50 Secrets of the World’s ongest iving !eople
"# friend $%i ope& sent me %n em%il l%st 'rid%#. I always open Tai’s emails. Just like me – but light years ahead – Tai is an aspiring renaissance man. He is the author of multiple books, a member of M !"#$ the high I% society, a self made millionaire in his &'(s, a )ertified *inancial +lanner, )H*), ),-, and most importantly a student of life with a ton of books ./'''0 at the last count and that is no 1oke – I’2e been at his library and it is freaking ama3ing4. Tai has said that he wishes no one e2er had seen when he was on 5ra2o’s 6The Millionaire Matchmaker7 – but his episode is actually the highest rated yet. "o what was Tai’s email sub1ect line8 It read$ 6/' "ecrets of the 9orld ,ongest ,i2ing +eople7. #nd here is how it started: “My friend was just hanging out with a wealthy billionaire in Boston. Two billion or more net worth. He owns his own private 747. But the billionaire is overweight and sic all the time. !n the process of ma ing money he neglected his health. "i e the wise saying goes# “$hat does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul.% &nd ! would add' what does it profit us to gain the world but lose our physical health(

"et me highlight the 0* secrets ! found most relevant to our every day life. Tai has a good way of summing up books that would normally take you a long time to read. Eead more$ http$FFwww. That’s wonderful for anyone who doesn’t ha2e the time lu@ury to read lots of books.painlessly4: :. as you should know if you tuned into last week’s podcast 6<< 9ays To #ge .ike # 5ad=#ss6. you know that anti=aging is way. way high up on my priority list – not only because I want to be around to leap a >'0 inch 2ertical when my grandkids hit their first home run. These specific people groups have 8 or 9 times the amount of people living past age 0++ and 7+: less chronic disease.i2ing . cra3y wild se@ with my wife .AB. &s a nutritionist she studied people from 2 inawa' 3apan4 .% 9ell.comF&'<GF'&Fthe=worlds= longest=li2ing=peopleFHi@33&t'@31BhI "o how did Tai sum up the /' "ecrets of the 9orld’s .bengreenfieldfitness. let’s face it. that will ne2er be painless4.ha2e hot.Talk about an attention grabber.ongest .ecrets of the $orld)s "ongest "iving -eople by .preferably also painlessly4: :and achie2e epic things like racing "partan e2ents .ymi' 5reece4 6ampodimele' !taly4 Hun7a' !ndia4 and Bama' 6hina.amines the lifestyles of * traditional people groups who are famous for their long healthy lives /many of them are still wor ing' e. Then Tai went on to say$ “Today)s boo of the day' *+ . #s a matter of Beare' e. you can consider his 5ook of the Cay list a fantastic time=hacking techniDue. but also because I: :want to play <? holes of golf .ercising' and actively participating in life well past age 0++1.

rin/ 5 0. JJJJJJJJJJ &. It’s good. (nl# )%t *ntil + !%rts '. 2en though these / healthy people groups ate meat they had a different ratio – they ate way more 2eggies and fruits than meat. "o instead of eating until I actually feel full I should stop 1ust short of being (f 1reen $e% 2 . high=Duality stuff that makes your life better. I try to be sure e2ery plate of food I eat keeps this ratio – M times more 2egetables than meat.ll: Akinawas say 6Hara hachi bu7 which means 6belly ?' percent full7. *rom #rnold "chwar3enegger and +aleo ad2ocates. or that it 1ust keeps our body fat down. to the -"C# recommendations. I 1ust use my eye to estimate when my plate looks like there is a ton more 2egetables than anything else.My fa2orite techniDue is to take a huge salad and dump it on top of whate2er I’m eating. it wasn’t always read meat. dairy and animal products. It’s not spam.+eople book8 Here’s what he had to say. JJJJJJJJJJ >. )%t . JJJJJJJJJJ <. to the most hard core Legan. It may be that there is some 2alue in calorie restriction. There has been a good bit of science done to support this.times more veget%bles th%n me%t: It’s interesting because all the groups of people the author studied ate meat. I’d highly recommend you go hop on Tai’s 5ook of the Cay list. 5ut that doesn’t mean they ate like the a2erage modern person.%#: The book says that green tea was . I ha2e read almost e2ery health book e2er written and the only thing they all ha2e in common is saying we should eat lots of 2egetables. Just like in the book 6!utrition and +hysical Cegeneration7 9eston #. e2eryone agrees – Legetables should be the highest 2olume food type we eat. . +rice says in his e@hausti2e studies none of the world’s healthiest people groups were 2egetarian. If you dig this stuff. They also ate a lot of fish. I make sure it looks like the salad is a mountain on top of the meat. or that if you always eat till you feel full you train your stomach to e@pand and need more and more to feel satisfied. I wonder what the Akinawans would think about the Kall you can eat’ buffet restaurant ideas8 They’d probably think it was the worst idea e2er.

)hina and Akinawa. The people of 5ama. I am not sure where to find a pa2ilion but could probably con1ure up a lily pond and pretty girl .&nother 8+00 meta=analysis of 04 randomi7ed' placebo=controlled clinical trials found that green tea significantly lowered "@" cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Japan. "ast year' a meta=analysis of observational studies>09 conducted in green tea drin ers and five in blac tea drin ers>found that people who dran the most green tea had a 8?: lower ris of coronary artery disease than those who dran the least green tea.not as sure where to find a brand where the lea2es were picked by 2irgins4: I can also tell you after I increased my green tea drinking I stayed way more hydrated .% This sounds like a great idea in theory to me. )%t 'ood With Se%weed: +eople in Akinawa that ate food from soil that had once been below sea le2el were the healthiest. 5ut it seems more likely that green tea is better for you and can actually ha2e the same Kpick me up’ effect as coffee. If you are a coffee drinker. These micro nutrients ha2e atremendous positi2e effect .t to a lily pond' in the company of a beautiful woman. Nreen tea basically has the most antio@idants you can get from any one food type. The author says that you need about G=/ cups a day to get the ma@imum effect. JJJJJJJJJJ G. Ar you can rotate between coffee and green tea to ma@imi3e the health benefits of both. )hina already knew what this Har2ard Health newsletter confirms$ “& study of 4+'*9+ 3apanese adults found that participants who dran more than five cups of green tea a day had a 8<: lower ris of death from heart attac or stro e and a 0<: lower ris of death from all causes than people who dran less than one cup of green tea a day. green tea is also a great substitute that still has the caffeine. # tremendous amount of modern science backs up what the )hinese ha2e known all along. Blac tea had no effect on heart ris .which also means lots of Duick trips to the bathroom haha4. This probably stems from the trace minerals left from the sea water and sea plants like seaweed and kelp.the basic drink of choice for the long li2ed people of 5ama.% I found it funny that the )hinese ancient pro2erb says that the green tea lea2es should be har2ested by 2irgins and then sipped6slowly in a pavilion' ne.

The grass fed eggs and chicken was 1ust off the charts. but most likely it’s all the trace minerals that are found deep within the sea. plants. JJJJJJJJJJ M. specifically apricot kernels. Qou will ha2e to read the research and decide for yourself. or the fiber. Rlie Metchnikoff studied long li2ed 5ulgarian peasants and the yogurt in their . 9hen I was on the farm with Joel "alatin we used to feed the cows seaweed. They lo2ed it. Ane of the issues is that apricot kernels basically ha2e low le2els of )yanide in them. we sent grass fed eggs and chicken down to the !ational Institutes of Health and they literally called back and said 6Hey our machines are broken can you send some more samples for testing. #llan !ation bought a maga3ine and turned its focus to the tremendous benefits of grass fed meat.on health. especially in terms of the Amega > – Amega P ratios. milk.7 The nutritional differences between grass fed and con2entional farmed food were so different that they thought they had faulty lab eDuipment. rabbits. It’s actually become Duite a contro2ersial study with ad2ocates on both sides.aetrile in the kernels is an anti=cancer agent and others say it’s actually to@ic. JJJJJJJJJJ P. )%t 3og. Ingesting )yanide is a good way to die instantly. bag pretty fast. $r# 2pricots: The Hun3as in India were huge belie2ers in the power of apricots. In fact in <OM? my other mentor. 5ut the change in the health of new cows that we started on seaweed and kelp was almost instantaneous. "ome say the . 1r%ss fed eggs: This is one close to my heart because when I was 1ust out of high school I went and did a &. and eggs. It was the same for chickens. sheep – it was like magic. It has taken literally >' years for the doctors and nutritionists to catch up.rt: I ne2er reali3ed that someone actually won a !obel +ri3e because of their findings on the health benefits of eating yogurt. 9e literally had to restrict how much we ga2e them because a cow can eat a /' lbs. JJJJJJJJJJ /. It tastes kind of like salt. I remember when I was on the farm./ year apprenticeship with Joel "alatin who is one of the pioneers of the grass fed mo2ement. 5ut they didn’t. It could be the iodine. "o a good start is to buy some 5ragg’s "easoning "ea Belp Celight and sprinkle it on your food.

It’s a myth that you should get successful before you settle down. # study shows that smokers who e@ercise li2e as long or e2en longer than non smokers who don’t e@ercise. This reminds of the book 6The Millionaire !e@t Coor7which found that the ma1ority of wealthy people get married and stay married to the same person. Her . they need to lo2e and feel lo2e. Qou don’t want to be some senile <'' year old that can’t participate in life. Humans are social creatures. Hunt played poker. and e@ercise is – we all hear how bad smoking is but apparently not e@ercising is e2en worse. 1et "%rried (r 1et 2 . or pu33les e2ery week. JJJJJJJJJJ The book 6How To 5e # 5illionaire7 talks about how games. I ha2e been ad2ocating for years that e2eryone play at least a few games of chess. specifically playing games of chance.onely people die young. My grandma is OP and plays backgammon and chess almost e2ery day. JJJJJJJJJJ O. "ovement: Mo2ing and e@ercising was by far one of the most shared traits of the long li2ed people groups.5ut I guess if you woud rather be a hermit at least get a dog. +eter Thiel plays chess. JJJJJJJJJJ <'. "ind 1%mes 'or $he 4r%in: It’s not enough to li2e long. and H. JJJJJJJJJJ ?... 5ut also adds that if you don’t get married at least get a dog. That’s how important mo2ing.og: The author says that married people li2e longer. .diet. backgammon. bridge. is an acti2ity en1oyed by most billionaires. 9arren 5uffet and 5ill Nates play bridge. sweating. checkers. poker. I see that myth being spread all o2er here in Hollywood. +laying games that stimulate the mind is one of the most effecti2e ways to keep your mind young. Ane woman in the book was o2er <'' and e2ery day walked up a few hundred stairs to sell her eggs in the 2illage. There is something about playing games of chance that teaches you about the fine line between fate and controlling your destiny. He de2eloped a theory that the natural bacteria in our stomachs could be supplemented with probiotics to increase our health. Most were farmers who had daily chores.

The Hun3as li2ed high in the Himalayan mountains and drank water . Interestingly the healthiest people groups in the world all had some le2els of carbs in their diet. Here is a pic of her beating me at scrabble$ #nd if you like 2ideos games there is good research that the multi tasking that happens when you play is great for the brain. There are a ton of health benefits when you simply sprout the bread before cooking it. JJJJJJJJJJ <<.istilled: There is always a huge debate about what type of water you should drink$ distilled. wheat. I lo2e to put some good grass fed butter or almond or cashew butter on top. JJJJJJJJJJ <&. and grains.mind is young and this book says this habit is a huge reason for her mental 2itality. re2erse osmosis. "cientists found that sprouted bread reduced the blood sugar response and increases the glucagen response compared to regular bread. "iner%l W%ter (ver . whether it was the Akinawans and rice or the Hun3as and their sprouted bread. Spro. I personally lo2e 3ekiel sprouted bread. mineral.ted 4re%d: 2eryone argues about eating carbs. etc. It tastes as good as regular bread and it’s healthier.

In <O>< Atto Heinrich 9arburg was awarded the !obel +ri3e in +hysiology for his study on the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells. The healthiest people groups in the world seemed to intuiti2ely know the 2alue of o@ygen well before <O>< and regularly practiced deep breathing . It helps my hyperacti2e brain. Brothers films. "o if you are like me and li2e in a big city like . I lo2e it. A! made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of .which came naturally from rigorous daily e@ercise outside4. and Meditation. Cistilled water on the other hand is basically <''S free of any e@tra minerals. )ogniti2e Therapy.ghing: #nother !obel +ri3e was gi2en on the sub1ect of A@ygen and its effects on the human body. 1ust pure H&A and so theoretically does not pro2ide any important minerals like calcium and magnesium. "o ne@t time you are in the shower don’t hold back – let your 2oice be heard. with a positive attitude' love' faith' hope' and laughter induced by Mar. JJJJJJJJJJ <>. Cr.os #ngeles with a lot of pollution consider in2esting in a powerful air filter for your house. Atto 9arburg belie2ed pollution to be a huge cause of cancer. #nd during the day whistle or hum while you work. The author says the trace minerals that accumulate as the water dissol2es the rock is part of why the Hun3as li2e so long. The book 6Happiness Hypotheses7 says that there are only > scientifically pro2en ways to increase happiness$ Medication. The story goes$ 6Told that he had little chance of surviving' 6ousins developed a recovery program. Many of the healthiest traditional people groups in this book practiced some form of meditation. They also did a lot of humming and singing. Ane note. #nother twist on breathing is meditation. "he tells the story of how !orman )ousins cured himself of Marie="trumpell’s disease. Mercola seems to agree and goes further in saying distilled water is actually unhealthy. #nd last but not least. the author found that people o2er <'' years old laugh a lot. Cownload the Headspace free app and try it for <' minutes a day.mming6 Singing6 4re%thing6 "edit%ting6 %.that flowed down rocky stream beds. 5. He belie2ed that human emotions controlled the biology of our body and led to health or sickness. particularly cancer cells.

!r%#er: The healthiest people groups in the world all had some sort of spiritual life with a common theme of prayer.e2en if you don’t know they are praying for you4 can help you reco2er from illness faster than the placebo. It gi2es me a natural high for at least &G hours.chool found that patients with strong religious beliefs who underwent elective heart surgery were three times more li ely to recover than those who were less religious. # lot more fun and less e@pensi2e than a hospital stay.-T must to see at least < comedy show a month. A$hen the pain= illing effect of the laughter wore off' we would switch on the motion picture projector again and not infreBuently' it would lead to another pain=free interval).perienced fewer and less severe symptoms than those who had not. I go down to the . JJJJJJJJJJ <G. The Duestion is whether prayer helps the person doing the praying or the person recei2ing the prayers.augh *actory or Impro2 here in Hollywood. There is more contro2ersy around the effecti2eness on the people recei2ing the prayer. & 8+00 study of inner city youth with asthma by researchers at the Eniversity of 6incinnati indicates that those who practiced prayer and meditation e. Desearch at @artmouth Medical . 5ut that’s for another article.genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain=free sleep') he reported. 2ther studies show that prayer boosts the immune system and helps to lessen the severity and freBuency of a wide range of illnesses. & recent survey reported in the 3ournal of 5erontology of 4'+++ senior citi7ens in @urham' C6' found that people who prayed or meditated coped better with illness and lived longer than those who did not. # Huffington +ost article states$ “!n one Cational !nstitutes of Health funded study' individuals who prayed daily were shown to be 4+ percent less li ely to have high blood pressure than those without a regular prayer practice. *or me personally I think it’s an #5"A. . It does seem that ha2ing someone pray for you .% My mom lo2es Cr. "chult3 the naturopath and I remember him saying that we should all memori3e like /' 1okes to keep oursel2es healthy.% "o it seems pretty ob2ious that the person doing the praying gets all kinds of benefits.

The healthiest people in the world were surrounded by a community. 5ut what’s most interesting is that the science shows that people who 2olunteer for their own personal satisfaction don’t li2e any longer than people who don’t 2olunteer at all. 6Tai. 4e !%rt (f Something 4igger $h%n 3o. by child. because !A A! )#E " about them. by old friends. maybe changing the education system. Qou can 1ust walk in and talk to any of the older people.ike hea2en on earth. +eople who 2olunteer for something li2e longer than those who don’t. we can withdraw into te@t messages and !etfli@. Jump on a plane and reconnect with old friends. but old friends are better. and great grandchildren. It has to be selfless. If you aren’t careful the modern world’s technology will isolate you. new friends are good. I remember reading about a woman who had 1ust held her great. or adopting handicapped children. a religious belief./ years and they are the happiest people I ha2e e2er met. Qou need to find a community of people with lofty goals. great granddaughter and was asked 6How does it feel87 "he answered 6. "tart with a . *or many people its something spiritual like church and religion. crossfit. who built our house. #ll the wisdom and knowledge locked up for us to learn from and few of us e2en take < hour a month to go do a good deed. It’s all nameless and faceless these days. I li2ed with the #mish with no electricity for &.JJJJJJJJJJ </. I reali3e why there is no need for security at the door. . we relocate on a whim. or who makes our clothes.7 Cri2e down to an old folks home and 1ust walk in and find someone lonely to cheer up. 9e don’t ha2e to li2e near our families or friends. 5ut the beauty of the modern world is we ha2e the choice. grandchildren. or the peace corp.ike 9illiam Qut3e an old #mish farmer told me.*ind something bigger than yourself. They are tied into a cause. I ha2e done this and was surprised there is no security at the door. we don’t know who grows our food.7 That is the feeling we all want. They say we need to ha2e about <>' friends and be connected into a community. I think it’s not 1ust about 2olunteer work. and a community that is bigger than themsel2es. "o remember humans are social creatures.rself: "elfish people die younger than people part of a group and a mo2ement. *or others it’s a mo2ement like organic food. or fi@ing the food in public schools. great.

9hen it comes to money most people are dri2en by fear. 2en if that means introducing massi2e stress into your life. fear of starting your own company. *ear of changing 1obs. If we know anything about health we know that stress kills faster than smoking and potato chips. No out and connect to something big and change the world my friend. 9e ob2iously don’t li2e in one of these traditional 2illages so we ha2e a different set of challenges. fear of not keeping up with the Joneses. They didn’t ha2e monthly bills. I’m not sure dieting. Qou would probably be better off focusing on getting rid of stress before any other health e@ercise. my waistline. If you get bitten by a little dog when you are / years old e2en when you are an adult the fear of dogs will stress you out. which is basically directly related to how stressed I am. I recently read that The #merican Medical #ssociation has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than P'S of all human illness and disease. my weight. . I know on a personal note that when I measure my body fat. mortgages. 9hat’s the common denominator in both of those8 I would say it’s stay tuned. If you are not careful it will run your life on it’s terms. The Duestion remains how do we remo2e stress in the modern world. the biggest predictor of staying in shape is the amount of good sleep I get. the results were pretty stunning I must say4. "o if we dissect our stress those are the two areas to fi@.facebook group and get in2ol2ed from there. "o basically we spend our whole adult life stressfully reacting to past traumas and e@periences instead of seeing life clearly. e@ercising. I’m working on a new article about my e@periment with stress. and weight loss . sleep. The amygdala part of our brain stores our fear memories. or debt. tuition. JJJJJJJJJJ <P. Dead that againF If that is e2en remotely true than we all seem to ha2e our priorities on health all out of whack.o2e. If you e@amine most modern world stress it relates to two ma1or areas$ Money and . or lifting weights are e2en helpful if you are under prolonged periods of stress. ow Stress: The traditional groups she studied li2ed e@tremely low stress lifestyles. I’m as guilty as anyone of getting too wrapped up in myself. The amygdala fear response is insanely powerful in your mind.

*or most of us it’s around <P hours. fear being alone. *or good or for bad. & poor person /and we)re all poor compared to someone. Qou can start with cold showers like I talk about in another article.5o ahead' try it. 5ut e2en more powerful is changing who you spend time with.pend fifty' si.% "o find a mentor or two and listen to them closely. things rubs off on us. Co matter how well we)re doing1 should invest in feeding a rich person.The same with lo2e. I also recommending reading books like Bon Tiki so that you can get inspired by the courage of others. 6Tai the secret to life is to ignore GG out of 0++ people and then when you find the 0 out of 0++ ama7ing person' do everything they say. The momma cow’s knowledge and success basically 1ust rubbed of on her baby as the baby spent time with her mom. people fear re1ection. 5o for the full nine courses. Net a mentor. fear breaking off an old relationship because they think they won’t find someone better.ty' eighty' even a hundred dollars. The antidote to stress is the management of fear and building courage is the fastest way to manage your fear. Just make sure you are humble enough to actually listen and implement what they say. I li2ed on a farm for <' years. &nd then do what( That)s right > listen. Hat the salad /it will ta e about fifteen minutes1 and will eep the conversation going. It’s the same for us. In my own life I ha2e tried many ways to build my courage. . who ha2e the lo2e relationship of your dreams and ask them for ad2ice. #dd up how many hours you are awake each day. #llan !ation once told me. *ind people who achie2ed the financial goals you want in &' years.tart with the hor d)oeuvres' and as Buestions. The . Humans learn by osmosis. some methods ha2e worked and some failed. How many of those hours yesterday did you spend with someone who is <' to &' years ahead of you8 9ho is li2ing the e@act life you dream of for yourself8 9ho has the healthy body and lo2e life you ha2e always wanted8 *or most of us it’s a pretty depressing amount of time. . .ike Jim Eohn says$ “"istening is a wonderful way to learn. I obser2ed that a baby cow learned all the important life lessons from the momma cow without e2er a word being spoken. and who ha2e the healthy body you ha2e been trying to get. "et me propose to you an outrageous idea# choose a really successful person and ta e him or her out to dinner.

comF&'<GF'&Fthe=worlds= longest=li2ing=peopleFHi@33&t'@TIi&l . read some books on the courage of others. .bengreenfieldfitness.estions6 comments %nd feedb%c/ below %nd .t $%i ope&6 %nd this boo/ he recommends 750 Secrets of the World’s ongest iving !eople89 e%ve #o. !)m not coming up with any money. BehindF He)s a good wor er' a hard wor er' a sincere wor to chec/ o. But you can wor hard and be sincere all your life and still wind up bro e and unhappy.%# list. Iou)ve got to have a bit to eat' watch a little TJ to rela.But of course you)re right. !f you get someone li e this to tal with you for two hours' you can learn enough strategies and attitudes to multiply your income and change your life.% The good news is it’s not that hard to change.r w%istline6 %nd of co. too c%n soon h%ve 5000< boo/s h%nging %ro.r friendships6 #o.r longevit#. !erh%ps #o.’ll repl#.r life6 #o.t $%i’s 4oo/ of the .r he%lth6 #o. Iou)ve got to be better than a good wor er' you)ve got to be a good listener. Try for at least two how long you can stretch the meal.r :.' and get to bed. thin/ %bo. There is a way out that’s pretty darn simple. 2rder dessert. "tart taking some cold showers.ll of some re%ll# good /nowledge th%t ch%nges #o. JJJJJJJJJJ So wh%t do #o. Aur own stress comes from fear that is self induced. Iou can)t spend all that time trying to find a rich man to feed. Eead more$ http$FFwww.r w%llet6 #o.nd #o.)&nd this man is behind on his payments. The Aguy) says' A!f he)s rich' let him buy his own darn dinner. &nd besides' if you wor where ! wor ' by the time you struggle home' it)s late.rse6 #o.biggest stea in town will ta e forty minutes to demolish > eep as ing Buestions. That’s probably why they’re poor. 2nd be s. and reach out to > or G people who are where you want to be in &' years and ask if you can take them to dinner or work for them part=time. -oor people don)t ta e rich people out to dinner.r person%l libr%r# = or %t le%st % he%d f.

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