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'I Am Kelz Volume III

Kelly J Newson (Kelz)
Copyright 2014 by Kelly J Newson
Published by Kelly J Newson
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical, including photo-copying, recording, or by any information
storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.


First and foremost I want to give thanks and honor to my Father in heaven who has blessed me
with this gift of words and who is always there no matter my trials. He has gotten me through
plenty and now I stand strong with Him and I understand Matthew 6 so much better as well as
Phillipians 4. I'm still on a quest though to fully have no worries and building my faith more
firmly on Him as He preps me for this next chapter.

To you Eniciyah, Eniyah, Journi and AJ, love you and I'm always here for you!

To my family, church family and dearest friends I love you all!

To everyone that ever bought one of my books or my poetry on iTunes, thank you and I
appreciate you tremendously!

Sweet sweet kisses
Sweet sweet songs
I miss your lips
Your sweet sweet kisses
In mind
Love makes me blind
Love makes me kind
Sweet sweet kisses
All mine

-Elizabeth Gamil

Welcome to another chapter, I AM KELZ, writer, poet and most of all human.

Kelz was born in Harbor City, grew up in Los Angeles and is a writer, poet and journalist. Kelz
begin writing at age 8. KELZ attended Rio Hondo College and just before graduating KELZ
produced, wrote and directed her first play "MAKING THE DEAL", 2007. Shortly after
graduating KELZ published her first book of poetry, "OPENING WOUNDS", 2009 and within
the next year published a second book, "BEFORE THE SUNRISES", 2010 thus launching her
career as a fiction writer. Since Before the SunRises, Kelz has released I Am Kelz, 8402, I Am
Kelz Volume II as well as chapbooks For Langston..., Love Letters 1 & 2, Love & Sex and the
upcoming 116 chapbook. Kelz will be releasing her debut novel Blurred Vision, September
2014. Look for Kelz books on iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. (Search: Kelly Newson)
As a journalist Kelz has written political and entertainment pieces. Being a journalist Kelz is
introduced to some of music's finest. For Kelz has interviewed some talented acts such as actors
Khleo Thomas and Christian Keyes and musical talents Karlos Farrar, Siya, Pro Status,
P.R.A.D.A., Temper and others.
Kelz books:

Opening Wounds
I Am Kelz
I Am Kelz Volume II
Before The SunRises

For Langston
Love Letters 1 & 2
Love & Sex
Langston's Dream: A Chapbook

For My Girls

To my favorite little inspirations
My little queens
To you Enicyah, Eniyah and Journi
Always know, Aunty loves you
And there's nothing on this earth that can stop my love for you
I love you like your my own
And even when I have my own
I'll still see you as my bonus daughters
You'll remain the loves of my life
For since your birth I loved you
No wait I loved you before then
From the moment I heard of the good news that you were to be born
I knew I loved you
You bring out a love in me I never knew I had
You bring out the best in me
A side I love seeing
Love to spoil you and spend time with you
But I will give that tough love too
And know you can come to me whenever and for whatever
And I'll do everything I can to be there for you
Cause its you I love
And nothing will stop the love I have for you
And another thing you are beautiful
let no one tell you different,
You can be whatever you want,
Again let no one tell you different
Chase your dreams and do you
Just promise me you'll always put God first
No one is perfect but Jesus is
So follow his lead, he won't lead you wrong
And now as I close,
just know I'll forever love you
And am always a phone call or drive away
And I got your back always
But there will come a time when I won't be here physically

But in your heart I'll never leave you
And forever i will always love you
Love you Enicyah
Love you Eniyah
Love you Journi
Love you my little inspirations, my queens,
My angels

Lord have Mercy

Lord have mercy on me
I know I'm not perfect
Far from it but I still believe in you
Still believe in your grace and mercy
So I come to you asking for forgiveness
You know all I've done
You saw and I've confessed
Now I need a fresh start and a new heart
More importantly I need you
Lord I'm a mess
So it's you I come too
You I ask for forgiveness and mercy from
Cause I know with you all things are forgiven
I know your a merciful God
So I pray Lord,
I pray that before I take my last breathe,
its you that take my soul
Till then I just want to say thank you
and praise your name
Thank you for the days you've brought me through
None equaled what your son Jesus suffered
So I say thank you for those days
and the ones yet to come

Journey to forever

It's a journey not many survive
But I know you and me
we gone make it to forever
For I'll give you all of me

Never will I put another above you
Or sacrifice the love we share
Our love gone last lifetimes
We gone make it to forever
And I'll put in the work to prove it
But I need you to meet me halfway
This a journey we have to make together
So if you ready then let's do this
I already showed I'm ready
Just look at the karats on your finger
Now we just need a date
Warm day in August
We did always talk about wedding bells in September
Or maybe the fall time of November
Don't matter to me
Just as long as it's you walking down that red rose petal aisle,
in that sparking white dress
With me on the other end to receive you
That'll be just perfect
For I'm ready to give you my last name
Ready to share my love with you
and thats for the rest of my life
Ready to make our love official
Cause I've found my best friend in you,
My lover for life
no one compares to you
and you got me wide open,
doing things I never thought I would
But here we are
And our love being made official
With our families giving their stamp of approval
And I promise to love and honor you for the rest of my days
You have made me happy beyond belief
More than I could of ever imagined
I'm so in love with you babe
You've made my life complete
Now we on this journey
This journey to forever

Testimony/Just Can't Deny Him

This is my testimony
This is my story
And it isn't pretty
Was brought through the worst
But I see now it could of been worst
Never compared to what my King went through
I'm selfish if I ever think that
My pain can never equal his
My weight can never equal the weight he carried
He carried the whole world on his back
Me, just some issues I caused
But I'm thankful for everyday I get to breathe
As I trust in him for he gives me peace of mind
He has healed my broken heart
Made it brand new
So there's no way I can deny him
Only thank him
For I didn't grab that blade
But I grabbed my other sword instead
Then I fell to my knees
And he wrapped his arms around me
Now I stand strong telling my testimony
Not gone water it down either
Just hope it inspires someone else
Teach them of the God who is always there and forgives
I just can't deny him
He gave me a second chance
Now I feel more alive than ever before
And I'll never turn my back on him again

Letter to my father

I loved you from the start
you were the first man that I ever loved
and you will probably be the last that I love
You were the first to show me love,
and you showed me that real love
All while helping build my self esteem
Never can your love be replaced
Never will I allow it too
Never will I forget those precious memories
Memories of me and you as you picked me up after school and even on weekends
As we enjoyed some father, daughter time
its you dad that I love dearly
You who I look forward to sitting front row at my wedding
its you dad, the only man to ever hold the key to my heart
It's you dad that I love so much

Roses & Love Letters

They are a special type of love
Showing off that deep intimacy
That deep committed connection
That love that two souls come together to form
Two souls sharing a love
A love no matter the hardships will withstand
A love not complicated but simple
Each giving their time and effort to make work
Lasting longer than any rose
And longer than any love letter
But symbolizes the significance of that lasting love
Just like a dozen roses and a love letter
But the love withstands all
Roses and love letters are just symbols
The love shared is the real thing

Round of Applause

You deserve a round of applause
But we know you don't do this for the worldly accolades
You do to build God's kingdom in heaven
looking for souls to win over wherever you go
And it doesn't matter if they believe or not
You feed them a word
In hopes of planting that seed
All while leading by example
Just showing all of God's good graces and blessings
For he has truly blessed you
And he continues to do so
you continually grow strong in your ministry
Now you have 33 strong years in
21 of which you have pastored your own church
And for that you deserve a round of applause
A standing ovation
But we know that's not why you do
You do cause you love God
And love his word
As you stand strong in it
Teaching God's people about the gospel,
Why they should know it
And Jesus too
And for that you deserve a round of applause,
A standing ovation
But I know you only look for that hand clap from our father in heaven
But we the church just want to say thank you
Thank you for faithfully leading and teaching God's people,
Thank you for leading myself back to the church,
And Thank you for your dedicated service through these 33 amazing years
With a faithful and strong First Lady right by your side
And for that you both deserve a round of applause, a standing ovation

Showed your Love/Walk with my King

Your love was on display that evening on Calvary
Arms displayed as if hugging this ugly world
The same world who went against you,
Didn't believe in you
But you showed your love
Showed through your actions
You could of raised at anytime
But you didn't
You allowed them to mock your righteous
Let them put those thorns on your head
As they continuously beat & mock you
Just before you took that final walk
And those nails went through your hands and feet
Its on that rugged cross where you displayed your love
The greatest love of all time
And you displayed it in a way no one on this earth can
Or has too because you died for our sins
Now we walk so freely
But still with plenty imperfections
But with you leading the way how can we go wrong


Didn't feel loved
Didn't feel at my best
Was sick and a mess
Feeling strangely and no one to love
When I should of been leaning on Jesus
should of been soaking up my fathers word
Trying to be more like him
Instead of blaming him
But now I see the truth
I see more clear
Not quite 20/20 but I'm still working on seeing him better,
Trusting him better
I got my glasses on
Cause what I need is Christ
Need his vision to guide me
As I walk through this cold world
Cause it's his love I've been missing
His love to make me better
Cause it's him I want to be like
His perfectness I strive for
and I know I fall short every day

But I will not give up on following my king
For it's him I want to spend eternity with
Him my soul thirsts for
Him that makes me no longer feel like a reject
But a member of his church
And a rebel who rebels against this cold world

Letter to my Aunt 2

Love so pure and real
Just like a mother's love
Can keep a secret like a sister
Your One of the best women to come into my life
A great influence on me
now I hope to make you proud
Hope to be half the woman you are
Hope to have a loving heart
And kind spirit just like you,
That's a woman of God
After Jesus heart
Never ashamed of the gospel
Never worried cause your faith in Him is strong
You are an example for some
A leader for us younger women
A strong woman of God
Never allowing your faith to waiver
But staying strong in your belief
Showing us younger women how to conduct our shelves and our households
Always with love and kindness
You showcase the fruit of the spirit
Always giving and showing love
You come with peace
Your faithful in your walk
Have great joy
A humble spirit
Our Lord must be proud in your service to Him
Your walk with Him
For I'm proud to call you Aunty

Black Rose

An angel,
My favorite poetic inspiration
Your the love that I seek
The love I've searched for
The love I'll never let die
For our love will be like the black rose
For even if death shall separate us
Our love will still last
And it'll be reunited again upon our reunion
So never will our love die
For it cannot and will not
For as long as we both fight for it
For as long as we keep it alive
It can not and will not die
For our love is like the black rose
It'll never die
But live forever

Love, Engagement & Marriage

Everyone hopes for love
Even dreams of it
Even the one whose had their heart broken a million times
Still dream of that perfect wedding day
That day they marry their soulmate
Their life partner
The one that many search for
The one that many take years to find
But let's face it
There's that small part of us
That holds out that small hope
As we hopelessly look for our
That one to come home too
That one to say I love you too
That one we argue with
But don't remain angry too long with
That one to love forever
That one to raise a family with
That one to grow old with
But how do you find such love
How do trust enough again to give love a chance
A chance to allow love to mature

To become more than a relation
But an engagement
Just before leaping to that wonderful life journey called marriage
Cause it all starts with love
But only a few find it

New perspective

30th birthday approaching
Now I'm looking at life differently
Trying to do something different
Trying to make my life count for something
More importantly get it right for that flight
Make it right for Him
Cause I'm trying to spend eternity with my father in heaven
But things keep on complicating
Keep testing my faith in Him
But I'm not ceasing in my belief in Him
I just dig deeper into his word,
So I listen to some uplifting sermons daily
Cause at my lowest I need him more
And my lowest seem more frequent nowadays
So it's a battle everyday
A battle to fight temptation
A battle to stay faithful and serve him,
My one true God
Who is an awesome God
And always on time
He's good all the time
Yet I'm still a mess
But I'm progressing with each day
I'm picking up my cross daily
And I promise to never turn my back on him again
Or His bride, the church

Talking to God

Use to talk to him daily
Then it fell to occasionally
Just before I lost all hope
Yeah I lost my hope and faith in a good God
But he didn't in me
He continued to provide breathe in me
But I'm just not where I should be
Not where I need to be
But I'm working on being better
Cause I want to walk alongside my king in heaven
I want Him to know my name
And for it to be listed in the book of life
But this christian life is not easy
This a slim road we walking
But I'm walking it
But find myself tempted by satan daily
That's when I fall to my knees
Say a lil prayer
Just ask God to walk with me
I need his guidance
I need his blood over me
I need him as my light and savior
For he already died that great death
Now I have to do my part
And that's picking up my cross daily
Talking to my God and not just in good times
But in bad times too
I need to talk to him when I go through the worst
But also the best
I need to turn over my burdens to him entirely
Cause with Him I'll do better

A Woman...

A daughter, mother, wife, and aunt
But mostly a woman of God
A woman after God's own heart
A woman who stands by her husband
A woman who is there for her children
A woman who loves her family
Just one phone call is all it takes
And she lends an open ear
With some encouraging words or a good ole conversation
Always showing love
Just good words that may be needed
For she has that motherly love
With a tone that makes it easy to come to her to talk
This I know because I've called
Even text a few times
So thank you First Lady Chambers
But to me your Aunty
A smart business woman
And one who puts family first
But most importantly a woman of God
A woman who along with her home
Faithfully serves and follows Jesus
Making our father in heaven one proud father
As He not only stores up riches in heaven for you
But He blesses you daily
As you continue your walk with Him

Hope this make you smile...

Hope that this makes you proud
Hope that you smile at the end of this
Hope that you can feel the love I poured into this
For I poured my heart into this
Along with each feeling
and every word is so sincere
Now I share these words with you
For you are family
You are my favorite inspiration
And I look up to you tremendously
Thank you for your love
But most importantly I thank God for placing you in my life
For making you apart of my family
And I'll forever love you
Now I hope this makes you proud
I hope your smiling as you read this
For I poured my heart into this
And carefully thought out every word
Now my only wish is that you cherish and enjoy this
And not just today
But every day and moment that you read this
And In each moment that you read
I hope you see just how much I love you

I Got You...

I do this cause I love it
I do this cause I got followers and fans who love my words
From my poetry to my stories
Now I'm getting my debut novel ready
And Fall 2014 looking pretty good
But 30 is looking great too
Haven't even turned 30 yet
And things already looking good
Got God and my family standing with me
All Showing me love
And I'm returning it right back
And it feels good to pay my tithes,
As well as look after my family when I got it
But this just the beginning
I'm trying to see my fam doing better,
Start a trust for my nieces and nephew
Retire my parents, put my granny up in a mansion
Give a couple grand to my Uncle and Aunt
Then remodel my church home from the floors to the roof
Yeah I'm looking out for mine
Cause when I was broke they looked out for me
Showed me mercy, helped me with gas, phone bill, and provided a roof for me
Now I'm giving back
And I know I don't have too
But I won't too
So just know I got you
For you had me in my tough times
Now it's my time and I know I can never fully pay you back
But I can show my appreciation for all you've done
But most importantly I want you to know that I'll always love you
And nothing will ever change that
For I do this cause I love it
I do this cause I got followers and fans who love my work
From my poetry to my stories
I do this cause I got a family I'm trying to take care
And see retired from their 9-5's
And it won't be long from now
But do know that I got you

Letter to my Uncle L

You passed from this world
You no longer breathe
And how you went I can't fathom
I was just a baby
So I have no memory of you
Or what you look like
Just a few pictures in photo albums
But you got to see me and even hold me
But that still isn't enough for me
I want my Uncle back
Lord knows the family misses you
But you chose a life that put you in an early grave
As the rest of the fam misses your presence
But I see now God just wanted you near him
And that brings more comfort
Cause I know God had a plan when He took you from our family
And I hear you were quite the comedian, football player and artist
I know you up in heaven cracking jokes,
scoring touchdowns and even painting murals for our Lord
I guess my love for comedies, football and art came from you
And I hope I'm making you proud through my art
And just know I'm naming my first born after you
Kai Leon will be his name
We miss you Uncle
Days go by I wish you hadn't been playing that game
Hadn't chose that life
Hadn't chose those friends
Cause now they think they know us
Think we fam
But you are our family
Our son, nephew, brother, and Uncle
And we miss and love you so much
And this letter is proof of our love, my love
Never will I forget you Uncle L, I love you

This is real life...

So this is real life
This is what goodness is
This is the good life
This is life with no worries
This is what Matthew 6 means
A life fully dependent on God
Never wondering or worrying about the small things in life
Just having faith in a good God
While having that fear in a good god
And knowing that He will get me through
He will walk with me
He will teach me His ways
Show me His love, mercy and grace
And there's no greater love than His
So I put my trust and faith in Him
Cause I know He won't let me down
But I've let Him down plenty
But I'm working on being better
But perfect is not what I am
Or what I will be
I leave that to Him
As I seek after Him
Cause no one else will do
And now I live the good life
And I don't want to go back to my old life
So I pour over His word daily
Pray To Him in good and bad times
Cause He rescued me from a life of sin
Now I'm paying Him back with my life
As I pick up my cross and lay down my life for Him daily
For He gave me life
So it's only right I give back to Him
Thank you Jesus for this life
That's the good and the bad
Now I look forward to that after life
That day when I get to be with Him
No other life will do
So thank you Lord

Been through it already...

Been walking a lonely road

Was in a depressed mode
Never happy just living each day
Never being thankful just going with the flow
Now I got a new perspective
No longer walking a lonely road
No more depressing thoughts
And I'm thankful for each day I see
Cause I've been made brand new
And my heart's changed for the better
My bank account looking better
Still battling some things
But not for much longer
I've been blessed with a second chance
Not gone take for granted this time around
I'm too grown for that now
I'm pushing that dirty thirty
So I'm God, family and career oriented
Nothing else matters
Just my God, family and career
So fall back with that other bs
I'm on the verge of something better
And that's making sure my family taken care of
For I been turned my back on this cold world
No longer concerned with what it has to offer
For it just leaves me broken and cold
With a touch of bitterness
So no thank you
I'm doing good
Thank you God
Thank you to my family
And I love you all
Here's to the next chapter
And Forever our bond is tied together
Peace and love

In Him/Faith

I'm not perfect
But I follow a God who is
For I believe in His word and all His works
His miracles are real
And so is He
His mercy and grace is true
Even if I haven't been
For I struggle daily
Still I put on a smile but inside I'm dying
Inside I'm not happy
Inside I'm looking for something
Looking for something
What, I don't know
And I know my fam love me
But something seems to still be missing
I still feel lost
I still feel hopelessness
I haven't quite grown out of my selfishness
I'm still growing
I need Him
I need His love
I need His grace and mercy
For this life is hard
I struggle daily
The devil is a liar but he tempts me daily
So now I'm on my knees begging for forgiveness
In need of that daily talk
That talk with Him
Cause I've fallen again
Now I'm in need of His forgiveness
I need to continue in my walk with Him
I need to stay focused on Him
For He is in my heart
He is transforming me
I just have to keep my faith in him
Keep walking with Him
For he will not lead me wrong
And will forever comfort and love me
It just takes faith
Something I'm building and only have in my savior Jesus

Testimony 2

Never had any real role models
But I got a few now
Even got a few under me
Not saying I'm one or that they look up to me
But I gotta get myself cleaned up
Gotta work on being better
Gotta talk to God more
And not just about Him
So I'm retreating,
Turning off the social sites
Just gone focus on Him
Cause my soul is in need of some healing
Cause my flesh is being tempted daily
And sin is getting harder to fight
So I equip myself with my sword
But I don't always draw
I've fallen to temptation many times
For I'm weak without Him
I'm only human but that's no excuse
I gotta get serious in my faith
Gotta get my soul ready for that flight
Gotta turn my back against this cold world
Gotta seek His face, mercy and grace
All while staying in the church and in His word
For I already know what it's like without Him
I'm not trying to go back to that
I already defeated depression, and heartbreak
He comforted me in my worst trial
He found me not guilty
Even healed my heart
Took away those suicidal thoughts
Now I'm brand new
And my heart back to loving again
No longer cold and bitter
I found a new love, my family & Him
And He provides the best comfort

Still Fighting...

Feels like I'm losing myself
Feels like my growth been stunted
Can't hear the word from my mentor every Sunday,
It's something I need
Cause now I feel like I'm slipping back into depression
But I'm fighting
But this battle seems hopeless
I don't know if I can win this one
Cause them suicidal thoughts have crept back into my mental
But then I think of Him and that cross
And my loved ones who love me
I think I will be missed if I took my life
But what am I suppose to do when life keeps complicating
I'm lost in this cold world
But I'm trying to find my way back
Trying to keep my faith
As I fight to remain in the church
All while looking at Paul and Jesus as role models
Cause they suffered the worst
So I'm looking at them as examples on how I should get through
How I should forgive and stay faithful in my Heavenly Father
Cause it's with Him I want to spend eternity with
Him I desperately need
No one else will do
So once again here I am Lord, I'm yours

Faith in a good God/Free will

What is faith
What is having faith
What is having faith in a good God
We can't see Him
But He's there
His word more powerful
A promise never broken
And never will it be broken
His love is the greatest love possible
And He shares it in a 66 page love letter
He longs to have us with Him for eternity,
He longs for a relationship with us as we freely walk His earth
He has given so much
And we, not much
He gave each of us a gift, breathe and life
But He also gave us free will
But we seem to want more
Seem never satisfied
You see we can do as we please
But we're only hurting our shelves
And Him as well
He is a strong and merciful God
While our flesh remains weak
He wants all His children with Him
All His children walking with Him
But satan will have you believing differently
Satan will have you thinking evil things
And even conforming to this world
This christian walk isn't easy
But God never said it would be
We must put faith in Him
We must let Him lead
Let Him take over our hearts, minds and lives
He knows our struggles
He knows who we are
He created us
But also gave us free will
Now we must use that free will for good
We must freely come to Him
Freely love Him
And all who love and hate us
We must freely have faith in Him
We must believe in Him
For it's our faith in Him that will get us through

Our faith in Him that'll see our names written in the book of life

Beautiful Soul

Beautiful soul you have
Beautiful smile too
There's just something about you
It radiates with all you do
In all you do
It's the small things that catch my eye
Just the littlest things that make me smile
That make me love you more
Make me fall in love with you time and time again
Your a blessing in my life
A blessing I'm not deserving of
But glad I have
And thankful that I have
Your all I need and ever wanted
Your the love of my life
My soulmate
There's nothing better than your love
That smile
Or that beautiful soul that radiates so effortlessly
Thank you for your love
Your patience
Your humble heart
And of course your beautiful soul
For your far greater than any ruby or diamond
Instead you fit the description of what proverbs 31 talks about

No longer a slave/Crushed Spirit

No longer a slave
No longer doing for you
No longer wanting to please you
But do better by Him
Cause it's Him I want to spend eternity with
Him that my soul finds comfort
Him that my soul thirsts for
So keep your slavery
Keep your overpriced shoes
high priced life style,
And all the lies you tell women to keep em' buying your product, I'm good
You tell em' they need this or that just to be beautiful
When she already beautiful
You just building insecurities and profits for a product that's useless
So keep your chains
My mind is free
Don't need your lies or your definition of beauty
Women been beautiful way before you
And will be after you too
But you continue to crush spirits
But mine you won't get
Mine isn't for sale
Mine walks freely with Him
And don't start bringing up my past
It's no longer relevant
So keep your guilt, pain, & bitterness
I've been made brand new
He found me not guilty,
Taking away my pain and bitterness
I'm the happiest I've been
No more depression or suicidal thoughts
Those chains have been cut off
And it's thanks to my God
Thanks to Him for my new life
And my new found freedom
But most importantly His love, grace and forgiveness
Cause with out I would of been cut my wrists
But I picked up that other blade instead, His word
Now I'm brand new
New life, new heart
But He still working on me
So thank you God for this second chance
Thank you for clearing my mind
And that I'm not lying six feet deep

But breathing and walking your beautiful green earth
And I pray that you continue walking with me

Oceans & Ashes....

From some shores it looks beautiful
While from others it looks
And even smells
Don't dare drink for we may be tasting the blood of my ancestors
Their ashes are scattered among that deep blue sea
You can not see
But many years ago
They were taken from their homeland
Families separated
Names lost
Ancestry untraceable
History almost erased if allowed too
Bodies thrown overboard into the deep blue sea
So next time you take a fancy trip on your yacht,
Swim, surf or take a cruise
Remember the many bodies thrown overboard
Helpless humans stolen for a profit
For free labor
Treated less than human
had every human right refused to them
And now just a memory to those who want to remember
A dark thought in American history
A past we must not forget, nor repeat
So when you hear cries while out to sea
Or just hanging on the beach
Remember those lives lost at sea
Those lives cut short cause they were deemed not good enough
By those claiming to be masters
You know the ones who broke up families
Scattering about a whole race in a country who only freedom was for everyone but them
But now they aren't lost at sea no more
Now they are resting peacefully
And free from the chains of slavery
In that deep blue sea
For the ocean is a mass graveyard for my ancestors
For it's their flesh,
Their bones,
Their blood that we feel,
Their ashes that float amongst each ocean
Must we never forget them

For their stories go untold
But they are not forgotten no matter what the history books say
For they live forever in that deep blue sea


I'm taking off my mask
Uncovering my faults
Letting all my flaws show
I want to be like Adam and Eve in the garden, naked
And I'm not talking physically
But mentally and emotionally
I want to show the world my true self
Who I am truthfully
But not just the world
But more importantly God and my family
I no longer want to hide behind this mask
Or what I did
Cause He already knows
But it's time I become fully unmasked
Time I shake these demons
Time I shed these secrets
Cause they been eating at me
Making my life a living hell
But no more I say
So tonight I'm unmasking
Tonight I unguard my heart
Tonight I become vulnerable to God's love, grace and mercy
Tonight I unmask my insecurities
And the ugliness of my life
Tonight God takes over
Tonight I throw away that mask
Along with my dark past


love it when you all natural
no need to cake up the makeup
Or even flair out the hair
But if you must I do love them curls
But in all honesty boo
you look good just as is
So just throw on some sweats & a tee
Even tie up your hair
Cause babe when we chilling,
Watching the game
Or even strolling the beach
Don't worry bout the lipstick & all that foundation
Cause I love you as is
no need to get all dolled up
Cause baby you already beautiful
So just throw on a Pastry sweat suit
With some Pastry's to match
And you can wear your hair long or short
doesn't matter to me
Cause baby you are the most beautiful
And if Da Vinci could see you
He'll trash the Mona Lisa & paint you instead
So screw what vogue say is beautiful
Them models anorexia anyway
But your nicely figured
From your breasts to your thighs
With the most beautiful eyes
With them lips I love to kiss
Damn baby you the most beautiful
Even Cleopatra would hate
So please leave the makeup
You don't need it
You already beautiful
You got that natural beauty that most women would die for
You are what Dr Angelou describes as Phenomenal
You are that phenomenal woman


Never seen a beauty like her
Never seen a woman more beautiful
Her beauty strikes me every time
Catches me in a gaze
Just looking unintentionally
Just wondering how she got all that beauty
Then those days she flex in that bikini
Damn I just want to scream mercy
Cause her body is better than a coke bottle
Better than what Da Vinci could of ever created
She heavenly made and nothing on earth compares
Damn I want a chance with her
Just one date to see if she right for me,
because this curiosity is killing me softly
And yeah we've text and chatted a few times
Even hung out but just as friends
We even locked eyes on a few occasions
Just caught each other looking
Nothing serious but its at those times I only wish
Wish for that one date
But that chance seems to have escaped us
We may never get our chance
And I can live with that
Cause we have become friends
something I won't ever sacrifice
She too good of a person for all that
Her heart is golden
but I'm afraid she may of stolen mine

From birt

From birth you loved me
From birth you saw something in me
And I thank God you didn't get that abortion
Even if I was an unexpected arrival
You chose to still gave birth to me
Giving me a chance at this life
And to you I'm forever grateful
Even if I don't always show it
But I do love you
From birth till death do us part
I'll forever love you
Never will another replace you
And you'll forever have my heart, mom

They don't know....

They don't know
They wouldn't understand
But as long as you know
Know that I got you
Know that my love for you grows on a daily
And at first I was slow to admit
But this love is irresistible, it's undeniable
I can't hide no more
Don't want to either
So here I am on the baby grand playing some Miles
With long stem Red roses, bottle of moscato and some Godiva chocolates
With dinner almost ready,
Even got some candles burning
Got the mood set just right
So when you come in drop your coat and iPhone at the door
This night requires no photos for Instagram or Facebook
Or any other of them other social sites
But you don't get down with none of them anyway
That's something that I love that about you
Cause what they don't know confuses them
They trip out over what we got
How we work out disagreements
Then smile and laugh after making up
But they just don't know
Nor understand that what we got is real
And gone last lifetimes