March 4, 2014
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Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council Jason Stilwell, City Administrator Sharon Friedrichsen, Public Services Director Ratify direction given to staff relative to the Shoreline and Forest Management Plans workshop discussion of February 3, 2014

Recommendation(s): Receive and file. Executive Summary: On February 3, 2014, the Carmel-by-the-Sea City Council held a workshop

regarding the Shoreline Management Plan and Forest Management Plan. The Council received a detailed presentation regarding these issues and also received input from the public.
Analysis/Discussion: The

February 3, 2014 workshop on the Shoreline and Forest Management Plans included input from staff and the public, followed by comments from the Council. The review of these plans was a key initiative in 2013 and implementation of these plans will continue as a 2014 initiative, including the primary focus on the following issues:

Forest Management Plan: Overall the Plan is solid and the focus needs to be on implementation. Recognize we are not maintaining the forest today let alone 10 years ago. Age profiles, especially for pines, suggest we have an aging forest and are currently replacing only a fraction of what is needed. Operating budgets should be at a level to match current replacement needs, then to work on the tree replanting deficit from past years Replacement tree tagging [for private property] was passed by the California Coastal Commission and should be in place very soon. Encourage a joint meeting of the Forest and Beach Comm ission and the Planning Commission to look at intersecting issues.


Tree planting needs to be followed through with adequate watering. Encourage residents to help with watering if possible. Shoreline Plan: Five priorities are recognized : 1} Beach assessments Assessments should lead to items for the CIP

2) Beach fire management
Need to take a direct approach and should be routed through the Forest and Beach Commission.
3) Dune habitat restoration

Differing views of what should be done, but a broad consensus to implement the current plan as a step forward- especially removal ofthe invasive non-native plants.

4) Scenic pathway
5) Trash management

Sufficient staff and management resources need to be in place to complete the numerous current and proposed capital projects.

Fiscal Impact:

There is no fiscal impact associated with receiving this report. Funding for the budget. continued implementation of the Shoreline and Forest Management Plans will be included within the operating plan/adopted

Budgeted {yes/no)

Funding Source( general fund, grant, state)

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