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Zero and Negative Exponents & Scientific Notation Description (1-2 sentences): Students will explore what an exponent

of zero or a negative number. Then students will use the exponent rules they have learned to apply them to scientific notation. Subject: Algebra I nstruction ti!e: 9 minute bloc! Student"s #eve# b$ grade: 9th grade Standard(s) to be addressed: N-RN 2: Rewrite expressions involving radicals and rational exponents using the properties of exponents. Enduring %nderstandings&Essentia# 'uestions targeted in t(is #esson (for units created using t(e %nderstanding )$ Design fra!e*or+ on#$): Using an understanding of basic exponent rules, explore exponential functions as models of growth and decay. ,earning -bjectives for t(is #esson (.ritten using verbs fro! )#oo!"s /axono!$): Discover how to find the value of x to a power of zero or to a negative power.
Demonstrate how to use the basics of exponents when performing arithmetic operations on numbers written in scientific notation.

dentified student needs and p#ans for differentiation: "ote ta!ing sheets are prepared for students who need more focus while they are listening to class discussions. I will provide direct instruction in the form of notes for those students who desire a more structured teaching style. Students who catch on to the material #uic!ly will wor! on their own and start on the practice problems as I wor! with students who are struggling to understand the new exponent rules. They can move on to additional conceptual problems out of the textboo!. Specific resources needed for t(is #esson: Ladder Notes Sheet Scientific Notation Notes Sheet Notebooks for notes Homework from the textbook nstructiona# !et(od(s) used in t(is #esson: Individual$group exploration with wor!sheet % direct instruction with notes. ,esson Se0uence: &egin class by going over the dividing exponents homewor! from last class. 'rovide students with the correct answers to all of the #uestions. As! students if they have any

general #uestions or if there is a specific problem they would li!e to loo! at. (ncourage students to as! #uestions individually throughout the class period if they have #uestions later. )This will allow students who are not comfortable as!ing #uestions in front of the whole class to get help on their own.* 'ass out ladder wor!sheets to all students. +ave students fill out the top three outputs in the first two ladder tables and then loo! for patterns in the inputs and outputs. (ncourage students to discuss patterns they see with the classmates in their group. I will circulate to struggling students to as! them guiding #uestions to help the see patterns using their prior !nowledge of exponents and their properties. ,all the class bac! to the front and have students share out the patterns that they noticed in the inputs and outputs. -iscuss how the students could use the patterns they see to fill out the rest of the tables. +ave advanced students move on to the third ladder table and fill in the input and output values. .or other students/ as! them to loo! at values with negatively opposite exponents )i.e. 01 and 021* and how the two outputs are related. 3sing the idea of reciprocals/ wor! with students to fill in the third ladder table. -iscuss with the class how to use the ladder tables and what they !now about exponent properties to determine what a zero exponent and a negative exponent means and why. +ave students complete the practice problems and provide assistance for those who need it. 'ass out Scientific "otation "ote Ta!ing Sheets to students who struggle with focusin while writing during class discussions. Ta!e notes on scientific notation and how to multiply two numbers written in scientific notation. (mphasize that multiplying or dividing by a power of 4 is related to the positive and negative exponents )dictates which direction the decimal moves*. 'ractice changing numbers from standard to scientific notation and vice versa. Assign problems from the textboo! for practice to discuss at the beginning of the next class. .or those students who finish #uic!ly or who have demonstrated their understanding of negative exponents and scientific notation/ assign problems that as! them to write about and explain what a negative exponent means and how you change a number between standard and scientific notation so that they can get a deeper understanding of the concepts.