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Rabab Maher

As winter leaves

Autumn wanders in

Sleeping emotions

Arise from within.

As the months bleed into each other

Pieces of our lives gradually blend

Intertwining so we can mend

Words uttered no longer restrained

You taking me in no longer constrained.

You caress my heart with your romance

Unaware, you shed my imprisoned tears

Ridding me of my ineffable fears

And like a matryoshka doll

Shedding away my veneers

Freeing me of the debris of my past years.

I am enamoured with your love

Blissfully dissolving into you

Enmeshed in your existence

Like the rose and the morning dew

I feel I can no longer breathe

As I suffocate when I inhale you

As you become my breathings

You become my skin anew.

Engulfed in the flames of your love

You recaptured my wasted heartbeats feverishly

As the zephyr brings in the notes of spring

I begin to change with the breeze effortlessly

You breathe in my sighs as I close my eyes

And I negotiate the contours of your face

As you gently whisper in my ear

Words laced with love and warm grace.

Unconditionally Yours

Saturday, 11th May 2013

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