Where Galileo, Newton and Einstein went wrong?

By John Paily

Observation made in Nature is root of all science. Before Galileo the general thinking was that objects have its place by its weight in nature. It was thought heavy objects fall faster. Galileo is called father of experimental Science. He showed the world that free fall acceleration in gravitational field is independent of weight. To prove it he rolled the balls of same size but different weight on a slanted table. This became the foundation of science. Fallowing Galileo, Newton observed an apple falling to develop his famous three laws of science that caused the great revolution in science. When electromagnetism challenged it, Einstein observed a spider crawling on a Globe and blew up the globe in his vision and went ahead save Newton by developing his famous Relativity Theory. Had Galileo observed Himself and his role, had Newton observed the tree growing and the seed concealed in apple sprouting, had Einstein blew the spider instead of the globe, the situation of the world would have been different. We would not have been looking for the origin of the Universe or Big Bang in material world. We would not have been breaking atoms to seek God Particle. We would not have been dangling in midair in search Higgs Field, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and so on to know Truth. Most importantly the world would not have been endangered by

immense heat and violent fluctuation of energy or unwinding and winding force, leading to all the natural calamities, instability of human mind leading to war and violence and self-destruction. Life has INNER SPACE-TIME FIELD that works against gravity and supports the universe. In this field it transforms gravity into anti-gravity. It is a creative field and has the potential to conquer time and initialize it. The only life that goes with gravity and leads it gravitational collapse is humans. The ego and self-centered mind of humans that has distanced from God and Truth in its ignorance digs its own grave. Ego of Humans that has become slave to material world and gets blown to a point of shrinking the world to its critical state. When the space-time in human life takes negative orientation, earth winds and shrinks to a collapsing state. We are seeing the after effect of global growth of humans with ego and self-centered negative thinking spiced with material power. If humanity has to survive it has to reverse and take the path not taken. This idea of inner space-time field of life controlling the universe can include all conceptual developments in science and lead to reinventing Big Bang origin sensibly and unite the western philosophy with Eastern philosophy to reveal the secret of Calvary Sacrifice. It can lead us to Golden age or Kingdom of God – explore; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Awaken-toTruth/146576598704602 http://www.thecanadiandaily.ca/john-paily-string-atom-lifesoul-consciousness-future-technologies

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