ?an . 0ou don t !now about them1 . $hat’s still impressive./ yet now he loo!ed li!e a rabid fan of 5old Fo9. ' didn t thin! ?an .

ot it./ 2nce he said this. ./ ' suddenly realiNed that it was "unshine who had done this. but we don t !now how effecti#e "unshine will be against the Dictator of Life. 't didn t ta!e long for him to wal! out and broadcast. . ' sur#eyed our surroundings. "unshine will be responsible for shielding all of you from here on out. . yet this robot first said the airship hadn t landed.5ome o#er Luic!ly.. all of us impatiently undid our seatbelts. and turned to lea#e. . ./ 5old Fo9 warned suddenly. but this was fine.he inside of the airship contains no suppliesS the inside of the airship contains no supplies( )irship.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. >enshin actually cares this much a!out me% ' couldn t help crac! a smile./ 2ne after another.8#eryone. Just which ner#e of this robot s– ?o. "omething s coming.. . . and the humanoid robot e#en wal!ed into the airship.We ll spea! later. hide.' can t help you with what follows. e#eryone got off the ship./ 5old Fo9 didn t pursue the matter further. and then said the airship had crashed. we sat in our seats to wait for landing.' will remain here to loo! after the airship and wait for your return. ' hurried out of the thic!ets. . -ust which screw of this robot s wasn t screwed tightly.org [uietly. we didn t ha#e to be worried about not being able to find Long Dian on this small island.he two robots stopped in front of the airship. . he as!ed. the humanoid robot led the horse-shaped robot and left./ . -o this guy is also the type to !e cold on the outside" !ut warm on the inside% 2nce ' left the airship.he entire island only had one building. the other areas made me feel li!e ' had arri#ed at a primiti#e forest. .princerevolution./ %enshin straightforwardly said.)re we heading to the building now1/ EJ .he airship has crashed.his way. . What happened? ..When e#erything s o#er. and it was e#en pulling along a horse carriage that ' had only e#er seen in my history te9tboo!s.ot it. . 2ther than the aircraft par!ing lot where we par!ed the airship. 8#en a world-class idiot with directions li!e me could leisurely wal! up to the place. When ' abruptly turned my head to loo!. and then we peered through the small openings between the lea#es. 'n a cool #oice. as!ing. causing its brain to brea! down1 Lolidragon wal!ed out of the thic!ets and called out to us.he airship was perfectly alright and par!ed right there. but when the airship finally roc!ed slightly once we landed./ ' nodded my head. 2ne was a humanoid robot while the other was a horse-shaped robot. We Luic!ly hid in the thic!ets surrounding us. the airship has not landed yet( . .wo robots were wal!ing toward our direction. come to my place1 ' can guarantee your safety. 5old Fo9 had his gaNe fi9ed on the screen on %enshin. "unshine has already helped us in confusing that robot. ' mean. For now( +elp me protect $rince. Ae careful./ %enshin fell silent for a good while.

hen there s no choice e9cept to enter the ele#ator1/ ' motioned toward the ele#ator.Wait for a moment. so ' finally rela9ed. . "tepping o#er the ground that was o#ergrown with moss and crawling with #ines and weeds. We didn t ha#e to wal! for long before the entirety of the building clearly came into our #iew.his is actually not what ' e9pected. when ' wal!ed by them. 't loo!ed li!e it would not be easy to brea!. )fter a while. the place was absolutely empty. ' too! the lead.)re we going to brea! through the front door1 2r does "unshine ha#e other means1/ ' as!ed. androgynous #oice finished spea!ing. this didn t include 5old Fo9 and Lolidragon.he entire wall was bare. ..princerevolution. 0our arri#al brings much -oy. and the only door flashed with the gleam of metal. . . When we see robots. and it loo!ed li!e humans had yet to de#elop the area. +e wants to loo! into it first. 'f it weren t for that building. . ?onetheless. $lease do not mo#e. there are a few robots that ' was unable to hac! into. and by each side of the door stood a humanoid robot./ 2nce the ethereal. 't had ugly. Gy control against robots isn t great. ' already told the robots by the door to let you inside. ' wal!ed inside./ came "unshine s #oice from the tablet pc.5onfirming the identities of the arri#ing parties. $rince. ' still could not resist timidly loo!ing their way. . the metal door slowly opened. an ethereal. 89cept for an old ele#ator.ot it. androgynous #oice came from the door. .?o windows. they did not react e#en the slightest bit. fi#e-story apartment. What was luc!y for us was that this small island was as described* truly #ery small. wal!ing toward the two robots by the door. turning my head to as! for e#eryone s opinions./ ./ )fter ' said this.org . ' still stumbled a lot./ 5old Fo9 murmured.0ou can enter through the front door. 'nside that building. EU .he entire building loo!ed li!e an old... "unshine s warm #oice came out of the tablet pc in Lolidragon s hand.hen let s go. . we will try to e#ade as many as we can. ash-colored walls and a rectangular shape( What was different was that it did not ha#e any windows./ ' nodded my head. )ll around us were trees. but be careful e#eryone. so don t e#en mention the others( 2f course. our group passed through #ery carefully. and my companions behind me also followed me in. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ' too! a deep breath. and Lolidragon was a thief that could e#en burrow underground in-game. )lthough ' was the nimble type. ' spent a lot of effort deacti#ating the building s security system so that it won t react to you. .$hew. 5old Fo9 s abilities could already be described as inhuman. 't was truly apt calling this an island with a primiti#e forest. "unshine said that this place is strange. When ' wal!ed up to the door./ Lolidragon wrin!led her brows in apparent worry. +owe#er. so a little forest li!e this wouldn t trip her up. not e#en a single one. ' would absolutely ne#er belie#e that someone had come here before. Aegin scan( "can concluded.

so simple that it s strange. what was easy about this1 0ou guys -ust don t !now how hard it was. let s enter the ele#ator. and turned my head to as! 5old Fo9.0ou re saying that the course of e#ents that got us here was too simple1/ ' carefully pondered 5old Fo9 s words.2!ay./ ' sighed in relief. or else we would ha#e had our hands bound without being able to do anything about it. that was something that would ne#er happen. 2nly 5old Fo9 showed hesitation on his face. .>eaching this island is actually a #ery. 8#en if the go#ernment immediately ma!es new missiles.First. Lolidragon simply said./ added Lolidragon in a disdainful tone./ Lolidragon rolled her eyes and started e9plaining. . +e can use those to intercept them.org 8#eryone nodded their heads.hen can we enter now1/ 5old Fo9 paused for a bit before he nodded his head.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. all of the missiles in the entire world are pretty much under Dian s command.Dian can now control all of the satellites of the world.5old Fo91 Do you thin! that something s wrong1/ 5old Fo9 lightly wrin!led his brows and said. how would you reach this island1 )ny ships or planes that approach would be disco#ered right away./ ' too! the lead and wal!ed into the ele#ator./ . 8#en if you were to wear a special outfit that completely insulated you. ' would ne#er ha#e let any of you ta!e part in that special training because we wouldn t ha#e had any means of finding this island. and ' e#en felt it needed a good fi9ing. . With the robots outside and the deacti#ated security system as e9amples. e#eryone.2h please. ./ Lastly. . then it s a good thing the Dictator of Life returned %enshin and "unshine to us at that time. . . 3nless your body temperature is lower than Nero degrees 5elsius.princerevolution.2n top of that. . $rue" this is really not what I had expected% #ven the government has no choice !ut to follow +ong Dian’s words" yet we were a!le to come here so easily? . ' couldn t help but as!. )lso. this island is completely protected by a heat-sensing apparatus. Dian still has all types of missiles from all o#er the world under his control. Lolidragon shoo! her finger.$hew.3nless you row a canoe or swim o#er. #ery difficult tas!. without satellites to probe for us. . trying to find a small island in the boundless ocean would reLuire more luc! than 5olumbus finding new land. but what was strange was that other than the digit two that was glowing./ ./ Wic!ed tried to raise a con-ecture.hese satellites alone are enough for him to seiNe control o#er the entire world s transport means. then they could ha#e directly launched missiles to destroy the island.. 'f not for "unshine and %enshin s e9istence. 2f course. Don t e#en mention actually coming to the island.'f someone une9pectedly found this place. ' no longer doubted "unshine s abilities. all the other buttons CK . $his is an ordinary and standard elevator% ' sincerely belie#ed this.here was nothing inside the ele#ator e9cept for a few number buttons for the different floors. . . .'t s too simple. and they don t connect to any internet system and don t use the satellites to direct the missiles flight. you will be disco#ered immediately.

gi#ing off a cle#er and crafty !ind of feeling.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.princerevolution. We can only go to the second floor? With trepidation. white dog.org were dar!ened. 'n a short while. 'ts tail was e#en stranger. When ' pressed the numbers that weren t glowing. there was( What ind of animal is this? ' really didn t !now. . slowly rising. 'ts face was e9ceptionally unusual with a snout that was particularly sharp. 't actually had nine tails. we arri#ed at the second floor.he ele#ator immediately mo#ed. but it felt a little more noble and elegant than a dog( 'urse it! .elegant/ to describe an animal. C1 . 'ould it !e.noble/ and . .) nine-tailed fo91/ 5old Fo9 couldn t refrain from lightly shouting out. ' pressed the two. and its two eyes were particularly slender as well.his was the first time ' d e#er used descriptions li!e . and the door slowly opened( ' suc!ed in my breath. the ele#ator did not respond at all. 'n front of my eyes. and its nine large tails were wa#ing behind it. ' could only tell that its outer appearance was li!e that of a huge.

'nstead.2h.Fo91 "o this is a fo9. he was no longer standing there.hen bring it on& ' don t ha#e much time to waste. 't s too beautiful./ . .hat s right.2h1/ ' calmed down a little.Do you !now what we ha#e to do in order to continue going up1 Why can we only reach the second floor1/ . so it was no wonder ' didn t !now what it was( 0ut to thin that foxes actually have nine tails! . &e had even given me a meat !un for a pet" so nothing is impossi!le" right? 5old Fo9 slowly wal!ed forward. ./ laughed the nine-tailed fo9.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. the tails fanned out li!e a peacoc! s tail.he fo9 actually tal!ed.princerevolution. "ince the fo9 could tal!. it couldn t possibly be a real fo9. . ' as!ed. there was always the possibility of this being an e9ception to the norm.his should also be a robot./ . 2nce you ha#e defeated me. +e furrowed his brow slightly and said.' don t belie#e it.Defeat you1/ Why is this situation so similar to a fighting game? After fighting through an army of cannon fodder" I will finally meet the final !oss" and the stage will !e cleared when the final !oss is defeated.hat was a real eye-opener. .0ou are not my master./ Although I’m a little disappointed" I should let 'old 6ox attac first% 8#en though the first enemy that appears is usually -ust cannon fodder. since the artificial body could ha#e already been created. and it had an e9tremely pleasant #oice too.. 5old Fo9 stopped wal!ing and remained where he was( ?o. 'ts fur bristled slightly and its nine tails stopped mo#ing randomly. . )fter hesitating for a bit.Let me test its strength first. the ele#ator will automatically allow you to go up. ."o fo9es actually ha#e nine tails(/ -igh" if I had nown this !efore" then I would have put more effort into studying !iology properly% &ow could I have not even nown that foxes have nine tails? . mo#ing closer to the nine-tailed fo9 one step at a time.) robot1/ ' e9claimed. no one else is permitted to enter this place. ./ ' immediately drew my lightsaber and was about to charge forward when 5old Fo9 stretched out a hand and stopped me./ said the calm and composed nine-tailed fo9 as it paced around.2f course fo9es don t ha#e nine tails&/ Lolidragon said as she fiercely punched me. . 't said./ ' had ne#er seen a fo9 before./ ./ said Wic!ed./ . Aesides my master. ' suddenly disco#ered that the 5old Fo9 that was standing there was -ust an afterimage. .he ninetailed fo9 seemed to !now that the person approaching it was #ery strong. ...org Chapter ) : Deception . and the real C4 .+umans(/ . .' !now how you can continue going up. who immediately pulled out his gun as a precaution. especially since the one we were dealing with now was the Dictator of Life who was e#en harder to fathom.+aha.

and he( no. and would ne#er gi#e up all the way until the opponent felt li!e committing suicide.he nine-tailed fo9 paled when it heard what ' had said.$rince.' was almost fooled. it lay down on the ground and bawled its eyes out. and one who witnessed it would grie#e( ' could not help but( raise my leg and !ic! it ruthlessly before scolding.he fo9 s pre#ious aura of nobility and elegance instantly #anished..he entire fo9 den depends on me to sur#i#e.Gy Lord& ' ha#e an eighty year old parent and a three year old child to ta!e care of. ' drew my lightsaber and wal!ed toward the nine-tailed fo9.+ow did you !now ' was trying to fool you1/ . this time. +owe#er./ . my family will ha#e no one to depend on. it appeared e9tremely miserable. .+a#e you forgotten what you are1 0ou re a robot. )t that moment. you sly fo9. 'f you slay me. . you try it. . )ccording to my pre#ious e9periences. . What on earth does it want to do? . . . 5old Fo9 would definitely pursue the enemy whene#er he could.he nine-tailed fo9 finally stopped wal!ing when it was three steps away from me.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ./ 2nce again.hat s ob#ious&/ ' glared at it while saying./ )s the nine-tailed fo9 recounted its sad story. ) few hundred of these needles were all aimed at a #ery fast-mo#ing figure.princerevolution. eyes gleaming( . coldly saying.hen ' will not hold bac! any longer. causing all the needles to pierce the ground and soften bac! into normal fur. mo#ing closer and closer( 'ould this !e a trap? ' immediately raised my guard and held my lightsaber thirty degrees from the plane of my body./ said 5old Fo9 before he irresponsibly wal!ed to the bac! and closed his eyes to rest. 5old Fo9 mo#ed left and right Luic!ly. . not only did 5old Fo9 not pursue the enemy. )s if it were in a frenNy. ' loo!ed at it suspiciously. .Wait&/ shouted the nine-tailed fo9 suddenly. he actually turned around and wal!ed bac!. +owe#er. 't e9claimed. .0ou should be more than enough to ta!e care of it. 't loo!ed me in the eye( .he fo9 said. 5old Fo9 mo#ed in front of the nine-tailed fo9 and hurled a flying dagger at it. ' -umped in alarm.he nine-tailed fo9 wal!ed toward me slowly. 3h no" 'old 6ox won’t get hurt" will he? +owe#er. +a#e you e#er heard of a robot that has parents and can gi#e birth1/ C< ./ .. he missed as the nine-tailed fo9 dodged to the side gracefully. the nine-tailed fo9 s white fur bristled and shot out li!e needles.Ge1/ ' was stunned. so much so that one who heard the story would cry.org 5old Fo9( ' immediately loo!ed in the nine-tailed fo9 s direction.

' heard that $epsi sales are higher than 5oca 5ola sales.org . ' had wanted to ha#e a warm-up e9ercise. . )s e9pected.[uic!.he fo9 was indeed another ?$5 that -ust couldn t get any stranger. shedding a drop of cold sweat.'t s true. only to see 5old Fo9 tossing e#eryone out of the ele#ator. $hat’s right" a can of Pepsi as tall as a man has appeared in front of my eyes. . hurry up and come in./ ' fell& . who also couldn t help but be curious. ' #e lost./ said 5old Fo9. the button to go to the third floor has lit up.princerevolution.' wonder how this thing attac!s. the can tilting itself forty-fi#e degrees( ./ . and cur#y bottles also loo! better than aluminum cans. we Luic!ly learned how a can of $epsi attac!ed. CB . &ow on earth did +ong Dian educate the Dictator of +ife? Why are all the 8P's created !y the Dictator so weird? . . ' didn t get any warm-up at all.Why1/ ' said. a monster appeared on the third floor( !ut the description I used isn’t Cuite rightF this should !e a can of a monster! .Why does it ha#e to be $epsi.he nine-tailed fo9 loo!ed e9tremely shoc!ed.Aoo hoo hoo.+-+ow can it be that simple1/ "tunned./ e9plained Lolidragon calmly. ./ said Lolidragon as she stuc! her head out from inside the ele#ator. 8#en 5old Fo9 didn t loo! happy( A proper fight with the nine(tailed fox would have !een !etter% .& ) loud noise and #ibration scared me out of my wits. 5hagrined. ' remained where ' was. . 0ou guys can go up now. $erhaps that s the reason why the Dictator of Life chose $epsi. which had been damaged beyond recognition.5old Fo9./ . 't s really hard to imagine.he nine-tailed fo9 raised its forelegs and cried tragically. and the ele#ator itself loo!ed li!e it was on the #erge of collapse.8rr(/ ' couldn t imagine that as well. we can go up now. . ' turned around.et down&/ 5old Fo9 shouted as he pushed me to the ground forcefully.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. A)?. 2riginally. ../ ' followed e#eryone into the ele#ator in a daNe.)h&/ .he ele#ator door opened again. While ' was confused. come out Luic!ly&/ ' e9claimed. the fo9 said. but in the end. . +owe#er.here was a huge hole at the bac! of the ele#ator which allowed one to actually see the forest outside. ' didn t !now at this point whether ' should laugh or cry.' forgot. not 5oca 5ola1 5oca 5ola is ob#iously the more famous brand. someone suddenly threw me out of the ele#ator. We saw the pull tab of the aluminum can being pulled out. .

/ . only to see him standing at his original position with a cold e9pression on his face. but the $epsi can happened to attac! with its water pillar again. . round pillar with that un!nown ob-ect on top of it. don t remo#e it. ' opened my eyes only to see a burnt. )fter some time. 5old Fo9 propped himself up and shouted at the same time.$rince. the ele#ator had already begun to fall. +owe#er. . ' noticed the horrible smell of a burnt ob-ect. it attac!ed with lightning. ' wanted to remo#e 5old Fo9 s shoe so that Wolf-dOgP could e9amine him more carefully. the can opening faced the ceiling( 3h no! ' immediately retreated as the $epsi spat out another large pillar of cola water that punched a hole in the ceiling. . as it will help stabiliNe his foot.. Just li!e that. pushed him o#er with one mo#ement.he robot on the fourth floor seems to be able to use lightning attac!s. ' Luic!ly charged forward and straightened it with a !ic!. ?ow. but Wolf-dOgP Luic!ly stopped me by saying. and it happened to fall down when the hole was punched through the ceiling. and at the last second.$i\!a\chu\\/ . 3nfortunately. . my head in a blur.his ending really left me( totally speechless& ' abruptly remembered that 5old Fo9 had let out a grunt when he leapt out of the ele#ator. 5old Fo9 grunted softly. 5old Fo9 s legs brushed against the falling ele#ator( ' heard 5old Fo9 s soft but e9tremely clear grunt of pain. as if nothing had happened. the un!nown ob-ect yelled.$robably(/ ) little uncertain.$rince. both robots electrocuted themsel#es to death. Gost importantly.Wolf-dOgP. so you must not touch his foot at all costs. CE . 0lood! ' suddenly noticed that there was a bloodstain at the base of 5old Fo9 s right trouser leg.he strong electric discharge stung my eyes with its brilliance. the only medical staff present. . and ' could not help but co#er my eyes with my hands. Lolidragon answered.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. hurry up and ta!e a loo! at 5old Fo9 s foot&/ 'n a panic. .What on earth is going on1/ ' as!ed. 'f he had not ris!ed his life to sa#e e#eryone. Furious. out. ' did not get a good loo! at the un!nown ob-ect before it was turned into ash.org )fter 5old Fo9 had thrown the last person. but didn t !now what to say. . )ngry.5old Fo9(/ ' loo!ed at 5old Fo9. he would not ha#e gotten hurt. )n un!nown ob-ect suddenly dropped down from the large hole and landed on the $epsi can s body with great precision. Wolf-dOgP. Is 'old 6ox o ay? Doubtful. ' rushed toward him. ' immediately loo!ed toward him. . don t remo#e his shoe.he bones in the sole of 5old Fo9 s foot ha#e been shattered. he too leapt out of the ele#ator. ' shouted to Wolf-dOgP. finish it off&/ ' turned around abruptly and saw that damn can of $epsi begin to tilt itself again. Wolf-dOgP furrowed his brows as he e9amined 5old Fo9 s foot. and raised his right foot to see if it was o!ay./ . ' loo!ed him o#er.princerevolution.

2!ay.ime is short. 5old Fo9 said./ ' said. 0ut where is the ro!ot? ' did not dare rela9. the hole was only big enough to let us see a third of the room.org With his usual icy e9pression. 0ut how would we proceed to the fifth floor without an elevator? Wic!ed too! his time to load a baNoo!a. . . and instead searched for traces of the robot within the dust cloud. but after ' CC .2h no&/ Wic!ed said calmly. and the resultant huge cloud of dust nearly caused me to cough my lungs out. $his thing loo s a lot li e a !us stop sign% &ow does something li e that fight? Don’t tell me it can summon !uses? Whatever" I’ll 2ust go for it! ' immediately accelerated and charged at the bus stop sign.Loo!s li!e ' #e gone o#erboard with the shooting.princerevolution. )nyways./ 'n the face of 5old Fo9 s calm attitude.Wic!ed. . 3se a human pyramid to send one person up. ' felt a little resistance from the lightsaber when it hit the pole. .. 6ound it! ' saw an oddly shaped ob-ect. Wic!ed fired se#eral more rounds.(/ 8#eryone was dumbfounded. Wic!ed frowned and began shooting at different parts of the ceiling./ . aiming my lightsaber at its thinnest part( )ctually. $hat’s right! . "ince the ele#ator is bro!en. ' happily thought to use the human pyramid again to climb up.here was a robot guarding the fifth floor. ma!e the hole larger so that we can see where the fifth floor robot is. +e e#en carried a machine gun in his left hand and ra!ed the ceiling with gunfire. it definitely wasn t human. we successfully climbed up to the fourth floor. ' stepped lightly toward it because if ' could use this opportunity to finish it off from behind. you guys should use the hole that the $epsi can made to go up. 3sing the human pyramid and rope method./ commanded 5old Fo9 coolly. . ' mo#ed closer to the un!nown ob-ect one step at a time. )fter a large hole had finally been made. and e#en 5old Fo9 couldn t refrain from ma!ing a helpless e9pression while saying. the ceiling soon seemed li!e(it was going to collapse.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. the entire pole was uniformly thin. )lso. . so we could not climb up unprepared li!e we had done for the fourth floor. and he fired three shots in a row at the ceiling. ' also calmed down without realiNing it. ' used all my strength to cut it in half. )lthough ' didn t !now what it was. and then ha#e that person dangle a rope down for the others to climb. ' stuc! out my tongue and silently berated myself for being too careless. but there was no response from abo#e.8#eryone lean against the wall. We were soon going to see the Dictator of Life. 2f course. the robot on the fourth floor had already been destroyed together with the $epsi can./ ' had -ust leaned against the wall when the ceiling announced that it was doomed. 't fell down in large bloc!s. that would sa#e us a lot of trouble. 3nder Wic!ed s shoc!ing destructi#e power.

here are no other buildings on this island.hat s impossible&/ Lolidragon retorted. isn t there something called a metal detector1/ ' seemed to remember reading about things li!e that in ad#enture no#els. ' don t need a metal detector./ ./ Wu [ing. ./ said ?an . 2ne half was a long metal pole. aren t '1/ 8lated.' defeated the fifth floor robot in one stri!e. . .. you(/ shouted Lolidragon in shoc!.+ow s that1 ' m really strong.his is not Long Dian s base of operations.princerevolution. )hh& +ow could ' be so stupid1 'f we had a metal detector. so Long Dian s base of operations is probably underground. +is laboratory definitely contains metal&/ . ./ ' said. it could ta!e us months or years to find him.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . .his island is definitely Long Dian s base of operations. )t this point. then ' could probably add a si9th floor and guard it with the toaster ' ha#e at home.$rince../ . Wic!ed -ust said that this place is a sham. long time. 8#en if ' had used the dandruff on my head to thin!.Wait. @huo-gPge hit his forehead se#eral times and said.' didn t bring one& ' didn t prepare a metal detector. we would immediately !now where Long Dian is. &owever" what on earth does this mean? .(0ou mean that this bus stop sign is the fifth floor robot1/ Lolidragon pic!ed up the two hal#es of the bus stop sign and tossed them around unconcernedly.Don t get agitated.+mph."omething is definitely wrong. not that this whole island is a sham.. . .'f this counts as a robot.Lolidragon. . "unshine and ' confirmed this fact o#er and o#er again./ .We ha#e been decei#ed&/ @huo-gPge s face was #ery.here is&/ Lolidragon -umped up. there was this sentence* YWas the fighting game fun1 ' hope that $rince did not get hurt./ .. and the other was a round metal board. "he said. #ery cold. ' stared into space for a long. "he said. it s -ust a sham. noticing the words written on the round metal board. . . that resistance disappeared and the bus stop sign was sliced in two. Iisibly annoyed. ?either the name of the bus stop nor the a#ailable bus ser#ices was written on it.What should we do1 +ow are we going to find them now1/ Lolidragon was so depressed that she -ust plopped down on the floor./ ' loo!ed at the thing that Lolidragon was tossing around.ong @ui as he analyNed the situation calmly. Lolidragon. but then started pulling her hair desperately. who had been CD ..We should ha#e !nown that he would ta!e precautions against %enshin and "unshine when he returned them to us. .org put in more strength. 't really could not possibly be anything e9cept a bus stop sign. e#en if we !ept digging without any rest or sleep./ sighed 5old Fo9. ' would still !now that this was definitely a message that the Dictator of Life had left behind. ./ ' furrowed my brows and as!ed uncertainly. ' already !now where Long Dian is. +e said. 'nstead. ' turned around and said.

Want to as! .Where is he1/ Lolidragon -umped #igorously and rushed to 0ang Ging s side..ui made an embarrassed e9pression.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. 8eed I say who it is? 3f course it’s 9ui! 'n front of e#eryone s shoc!ed faces. +e stuttered as he e9plained.here was e#en a metal signboard which had the words . . .his is not une9pected. 8#eryone loo!ed upset.org !eeping Luiet all this time. . ' hid in the CJ ."-"orry. said suddenly. We ha#e already wasted too much time. . the aircraft par!ing ground already has a lot of metal.he Dictator of Life s abilities are abo#e mine and "unshine s./ concluded 5old Fo9.hat s right.ui1/ ' as!ed hopefully.)h&/ ?an . the moment he opened his mouth. e#eryone s fighting spirits ignited once more and we rushed bac! to the aircraft par!ing ground without resting. but because ' really wanted to come with $rince. )fter all.?o need to contact him1/ .here is no need to contact him. .. ./ . . %enshin simply said./ 3pon hearing this. e#eryone was ta!en abac!. . .he moment ' as!ed this Luestion.Let s go. but we didn t realiNe it1/ muttered Lolidragon to herself.5an you contact ."o we had already stepped on Long Dian s head -ust now.ong @ui e9claimed in shoc!.  )fter we told him how we had been decei#ed. +e should be able to compete with Long Dian.+e is in a place we can t find.princerevolution..ui was a genius with an '[ of 4KK. "he grabbed his shoulders and shoo! him. this appeared to be a normal aircraft par!ing ground.+urry up and tell us&/ . ?ot only that. 0our failure was hard to a#oid. an unli!ely person wal!ed out of the airship.he cement floor was he9agonal in shape.+ow do we get in1/ 8#eryone loo!ed around for an entrance to the base. ?o matter how we loo!ed at it. saying.hose incompetent robots were meant to delay us. .ui1/ as!ed %enshin plainly as he loo!ed at our e9hausted and troubled appearances. . and a metal fence surrounded the entire place.Danger& Li#ing people may not enter/ written on it. . and ' also could not help but be affected by this failure. the fully eLuipped . +owe#er.. and not Long Dian s base of operations. e#en if we use a metal detector. 8#en if we went there with a metal detector./ 0ang Ging smiled mysteriously and too! a deep breath before saying. . . we would -ust thin! that we were detecting the metal in the par!ing ground./ %enshin said something #ery strange. ' calmed my emotions and firmly said. the Dictator of Life was still waiting for me to sa#e him.he aircraft par!ing ground&/ . but our efforts were in #ain. and Long Dian is a rarely seen genius among humans. ./ .. .

.0ou really are an idiot. lea#ing us e9tremely confused.'t s fine. that s the most important thing./ said "unshine. as though she could not wait any longer. Who nows how many ro!ots could !e gathered down there? .. he paused for a moment. 'f ' did anything more. wondering what was going on. right1/ Lolidragon nodded earnestly. there would ha#e been no way for ./ said . saying. Are they people or ro!ots? . )fter all.he more he said.'f my guess is correct. .)nyway. .hose did not sound li!e #oices of robots. 2nly one or two seconds had passed when he happily spo!e again. . )fter that.ui.ui. Lolidragon. the entire he9agonal. . the reason li#ing people may not enter is because only ?$5s can approach this signboard. you are not #ery strong in battle.2!ay.he engine room is -ust big enough for one person to hide in(/ ' could not resist scolding./ said . the door has opened&/ ) few panic!ed #oices shouted.org airship a day earlier. . smiling mysteriously. ' -ust wanted(to follow you here. . as if they were #ery happy at being sa#ed. you re still ali#e and in one piece.ui in a happy but slightly sorrowful #oice. let s see if you can in#ade this signboard. hurry up and tell us. ' would -ust become a burden. he had -ust wanted to follow me.ui. shoc!ed.)re you robots1/ someone on their side as!ed.he he9agonal floor finally landed on the ground. . ./ CU ./ ' said.?o. . so you should stay behind me as much as possible. "unshine is inside your tablet pc. ' ha#e already opened the entrance. of course not.Li#ing humans may not enter1 'nteresting.2!ay. . how will we be able to enter Long Dian s base1/ demanded Lolidragon hastily. there s an )' inside this signboard. alone. and the wea!er his #oice./ Faster than you could blin!.ui. )fter ' had gotten o#er the initial shoc!..people/ loo!ed at us with fear and e9pectation. happy to be cared for by the person he li!ed. 0ou e#en stayed in the aircraft par!ing ground."unshine.he door has opened. .ui to a#oid being detected.ui behind me and nagged. ./ 'f Long Dian had felt li!e ta!ing the airship into his base of operations.o summariNe the situation. cement floor started to sin!.. . ' will try it. the place closest to Long Dian. then wal!ed in front of the metal signboard and said. ' pulled . ' could not bear to blame . but depressed that he had to let his belo#ed woman protect him./ said . . the gloomier his eyes became./ . ' immediately pulled out my lightsaber as a precaution.ui any more. . .We are definitely human.ui muttered to himself in a low #oice. first in surprise and then in fear. about twenty .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. but it was better to be careful./ .princerevolution./ ' answered.' m sorry.

Ling Ain1 Why are you here1/ . we succeeded in the end.Just who are you people1/ .$rofessor.. no one would be able to stop it.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. worried. .he doctor s face was so pale it was almost white./ said @huo-gPge suddenly.2h my god. ' as!ed. this lunatic actually wants the whole world to die with him.2n the contrary.hey are the world s most talented people. )lso. .. .Did you guys ta!e the opportunity to !ill him during the operation1/ as!ed Lolidragon. ' felt li!e ' had been struc! by lightning.here is something ' must do. 2ne of them said.hus. +e continued./ said @huo-gPge as he held the white-bearded old man s hands.he old man s eyes had nearly popped out in astonishment. who could not help but shudder at the thought.org ./ ./ said @huo-gPge. $he surgery was successful? Does this mean that the Dictator of +ife has already.2f course not&/ yelled a doctor in a white coat. ' did not e9pect it to be successful( Luc!ily.hat s great&/ . ./ .. .hat was the first time ' d e#er heard about that !ind of surgery. he !ept threatening us by saying that he would launch a nuclear weapon and destroy the world unless we helped him. and if the surgery failed. we performed some strange brain surgery on him. smiling.hey actually started to hug each other in -oy.he white-bearded old man shoo! his head.princerevolution. . saying. . 't loo!s li!e you re o!ay..disappeared? DK . causing him to die. face filled with emotion. we had no choice but to help him successfully create an artificial body.$re#iously. +owe#er. . . . +e then wal!ed toward an old man with a white beard. why are you people allowed to wander around freely1 Won t Long Dian restrict your mo#ements1/ .he white-bearded old man was so surprised that he stuttered. ./ . ' ha#e been #ery worried for your safety. .)re you here to rescue us1 +as the go#ernment finally found a way to control Yhim 1/ Filled with suspicion. $rofessor.+e said that he had already set a time for the launch of the nuclear weapon./ said the old man.

½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


Chapter * : &he ternal Legend
."o you guys came after all. What a waste of the Dictator s repeated pleas for your li#es./ ;his #oice was all too familiar. 't was Long Dian s cold and taunting #oice. ' turned and loo!ed at him, unable to belie#e my eyes. Long Dian no longer had white hairS his blac! hair had been restored. +is leisurely worn white robes and e9ceedingly beautiful face made him loo! -ust li!e an angel that had fallen into the mortal world. 'f ' had not !nown what he was really li!e, that might ha#e been what ' would ha#e thought. +owe#er, ' !new #ery well that the man in front of me now was a de#il who had murdered thousands of people, threatened the whole world, and e#en condemned the child he had created& 8#en though that child had cared so much for him& &e illed the Dictator of +ife% ' clenched my fists. In the end" I. didn’t ma e it in time to save the Dictator% .'s the Dictator of Life already( dead1/ ' as!ed in a hoarse #oice. 8o" I must not cry! Long Dian dismissi#ely said, .+e has ne#er been ali#e, so how could he die1/ .+e was ali#e& ?o one can understand that better than you. 0ou !now that he is not -ust an intelligent computer./ )fter hearing what he had said and seeing his attitude, ' lost my temper. Did the Dictator sacrifice his life for such a person? .2f course he s -ust an intelligent computer. +e always will be./ Long Dian s e9pression had also changed. ;here was no smile on his face, -ust a cold, heartless e9pression. .023&/ ) flash of anger rose up from the bottom of my heart. 'f ' did not let it out, ' felt that ' would #omit blood. ' raised my lightsaber and charged toward him without hesitation. 'n a few strides, ' was already swinging my lightsaber directly at him. I now that I must not do this% I now that this is murder" !ut. isn’t him illing the Dictator of +ife also murder? .$rince&/ shouted Lolidragon in shoc!. )lthough ' swung my blade down, my hands did not encounter any resistance. ' hadn t managed to cut anything at allS it had been -ust an afterimage. ' immediately retreated, raising my #igilance at the same time. Where is +ong Dian? 5old Fo9 suddenly yelled, .)t ele#en o cloc!&/ ' loo!ed in the direction 5old Fo9 was pointing. Long Dian continued to smile faintly, but his eyes were filled with madness. +e raised his right hand and actually mo#ed it directly in front of my lightsaber( Aefore ' could stop my blade, he was already gripping the lightsaber with his hand. ;hat s right, he actually grabbed a light weapon that could burn though e#erything with his bare


½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


hand& ' could not help but re#eal an e9pression of shoc! and horror. &e can’t even !e harmed !y a lightsa!er% What should I do now? "uddenly, a shadow flew toward Long Dian s hands. Long Dian did not pay it much attentionW since e#en a lightsaber could not harm him, what was there for him to worry about1 +owe#er, dar! red blood started to flow from Long Dian s hands( ?o, that probably was not blood. "ince Long Dian was no longer human, it was li!ely something created to mimic blood. Where that dar! red blood flowed from, a flying dagger was firmly stuc!W5old Fo9 s flying dagger. For the first time, an e9pression of alarm appeared on Long Dian s face. +is eyes seemed e#en more insane and his #oice was filled with irrepressible anger as he demanded, .+ow1 +ow could you hurt me1 Gy s!in ought to be made of the toughest man-made s!in a#ailable that e#en a light weapon cannot harm( 3nless you old fol!s are lying to me&/ Long Dian s eyes slowly turned to face the group of the world s most talented people. .?o, we wouldn t dare lie to you./ ;rembling, the doctor who had spo!en continued, .We don t dare to gamble with the whole world at sta!e. Following your wishes, we used the highest Luality and toughest man-made s!in. ;he fact that you -ust bloc!ed a light weapon is the best piece of e#idence for that./ Long Dian loo!ed at them suspiciously. +e was probably thin!ing that these cowering old fol!s wouldn t ha#e the guts to lie to him, so he slowly shifted his gaNe toward the person who had thrown the flying daggerW5old Fo9. )larmed yet curious, Long Dian pulled out the dagger as if he hadn t felt any pain and as!ed, .What !ind of weapon is this1/ .'t s a special weapon. ' m the only person in the world who has that weapon,/ said 5old Fo9 indifferently. Long Dian laughed softly, saying, .+aha, in the future, no one will ha#e this weapon./ ;hen, Long Dian actually did something craNy. +e stabbed his own stomach with the flying dagger. Just li!e that, the entire dagger went into his body. )fter doing this, Long Dian raised his hands and shrugged, saying, .Gy apologies. Loo!s li!e your flying dagger will be in my stomach fore#er./ .0ou re a total lunatic&/ ' could not help but yell at him. Long Dian laughed e#en more arrogantly. ;hat laughter made all the hairs on my body stand. 'ould the +ong Dian in front of me even !e considered a normal human anymore? Why does he seem even less human than !efore? $re#iously, he was cold and e9pressionless, but now( he -ust made people feel utterly disgusted. .Dian( Why ha#e you become li!e this1/ Lolidragon finally could not help but co#er her face with her hands and cry. D4

½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend


Long Dian finally stopped laughing in that frightening way. $he expression that flashed across his eyes" was it concern? ' was e9tremely familiar with the loo! in those eyes because ,ui also often had that !ind of e9pression. .;hat has nothing to do with you./ Long Dian went bac! to his de#il-may-care attitude. +e said, ."hui +an, you should lea#e. For old times sa!e, ' ll let you go./ Lolidragon s entire body shuddered. "he raised her head and as!ed in disbelief, .What do those words mean1/ Long Dian did not spea!. +e -ust smiled cruelly. .0ou want to !ill e#eryone here1/ ;wo streams of tears fell from Lolidragon s eyes. "he stood in front of e#eryone else, her arms wide open, saying, .' won t allow that. ' won t let you lay a finger on anyone./ Long Dian smiled e#en more cruelly. With one mo#ement, he instantly appeared in front of Lolidragon s eyes, ma!ing her -ump in shoc!. +owe#er, at that moment, a light sword slashed at Long Dian. +e caught the sword unconcernedly and loo!ed at the attac!er. 't was a young man, and a rather handsome one at that. 3nfortunately, he was my younger brother who rarely e#er got serious, Feng. 0ang. Ging. )nd now was one of the rare times when he got serious. .' won t let you hurt her, be it mentally or physically./ )lthough his sword had been grabbed, 0ang Ging still stared at Long Dian without fear. .0ou(/ Long Dian s eyes narrowed. .) man with no sense of responsibility is not fit to be her man./ 0ang Ging smiled an annoying smile that was unparalleled when it came to ma!ing one want to hit him. 'f this were a normal situation, ' definitely would not be able to resist dragging him to a game of +appy 5orner. 6?ote* )n inhumane punishment carried out on a man s little RR. 't often results in irreparable mental and physical damage to the #ictim.7 Aut right now, ' really admired my little brother, regardless of whether he was actually being manly or was -ust plain craNy. Long Dian s smile #anished again. ;he insanity in his eyes let e#eryone !now that he was going to start !illing now. 0ang Ging also became as wary as he could, although that probably wouldn t ma!e much difference( Long Dian did not use any flashy mo#esS he -ust swung his palm toward 0ang Ging. 0ang Ging used his light sword to defend against Long Dian s attac!, but Long Dian was so strong that the light. "word. )ctually. Aro!e& .0ang Ging&/ ' howled in alarm. +owe#er, ' was too late. 8#erything played out li!e a mo#ie in slow-motion. Long Dian s palm was una#oidable, and it seemed that 0ang Ging would lose his life by Long Dian s hand. +owe#er, Lolidragon suddenly threw herself at 0ang Ging, her bac! facing Long D<

but 5old Fo9 suddenly stretched out a hand and bloc!ed my path. so you definitely ha#e the best operating room here. "hoc!ed. how is Lolidragon s wound1/ 0ang Ging loo!ed li!e he was about to burst into tears.We do ha#e one.princerevolution. .Gy blood type is 2. Long Dian could not stop himself in time. With 0ang Ging s help. ' need to loo! at her wound. he cho!ed out.he moment 0ang Ging heard that.Lolidragon1 Loli( dragon1/ Finally."o what if you got me in#ol#ed1 8#en if ' ha#e to spend the rest of my life immersed in a water tan! with you. he immediately let go and let Wolf-dOgP hold Lolidragon. )s Wolf-dOgP carefully e9amined her wound.his #oice belonged to none other than Wolf-dOgP. but this actually made her cough repeatedly because of the blood. ' need an operating room right now&/ Without hesitation. the fresh red blood spattering on my younger brother s face and chest. but he was loo!ing in another direction( ' followed his gaNe and saw Long Dian. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.2?&/ .Wolf-gP. Long Dian. he carried Lolidragon into the operating room. ta!e me there. are you alright1 ' m( sorry( for getting you in#ol#ed.'-'diot&/ 0ang Ging shouted angrily. . .' +)I8 ?2.here is nothing more dangerous than an in-ured wild beast.he doctor frowned. . Lolidragon opened her eyes and wea!ly said.'( ha#e nothing left.+er collarbone and upper arm bone are fractured. ?ot understanding what he was doing.L2L'D>). sobbing. ' forcefully pulled 0ang Ging s arms away from Lolidragon./ )t this point. which were wrapped around Lolidragon./ . . . ' would ne#er regret it&/ Lolidragon could not help but laugh. right1/ as!ed 0ang Ging worriedly. whose eyes were deeply filled with pain. worry e#ident in his eyes../ With two streams of tears flowing down his face. but we don t ha#e any blood for transfusion. .&/ )fter shouting. Wu [ing. Wolf-dOgP turned to face the cowering doctor./ . . Frantic./ .+'?. +e hugged Lolidragon s body as she slid down.Let her go&/ . he suddenly stopped breathing hard DB . [uic!ly. Long Dian loo!ed up toward the s!y and shouted. . ' loo!ed at him. 't s the uni#ersal donor. Wolf-dOgP nodded and immediately bent down to set Lolidragon s in-ured shoulder in place. . yelling.Let her go.org Dian s palm. +owe#er. +e could only shift his hand slightly to the side( hitting Lolidragon s shoulder& Lolidragon immediately #omited blood.0ou guys -ust operated on Long Dian. .Wu [ing. ' wanted to follow them. +e said. he tried to pull 0ang Ging s arms. calling in a hoarse and trembling #oice. then let go of her Luic!ly&/ . ' also rushed to their side. away.'f you don t want Lolidragon to die. letting the blood flow into his eyes. . +is eyes widened. Long Dian started to hyper#entilate./ said 5old Fo9 in a gra#e tone. L8F.

5old Fo9. ' need you to cooperate with me in order to subdue Long Dian. that there was an in-ured wild beast right in front of me. he immediately leapt toward me. 2therwise.his would be my hardest battle. you(/ ' smiled and said. gone craDy? Why is he acting so strangely? ' also began to feel the truth in 5old Fo9 s words. &e’s going to attac ! Gy heart s!ipped a beat. .$rince. +ahaha. planning on defeating Long Dian in one stri!e with the flying dagger when he was at his most rela9ed.ot it. . . D')?. A wild !east with a !ro en heart. . Long Dian loo!ed at us and said. Why am ' the one who has to die instead of you1 ' ha#e been wor!ing hard for so many years. . challenging you is e9actly what ' want to do. .W+01 W+0 )>8 023 $82$L8 ". .$anting1 Why am ' panting1 ' don t e#en need to breathe..org and laughed hysterically./ muttered 5old Fo9. '" G8&/ 5old Fo9 -er!ed #iolently. saying.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. who was beside me. $rince.princerevolution./ said Wic!ed in a low #oice. it s not up to you to decide whether others should li#e or die&/ ' said se#erely. a woman. please support us.hat s right.. they can still hinder his mo#ement. #ven. gone -ust li!e that( +2W 5)? ' A8 "). ' actually hyper#entilated1/ &as +ong Dian. but in order to protect e#eryone./ ' calmed my emotions. . it was a battle ' could not afford to lose& Long Dian s eyes narrowed. but my leg is in-ured.>eally1 8#en my own life was ta!en away so easily. . ' !new that ' must a#oid a direct confrontation with Long Dian. so why can t ' ta!e away others li#es too1/ Long Dian smiled faintlyS it was a smile full of malice and blood thirst. 023> 2$$2?8?. ' dodged to the side. and from 0ang Ging s painful e9perience. his mouth barely opening as he spo!e.0ou people are -ust some luc!y children who ha#e ne#er gone through any hardships before. ' had to help him.' ha#e three flying daggers. want to challenge me1/ Long Dian re#ealed a loo! of disdain. Deep !reath" 3>! ' shouted. +is weapons were the same palms that had hurt Lolidragon.Wic!ed. all the people behind me would probably lose their li#es. .8#en if it s li!e that. even if !oth of us get seriously in2ured and neither side wins" I will not hesitate% I must not let +ong Dian hurt any of the people !ehind me! . DE . "o many years of happiness.'LL )L'I8 )?D W8LL1/ With a deranged loo! on his face. insane" yet possessing incredi!le destructive power% ./ ' nodded. . as he had only contempt for the word .' can t let an in-ured person do e#erything&/ ' raised my lightsaber. and without saying anything more.+'"&1/ . )lthough light guns cannot hurt him.0ou. suddenly stuffed something into my belt and whispered Luic!ly.'"F'8D W'.L2?. ?o matter what.woman/.+ .

so ' had no choice but to endure his !ic!( . . ' charged toward Long Dian. Long Dian did not e#en stop.& @ui fired without hesitation.Riao Lan. DC . +owe#er. "hoc!ed.he sound of se#eral gunshots rang out. whether you die or ' perish. and 5old Fo9 s body was slowing sliding down to the ground. and it was pointed directly at his heart. ' wanted to run to him. +e simply rotated his body by ninety degrees and charged toward me again. Long Dian had actually gone and attac!ed 5old Fo9. but a sudden strong gust of wind suddenly hit my stomach( Damn it" I actually forgot that +ong Dian has legs% . and obser#ed the change in his e9pression with satisfaction. ' dodged Long Dian s palms again. Go#ing as Luic!ly as ' could.+aaaaa&/ ?an . hoping that 5old Fo9 would seiNe the opportunity to stab Long Dian while his attention was completely focused on me. 't was #ery #e9ing for him that a shot fired right ne9t to Long Dian s heart still could not stop him. causing Long Dian to pause for a moment. A)?. don t(/ @huo-gPge suddenly warned me. light guns were ob#iously completely beneath Long Dian s notice. let s ha#e a bet. ./ )nger flashed across Long Dian s eyes. +owe#er. 'n the ne9t moment. ' instantly understood that Wic!ed was restraining Long Dian.ong @ui suddenly -umped down onto Long Dian s body from abo#e.org ma!ing Long Dian s attac! miss. e#en as he fired relentlessly at Long Dian to pre#ent him from dealing the final blow to 5old Fo9. Long Dian s refle9es were inhumanly good( #rr" he isn’t even human" actually. Did we succeed? .Don t go there&/ @huo-gPge held me bac! with all his might.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. ' wa#ed the dagger in front of Long Dian on purpose. 0ut how can I stop now? +ong Dian’s full attention is on me" so I must eep going& .Long Dian.ong @ui s eyes.princerevolution. and ' swung my weapon at thin air& "uddenly. -ust as Long Dian and ' were about to clash( Long Dian suddenly disappeared.3gh&/ >egret showed in ?an . We ll bet on this last attac!.his thought flashed across my mind. +olding the dagger tightly. ' heard a grunt.5old Fo9&/ . a light gun in his hand. 'reate the !est opportunity for 'old 6ox to stri e! ' made my decision and pulled out the flying dagger in my belt. ' taunted Long Dian on purpose.here was no way to dodge. +e raised the flying dagger that had been in 5old Fo9 s hand and was going to stab 5old Fo9 s head with it( . the difference between him and Wic!ed was that his gun barrel was in contact with Long Dian s body. who was lying on the ground. and ' glanced at 5old Fo9 s eyes W eyes that were waiting for the best opportunity to hunt down its prey. +owe#er. . Will this shot !e effective? Long Dian stood still as bright red blood slowly flowed out of the gunshot wound.

.+appy now1 0our lifeless bodies will be seen by the whole world.)re you trying to contact the outside world for help1 ' will let your wish come true. )ll the tele#ision channels will show only what is going on here. . . . we ha#e to sa#e the two of them. a nuclear missile has !een fired? )s this thought occurred to me. Long Dian could also mo#e freely around the 'nternet. he sent an old man with a white beardW@huo-gPge s professorWflying./ replied Wic!ed without hesitation. saying.Why argue1 ' can -ust go o#er there instead.@ui&/ ' was so horrified that my face had also paled. e#en though it was so painful that his face had contorted.ong @ui with 5old Fo9 s dagger./ ' said resolutely. ?one of us had forgotten that besides ha#ing a ridiculously strong body. @huo-gPge. From now onward.L2?. @ui absolutely refused to let out any cry of pain. Long Dian really charged at us.?o. . and cold sweat flowed down his face. . 'f @ui hadn t dodged to the side at the last moment. his current situation was not much better than ha#ing his heart pierced. A snap of his fingers could mean that. . but the group of more than twenty professors.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. Aoth of them desperately needed treatment. going right through him and e#en pinning him to the wall.he enormous airship to the side had begun to mo#e with . Long Dian Luic!ly turned his head around to loo!.he flying dagger penetrated @ui s shoulder. +owe#er. . the people he wal!ed toward were not us.princerevolution./ Long Dian smiled brilliantly. 3h my god" 'old 6ox has fallen on the ground and no one nows whether he is alive or dead% 8ow" :ui has !een pinned to the wall. which was the only thing that could penetrate Long Dian s s!in( . you stay here and don t follow me. +owe#er.I cameras that can be rotated a full three hundred and si9ty degrees in this room. a communication de#ice suddenly appeared in his hand. We couldn t afford any more delays.@huo-gPge. +owe#er. ' immediately raised the flying dagger in my hand. >ight after that.here are four 55.ui standing in its coc!pit.. Long Dian glanced at me and @huo-gPge coldly. D')?&/ . a #ideo of e#erything that happens here will be sent to e#ery broadcasting station in the world. ./ What a psycho% Worried.org Long Dian stabbed ?an . Long Dian smiled icily. . right1/ )fter saying that.Riao Lan(/ Long Dian said coldly. ' loo!ed at 5old Fo9. @ui s face was shoc!ingly pale. doctors. and scientists( With one punch. . DD . . and @ui. aiming to push the dagger all the way into @ui s chest. who was pinned to the wall.' will sa#e them. saying. my facial e9pression became as ugly as it could possibly be.ui s #oice suddenly rang out li!e thunder.he image of two people also suddenly appeared on the transparent glass of the coc!pitW"unshine and %enshin./ Long Dian snapped his fingers./ ' stubbornly ob-ected. it s too dangerous. this dagger would undoubtedly ha#e pierced his heart. who was lying on the ground with his situation still un!nown.

3nable to breathe properly.ui.Dictator of +ife< have affected +ong Dian? ./ %enshin frowned and was -ust about to open his mouth to urge Long Dian on when Long Dian suddenly mo#ed.ong @ui. . ' will not let you go. . suddenly charged at us DJ . ' loo!ed at 5old Fo9.We cannot escape."top. but he himself did not notice this slight mo#ement. 2n the other hand. +e was so fast that ' didn t e#en ha#e time to respond as he grabbed my throat with one hand and sent @huo-gPge flying with the other.2therwise. worried.2h1 )nd how will you defeat me1/ as!ed Long Dian with a cold e9pression on his face. "unshine and ' will trap you inside "econd Life and infect it with se#eral #iruses that will delete e#erything. #ven though the Dictator of +ife gave up on his consciousness" could he possi!ly still !e around? 3therwise" why would the words .D-Dictator of Life(/ ' cho!ed desperately./ . 3h no" >enshin definitely would not !e a!le to smash me to pieces as well% What should we do now? "uddenly. Is it 2ust my eyes" or did +ong Dian sway a little when he heard the three words . +e only refle9i#ely sLueeNed my throat e#en harder."top messing around. Long Dian started to breathe harder( +oo s li e he forgot that he doesn’t need to !reathe again% Long Dian stood there silently. please ma!e him decide Luic!ly.Do you two thin! that you can escape from the #irus1/ . )lthough you can escape into the online world. Long Dian shuddered again. .princerevolution. who was still lying on the ground. and ?an . %enshin said./ said %enshin fran!ly. %enshin fell silent. . the thought that the Dictator of Life still e9isted in Long Dian rang out in my o9ygen-depri#ed brain.We will crush your artificial body using this airship. s!in that could not e#en be harmed by light weapons was ob#iously not going to be scratched by my nails. Long Dian.%enshin. ' hastily shouted. Long Dian s face had also changed noticeably./ With a #oice so icy that it could chill people s hearts. ' desperately clawed at Long Dian s hands with my own two hands.Dictator of Life&/ shouted "unshine./ %enshin described his plan while remaining absolutely calm and composed. as if he were thin!ing about something. +owe#er. e#en if you and the Dictator of Life are the same person. 5old Fo9 and @ui are going to die. whose face was becoming paler and paler. don t you dare hurt $rince&/ .org . 2n hearing %enshin s indifferent tone.Dictator of +ife<? .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. who had been on the airship. +e said #iciously. 'f not. Damn it" I’m starting to lose my consciousness% . Worried.

do you remember who ' am1 ' m $rince(/ . "ince he could send e#en @huo-gPge flying with one sho#e. Long Dian did not consider . ' am here because you said Ythan! you to me that time. . 'mpatient. DU . . ' cut off my hair with one mo#ement. hoping to see whether the Dictator of Life had returned( Long Dian./ Gany e9pressions flashed across Long Dian s face.org rec!lessly. +e lost his focus for a moment and actually released me. he yelled at %enshin.$rince(/ ) loo! of longing flashed across Long Dian s face.here was shoc!. +owe#er.ui a threat. ' wasn t going to stab Long Dian with itS ' had another plan. or ' will brea! this woman s nec!.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. some regret( . but rela9ed it immediately after. 0ou two better ta!e the airship and scram.princerevolution. and he tried to grab me again( Ay then.Dictator of Life. 'f $rince dies. . Don t gi#e in to him anymore. +e simply raised his leg slightly and !ic!ed .ui. 'n front of me stood ./ . you too saw what your father did. ' had already pic!ed up the flying dagger that had fallen to the ground. +e said./ ' sLueeNed out through my teeth. lea#ing it around the same length as $rince s./ ' shouted rather emotionally. this also confirmed my suspicions that the Dictator of Life had not completely #anished. eyes filled with deceit( and that hand was currently being thrust at my heart( ' finally understood how my younger brother had felt when Lolidragon protected him.et lost.Dictator. Did I succeed? ' mo#ed e#en closer. ' leaned toward Long Dian. or you will strangle $rince. Long Dian loo!ed at me suspiciously and tightened his grip. held out his hand to me. a cruel hand piercing right through his chest. sending him a long distance away and ma!ing him #omit blood continuously. +is e9pression changed dramatically as he finally sensed that something was wrong.ui did his best to crawl bac! toward us. . do you remember1 0ou than!ed me for letting you understand the meaning of lo#e. but said the Dictator of Life s name instead. you won t ha#e a hostage to threaten %enshin with. naturally./ Long Dian furrowed his brows and rela9ed his grip."top. Long Dian s e9pression then changed to one of disbelief.Dictator of Life. gentleness.$rince(/ Long Dian hung his head. or the Dictator of Life. . +owe#er.Dictator of Life.. .ui. Is it the Dictator of +ife? ' watched as he slowly lifted his head. $robably because he saw my face turn pale. .

' too! the initiati#e to attac!. the e9pression that appeared on ./ ' glared directly at Long Dian. . the person who had ta!en e#erything away from me& 'n a flash.princerevolution. )t that moment.he immense pain in my stomach JK . the remaining force of the attac! was bad enough./ Gy mind initially blan!ed out. ' appeared in front of Long Dian. suddenly too! the initiati#e and mo#ed his hands toward the flying dagger that ' was holding.org . >ealiNing that he could not continue li!e this.he only feeling that remained was the need to defeat the person in front of me./ Long Dian also re#ealed an e9pression which showed that he wanted to end all this. a de#ious loo! appeared in Long Dian s eyes again. and .han! god you re o!ay(/ . Long Dian was defending against a flying dagger that could actually hurt him.ong @ui s. What a coincidence.he terror. 8#en the light armor that ' was wearing was ma!ing crac!ling sounds. my flying dagger was already stuc! in one of his palms. mo#ing with a speed comparable to his. you said that you had nothing left to lose. . "oon. 5old Fo9 s. who had been a#oiding the flying dagger. what he was up to. his hands were completely stained with blood. ' said. he said something in a #oice that was too soft to be heard.ui s( /y comrades have all fallen% #veryone has fallen% Gy tears were flowing. ?o matter how sore my body felt. all of it disappeared. he did not stand to benefit.. but ' felt a frightening emptiness in my heart.here was blood e#erywhere W Lolidragon s. . Wic!ed s. . and the fear of pain that ' originally had. . ' raised 5old Fo9 s dagger and simply said. it could not be compared to the pain of witnessing all my comrades collapse one by one. 't was a pity that ' could not guess. ?an . I definitely cannot lose 9ui" a!solutely not! +owe#er. so naturally. Aefore collapsing. "urprisingly. and did not ha#e any e9tra energy to guess. %nowing that if the blow landed solidly on me ' would probably ne#er get up again. ma!ing me worry about whether the armor would last until ' defeated Long Dian. the price ' paid was how all of the muscles in my body were protesting. With his bare hands.. Gy flying dagger clashed at lightning speed with Long Dian s hands. ' was already pushing myself past my limit -ust to !eep up with Long Dian s speed. when Long Dian.his was the only way to successfully a#oid most of the damage caused by Long Dian s terrifying strength. ' had no choice but to let go of the flying dagger and retreat in the same direction as Long Dian s attac!. howe#er. ' was still thin!ing about how to end this battle as Luic!ly as possible. . 2f course. Aefore ' could e#en figure out what Long Dian was trying to do. and his other hand was lunging toward my stomach. please don t die. ' too ha#e nothing left now.ui. 5almly. ' finally understood. ' could actually match Long Dian s speed. . 8o! 9ui must not die! )t that moment.5ome. +owe#er. Let us finish this.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. who actually loo!ed away as if he were feeling guilty. the fear of death.ui s face was part gratification and part apologetic.ui s flowing blood.Long Dian. but it was then slowly dyed with the red of .

Don t thin! that ' ha#e any organs for you to in-ure. saying. ' had no choice but to pic! up the lightsaber. ' m going to ma!e you die a #ery painful death. ' used the lightsaber and sliced into the old wound in his stomach( causing the wound to immediately split open. .+mph. he added.? Pro!a!ly not% ' plopped down on the ground.0ou&/ Furious. ' made a show of slashing at Long Dian with the lightsaber multiple times. who was lying down on the ground( . twisted it until it was li!e a screw and tossed it aside.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.I have three flying daggers%< . and charged at Long Dian rec!lessly. . When he noticed that ' was wielding a lightsaber. )lthough ' already !new that it was useless. 'n an instant. a smile of disdain appeared on his face. . +owe#er.rembling slightly. ' was used to holding a dao. right1/ Long Dian laughed.hun!& )nd there was naught but a headless corpse in front of me. ' pulled it out. )fter that. Gy organs are there -ust for showS they do not ser#e any purpose. . the new pain bringing me to my senses./ Long Dian smiled cruelly. .his blow landed solidly. my goal was not to defeat Long Dian with a lightsaber. J1 . +e then mo#ed slowly toward me. ' actually !ic!ed something. but ' was only one step away from success./ %enshin actually said this outrageous line. &e can return to the online world. blows which Long Dian easily bloc!ed using his hands. .lancing out of the corner of my eye. tightened my grip on 5old Fo9 s flying dagger and slashed at Long Dian s nec! with all my strength( . . you still lost in the end. ' stuc! my hand into the wound in Long Dian s stomach without hesitation. 5ount it as my return gift for when you made the Dictator re#olt against me. 2nce Long Dian let down his guard. ' cut my thigh with the lightsaber./ ' had lost too much blood and my consciousness was beginning to fade. +owe#er. Long Dian pulled the flying dagger out of his palm./ ' managed to find a hard ob-ect while searching around inside Long Dian s stomach. "omeone who did not !now what was going on might #e actually thought that ' was prostrating myself before him. you wouldn t happen to thin! that you can hurt me with -ust your hands. 'an I actually ill +ong Dian !y doing this.org made my face turn deathly pale. Without the flying dagger. ' thrust the flying dagger into the head that had fallen on the ground and hac!ed it into mush. stood up.princerevolution. $rince. and blood instantly sprayed out of my mouth li!e a fountain( ' san! to my !nees right in front of Long Dian. but as if remembering something. What I want to do is.his sentence suddenly sprung up in my mind. .Long Dian( is dead.?ow. Long Dian slammed his fist onto my bac!. $hree daggers! ' calmed my emotions. 'n the ne9t instant. ' could not help but mo#e a step bac!wards."o. ' saw 5old Fo9. .

as!ing him a wordless Luestion."igh.org ' lac!ed the strength to open my mouth. J4 . the legend of the $rince who sa#ed the whole world would always remain( becoming an 8ternal Legend& 1 2Li7!# arm-r #!a# c-. . When he saw his own head fall onto the ground.he two of us ha#e been constantly monitoring him. . . he had been !illed by a famous person that e#eryone !new* the Lord of 'nfinite 5ity in "econd Life W the Alood 8lf $rince& )lthough $rince had been wearing light armor that co#ered his entire body1..½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. he s still human after all. and no one e#er found the real $rince.[uic!ly( sa#e the other( people(/ ' panted desperately. )lso. so ' -ust turned my head and loo!ed at %enshin./ sighed "unshine.ere/ !is e. before feeling giddy and finally becoming en#eloped in dar!ness.#ire 5-/4:: $rince s face was hidden by the armor. Just li!e that. and he has not returned to the online world. he instincti#ely thought that he was dead. so no one !new if it was actually him.princerevolution. his consciousness also #anished. +owe#er. his plan had bac!fired and the whole world could see that the terrorist was now dead. What all of us had forgotten was that Long Dian had originally wanted the entire world to see our lifeless bodies./ %enshin simply stated what he !new.

the thing that bro!e definitely hadn t been $hoeni9 s heels( )fter we called an ambulance to send Fan to hospital. for some un!nown reason.$ro-ect )rtificial Aody De#elopment/ was established. you !now.dom/Was though he had an unforgi#able feud with it( . . it was a shotgun marriage( )lthough my younger brother and Lolidragon were in a relationship.con/ and ends with . the pro-ect was an e9tension of Long Dian s initial plan to de#elop an artificial body. Fi#e years later. Lolidragon !ept refusing to marry 0ang Ging because he was a few years younger than her. 0ang Ging borrowed a sewing needle that ' had ne#er used before and po!ed somethingWahem. and 0u Lian-dOsQo continued her -ob as a financial ad#isor as well. e#eryone must be worried about "unshine and %enshin. Fan actually appeared without notice& With an obno9ious smile. . "he wal!ed up to Fan.org $tra Chapter : pilogue + nd. Aasically. right1 )ll s well that ends well. now that ' #e reached this point. @ui and $hoeni9 s wedding ceremony ended perfectly 6though ' would ha#e preferred to call a garbage truc! instead of an ambulance&7. .his was really shoc!ing newsWDoll" a Cueen? 9od !less her countryF hopefully it will survive until Doll steps down from the throne% 'n the end. he presented the bride with UUU red roses( 8#eryone was worrying whether the bride would be the first person to raise an ob-ection if the priest were to as! if there was anyone who ob-ected to the marriage.ong @ui married 'ce $hoeni9( although there was a mishap during the day of the wedding ceremony. I have finally finished penning down the final !attle! ' had only realiNed as ' was writing how dangerous and adrenaline-inducing the battle had been. 'n order for "unshine to be together with Fairs!y in real life. e#eryone started li#ing their own separate li#es.hree months later ' had a sister-in-law and a nephew who was due to be born in se#en months.he sweet couple then went on to become the nemesis of all criminalsS they were !nown as the 5riminal-Austing-5ouple. ' m not too sure. Wolf-dOgP continued to practice medicine there. With Lolidragon and Doll pro#iding funding. and both of them followed Doll bac! to her country. $he story has finally reached this point! ' couldn t help but hea#e a sigh of relief. and !ic!ed Fan s RRR with all her might. ?an . . but ' thought ' heard a . one day.he most unbelie#able thing was( Lolidragon actually became my sister-in-law& Goreo#er. the thing that starts with . raised a 1K-centimeter-high bridal heel.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. when $hoeni9 did something that all of us applauded in our hearts. "unshine was able to mo#e out of the J< .ui and @huo-gPge finally agreed to wor! together. +owe#er.$op&/ sound at that moment& +owe#er. )fterwards.princerevolution. 'n the end. . Wolf-dOgP and 0u Lian-dOsQo were finally married in real life as well. ' could only feel my heart racing and beating really loudly. +ehe. Doll became the Lueen of her country. )s someone who had been in#ol#ed.

one #ery important factor for the creation of his body was the fact that 5old Fo9 had been threatening .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. e#eryone went their separate ways and returned to their normal li#es. you would probably fall from the fifth floor to the first floor. it would ha#e definitely created a new record for flooding in "econd Life. so we let it out too. 8#er since that battle ten years ago. though to date. Finally. 't would ta!e a miracle for a human to beat him. he stays in my house. )fter he started to clean my house because he had nothing else to do. they were so surprised that their -aws nearly dropped. one e9ample will trigger a chain reaction. her eyes are a carbon copy of mine.Just who dares to !ic! my precious door and disturb me1 Don t you !now that today is the day when ' pretend to ha#e a calm disposition1/ . "ince 5elestial wanted to pester Doll. he wouldn t ha#e any in-uries at all. 't has been such a long time that ' can t help but reminisce about the time we spent together( A)?. JB . When they found out that ' was $rince. she wasted no 1 Bi7 re/ "ac?e#: >ed pac!ets contain a sum of money folded inside red paper and are gi#en both during 5hinese ?ew 0ear to unmarried younger relati#es as well as to the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. Riao Riao Lan was as!ing for you. . he became my place s ultimate house!eeper./ With an innocent smile.heir location at the moment is currently un!nown. as they are always tra#eling around the globe.7 %enshin is still refusing to follow 5old Fo9 home. .princerevolution. ?e9t was my cute Geatbun.& Gy cypress door which cost me an arm and a leg was suddenly !ic!ed open. ?onetheless. and if you don t pay attention when wal!ing on it. . ' ha#en t seen e#eryone in a while. . "ince he has nowhere else to go.he floors of my house are always as shiny as a mirror.org game and fore#er stay by Fairs!y s side in reality. 62f course. ' couldn t hold my anger in and yelled. he is wor!ing as [ueen Doll s e9clusi#e bodyguard. Fire $hoeni9 insisted on playing in reality together with her husband./ said Riao Riao Lan. who hadn t really wanted to enter reality. 2nce my mom put Riao Riao Lan on the ground. my cousin >ose and Aro!en "word got married shortly after the final battle. my mom put the cute little girl in her arms down. he has ne#er won. 5old Fo9 still comes to spar with %enshin e#ery three days.7 )h. they didn t forget to use this information to blac!mail me into gi#ing them a #ery big red pac!et1 for their wedding( ?ow that ' thin! about it. 5urrently. he was the first among the rest of the ?$5s to come out of the game. ) big red pac!et refers to there being more money inside. not to the actual siNe of the red pac!et. we e#en created an artificial body for %enshin. . 'f ' had left it alone in "econd Life. 62b#iously& . 8#en if you were to shoot at %enshin with a machine gun. ?aturally.Aut.hey might be ad#enturing in )frica right now for all ' !now& )s the saying goes. after that.Daddy\\.ui and Wic!ed with flying daggers.ui and Wic!ed designed %enshin s body as the supreme bodyguard type. . that reminds me.hat pair of big eyes that was e9actly the same as mine was the source of my pride& )lthough e#eryone !eeps telling me that Riao Riao Lan loo!s more li!e her dad.

It’s !ecause I’m scared of pain.org time running into my arms.. ' thought that he loo!ed really cute& +owe#er. Lolidragon.'t s Gommy&/ >esigned.hen.  . . didn t you say that you don t want to gi#e birth because you are scared of pain1/ . it will be painful(/ ' said.ui. +e was so an9ious that he forgot he had sworn ne#er to ride anything that ' was dri#ing e#er again.hough. my stupid brother !ept saying that whene#er he saw the way ' held little Long Ging. the tragedy where 0ang Ging. . he would nearly ha#e a heart attac!. . . my parents. . and Long- JE . 0ang Ging s yell when his arm was bro!en by Lolidragon as he stayed by her side while she was gi#ing birth wasn t that much softer(7 . ' tilted my head and recalled the time when Lolidragon was in the deli#ery room. since he was so an9ious. and he e#en wanted me to speed up. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. so he left the ceremony abruptly in his graduation robes. Feng Long Ging. so he always refused to let me hold the baby( (.hat s right. )fter his marriage proposal had been shot down tens of times. ' corrected my daughter for the ?th time. ?amely.he way she !ept yelling that she wanted to !ill 0ang Ging while she was gi#ing birth ga#e me a sense of trepidation. who had been massaging my shoulders. )s ' stared at his soft body and chubby arms.ui."is.princerevolution. was stunned for ten seconds when he heard my sudden declaration. after the Long Dian e#ent. 6. . ' pressed down harder on the accelerator until we were going at three hundred !ilometers per hour( 6ortunately" little +ong /ing still has his dad! ' held Lolidragon and my brother s baby. dragging me along. )lright. finally won the heart of big sister Lolidragon. )t the day of my brother s graduation. he suddenly recei#ed the news that his wife was going into labor.'t s not&/ Riao Riao Lan said while pouting with her tiny mouth.he only chance ' e#er had of carrying Long Ging was when he wasn t around. but it would be so painful(/ ' !noc!ed my head with my hand repeatedly and didn t realiNe that ' nearly dropped little Long Ging. .Gy !indergarten teacher said that the person who carried and ga#e birth to Riao Riao Lan is Gommy.. my brother finally married Lolidragon with the help of a sewing needle. so" so that time I. dri#e faster&/ 0ang Ging was li!e a cat on hot bric!s. while the other person is Daddy&/ $his( ' twiddled my thumbs. and Lolidragon had passed him to me so that she could snea! out and buy LI and 5hanel goods. . in my arms.he story started when my stupid brother.Aut dear. feeling slightly guilty. he as!ed e9citedly. .Aabies are so cute.ui Luic!ly too! little Long Ging away from me to pre#ent a tragedy. ' want a child&/ ' blurted all of a sudden.

who was wearing a surgeon s scrubs.ui was dumbstruc!.org bO hunted me down. .What should ' do(/ ' thought harder and harder( %enshin. and put his mas! on. .' still want to be a man. +e laughed in a sunny way./ What a good reason for not going% ' bit my inde9 finger and shrugged../ %enshin answered simply and directly. 'n order to help . +e said. loo!&/ With eyes that were still shining brightly. )nd +e . +e lay on the bed with a pale face and !ept gasping for air. and then loo!ed at me. .ui with my most irresistible puppy dog face( . and then ' loo!ed at . but when ' saw the headline.a#e Airth . ./ .+ubby. Wolf-dOgP had specially come bac! from o#erseas. .princerevolution.ui s arms.ui.RR +ospital +as "uccessfully 'mpregnated ) Gan.. right1/ ' Luic!ly as!ed Wolf-dOgP. ' casually pic!ed up today s newspaper. .ui has ne#er let me down. who had been cleaning Luietly at the side. this is Lolidragon s house.ui will be fine. ' loo!ed pleadingly at my dearest husband. my eyes lit up li!e two infinitely daNNling light bulbs& . +e stared at the newspaper in my hand in disbelief.en months later( .' m not going. Poor 'old 6ox" I wonder how much tea he would have to drin !efore he can win >enshin’s icy heart. .Don t worry./ )fter %enshin stated this fact.%enshin. thin!ing about reading which political figures were messing around today. . didn t 5old Fo9 as! you out for tea1/ ' recalled that 5old Fo9 had as!ed %enshin out the last time he was here. 5old Fo9 will still come o#er to our house to drin! with you.ui. .ui. hang in there&/ ' said as ' loo!ed at . JC .Wolf-dOgP.ui deli#er the baby without a hitch.2!(/ said . Written clearly on the newspaper was. . he continued #acuuming the house.o be e9act.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.o ) +ealthy Aaby 0esterday&/ ' loo!ed at cute little Long Ging in . .his is(/ . it ll be fine. suddenly wal!ed o#er in silence and put a newspaper down before lea#ing silently as well. . ..ui s pale face an9iously.'s there any difference between going and not going1 8#en if you don t go.

>e-oice1/ @huo Ling Ain repeated with a slight smile. "he was dressed as a nurse. you should go out and wait.>ela9.he bitterness at the corner of his mouth couldn t be wiped off. . ' pouted and said.ui company. but he couldn t suppress his laughter anymore. Don’t tell me that" li e a fish" 9ui died after his stomach was cut open? ' couldn t stop my imagination from running wild.0es.' want to stay and !eep . +e wal!ed to my side. Dear. .ui.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . . ' will be fine. the door to the deli#ery room was opened and @huo-gPge appeared at the doorway with a resigned loo! on his face./ ?e9t."o. and ' paced bac! and forth furiously outside the deli#ery room as though as my life depended on it. ' will be out and holding the baby for you to see. +e then sighed. .Waaa(/ . 3nfortunately.Aastard& Don t you dare ta!e ad#antage of my wife while ' m gi#ing birth&/ yelled . or you would be the one gi#ing birth right now&/ ./ What? $hey are going to cut 9ui’s a!domen open? Wouldn’t he die then? After all" doesn’t one ill a fish !y cutting its stomach open? ' was panic!ing so much that my tears !ept flowing.?o. don t cut .Aoohoohoo. thin!ing of . Wic!ed1 Let go of $rince&/ Wolf-dOgP grabbed . JD . the person gi#ing birth right now could ha#e been himself.ui s #oice yelling for @huo-gPge not to do anything to me coming from the deli#ery room anymore. ./ . )s he slapped @huo Ling Ain s bac!. and she consoled me with a smile. . We are going to cut his abdomen open so we can ta!e the child out now. +e tried to maintain a serious demeanor.here is no problem at all with . . . how is my brother-in-law1 +e still hasn t gi#en birth to the baby yet1/ said 0ang Ging as he slowly wal!ed o#er. +e was so angry that he leapt up from the bed and continued. $rince. he said.Do you hear me.princerevolution. . he laughed so hard that he became short of breath. ' started to get worried instead.ui.ui s stomach open& ' don t want a child anymore. .What a troublesome husband and wife pair indeed. hugged me with one swift mo#ement and proceeded to drag me out of the room. . +e gasped.+ahaha @huo-dOgP.'s that true1/ .ui will be fine&/ said 0u Lian-dOsQo. . you really should re-oice that you didn t marry my sister. ./ ' stopped sobbing.ui s prenatal e9amination reports.0ou guys can start now&/ .org .ui suppressed the pain with his willpower and gently consoled. +e !new that if he had been the one who had ta!en the final blow for me and ended up lying on the sic! bed for a month. you should lea#e faster&/ said the three of them in unison.hree blac! lines were #isible on both Wolf-dOgP and 0u Lian-dOsQo s faces. )s he left. so he will definitely be able to gi#e birth to a healthy child. ) little suspicious.0ou should lea#e the room first. since ' didn t hear . 'n a moment. don t gi#e birth anymore& 0ou will die& "ob(/ .what ifs/ was completely meaningless. .he clear sound of a baby crying came from the deli#ery room. ' as!ed./ )ll of a sudden.ui and threw him bac! onto the bed in one mo#ement.

one day was split into 14 hours 6not 4B&7. "he continued. . C!i. ' 5hin 5hing is . .ian Di-ching was a method used by ancient 5hinese to tell time by the hea#ens. JJ . hubby. ' softly caressed .2h right.ian Diching.Why are they fighting again1/ ' as!ed. Gommy immediately said he would fight @huo-gPge to the death. "he tilted her little head and tapped the dimples on her face with her forefinger in confusion.Riao Riao Lan should call him @huo-sh_shu<S only Gommy can call him @huo-gPge./ said Riao Riao Lan while smiling happily. < D!9-<s!Hs!9: "h_shu means uncle. . and his face was still pale. .org ' opened my mouth wide. )ll in all.Long-iZ-ie is older than Ging-gPge by a few years. really !een !orn? )fter a while. after #ery careful consideration. . %enshin-gPge and 5old Fo9-gPge are both men. ' wal!ed past 0u Lian-dOsQo with large strides. "ee http*MMen.' don t !now&/ answered Riao Riao Lan. and smiled broadly./ . . &as the !a!y. @huo-gPge is here. 0u Lian-dOsQo wal!ed out with a cloth bundle in her arms.7G I C!i.hese last two are rather une9pected choices( . "he has grown up to become the superbly cute young girl in front of me now. .rigrams. .7: .ui and ' referred to astrology. . so Riao Riao Lan really doesn t !now why they are fighting. ' 5hin 5hing etc4. the door to the deli#ery room was pushed open.)fter Riao Riao Lan said that she wanted to marry @huo-gPge when she grows up. For e9ample. 8#eryone affectionately nic!named her Riao Riao Lan.(0ou want to marry @huo-gPge1/ ' pic!ed Riao Riao Lan up and said. but it was e#ident that he was still breathing( ' finally let out a sigh of relief.ui wor!ed #ery hard to gi#e birth to as Gin Lan Lan.What1/ Gy eyes nearly dropped out of their soc!ets.ui who was co#ered in a thin sheen of sweat.princerevolution.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www.changing tendon e9ercise/. combining three steps into two. ' thought ' should say something. )lso. the age gap between you and @huo-gPge is more than thirty years&/ . E of which were night. ' corrected my daughter s messed-up terms of address./ 2nce again.ui.wi!ipedia. $hey’re fighting again? 0ut I’ve !een here this whole time" so I couldn’t have !een the one who lit the fuse.ood -ob. . we decided to name the cute daughter that . Gommy and @huo-gPge are fighting&/ Riao Riao Lan s face was full of e9citement as she said this. '-ching. which is a way of training one s muscles and tendons. .Riao Riao Lan. Daddy. Di<c!i. and she e#en punched the air energetically with her little fists./  'n order to name the child. the 8ight .. and stopped in front of . Doll4 Tia.2h Daddy. +is eyes were still shut tightly.orgMwi!iM0i-in`Jing. . it was used to mar! the calendar by the seasons. saying. -ust to let you !now.Why does it matter1/ Riao Riao Lan puffed out her chest and counted her fingers.

.han! goodness ' ha#e the Dictator of Life to help me out.hen ' ha#e nothing to worry about. . . so a thirty-year age difference shouldn t be a problem.)re you going to finish writing the boo! now1/ .hen again. ' then decided to continue wor!ing. and there was e#en an e9otic magic tattoo under his left eye.here is also Geatbunbun-gPge and Fire $hoeni9--iZ-ie&/ . Riao Riao Lan wants to go and play with Geatbunbun-gPge now.he last couple that Riao Riao Lan used as an e9ample was neither human nor e#en li#ing creatures& Don’t tell me that due to !eing wrongly influenced !y these messed(up couples" she has decided that she wants to marry :huo(g*ge? ' didn t !now whether ' should laugh or cry. the Dictator of Life s consciousness came bac!. . and ' ha#e ne#er seen him get in-ured before.Let me thin!( Gm. . ' didn t need to worry about that at all.' wonder how long ./ answered Riao Riao Lan as she closed the door to the study behind her. ' corrected my daughter s mista!es.ui and @huo-gPge are going to fight for1/ ' said as ' scratched my face.0es\\\. it was Luite common for humans to li#e for about two hundred years now. he only loo!s li!e a woman. after Long Dian s consciousness disappeared.hough.princerevolution. ) holographic human form appeared before my study des!. . ./ ' commanded to the air. )lthough ' !new that @huo-gPge wouldn t in-ure .%enshin s there1 . +e had a head of flowing red hair and grey eyes./ ' said.org -iZ-ie and 5elestial--iZ-ie are both women(/ .ui would definitely go craNy o#er this( .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. and he returned to the world of the internet( +owe#er. let s do this. right1 . summon my incomplete boo!.Ae careful of Fire $hoeni9 s -ealousy. . Don t get burned by her.0es&/ ' laughed.ui s wounds that ' had to tend to while he winced in pain. so it would be better to say he had died( $hat made me really sad for a while! Anyway" this story is finally nearing its end% ' gently !noc!ed my head and said. . Liao Liao +an" are g*ge and 2iM2ie the only terms of address you now? . that guy %enshin said that re#ealing that the Dictator of Life was still ali#e would create a lot of problems. e#eryone li#ed happily e#er after.ui s were in-ured. it was . or else ' would mess e#erything up. 's this a good ending1/ JU . Also.. .hese two ha#e been fighting for the past ten years./ 2nce again.he Dictator of Life gently smiled and as!ed. so they can t continue fighting for long.5elestial is a man. Who? Who is the one who said that my 2o! is 2ust me pretending to !e a lady? $hat’s not my 2o!" o ay? I’m writing a !oo ! A !oo ! .Dictator.ui hea#ily. Gore often than not. )s for @huo-gPge s safety. YFrom then on./ my mother e9plained with a smile. Luc!ily. .)lright Daddy./ said my belo#ed daughter as she s!ipped happily out of my study./ . relie#ed. ' d still feel pained.%enshin is cleaning the li#ing room. if that handsome face of . ' reminded Riao Riao Lan.

princerevolution. @huo-gPge froNe in midair in the middle of a !ic!. . +e complained with a face co#ered in tears and snot. the gay-with-adaughter-comple9&/ @huo-gPge coldly sneered bac!. while . 'f you don t call this pedophilia. someone rushed into my embrace. the door to the study was slammed open once again. UK . . ' watched my belongingsWmy boo!.ui. .ui couldn t defeat e#en one finger of @huo Ling Ain s. you should be more worried about yourself.What did you say1/ .org ./ .ui loo!ed at the mug he was going to throw and carefully placed it bac! at its original spot.5old Fo9& "ome people are increasing the amount of cleaning that %enshin has to do&/ )s the words left my mouth. hugging me in the process. . @huo Ling Ain was dangerous e#en if he was unarmed( )t least. .Dear. he could still use the only attac! he !new. . )m. which was to dodge constantly while pic!ing up random stuff beside him to throw in @huo Ling Ain s direction. 8specially when it comes to matters concerning %enshin. . . ' might #e ended up becoming a widow today. his attac!s were lethal& )lthough .?o1 'f you aren t. and my mouseWbeing thrown around by . 5old Fo9 is truly the most ruthless of all.hat is perfect. . ' unleashed my ultimate attac!. my paperweight.>est assured.ui as!ed. and my fists were clenched tightly. Just li!e before.'( ' was only worried about our belo#ed daughter.ui said with iron con#iction.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. @huo-gPge destroyed my flower #ase and chair with his random !ic!s. a defenseless professor. )s ' opened my mouth to answer. @huo-gPge s face s was so li#id with rage that he seemed li!e he was going to go berser! soon. bellowing. against .. .he two of them immediately started fighting again.ui said as he wore an e9pression of hurt.' am not&/ Wic!ed said in a stern #oice with pursed lips. /y precious study is !eing devastated !y these two tactless people. 'f . what do you call it1/ .ui roared bac!.'. furious.ui. then why would Riao Riao Lan say that she wants to marry you1 0ou ob#iously saw how young and innocent our Riao Riao Lan is. What about the title of the boo!1/ as!ed the Dictator of Life with a smile. ?ot. and that s why you deliberately tric!ed her& 0ou per#erted pedophile&/ ?ot to be outdone. and now you are aiming for our Riao Riao Lan. stop creating a ruc!us.ui.ui had continued causing an uproar. . ). Finally. you fell in lo#e with my wife when she was only a few years old. and then he loo!ed at @huo-gPge with a #ictorious e9pression.Aac! then.0es you are&/ . $edophile&/ @huo-gPge snarled each word with gritted teeth../ ' Luic!ly said in order to stop the escalating situation. I’m furious! ' was so angry that ? number of my #eins popped out. With his martial prowess. Wic!ed is trying to ma!e off with our Riao Riao Lan&/ . >ather than me.

.8#eryone is here./ 0u Lian-dOsQo gently chided me. . confused. and it was accompanied by the sound of 0u Lian-dOsQo s soft laughter. . . who are completely wasted. that is.org he doesn t !now what it means to ha#e mercy& )fter all. ' as!ed. 2ne of them was %enshin.o my surprise. unable to restrain myself as ' hadn t seen her in a long time.his reminds me."igh. determined not to be outdone. +is hearty laugh was so loud that it could be heard coming from outside the study.his fellow has always been li!e this.+mph& 0ouYre the one who should flirt less. .everyone<? ' thought. . they went out of business and now we ha#e to loo! for a new pub again.Wolf-gP.he three of us said in unison. the pub has closed down. if you had flirted less. "he hasn t grown up at all. .½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. . but there was an ob#ious hint of a smile in the corner of her eyes. From the door.' only pic!ed a few fights in their shop. a leopard ne#er changes its spots&/ said 0ang Ging as he re#ealed a helpless e9pression. are both of you fighting again1/ as!ed Wolf-dOgP. #veryone? Who is . ./ 0ang Ging sighed as he shoo! his head. )stonished. at the age of eighteen and still wearing his school uniform./ Lolidragon teased me as she leaned on the doorway.princerevolution. why are you here1/ as!ed .0ou re an adult now. two figures wal!ed in silently. no one wants to go against a person who. already wielded flying daggers as a member of the criminal underworld& 3nless you feel you #e li#ed too long and want to die immediately.Wolf-dOgPMWolf-gP&/ ./ said %enshin succinctly.)s the saying goes.2h1/ It can’t !e that.ui. yet you still act li!e a spoiled child. and the other was his perpetual stal!er W 5old Fo9./ . . ..ui usually ha#e to dri#e to the pub in order to drag the two of you. U1 .he smile on her face was as warm as e#er.8h1 Why are both of you home early today1 Doesn t . . +e said.2h1 +as e#eryone forgotten what day today is1/ as!ed 0u Lian-dOsQo. .0u Lian-dOsQo is here too1/ ' said as ' rushed into her arms. . home1/ .Wic!ed and ./ said Lolidragon with an e9pression full of heartfelt pain.Lolidragon. surprised. .ui. then ' wouldn t ha#e had to fight with that group of per#erts. . what happened to that hot babe from last time1/ replied Lolidragon.

this is because Doll wants to marry 5elestial&/ Doll said while pouting. ' abdicated and passed the crown to my younger sister. . my chancellors said that because ' am the [ueen.)h1/ /y !oo ’s name has already !een decided? &ow come I’m the only person who doesn’t now that? . 'f a Lueen had come and leaned on your door.org )s e9pected./ .he androgynous beauty standing beside her re#ealed the identity of the young girl.herefore. ' can t marry 5elestial. so is it alright for Doll to stay with $rince-gPge and e#eryone else from now on1/ . . the closure of the pub was caused by these two people.hey said. e#eryone loo!ed at one another.Doll. . almost forgetting that the Dictator was still waiting for me to name the boo!. cherished his comrades./ Doll was all smiles as she said. . .Doll& 5elestial&/ ?ow ' was really shoc!ed. you would be shoc!ed.?ow Doll doesn t ha#e a place to go anymore.ce ENDJ U4 .Didn t you already name it long ago1/ .he Dictator of Life has been grinning stupidly beside you this whole time.princerevolution.What was $rince-gPge doing1 . . e#en if you !new her true nature. )fter all. regardless of whether you were a guy or girl. we reluctantly named you +alf $rince.+ehe. . right1 ' as!ed in slight disbelief. you d fore#er remain in our hearts as the Alood 8lf $rince who always laughed with pride.8#eryone felt that./ I½ Pri. . .he obser#ant Doll noticed the #irtual form of the Dictator of Life awaiting my order beside me. why are you here too1/ .)h&/ ' e9claimed. .$rince-gPge&/ ) dignified face with a hint of playfulness appeared beside the door.2f course& ' #e always felt that this house is too big and the number of people staying here too few. and was a most incredible personS but since you re really a woman.½ Prince Volume 8: Eternal Legend http://www. .+owe#er. though ' wasn t #ery surprised about that.0ou want to marry him1/ ' as!ed. Fairs!y and "unshine had already set an e9ample. ' shoo! my head. . laughing happily. 't s not li#ely enough&/ ' said. 0ut how is this lin ed to the reason why she’s at my house now? .' m naming my boo!&/ 2n hearing this.

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