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Date: 10/3-4/2013

Grade Level/Content Area: 11th Grade American History

TITLE OF LESSON TO BE TAUGHT: Harlem Renaissance Newspaper I. Learning Goals: Students will understand the cultural changes and clashes that occurred in the 1920s and how the Harlem Renaissance impacted, and was impacted by, society. Objectives: Students will work together to create a newspaper from the Harlem Renaissance. The newspaper should include articles about art, music, film, literature, and advertising that would have been common during the time period. Iowa Core: Understand the role of culture and cultural diffusion on the development and maintenance of societies. o Understand the ways groups, societies, and cultures have addressed human needs and concerns in the past. o Understand societal patterns for preserving and transmitting culture while adapting to environmental or social change. o Understand the value of cultural diversity, as well as cohesion, within and across groups. o Understand the origins, central ideas, and global influence of world religions. o Understand cultural factors that have promoted political conflict. Understand the role of individuals and groups within a society as promoters of change or the status quo. o Understand the significance of important people, their work and their ideas in the areas of political and intellectual leadership, inventions, discoveries, and the arts. o Understand the role the values of specific people in history played in influencing history. o Understand the significant religious, philosophical, and social movements and their impacts on society and social reform. o Understand the effect of chance events on history.


Assessment of Student Learning/Performance. Students will be formatively assessed based on their participation in the class activity and the discussions they have with their fellow classmates. Summative assessment will be based on their participation in the activity and grading will be based on the rubric provided. Procedure Access Prior Knowledge:


Students will access prior knowledge by discussing the Harlem Renaissance with their teacher and will brainstorm ideas as a team for articles and what should be included in the paper. Acquire New Knowledge: o Students will conduct research for their respected articles. Apply Declarative/Procedural Knowledge: o Students will apply their knowledge by writing their articles and working together to create the newspaper. Summative Assessment: o See Assessment of Student Learning/Performance section. Homework: o Homework between day one and day two of the activity will be to make sure they can have the paper completed by the end of day two. Materials Needed: Grading Rubric Computer Lab Student Textbooks Accommodations/Modifications for Diverse Learners: One student in the accelerated class is diagnosed with a reading disorder. This student has the aid of a one-on-one para educator. This student has also been introduced to a group of students that consistently ask him to be in a group with them. Remind those students about working with him and encourage him to research and and create an advertisement that would have been fitting for the Harlem Renaissance. He struggles with writing so creating an advertisement might be a better option. Teacher Reflections The lesson went great. The finished project was much better than I expected and I am proud of my two editors. They really took charge and made sure everyone was on time with their different articles. For this class I did not need to worry about assigning individual articles, but in some classes I might need to give more input to make sure the paper addresses a wide variety of issues.

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