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Sustainable urban transportation planning from KonSULT

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KonSULT means

Developed since 2001 by UK Department for Transport , European Commission, UK Engineering and Physics Sciences Research Council.


Current versions European Commission Challenge project to help city in identifying effective policy measures as sustainable urban mobility plans. Aids in understanding the challenges in achieving sustainability. 3 levels of information
a) Measure option generator b) Policy guidebook c) Decision maker guidebook

Measure option generator

Allows cities quickly to identify those policy measures particular to their context A) Instrument policy guidebook ranked in terms of their potential to contribute to the citys needs. B) For chosen user policy guidebook ranked in terms of their ability to complement that instrument.

C) A list of packages - for a shortlist of up to ten instruments chosen by the user.


Decision making guidebook

Designed to help all those involved in decisions on land use and transport. Section2 :- Suggest a structured approach to tackling these challenges. At each stage - two questions: Why an issue is important, and What the options are for tackling it. Applicable to various cities- generic in nature.

Section 3 - decision-making context, including the freedom which cities have to develop their own policies. Section 4 - outlines a number of possible approaches to decision-making. Section 5 - look at the options for facilitating effective participation to support all these approaches.

Section 6 - logical structure for decision-making. Sections 7 to 15 follow the logical structure in Section 6.


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Policy guidebook
Information on the policy instruments suggested by the Measure Option Generator. Adopts an approach outlined in Section 9 of the DecisionMakers' Guidebook.

Each policy instrument - assessed in terms - objectives, indicators, and problems outlined in the Decision-Makers. 11 point scoring system is adopted the core of the Measure Option Generator which helps users identify the policy instruments most suitable for their needs


The Policy Guidebook is under continuing development Land use measures Attitudinal and behavioral measures Infrastructure measures Management of the infrastructure Information provision Pricing

Structured approach helps in generalizing the solution. Guidebooks are handy and generic in nature. Breaking a big problem into small pieces and approach is good idea.