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Title of Activity: Charades

Number of Teams & Group Size: Involve all participants as 1 big group Variation: At least 2 teams

Logistics Needed: None

Time Allocated: 15 - 30 minutes

Goal: Successfully guess the type of scene / character / object being performed

Preparation & Set-Up: Prepare a list of categories with items for participants to perform. Examples of categories include movie titles, cartoon titles, fictional characters, famous celebrities, novels or comic books, physical objects, song titles, television show titles, etc. You may wish to write each item on a small slip of paper. Alternatively, whisper it to the performer.

Directions for Conducting the Activity: 1. Gather all participants together. Inform them that they are to take turns performing charades. 2. Brief participants on the Specific Rules. 3. Announce the category to participants. Then assign the first performer an item from the category, either by whispering, or by showing them the written note on a small slip of paper. 4. Allow up to 1 minute for each performance. Once time is up, participants have to guess the item. Participants may also guess at any time during the performance. 5. Assign the next item to the next performer. Repeat till all items in the category are completed. Then move on to the next category.

Specific Rules: 1. Participants each take turns to perform the assigned item in a category by miming / pantomime, using only their body. 2. The performer may make sounds or noises, but cannot speak words. 3. The performer cannot point at any objects present, and cannot use gestures to spell out words. 4. Each performance must be completed within 1 minute. 5. Other participants may make guesses at any time, and may ask yes/no questions of the performer.

Variations: 1. Performers cannot make any sounds or noises. 2. Divide participants into 2 groups, and have them compete. The opposing team must guess the pantomime of the performing team. Successful guesses win points. 3. Reverse Charades: Each team selects a Guesser. The Guesser stands facing their own team. The opposing team shows the performing team an item to mime, written on a piece of paper. The Guesser will have to guess the item as performed by their own team.

Learning Points: Creativity Observation Ability to Recall Communication Conveying Meaning Lateral Thinking

Facilitator Notes: Observe the performer to ensure they dont speak or point at objects present. You may wish to give some time (~ 30 seconds) for each performer to prepare their pantomime.