Are Women = Men?

A woman’s life is full of challenges and obstacles. They’re like walking through an
unknown road—road that can lead to equality but sometimes it may lead them to the road of
discrimination. It is not a simple road; people come into their lives; people who can change their
whole being. omen may change their direction—a decision that may be right or wrong but
they know how to stand against all the odds waiting for them. !ntil they reach the end—a light
of hope; showing to people what a real woman is and showing to them that women can be men
—brave enough to be the she"roes of this world.
#$eminism is the radical notion that women are people% &www.quotes'.
omen are women; they are not things that (ust taken for granted not a one"time use thing and
not waste in this world. They e)perienced a lot of challenges and trials in the past* they were not
allowed to vote+ to own a position+ to own properties or even to work and study.
,o you want all of these to happen again- They’re like slaves in the past—doing
household chores+ serving others and being deprived from doing men works. They’re like birds
in their caged—no freedom. They’re living for nothing. They’re (ust living in order to serve others
and they’re barred from doing necessary things in life.
.atriarchy describes% a multifaceted system that enforces masculine control of the
se)uality and labor power of women.% &/egoli 0111'. .atriarchy affects not only the
relationships+ characteri2ations of appropriate social roles but also how people—men and
women distinguish the world around them. Throughout most of human history+ girls have grown
up into the societies that have viewed them as #inferiors% to boys and boys are #superiors% to
girls. And from a long+ long ago+ women already e)perienced being underestimated by men.
They already started to see the darkness of this world.
.atriarchy rules in the society nowadays but why not matriarchy- Are women not
allowed to rule- ,o not they deserve to achieve such titles- Is it hard for them to e)perience
such things- Are they doubtful why are here in this world- Are all women e)periencing such
things in their life- Are they contented in this kind of living- Is it enough to serve others only- ,o
women e)perience the happiness that men e)perience- ill there be a place for them-
These questions reflect what life do women e)perience. They’re life is not always full of
(oy and happiness; they also e)perience the depression because of the bigotry in this world.
These questions should be answered by women and their answers are different because they
have different hearts and minds. 3ot all women e)perience the same things with others—some
are battered+ some are happy"go"lucky but some are brave to face the consequences in this
questionable world.
.eople may say that they are weak+ incompetent and ambitious but they are wrong.
4ociety puts them into that conception. .eople think that they can’t be successful+ they can’t
rule+ they can’t manage and they can’t be superiors. 5ut they’re blind—they can’t see the truth
that they’re she"roes of this society. omen proved already that they are strong and
competitive. 5ut a demarcation line separates them from showing it off. 6en do not want
women to rule and men want to be the leaders—the superiors. e are not born to be in
separate ways—it’s all about the se)es that separate us. e are (ust obliged to do specific
things but it doesn’t mean that we should be like that always. There are no limitations in this
world—anything can be possible. 7et’s put women in this society.
$eminism puts women in this world. It is an ideology and movement where they believe
that women can do things that men can do. They don’t believe in inequality—they want fairness.
They want men do things they are doing. They want them to reali2e how it’s hard to be a girl.
They want men do the laundry+ iron the clothes+ clean the house+ change the babies’ diapers
etc. They are here to serve their own races.
As a fourteen"year old man+ I want to show to everybody that women are not here to be
slaves but they are here to be people. 8ven though I’m not a woman+ I still know what a woman
feels about the discrimination they’re e)periencing—the inequity that they don’t want. I want this
to serve as a catalyst in order to achieve equality between men and women. I want everybody
to know that they can rule in this world. I want everybody to know the adventures of different
women in this world—they may be your friend+ your teacher+ your girlfriend+ your sister or your
mother. They are important in your life as well as you are important to them. e need to respect
them because they are here because 9od has a purpose. 7et’s make them the best that they
can be.
e are born to a family. .robably+ the very first words spoken when we were born were
#It’s a girl:% or #It’s a boy:%. 5ut how if she’s a girl+ she will e)perience the reality—full of
discrimination and inequality. ithout a doubt+ she’s unprepared to face such things but it’s a
woman’s instinct to endure all the odds in life and they’re wanting for a place where there’s no
limitations+ no discrimination but there’s freedom.
4imply seen as nothing
;icked by a young man’s shoe
<elpless under storm’s liking
Thrown by even you
$irm through the tightest clutches
True at the bottom of the well
3umb to fire’s hot touches
Intact within its shell
The hidden strength within this rock
3o matter what comes its way
$eeling nothing+ emotions locked
,eaf to what they say
An e)cerpt of a person nicknamed 855. &8stero. 011='. It’s meaningful because it
reflects the struggle of somebody who’s being hurt and discriminated. It’s like the life of women
—full of obstacles and humps in their life. They’re like riding a roller coaster—sometimes your
high but sometimes your low+ sometimes e)citing but sometimes boring. 3o matter what
happens in their lives they are still strong—stronger than a shell. They are deaf to the criticisms
of this world; their hidden strength is within themselves but people think they’re weak but they
aren’t. They can survive in this world—even the strongest man in this world they can defeat+
even calamities come into their lives or even the hardest problem in this world they can bear it.
There are important women in your life. They may be your teacher+ your doctor+ your
seamstress+ your maid+ your friend+ your girlfriend+ your wife+ your sister or your mother. They
play a role in your life. They are (ust simple women but they’re very important in your life. >ou
need them—every time you’re sad+ helpless and doubtful of something. They will always be
there for you and you must be thankful for that.
7ook at your family picture. ,o you think you’re complete if your mother or your wife is
not present- If your sister or daughter isn’t present- 7ife will be dull without them. 3one one will
reassure if you’re okay or you’re feeling alright. 3o one will kiss you every night to say
goodnight. 3o one will say #I love you% to you everyday. They’re important in our lives—yes
that’s true.
;o"3gai is a great e)ample of a loving daughter. 4he’s from the story of #The 4oul of the
9reat 5ell% by 7afcadio <earn &4errano 011='. 4he did everything for her father+ ;ouan">u+
even suffering all her dreams+ ambitions and her flesh and blood. 4he once said in the story
#$or thy sake+ @ my father:% and from that line+ she showed what a real woman is—being strong
enough to face death and consequence in order to save her love ones. 8ven though she’s very
beautiful+ she had a good heart—more beautiful than her physical appearance. <er tremendous
kindness is synonymously with the words that 9od said #9reater love has no one than this that
he lay down his life for his friends%. >es+ that’s true love is by showing yourself into your love
ones. e should not always suffer our life in order to show our love but instead be the best that
you can be to everyone like ;o"3gai who showed her infinite love for her father.
There’s a saying that #6others know best% and it’s true even though they’re not
perfect+ they still know what’s right for you and what’s wrong for. They are very significant in our
lives. They’re the one who carried for almost a year and it’s hard—very+ very hard. They took
care of us when we are young—change our diapers+ feed us+ change our clothes+ and clean the
house when father is not present. They are our she"roes—our very own mothers.
In a Aapanese folktale #The 4tory of the Aged 6other% &4errano. 011='. The
mother showed her undying love for her son. It is not indispensable in a mother’s life to protect
her children from harm—it’s their instinct+ a valuable one. 8ven though people that aged
mothers are useless+ but in story she served as a symbol of bigheartedness+ boundless love+
and wisdom. 4he proved that she knows the best for her son and for the chiefs in the story. 4he
loves her son; even though+ she knew that her son will abandon her. It’s a heroic act to think of
a way to make sure that her son will be safe in going home.

ithout another word+ >outh left
And went to his mother dear+
And opeBd her breast and took her heart
<e did not shed a tear:
Then back to his maiden fair he ran
!nmindful of the rain;
5ut his feet slipped and down he fell
And loud he groaned with pain
4till in his hand he held the pri2e
That would win his 6aiden’s hand;
And he thought of his mother dear
4o kind+ so sweet+ so sad
And them he heard a voice+ not from
<is lips but all apart*
#9et up+C it said; #ere you hurt+ Dhild-C
It was his motherBs heart.
A poem entitled #5allad of a 6other’s <eart% by Aose 7a Eilla Tierra &4errano. 011='
e)emplifies the boundless love of a mother to her son. 8ven though her son killed her+ she still
loves her son. It’s hard to be a mother—that’s for sure. ,oing all the things in the house but
what some children do to their mothers—shout at them+ say bad things about them and
sometimes hurt them. 5ut mothers can bear all of that. They still love us and we should love
them also. They want us to be in right direction—the correct we should take. They will never be
with us forever and you will be sad if they’re not around. They’re terrific and I know how my
mother feels and how hard to be in that position. e should respect them and we should not
blame them whenever they punish because it’s (ust their way to correct us. They are our
mothers and they will always be our mothers forever.
4he is not my neighbor; she lives far from my house
4he is not my neighbor but works with me for hours
<er husband+ a poor man+ and three kids seldom laugh
<er familyBs daily needs not satisfied enough
4he is often absent; she has asthma for life
To the ward without penny+ the husband brings the wife
<er children to school+ not one stomach full
5ags+ book+ uniforms+ she thanks some caring people
4he cries a lot in private+ in pain+ and hope+
That caring people around never to her will say+ C3opeC
It is a poem entitled #A Testimony on Daring% written by an anonymous writer.
&/eyes.GHHI'. It tells about the sufferings of a woman from poverty and it’s very common in our
times. It shows how hard to be a woman—lowering their pride in order for her family to eat and
to live. They everywhere; you can see them everywhere. And you will see them starving+
begging for food and money. They’re women and they should not be in that way of living. They
should be in a safe place together with her family. 5ut it’s the cycle of life. 7ife is different in
each one of us. 6aybe it’s a challenge for us but I know that women are strong to endure all of
omen are notable for their bravery. They can resist all the bad things that may happen
to them. 8ven someone close to them died+ they are still strong+ even though they have
problems+ and they are still strong. They are a mile away than men in terms of their emotional
capacity. They are stronger emotionally than men because men quit from their problems by
committing suicide. @ne e)ample of a brave woman is Tinang from the 4tory #7ove in the
Dornhusks% written by Aida /ivera $ord. 4he’s a mother+ a wife and a simple woman. 4he’s a
nurturing mother—giving all the needs of her child. 4he’s courageous to face her motherhood—
a very+ very hard stage of life. 4he faced the present and forgot all the mistakes that she did in
the past. 4he may be a servant in the past but she accepts it. And because of her obedience to
her 4enora+ she received a lot of tips and gifts from her. 4he’s determined in every aspect of
life. 4he crossed a muddy road and assured that her baby is not in danger. 4he has traditional
characteristics of a woman—strong+ nurturing+ and domestic.
Another brave woman is /uth from the 4tory 8ntitled #The 4tory of /uth%
&4errano.011='. 4he is ready to face the challenges in her life. <er actions showed what a real
woman is. 4he never leaves her mother"in"law in danger and lived with her in an unknown
future. 5ut because of that+ they were blessed with a lot of things. 4he did not let anyone step
upon her and block her way. <er perseverance+ determination+ and kindness e)emplifies the
real /uth—a traditional woman nowadays.
.ast is far away from .resent but what’s the difference between women in the past and
present- 6ercy and 9race are good e)amples. 6erci is from the story #,ahong .alay% by Arturo
/otor &4errano 011=' and 9race is from #8ven .urple <earts% by 5ienvenido 3. 4antos. They
are different from each other—one is the traditional and that is 6erci and the non"traditonal is
9race. 6erci is a $ilipino and 9race is an American and from that we can distinguish the
difference between two different cultures. 6erci showed her bravery to change a
person into another one and that is 4ebio that was called 4ebiong .asmado because people
think that he is a weakling. <er modesty and reliability changed the mindset of somebody and
that shows what a genuine woman is—strong to face the challenges waiting for her. @n the
other hand+ 9race <aworth+ a fastidious woman who fell in love with Darlos Anson+ an
e)patriate in America. 4he is pleasant to be with—a typical woman. 5ut when she saw the
stump of wood—the artificial leg of Anson+ she was terrified and leave Darlos. <er pusillanimous
attitude appeared—afraid to face the truth—the present. That is not we want about women—
afraid to face the reality.
In our modern times+ women are changing; they are being manipulated by the changes
in the environment. 4ome are liberated+ some are flirty and some are happy"go"lucky. 5ut not all
of these apply to all women. There are some who still bear some traditional characteristics. 5ut
now+ women are different—a mile away from the past. 6aybe it’s one way to adapt to the
environment. 5ut it’s not good to see women at that state. They should be modest""in a way that
they are likely to be respected.
5ut what’s happening right now+ women are used are se) ob(ects—at televisions+
internet+ radio and even on maga2ines. They should not be on that state—they should serve as
e)ample to the youth. They should not be engage on such things because they are here to
prove men that they are important in this world"not a dust that is (ust found everywhere.
As we go along the present+ let us commemorate the bravery of some women in past; it
may be in history or myths. @ne e)ample is Atalanta from 9reek 6ythology &'..
4he managed to overcome the odds in her life. 4he was abandoned by his father because her
father was disappointed of having a baby girl. 4he was adopted by a hunter+ 4he proved that
women are strong—having masculine skills. 4he showed her nobility—equaling the abilities of
men. 4he is very remarkable of her bravery but her feminity pushed her to marry a man and to
have a family.
Another good e)ample is Aoan of Arc. 4he’s a heroine that proved that women can save
people+ that women are strong and that women can stand at their own feet. 4he saved $rance
from wars and (oined the <undred >ears ar. 4he is also a saint—a religious woman. 8ven
though she’s engaged in wars+ she still doesn’t forget 9od+ the creator.
omen are also smart. @ne of the best e)amples is 6arie Durie+ a physicist and
chemist. 4he attested that women can be part of the history. 4he coined the term radioactivity
that is a boost at the world of 4ciences. And because of that+ she received a lot of awards and
3obel .ri2es. 4he is (ust a simple woman but her contributions in the world of 4ciences had a
great impact into this world.
A feminist song made by 5eyonce ;nowles entitled #If I were a 5oy% and these are the lines*
If I were a boy even (ust for a day
IBd roll out of bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted
And go drink beer with the guys
And chase after girls
IBd kick it with who I wanted
And IBd never get confronted for it
Dause they stick up for me
If I were a boy
I think I could understand
<ow it feels to love a girl
I swear IBd be a better man
IBd listen to her
BDause I know how it hurts
hen you lose the one you wanted
BDause heBs taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed
If I were a boy
I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone itBs broken
4o theyBd think that I was sleeping alone
5ut youBre (ust a boy
>ou donBt understand
And you donBt understand+ oh
<ow it feels to love a girl
4omeday you wish you were a better man
It’s a song of every woman in this world. It speaks as a whole—the women feel about
men. Thinking that if she would be a boy+ he could be a better man so that she will not hurt any
girl. If were a boy is a commentary on the double standards that that often e)ist between men
and women and a story of role reversal. 4he e)plores what it would be like if she did all the
things he did to her every day. The woman in the song has been taken for granted but at the
same time she doesnBt want to let go and lose everything that she once had. ItBs unclear at the
end whether she is final about not taking him back or if there is a note of hope that someday
heBll reali2e what heBs been doing to her and become a better man.
If men have their <I4T@/>+ women have their <8/4T@/>. They are here to tell their
story. A story that is different+ unique and challenging. They mark their story in our hearts and
minds. T<8> A/8 I6.@/TA3T—that’s for sure.
omen are very important in this world—T<8> A/8 .8@.78 not ob(ects. They’re not
here to be someone that you will (ust hurt. They are here to be T<86+ not somebody. They are
here T@ 58 IT< >@!—to make you happy+ to love you and treat you as a person. They
4<@!7, 3@T 58 A!,98, according to the perception of the society but on how they show
their feminity. e should respect them and love them as what we do with other people. They are
not perfect—that’s true. 5ut they have their own minds and hearts to share with you.
.resent is different with the word .ast; we know we can’t bring back the past but we can
make the impossible possible. e should bring back the women way of living in the past but not
the sufferings they e)perienced. 7et’s bring back the traditional characteristics of women—
strong+ brave+ remarkable+ intelligent+ and dignified.
7et’s break the demarcation line that separates men and women. e are not here to be
in separate ways but 8 A/8 <8/8 T@ !3IT8. 7et’s forget about our differences because of
the roles we are obliged to do. This world is boundless—you are allowed to do anything. >ou
can do a lot of things—it’s (ust the society that pulls you to do that. 5ut it doesn’t matter if
society takes place in women’s lives because we know that women can endure all of that.
I ;3@ I’6 A!4T A 46A77 E@ID8. 3ot enough to be heard by the world. 4o I
made this to encourage everyone to start this perception that @683 A/8 .8@.78. e can
make this a great voice—a symphony of unity and an orchestral hymn of hope. 7et make this
world the shining light of women—a ray of significance and equality. 5ecause how important is
we recogni2e and celebrate our <8/@84 A3, 4<8"/@84:
68+ >@! A3, 8E8/>5@,>. e can make this world a better place for women.
7et’s put them into the society—a place of fairness and equality. 5ecause @683 A/8
@683—that’s for sure:
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