91810 SEJ 8 Class Project

Promotional Campaign
Project-based learning has been defined differently by various authors, but perhaps at its simplest, it is “an instructional approach that contextualizes learning by presenting learners with problems to solve or products to develop” (Moss & Van Duzer, 1998). Projects are generally thought of “as a long-term (several weeks) activity” (Beckett, 2002) which are part of an instructional method which “promote[s] the simultaneous acquisition of language, content, and skills” (Beckett & Slater, 2005). A major goal of project-based instruction is comprehensible output (Beckett, 2002), which generally occurs both during the project and as the final product of the project. During this project, you will develop:     Core language skills Translation skills Meta-cognitive skills Educational technology skills

Promotional Campaign Project will ask of you to take a reflective journey four years in the past and evaluate your experience studying at the department of English Language and Literature in Kosovska Mitrovica. The purpose of the project is to support entering freshmen in adjusting and coping with all aspects of studying English here. You will be working in teams of five and can choose the assignment you wish to work on. Furthermore, you can suggest an assignment yourselves. Here is a suggested list of assignments:        Promotional video of the Department Facebook page Survival guide to Kosovska Mitrovica Why study English – video or infographics Meet your teachers - profiles or interviews FAQ Wikipedia entry for the Department

I am available for consultations with individual project teams. (1998). Final product 5. References    Beckett. (2002). D. National Clearinghouse for ESL Literacy Education. Additionally. 19(2). and skills integration. 59(2). (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. Total number of points you can earn is 15. content.91810 SEJ 8 Class Project    Meet your senior colleagues – video Most memorable classes – survey Portfolio of student works A part of each class will be designated for project meetings where we will discuss your progress. & Van Duzer. G. the project quality will be assessed based on a rubric. resolve any issues you might have. & Slater. C. project team members will be assessed individually based on the self-evaluation report. Progress First draft Progress report 4. The project framework: a tool for language. Evaluation Presentation in class Self-evaluation reports Project assessment March 31st – April 4th April 14th March 17th – 21st March 3rd – 7th Due dates February 23rd Assessment and grading The projects will be assessed twofold. ELT Journal. ED427556) . Secondly. Teacher and student evaluations of project-based instruction. Selection Activities Create project teams Choose an assignment 2. Beckett. Ideas Team brainstorming Pitch your idea 3. TESL Canada Journal. and share your experiences. Project-based learning for adult English language learners. Activities and deadlines Stages 1. 52 -66. Moss. 108-116. G. Firstly. T. (2005).

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