GAYLE EDMUNDS breaks down the Oscar race, picking frontrunners, popular favourites, dark horses and her

own best guesses in the top four categories

The Oscars
The Frontrunner: Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. With the Golden Globe in the bag, his evolution from romcom sweetheart to serious A-C-T-O-R is likely to please Oscar


The Pop Favourite: Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. This film is cleaning up on the local cinema circuit and it marks DiCaprio’s fourth nomination for best actor The Dark Horse: Hor Christian Bale Chr Ba in American Hustle. Ame Hus His boep and comb-over sure com deserve it, not to des mention the men he medallion med ne nestling in his chest est hair (fake (fa I hope!) hope ope!)

The Critic’s Choice: Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave. Perhaps it’s first time lucky for f this thi fine British actor. He did get the Bafta, ta, so his awards cupboard cup won’t be bare Scratched: Scr Bruce Bru Dern in Nebraska. Neb A superb sup performance per but not sexy enough to get noticed by Oscar Osc

The Frontrunner: Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine. The brilliant Aussie is sitting pretty for the hat-trick, having already taken the Golden Globe and Bafta

The Pop Favourite: Sandra Bullock in Gravity. It is tough to be alone on screen for 80 minutes and it’s worthy of an award The Dark Horse: Hor Meryl Streep Mer eep in August: Osage Aug Osag sage County. Usua Cou Usually sually being in the sa bei same category as Streep cat makes you a loser. mak Not this year r

The Critic's Choice: Amy Adams in American Hustle. Though her co-star Jennifer Lawrence has got more of the attention, Adams is truly incredible in this role Scr Scratched: Judi Dench in Jud Philomena. The Phi Brits won’t be Bri gate-crashing gat Oscar’s party this Osc year yea

runner: The Frontrunner: 12 Years a Slave is out in front, having taken the Golden Globe. It’s also an American story that hasn’t been told and Oscar loves that

The Pop Favourite: The Wolf of Wall Street. Martin Scorsese’s film has the sexy factor, which makes it one for the fans The Dark Horse: American Hustle. It has a strong ensemble cast and a lot of nostalgia on its side

The Critic's Choice: Her. The most original romance I have seen on screen. This is the one I will root for

Scratched: π Captain Phillips. Great film but lacks the glamour for a win π Dallas Buyers Club. More of an actors’ showcase than an all-rounder π Gravity. Innovative but a little short on mass appeal, despite Sandra Bullock and George Clooney starring π Philomena. It isn’t the year for a little-known Brit flick π Nebraska. Black and white won the day two years ago with The Artist

The Frontrunner: Alfonso Cuarón for Gr Gravity. The innovation involved in making this film has already won him the Golden Globe and Baft Bafta

The Pop Favourite: Martin Sc fW Wall Scorsese for The Wolf of Street. Everyone loves a Scorsese flick and now that he’s started winning Oscars, who knows? The Dark Horse: Hor Russell David O Russ Dav ussell for American Hustle. Ame Hus If the Oscar car voters are feeling nostalgic, they nos hey might throw mig ow the award this awa s way w

The Critic’s Choice: Steve McQueen for 12 Years a Slave. It might not be the Brits’ year, but he deserves to be the exception that proves the rule Scr Scratched: Alexander Payne Ale for Nebraska. He has won two Oscars, but for his Osc writing not wri directing, so he dir won’t break the won pattern this year pat
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