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TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2008

Review Questions: Theory P rt 1

1. !ith re" r#s to re$ tionshi% o& stru'ture to r'hite'ture, whi'h o& the &o$$owin" #es'ri(es &or) $ or s'u$%ture# stru'ture* a) Uses least amount of material b) Focuses on novelty of form c) Materials used below maximum load-bearing capacity d) E+ ""er te# e$e)ents 2. !hi'h o& the &o$$owin" re%resent the %ri) ry 'o$ors* a) Green orange violet b) !ed yellow green c) "lue yellow violet d) Re#, ye$$ow, ($ue #. !hi'h 'onstru'tion syste) %er)it "re t s% ns o& in&inite v riety o& sh %es o& 'on'rete, or stee$ 'o)(ine# with "$ ss or %$ sti'* a) $pace frame b) Thin she$$ 'onstru'tion c) Frame construction d) $uspension system %. !hi'h o& the &o$$owin" in#i' tes the (ri"htness o& a) &'roma b) (alue c) )ue d) ,ntensity 'o$or*

*. !h t ty%e o& r'hite'tur $ 'h r 'ter is #erive# throu"h the use o& the (ui$#in"* a) +ersonality b) -un'tion c) ,ssociation

d) Materials -. !h t ) ni&est tion in stru'ture th t i#enti&ies it s wor. o& r'hite'ture

shows the #e/u te s'he)e or stru'tur $ rr n"e)ent, e&&e'tive 'hoi'e o& ) teri $s, n# e&&e'tive 'onstru'tion syste)* a) $tructural stability b) ,est'etic sense of beauty c) .conomic /uality d) Utility 0. !hi'h o& the &o$$owin" %rin'i%$es: 1. Framewor1s structurally independent of walls 2. -ree0st n#in" & 1 #e #. Roo& " r#en %. 2%en %$ nnin" *. 3u(e &or) e$ev te# on sti$ts or 'o$u)ns were adopted by 2e &orbusier in 'is (illa $avoye a) 2 % * b) # % * c) 1 2 # d) A$$ $iste# %rin'i%$es 3. !h t rt %rin'i%$e shows the re$ tionshi%s (etween the v rious % rts o& n o(4e't5stru'ture5"rou%s o& o(4e'ts n# stru'tures* a) $i4e b) (olume c) Pro%ortion d) $cale 5. !h t #o you ' $$ the too$ in r'hite'ture whi'h or" ni6es s% 'e or s% ti $ 'o)%osition re$ te# to &un'tion* a) $pace planning b) $pace articulation c) Functional interrelations'ip diagram d) 6erritoriality

17. !hi'h o& the &o$$owin" in#i' tes the n )e o& a) 8ntensity b) &'roma c) 7ue d) (alue


11. Throu"hout the history o& hu) n r 'e, wh t is 'onsi#ere# the )other o& $$ rts* a) Fine arts b) Music c) +ainting d) Ar'hite'ture 12. 8$ue0"reen, re#0or n"e, n# ($ue vio$et (e$on"s to whi'h "rou% o& hues or 'o$ors* a) Terti ry b) $econdary c) 9uarterly d) +rimary 1#. !hi'h o& the &o$$owin" re%resent the se'on# ry 'o$ors* a) :ellow green blue b) 9reen, or n"e, vio$et c) !ed yellow blue d) Green yellow violet 1%. !h t ty%e o& r'hite'tur $ 'h r 'ter is #erive# throu"h the in&$uen'e o& tr #ition or % st e+%erien'e* a) +ersonality b) Function c) Asso'i tion d) Materials 1*. !h t ty%e o& #ist n'e is th t whi'h is nor) $ s% 'in" se% r tin" )e)(ers o& non0'ont 't s%e'ies $i.e a) $ocial distance %rote'tive (u(($e*

b) Flig't distance c) &ritical distance d) Person $ #ist n'e 1-. ,n %er'e%tion o& s% 'e, whi'h sense en ($es one to i#enti&y ) teri $s t #ist n'e a) ;inest'etic b) ,uditory c) :isu $ d) 6actile 10. !h t #o you ' $$ those hues, whi'h $ie o%%osite e 'h other in whee$* a) &ontrasting b) ,nalogous c) <on-complementary d) 3o)%$e)ent ry 13. !hi'h o& the &o$$owin" in#i' tes tr (e te# sty$e* a) +ointed arc' b) Post n# $inte$ c) Mortar =oints d) "ended =oints 15. !hi'h o& the &o$$owin" #es'ri(es &r )e 'onstru'tion s a) Use of uprig't post b) $panned by 'ori4ontal c) A$$ $iste# ite)s d) !esult in cage-li1e arrangement of parts t'roug' repetition 27. !h t invention (rou"ht (out )o#ern hi"h0rise (ui$#in"* a) E$ev tor b) $teel beam c) &urtain wall system d) 6'in s'ell construction stru'tur $ syste)* 'o$or

21. ,n %er'e%tion o& s% 'e, whi'h o& the &o$$owin" #es'ri(es the o$& 'tory sense* a) ,#enti&ies ) teri $s $i)itin" un%$e s nt o#ors b) ,ffects material to regulate transfer of sound c) ,ffects room si4e>ceiling 'eig'ts to avoid discomfort d) 8dentifies material at a distance 22. !ho invente# a) A#o$& ;oss b) +eter "e'rens c) +'ilip ?o'nson d) ,ntonio Gaudi 2#. !h t theory o& r'hite'ture #enotes not on$y the 'o)%$ete h r)ony o& the % rts o& the (ui$#in" with the who$e, (ut on inte"r tion o& the (ui$#in" with its site n# surroun#in"s* a) Functional arc'itecture b) 2r" ni' r'hite'ture c) @omestic arc'itecture d) vernacular arc'itecture 2%. ,n %er'e%tion o& s% 'e, whi'h o& the &o$$owin" #es'ri(es visu $ sense* a) 8dentifies materials limiting unpleasant odors b) ,ffects materials to regulate transfer of sound c) ,ffects room si4e>ceiling 'eig'ts to avoid discomfort d) ,#enti&ies ) teri $s t #ist n'e syste) o& we$$0hi"h univers $ %%$i' tion ( se# on

hy%er(o$oi#s in (ui$#in"s*

2*. !h t ty%e o& r'hite'tur $ e$e)ents %rovi#e %rote'tion &or users &ro) in'$e)ent o& the se sons or ene)ies* a) @ecorative b) Prote'tive c) $tructural d) <eed-specific 2-. !h t ty%e o& ( $ n'e is th t in whi'h the e$e)ents re rr n"e# in the

s )e ) nner on either si#e o& re%ose n# or#er* a) ./ual b) &ontrasting c) Sy))etri' $ d) ,ssymetrical +osted by !$G at

'entr $ +is or $ine n# "ives the &ee$in" o&