Twenty-Five Must-See Web Sites for Educators

Number 1— One of the most popular online resources supported by the U.S. Department of Education recently received an extreme makeover that has put hundreds of teaching and learning resources easily at the public's disposal. The redesign of the FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) Web site helps users to better navigate more than 1,500 resources from more than 35 federal agencies. It organizes these resources according to academic subjects, using an appealing display of photos and illustrations for easy identification. collection according to eight categories: language arts; math; science; U.S. history; U.S. time periods; world studies; arts and music; and health and physical education. Each category follows with a subgroup that helps to fine-tune the search for resources. For instance, U.S. history covers ethnic groups, famous people, movements and wars. The science category explores applied, earth, life, physical and space sciences, while the math group looks at algebra, data analysis, geometry, measurement, and numbers and operations. Number 2 Great resource for curriculum writing and revision. Number 3 Excellent site. The Knowledge Databases contain a wealth of information. Number 4 Excellent resources. Has a pull-down list with several topics. Number 5 Number 6 Great site for teachers, administrators, tech coordinators, and PD committee; most work with technology. Number 7 This is an excellent recourse for all subjects. Free books online. Number 8 Discipline and classroom management. Great general website. Teacher strategies and tools are great.

Number 9 Great site. Has ice breakers, great classroom discipline strategies, Number 10 This site has the 220 Dolch basic sight words in one story. Each word is color coded and teachers can use this site often and it is an excellent resource for a smartboard. Number 11 Great site for Math Bell Ringers for classrooms with Digital projectors. Solutions allow you to activate the blanks to see possible answers. This site has problems for all levels. Number 12 Great site for curriculum, afterschool programs, and teaching strategies. Number 13 Resource page for multidiscipline learning styles. Includes Reading & Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Math, Gifted L/D, and Older Learners. Tabbed for convince. Some have on-line practice that can be checked as well as black lines masters etc. Number 14 Great 10 Commandments for computers. Number 15 Great reviewed search tools for students. Number 16 Great site for smartboard use. Number 17 Almost too much to see at once. Lots of links. Number 18 Great resources for technology.

Number 19 Great resources for technology. Number 20 Excellent site to help students become better learners through preparation. Number 21
This is to inform you about the University of Missouri Online Math Tests. The URL for this site is: I will appreciate it very much if you could forward this letter to all mathematics teachers at your school and have a link to it at your school homepage. This site has many online mathematics tests such as: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) College Algebra Readiness Test Preparation for The Missouri Math Placement Test at Missouri A Calculus Readiness Test A Trigonometry Test A Geometry Test An Algebra Test

These online tests are similar to the very popular MATHCOUNTS site

Number 22 ent Has great links to several teacher related issues such as lesson plans, determining student learning styles, communication, and the first day. Number 23 Great resource for assessment writing for teachers. Discusses various types of assessments. Number 24 Vitual school is coming to the state of Missouri. This link has most of the current information districts need to make choices about its use. Number 25