A Day at the Burrow By A Daemons Jewels Shy “This is the first of the Harry Potter mini novels, so let

me explain I’m a fan of Harry Potter and thought it would be cool to write about the wizarding world from another person’s eye other than Harry’s. Along the series I’m planning to write novels through the eyes of Mr Weasley, Professor Lupin, Fred and George, Dumbledore! Vernon Dursley, Hagrid and even Voldermort Himself (But that’s A long way away). Firstly I’m going to tell you that it jumps about when the story is set in the series of real books which I’ll tell you before hand. My first story is through the eyes of Ron just after the end of the goblet of fire about a week into his holiday” Enjoy! Ron had been awake for several hours before deciding to get out of bed. Looking round his room lazily after rising out of his pit he was surprised how clean his room actually was. The usual minefield of dirty socks, pants and robes were neatly away in the hamper the discarded scrolls usually strewn along his room were nowhere to be found and ring marks from cups and sweets that seemed to be welded to his bookcase were replaced by his books and comics neatly placed between numerous nick knacks, mostly Quidditch figures of all his favourite players Ron glanced at the figure of Victor Krum which he had jinxed so Instead of punching the air in a victorious way he punched himself in the face. He frowned like he was annoyed at his room for being so tidy, Then he shrugged and staggered off to the bathroom 15 minutes later an entirely different Ron came out of the bathroom. Now the Man reflected the room, he was washed dressed and he even had a go at taming his hair to no avail. Still wondering why his room was so clean and sweet smelling the looked round. His quidditch posters weren’t hanging off the wall any more instead they were being held up by this blue stuff, Ron had no idea what it was then he remembered his dad ranting on about this incredible muggle stuff called Blu Tac “Million and one uses this stuff has” he remembers Mr Weasley proudly saying as he waves around a flat slab of it. “Dad!?!” Ron exclaimed wondering why his father would clean his room. He walked down the stairs with a puzzled frown on his face. “There’s that lazy bones now” Mrs Weasley said walking over from the stove with a hearty breakfast of sausage eggs bacon and mushrooms with a big plate of bread almost anticipating Ron's arrival at the table the breakfast was plonked at Ron’s expectant place. Ron immediately started gorging on the food dropping yoke down his shirt first bite.

“Wb Has Dah Clee M Oom?” Ron said with a very large amount of sausage and bread in his mouth. “Don’t talk with your mouthful dear” Mrs Weasley said while vigorously wiping the counter. Ron swallowed the massive bite and reiterated. “Why has dad cleaned my room?” Mrs Weasley without stopping her vigorous wiping of the counter said “I haven’t got the slightest idea, He’s been acting very weird recently has your father” Mrs Weasley continued “Cleaning, cooking even finally sorting out the Goblin squatting in the Shed”. “Where is dad?” Asked Ron “He’s in the garage as usual messing with his muggle rubbish” Huffed Ginny with as she passed through the kitchen with what seemed to be an angry chair in her hands. Fred and George burst into the kitchen and both shouted “Where’s Ginny!?!” “She’s in the front!” snapped Mrs Weasley who was startled by the twins’ sudden outburst. “She’s got our bum biting barstool!” said Fred, George continued “Seems like an ordinary barstool until someone sits on it” “Then it bites them right on the arse!” Exclaimed Fred finishing off his brothers sentence, with haste the twins ran after Ginny. Ron went to see his dad in the garage. Mr Weasley was messing with a pair of curling tongs. “What dyu think they use these for?” Mr Weasley said not taking his eyes off them while opening and closing them “No idea dad” Said Ron flatly showing no interest in what Mr Weasley was clearly amazed over “Nor do I” said Mr Weasley putting them on the table and looking up at his son. “Why did you clean my room?” Said Ron. Mr Weasley leaned over to Ron and said very quietly “I'm Trying to get into your mothers good books” He looked to see if the coast was clear and continued “There is this outing at work, My friends and hopefully myself will be going undercover in the Muggle community to investigate the recent boom in enchanted muggle artefacts, Your mother has told me I cant go but I reckon if I am really good round the house I could sweeten her up a bit. Our secret though right” Mr Weasley said tapping his nose twice with his finger. Ron nodded and grinned. As he left the garage he couldn’t help but think that his dad was a little scared of his mom. Ron ventured past the dining room in which Fred and George were explaining to a very angry Ginny that they meant to tell her about the stool biting whoever sat on it but wanted to know whether it worked.

As Ron Strolled back into the kitchen he tripped over a hatbox on the floor which coughed loudly. This shocked Ron because to his knowledge Hatboxes don’t cough. “What the bloody hell…” Ron trailed off as he cautiously lifted up the lid and to his surprise he found leathery skinned bearded gnome napping in the box. “Mum another bloody gnome in the house” Ron shouted into his mother, the gnome awoke and widely opened its big yellow eyes and ran off giggling and cackling. Upon that Mrs Weasley appeared in the doorway and with a lightning swift flick of her wand the gnome flew with a YIPEEEEEEE out the house and into the garden. Ron shook his head with his eyes on the gnome walking off into the orchard. Ron spent the afternoon casually flicking through his back issues of the quidditcher magazine in his room. Until his mother called him “DINNER!” Mrs Weasley proclaimed loudly. After this the house seemed to come alive with opening doors and brisk footsteps ending at the dinner table. Ron looked at the considerable amount of food on the table. Ron liked his mothers cooking it was what he missed the most while at the castle. Ron liked the food at Hogwarts but his mothers cooking was the best it made him feel at home. Like every night at the burrow the feeding frenzy ensued. Ladles full of soup potatoes and other such delights were being slopped onto plates. Bread was being ripped from the loaves on the table and pumpkin juice and ale was being poured into mismatched glasses. Ron fed his face until he cleared his plate for the second time then heaving himself up him said “Thanks mum” upon that Mr Weasley got up as well and put his hands on his stomach as if stuffed with food and said “Yeah thanks mum” and gave Mrs Weasley a peck on the cheek and headed back the garage no doubt to decipher the mystery of the curling tongs. Ron climbed the stairs back to his room and flopped on the bed for a late afternoon nap. BANG! Ron awoke at this bit clatter and the shouting of NOOOO downstairs Ron grabbed the closest thing to hand in case he needed to beat up an intruder which to his dismay as he came to the bottom of the stairs was a quite flimsy rolled up magazine. Still wielding the magazine like a bat he burst into the sitting room where the noise was coming from to find a very sad Fred and George holding to a charred chair leg each with Ginny standing triumphantly while putting her wand back in her robes. “You didn’t have to blow it to bits!” Both Fred and George shouted harmonising perfectly. Ginny then let out a noise to show her disapproval and her victory and walked out head high. The two twins sank defeated to the ground and looked at the splintered and burnt remains of their bum biting bar stool “It was so young” George said with sadness and regret in his voice

“Never even had chance to properly get someone” Fred said with an equally sad tone in his voice “It took us ages to get that stool right Ron, Ages” George remorsefully muttered and they walked out the room with there heads hanging low. Ron looked at the mess on the floor and seen that the leather on the stool still had a mouth on it in mid bite. Ron couldn’t help but feel silly because he actually felt sorry for it. He contemplated stroking it decided against it and walked through to the kitchen where his father was giving another talk about his trip. “We already have a place in which we can work quite undiscovered” Mr Weasley said excitedly but no one seemed intrigued “Its called a second hand shop and is a treasure trove of muggle artefacts me and the rest of my ministry companions will be able to confiscate any artefacts quite inconspicuously” Mrs Weasley after enchanting the washing up to wash itself she said her husband “Well I suppose you have been good around the house” Mrs Weasley contemplated for a moment. Ron looked over at his father who’s eyes shone as he looked at Mrs Weasley “And we could do with the extra money” Mrs Weasley said with a tone that indicates she’d been won over “Ok dear you can go on your little trip go and get the letter” “Thank you darling” Mr Weasley said in haste as he ran to get his letter. Ron thought to himself that his dad was acting like a little kid who had permission to go on the school trip running to get his permission slip for his mum to sign. Mr Weasley came back and handed his wife the slip he put his hand on his wives shoulder and one in the pocket of his waistcoat which straightened him up he stood proud and had a real big grin he then looked over at Ron and winked to say as much as I Knew It Would Work. Ron smiled back at his dad and went up to his room to write a letter to Harry. Ron thought that Harry would need a lot of friendly contact with his friends and loved ones over the summer. Seeing as he’d just battled He Who Must Not Be named and also seen one of his good friends be killed. And after all that having to return to the muggles who treated him horrible. He wrote his letter in good handwriting because somehow he thought that would help it meet its intended destination because both Ron and Hermione had trouble communicating with their friend over the last few summers. He talked about how all his family was fine and how Fred and George were still making things bite things (Which was their new fad) and how his dad had a trip at work to go undercover amongst the muggles so Watch Out for him dropping by. Ron didn’t mention anything about what happened after the triwizard tournament because he was sure that Harry didn’t really want to thing about it. His letter finished he rolled it up and gave it to his little own Pigwigeon and upon that Pigwigeon flew out of the window not realising that Ron hadn’t opened the window yet and crashed into it with a scream and

fell to the floor Ron chuckled gave Pigwigeon a little bit of sesame seed bun that Pigwigeon seemed to like and opened the window and Pigwigeon gingerly walked over to the threshold of the window frame then hastily flew away. Ron was bored now so he decided to a little of the holiday work that had been set. Ron did not like holiday work at all. Well Ron didn’t like work but he hated holiday work more. After 45 minutes of half hearted work Ron dozed off with his face in his potions book after getting quite a stiff neck and drooling on the book his mother awoke him. “Go to bed dear” Said Mrs Weasley in her night clothes carrying a tarnished lantern. Ron just made a noise and fell into bed until he would arise early afternoon the next day.