Grand plans

The EFF will implement a minimum wage of R4 500 a month across the board for all full-time workers. Farm workers will get R5 000 a month, while mine workers will get R12 500

The EFF will abolish all contract work and labour brokers, and pass a law to make all work formal and official

The EFF will ensure that the number of first-year students increases by 100% at institutions of higher learning in the next five years

The EFF will produce essential generic medicines without regard to intellectual property rights

The EFF will make it illegal for banks to repossess houses from people who have paid more than 50% of their bond and who have fallen on hard times

The EFF will transform the criminal justice system to make education compulsory, and this will be followed by the scrapping of the criminal records of some categories of ex-convicts The EFF will pass a law giving the state custodianship over land and those who occupy it will have to apply for licences to use it for agricultural purposes The EFF will double all social welfare grants. For example, old age pension will increase from R1 300 to R2 600 The EFF will take a minimum of 60% of the ownership of banks and mines The EFF will pass a law to make sure that government departments and public institutions employ 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 35, and that a 35% quota apply to private companies