One can never feel God’s presence until we are in silence: physical and mental silence. That is why; meditation is the best way to quiet down the agitation of our earthly existence, and to allow this state of conscience to be established. Perhaps, when we become good at this, like Jesus was, we will be capable of making the connection even in the middle of a crowd. For apprentices like us, Goldsmith recommends three or four minutes of meditation, three times a day. On a second phase, he suggests that we meditate up to 12 times a day: from one to five minutes a time. There are some who are capable of meditating for hours, but as we are just apprentices and know nothing; our initial steps should be according to the measure of our knowledge. Meditating is opening a space in your day to think of God: Who He is and which is the relation between Him and you. Look for a quiet place and find your form of meditating. Find a theme and meditate on it. Goldsmith’s suggestion is to initiate an affirmation from the Gospel or any other religious text, or any simple idea like: God is everything. The idea is not to keep repeating God is everything, or any kind of mantra but to pick a line of reasoning and reflect upon what it means. God is everything. All I see is manifest God. Then,I am God manifested. Just as a wave is ONE with the ocean, so am I one with God too… Go on involved in this flow of thoughts, until you get to a state of peace. From then on, everything may happen, or nothing. You can be taken to an altered state of conscience or just stay in peace, thinking about the existence of God. In any way, you have opened an space for God in your life. It is worth reading Goldsmith’s books. In all of them, he talks about a process which he calls the Treatment, which is this moment or reclusion, where a contact is made with our higher Self. They are such sublime descriptions that I could not do better. Nevertheless, once you feel the presence of God, you will, inevitably, feel a huge sense of an enormous, wholesome happiness, and will know that nothing is lacking and that everything is in perfect order. According to Goldsmith, when he is prforming a healing process and he feels This presence, he knows that the cure was reached and that he can go back to his normal like. Personally, I meditate every day, but I do not experience this sublime exaltation every time. I am just and apprentice, remember? When we are feeling this Presence, we are not meditating anymore: we are praying, because praying is not demanding or telling God what He should do, but listen to Him, participate in His existence. At this moment, we can just stay immersed within the feeling of plenitude, or we can also be inspired and listen to capture something directed to us. I have not had this experience, but Goldsmith says he heard this voice, which he describes as being soft and smooth, which tells you something which deserves further reflection. All he wrote in his books, in years of study, were revelations received in a state of meditation; inspirations that made him reflect and find the answers he looked for. Meditation can take you to sublime experiences, capable of giving us what we are looking for: the certainty of God in our lives.

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