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New Product Development Stages For new product development market research, the question becomes one of matching

the stage of new product development with the right creative or product market research method. We use the Marketing Intelligence Platform to guide the use of the three forms of ntelligence !! deas, Data, " Drivers !! to the product development process. We provide consulting and specific new product research market research capabillities at each new product development stage. Product development market research methods and tools used ma# var# according to the product t#pe, the e$tent of incremental change from other products, the investment and risk factors, and the costs of seeding the new product in the marketplace.

Product development is a sequential decision process. t%s a series of decisions, not one. t is ke#, therefore, to concentrate attention on the precise new product decision at hand, and think through the market research and creative tools needed for that stage.

&arketing 'onsulting Services (( )verview

&arketing Strateg# 'onsultants
*s marketing strateg# consultants, our firm will work with #ou and #our compan# and management team in a professional product launch, branding research, or market si+ing

or targeting engagement. Since each client compan# or firm is unique with its own set of issues and opportunities, we often begin our relationship with a decision identification and clarification engagement , what we call Decision &apping. -his identifies the most relevant problems, opportunities, and issues most relevant, and serves to clarif# the decision agenda. We believe this is a crucial step to ensure as consultants to #our compan#, that our research or marketing strateg# engagement meets #our specific management requirements. Further, Decision Mappingsaves both time and mone# as it sharpens focus as to the e$act work which needs to be accomplished in our remaining consulting or market research work for #our compan#.

.$perts in &arketing Strateg#

*s e$perts and specialists in marketing and market research, we are well qualified in these strateg# arenas( positioning, segmentation, product launch, new product development advertising strateg#, corporate and product naming, compan# branding, brand equit# measurement, pricing, brand development, brand strateg#, product concept testing, identif#ing opportunities, and targeting positioning.

Functional &arketing /esearch .$perience

)ur consulting compan# has deep e$perience working with large and small firms, although t#pical clients include Fortune 011, Fortune 211, or middle market companies. )ur team members have been involved as e$ecutives and board members of technolog# venture start!ups, conducting research and assessments used b# private equit#, and venture capital firms.

ndustr# 'onsulting and &arket /esearch .$perience

First, we are not industr# specialists or e$perts. )ur philosoph# is that we bring a tool kit of anal#tical and management skills to the table. 3ou bring deep industr# knowledge of #our business. -he blending of our functional and management e$pertise, and #our knowledge of #our own business and industr#, makes for a productive decision!focused engagement.

4ere are some e$amples from industries we%ve served with management strateg# consulting and marketing research... Financial
We%ve conducted studies for brokerage firms, savings insitutions, banks, and companies that serve them. Financial services marketing studies include( ma5or market entr# studies and consulting for large mega!bank6 brand image studies , new product development market research6 price!positioning of online, *-& and credit card services,

upscale services6 site location anal#ses6 and advertising research We understand the financial services marketplace. )ur clients include Wells Fargo, 7e# 8anks, 9olden West, :S 8anks, 8NP!8ank of the West, &eritor, *laska Pacific, Northrim, and others.

8;8 " ndustrial &anufacutring

8;8 marketing studies are focused, practical research efforts to enhance the fast!paced decision!making requirements of the 8;8 marketing environment. ndustrial and 8;8 manufacturing and wholesale marketing research studies are designed to be practical, accurate, and reflective of the particular client needs and the nature of the targeted market. We%ve conducted scores of industrial 8;8 studies for manufacturing firms engaged in sales of chemicals, heav# equipment, technolog# products, software s#stems, plant procesing equipment, computer s#stems, farm equipment and implements. ndustrial 8;8 market research, as in consumer research, requires decision! clarification up front, tight goal definition, rigorous research design, and meticulous field research data collection.

-echnolog# " Digital

-echnolog# marketing research uses core marketing research principles, #et there are important issues when reaching technolog# customers !! whether hardware or software. )ur technolog# market research work has e$plored such markets as desk5et printer pricing, digital signal processor market si+ing, launch of *S ' based technolog# startup product line, and others. We%ve assessed P' server branding, market demand and competitive positioning, and corporate image. For computer sellers, we%ve conducted data mining and modeling to identf# and target the best prospects for direct marketing online and mail campaigns. We understand the often complicated set of purchase and preference drivers at pla# in technolog# markets. n technolg# marketing, the value proposition in this market of 8;8 technical and management purchase decision!makers customers is a moving target, both for companies, component suppliers, and their new products. &arket segmentation tools can meaningfull# identif# the need structure of differing market sectors. We%ve served such clients as ntel, 4ewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, .$tended S#stems, &icron and others.

&arket /esearch -ools( 'oncept -esting *dvertisng, 8rands, Products, Pricing, Positioning
see also Product Research

'oncept testing research evaluates advertising concepts, ad theme concepts and appeals, new product concepts, pricing, brand concepts, brand names, and positioning strateg# concepts.
)ur concept testing market research design approach for #our compan# will develop precise and specific concept statements for development, testing, screening and segmentation. 4ere we support #our product, advertising, or positioning, pricing, or branding concepts consistent with a multi!step process to #ield optimum results.

We emplo# advanced concept testing research measurement and questionnaire approaches using both qualitative andquantitative market research methods. Staged 'oncept -esting
Staged or sequenced concept testing acknowledges the importance of the iterative creative and refinement process involved in concept development. We believe our concept testing research philosoph# is what differentiates us from man# other market research firms. -hese principles guide our concept development and testing stud# designs(


Concept testing is both a research and measurement activity, and a creative concept development activity. Testing outcomes spawns creativity so we build it in to the process. In the beginning, we focus on concept development rather than screening, which comes later. Concept development requires an exploratory market research mode and mindset, starting first using exploratory qualitative research methods such as depth interviews among target audience members. We address both tangible attribute clusters, and emotional appeals when creating concepts and building concept statements. We move from qualitative depth interviews, to larger sample time extended depth interviews, often employing online depth interviews which allow for repeated respondent interaction and concept incubation. !sing a hybrid research design, we blend the qualitative research mode with quantitative concept ranking, this to refine concept development and assessment of appeal. Thus, our approach to screening concepts favors smaller sample multiple waves rather than one large sample wave. "inally, we acknowledge that a full understanding of concept appeal must be assessed in a mode with maximum realism. #ere$s a case when we believe that online market surveyshave a strong advantage as they allow use of a variety of exhibits for the testing of advertising concepts, product concepts, brand concepts, and strategic positioning concepts.

New Product Research

Successful new products are essential to a company's growth and survival. We believe new products to be one of the most important applications of marketing research, but one of the most difficult to execute in practice. New products can be concept-driven or product-driven. he implicit model that underlies the following paragraphs is concept-driven !i.e., concept followed by product", but keep in mind that you can also start with a product and work #backward# to build a concept and positioning. New product development must have focal points to have any chance of success. $ocal points include definition of the target market, determination of the product category, and%or definition of the problem to solve or opportunity to exploit. hese focal points are largely managerial &udgments. 'nce some of the basic focal points are identified, then (ecision )nalyst can help make the effort successful.

Qualitative Explorations

'nce the target audience is identified !even if not totally precise", and some notion of the product category !or human need" is established, then *ualitative research is the first step. he purpose is to develop in-depth understanding of the target consumer+their motivations, perceptions, fears, and preferences. ,erceptions of competitive products can be explored. -nmet needs can be identified. New product ideas can be sought. he *ualitative exploration serves to identify new product possibilities as well as refine the target-market definition for those possibilities. .ualitative research is also useful in determining the starting points for ideation.

Innovation Services
/uilding on the foundation of understanding provided by the *ualitative research, (ecision )nalyst uses its 0maginators1 panel of 2,333 exceptionally creative individuals to help generate new product ideas. hese ideation sessions can be conducted online or offline, following creative processes developed by (ecision )nalyst. ) typical all-day ideation session of eight 0maginators1 produces from 433 to 533 uni*ue new-product ideas or idea fragments. (ecision )nalyst6s 0nsights 7 0nnovation eam then translates this raw ideation material into new product concepts. hese concepts can then be refined with *ualitative research before going into *uantitative testing.

Concept Testing
8oncept testing identifies potentially successful new products early on, so that you can focus limited research and development resources !and limited marketing resources" on the new product concepts with the greatest probability of consumer acceptance. (ecision )nalyst provides a suite of concept testing systems and services.

Brand Name Research

Selecting a name for a new product is an important step in new product development. NameScreen1 is our online system to identify the best names for final evaluation. ypically, final names are tested in the context of package, concept, or product testing, so that all variables are implicitly incorporated into the name test.

Packaging Research
,ackage graphics and copy are critical to new product success. (ecision )nalyst offers a suite of package-testing services to help develop a winning package that can help generate trial of the new product and pro&ect the appropriate brand image.

Product Testing !ptima"

New products must be optimal to have a reasonable chance for success. ,roduct testing is an essential step !or series of steps" in the development of a new product. (ecision )nalyst offers a range of product-testing services to help ensure that the new product will be successful.

Conceptor" #olumetric $orecasting

With our 8onceptor1 simulation models, year-one sales of a new product can be forecast, based on concept-testing scores, product-testing results, marketing-plan inputs, and media spending plans.

Test %arket Evaluation

9eal-world testing of new products is always recommended, if time and budgets permit. )ctual store tests and%or actual test markets provide the most reliable evaluation of a new product. (ecision )nalyst is expert at designing and executing test markets for new products.

Product Clinics
'ur automotive research group conducts static clinics, dynamic clinics, and :( pro&ection digital imaging clinics. hese clinics range in si;e from small single city evaluations in the -.S. to large-scale multi-country clinics. <ach clinic is conducted by a dedicated team, led by a senior researcher experienced in all aspects of conducting clinics. (ata is captured using handheld devices to assure fast delivery of data tabulations. ,resentations of clinic results can be provided within 24 hours of the conclusion of the clinic in-person or via Web-based meeting.

New Product Research Services

(ecision )nalyst is a leading global marketing research and analytical consulting firm, with over : decades of experience in new products research and consulting. 'ur staff has worked on hundreds of successful new products. With our worldwide online panels and interactive systems, targeted innovation processes, and analytical systems, we can bring transformational change and acceleration of pace to your new product development efforts.

%ew product research

&roduct research lets you understand what customers really want, allowing you to tailor your product offering to meet their needs and giving you a real competitive edge. %ew product research helps you refine product designs and plans before committing yourself to expensive product development costs. Whilst continuing product testing and research can drive innovation, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

%ew product development and product research

&roduct research is a vital part of new product development. 't every stage of the process, product research can help you identify key issues and avoid expensive mistakes.

Initial product research can be used to evaluate new product ideas. Testing the conceptalone like this can help you discard unpromising ideas, allowing you to concentrate product development expenditure on more promising new products. 's the new product development process continues, product research helps you identify the key factors that matter to customers showing you what to focus on. &roduct research can link in with other aspects of marketing. "or example, it can help you assess how much customers might be willing to pay for new product features. (esearch can also be used to assess other aspects of product design, such as product packaging or names. In the retail sector, product research can be invaluable. The findings can help convince retailers to stock your product and also present information on the best means to display and promote it to ensure the best possible chances of success. )nce a product has been launched, product research often focuses on customer satisfaction. Together with research into competing products, product research like this can help you refine the marketing of existing products and inspire ideas for product improvements.

Carrying out product research

Concept testing for new products can be very challenging. *uestionnaires and focus groupsare obvious options, but can be misleading the way people react to new products in theory can be very different from the reality. Customers may say they like a new idea, but in practice prove reluctant to switch products or decide that it is not worth the price. &roduct research using actual product samples or prototypes can overcome some of these problems. "or example, the classic $taste test$ can be used to assess how customers compare the performance of different products. +ome companies involve customers in early stage product testing to see how they respond. ,ut remember that real outcomes once a product has been launched may still depend on factors such as how the product is marketed and to whom. Test marketing actually selling the product produces more definitive results, but is an expensive form of product research and can only be used after substantial investment in product development. Test marketing can be a very useful way of trialling products in new markets to assess likely sales or identify what modifications are needed. ,oth test marketing and full product release can usefully be accompanied by follow up product research. &urchaser surveys -for example, asking purchasers what they liked and disliked about the product. are a straightforward option. &roduct research that tracks actual purchaser behaviour -for example, whether customers make repeat purchases. provides concrete evidence of customer satisfaction levels. &ore on this topic( %ew product development/ 00 "'*s


+ix ways to test your products on a shoestring budget Why you must test for success Find more articles, videos and tools in the /esources bo$ on the right.

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Testing your target market is really important, testing some ideas first or a prototype but test it before launching it. It is better to spend some money before than spending a lot more to correct mistakes. &rimary research -surveys. will give you the feedback you need. #ave a look on 2arketest site or ask me more information.


2arketing can make a dramatic contribution to your success, yet many businesses fail to measure how effective their marketing is. 2arketing research can help you assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and measure the performance of individual campaigns. 3ou can use market research and benchmarking to help plan your marketing strategy and methods. 4ery often it$s the combination of marketing activities that produces results.

2easuring marketing performance using benchmarking

It can be very difficult to predict marketing effectiveness in advance, or even to accurately measure marketing performance afterwards. ' campaign you have invested in heavily can produce disappointing results. 'pparent success can be difficult to interpret how much did your marketing really contribute to the increase in sales and which marketing activities were the most effective5 2arketing research can make a big difference, helping you measure your marketing ()I -return on investment.. "or example, advertising research can use simple tracking mechanisms such as coded

advertising coupons that let you identify which publications are generating the best enquiries. Web analytics on your website can generate statistics showing how visitors behave and which pages are encouraging purchases. 2arketing analysis and benchmarking doesn$t only help you measure marketing performance but also predict and improve it. "or example, techniques like list splitting allow you to test different versions of a mailing to find out which one will work best. 6nowing which marketing messages and media work best helps you spend your marketing budget more effectively in the future.

+trategic marketing analysis

2arket research can also be used to assess overall marketing effectiveness at a strategic level. "or example, you might want to research whether you are charging the right prices or compare different distribution channels. 3ou can also use brand research to analyse the cumulative impact of your marketing campaigns in terms of brand recognition and reputation. )r you might want to carry out a benchmarking exercise, comparing how you market and how much you spend against competitors and industry norms. +uccessful strategic marketing analysis starts with a clear idea of where you$re starting from and what you are trying to achieve. 3ou can then identify key marketing metrics that help indicate marketing performance. "or example, if your strategy focuses on product innovation, one key metric might be the percentage of your sales coming from new products. )ther common marketing metrics include measures of customer satisfaction, sales per customer, response per campaign and pounds invested, loyalty levels, percentage of market share and new customer acquisition, as well as the volume and type of customers that leave. 'll this should be measured against what you and your competitors are doing, to see how they tie together. 2arketing research like this can help you identify what changes you should make. "or example, brand research may reveal negative impressions that you need to correct, perhaps by changing your marketing messages. It can also help you identify where your competitive edge lies and how you can capitalise on it.

*uestionnaires, surveys and focus groups

2arket research questionnaires, surveys and focus groups can be powerful tools for improving your understanding of your

market and customers. If you can$t find the information you want from your internal records or published market reports, you may need to invest in carrying out your own primary research.

2arket research techniques

*uantitative research includes surveys and questionnaires. *ualitative research involves in depth questioning of small groups of respondents. If you$re doing your own research on a limited budget, the best approach is to talk to existing customers and use simple surveys to gather information. 2ore sophisticated methods, such as focus groups, are best left to the professionals. 2arket research questionnaires are a well known way of generating market information. *uestionnaires are typically used to produce numbers. "or example, how many potential customers there are in the local area, whether they would find such a product or service useful and the sort of price they would be willing to pay for it. The key is to ask the right people the right questions, and that you are asking enough people to get meaningful results. 'sking friends and relatives what they think about your ideas is not market research. 3ou need to approach a significant sample of people who match the profile of your target audience. !nless people care about the product or service, you$ll find that response rates are generally low. 'n incentive can help lift those rates. *uestionnaires are effective in getting feedback from existing customers. (espondents are usually happy to help as they can see a direct benefit. (emember to show you have acted on their feedback. ' market research survey doesn$t always rely on questions. 3ou might research a retail location by observing pedestrian traffic. 3ou may also want to carry out an experiment as part of your market research, such as a blind tasting of different products. )ther observational techniques include watching people as they shop -accompanied shopping. as well as anonymous calls or visits to shops, restaurants or offices -mystery shopping.. 'nother alternative is to use focus groups for market research. (ather than using large numbers of questionnaires, a focus group works with a small number of participants for in depth research. "or example, you might use a market research group to investigate how customers feel about your brand. &articipants must be carefully selected to ensure they are a representative sample. The Internet offers further market research opportunities. )nline market research can be cheaper and faster than traditional surveys. #owever, while response levels are high, you have little control over the types of people that respond so it can be hard to achieve a representative sample.

2arket research accuracy

Whatever market research you are conducting, you need to understand the potential pitfalls. ,efore you start, there are also legal issues to be aware of. The 2arket (esearch +ocietyproduces useful guidelines.

*uestions must be carefully designed to avoid influencing the respondent$s answer or confusing them about what is being asked. "or example, if you ask customers how much they would pay, they may deliberately choose a low price in the hope of influencing you. Conversely, people might say they like a product sample 7ust to be polite. 8nsure you are asking the right people and encourage them to respond. Typically, market research surveys aim to get a representative sample of your target market. )ften, busy people will decline to answer, leaving you with a research sample that is heavily weighted towards those with time on their hands. ' professional researcher knows how to avoid this. These kinds of problem can be particularly acute with focus groups. %ot only do you have a small sample, but the group dynamic may lead individual members to give misleading answers. "or example, if an individual has strong views and tends to dominate discussions, a professional researcher will be able to moderate proceedings to make sure everyone has a say. "ocus groups can often be recorded or observed so clients or members of your staff can watch. If you don$t have the skills to carry out market research yourself, you should consider using an agency to work on your behalf. (esearch by professionals will provide an ob7ective and balanced view.

Choosing a market research agency

' market research agency can design, carry out and analyse market research for you. !sing a professional market research company can ensure that you get the information you need and avoid the risk of relying on inaccurate research. 2arket research agencies will also help make sure you$re complying with current data protection legislation. They will give you ob7ective feedback vital when it$s your idea, product or business. 2arket research companies will generally need budgets starting at 90,111. #owever, agencies used to serving businesses of your si:e are worth checking with even if you have a small budget. "or instance, you can 7oin omnibus surveys and ask a few questions of your own along with others. )nline surveys can also be done relatively cheaply.

If you have less to spend but need professional help, you may want to consider using a freelance market researcher to ensure ob7ectivity. ' freelance consultant can conductsurveys and questionnaires and also do qualitative research using face to face focus groups.

"inding a market research agency

3our trade association and business contacts may be able to suggest market research groups with knowledge of your industry and experience working with small firms. )rganisations such as the 2arket (esearch +ociety and the Chartered Institute of 2arketingcan provide information on members, and you can also search local and online directories. Two other useful organisations are the ,usiness Intelligence ;roup -,I;. and theIndependent Consultants ;roup -IC;.. If you are using other marketing consultants, it$s worth checking whether they have the market research capabilities you need. +pecialist marketing consultants will often be able to carry out related research/ for example, your advertising agency should be able to researchadvertising effectiveness. Integrated marketing consultancies can offer a wide range of marketing services, including market research.

3our market research agency shortlist

+ome market research agencies are heavily focused on a particular type of research -such as online surveys, qualitative research or quantitative research. or a particular industry. )thers specialise in areas such as brand research or offer marketing research as part of a broader marketing consultancy service. 's long as you understand your own research needs, a quick check of what each agency offers will allow you to eliminate unsuitable ones. +maller businesses tend to find that smaller agencies know how to get useful results within tighter budgets. !nless you know what type of research you need, you may prefer to work with a company that offers a wide range of market research services rather than a specialist who is certain to recommend their particular type of research.

2arket research agency selection

3ou should draw up a brief to circulate to the market researchers on your shortlist, explaining your background, target market and what you want to achieve. 'sk each market research company to provide a brief proposal setting out what kind of research they would suggest, their timelines, costs and enclosing examples of past assignments. 3ou will probably want to meet the agencies with the most promising proposals to get a feel for who they are and how well you get on together. It may not pay to cast your net too widely. +ome market research agencies may ask for payment for writing a proposal if you invite more than three companies to pitch. 'nd be wary of comparing different market research agencies on the basis of cost alone. Cutting corners for example, by using small sample si:es or cheaper forms of research can undermine the accuracy and usefulness of the results. Instead, you should choose an agency that understands what you need to know and has shown that they know how to get the right information.

2arket analysis

!nderstanding how your market works and what customers want is vital. Industry analysis, desk research and customer research help you identify where to focus your efforts and how to maintain a competitive edge.

What is market analysis5

' full market assessment provides a wide range of information to help you plan yourmarketing strategy. While simple data such as market si:e may help you decide whether the market is worth investing in, you also need to know how the market works/ for example, the main distribution channels and the key market trends. 3ou need to understand what customers want and how they behave. "or example, you might use consumer research or industry analysis to investigate which factors influence purchasing decisions. (esearch into competitors and what they are offering can help you identify where the best opportunities are and how you can differentiate your product or service. 3ou can also use market research to establish the best sales and communication channels for your target audience. If you serve a niche market or a defined geographical area, some data may only highlight the big picture but ignore important exceptions. "or instance, while there are currently widespread closures in the !6 pub industry as a whole, those offering good food and ambience in the right catchment area are doing well. 2arket intelligence like this helps you identify different opportunities and industry trends and so decide which market segment to target. )nce you$ve decided on your target market, research can also help you identify potential customers and the best way to approach them.

Customer research
Industry research and market surveys tie in with research into your customers. "or example, your own customer data should help you understand which market segments your existing customers fall into and what you should be doing to build market share.

If you don$t have all the information you need, you may want to carry out additional customer research. "or example, you might measure customer satisfaction to see how well you are performing, or survey lapsed customers to find out why they no longer purchase from you.

2arket research reports

"or many businesses, published market reports are a first step in market analysis. They are widely -and often freely. available via libraries, business groups and trade associations. In addition, trade media, networking and customer feedback can all be useful tools for keeping up to date with changing trends or investigating new markets. ,ut while market reports can be helpful, they may need careful interpretation. ;eneralised industry research may not apply to your particular target market/ for example, a large national -or international. market is no guarantee of local demand. It may also be out of date in a fast changing environment. Where necessary, you should be prepared to carry out your own research or get help from a professional market research agency.

Sample plastic injection molding products

Manufactured by Peliton - Made in the S!

"uality plastic molding at the lowest possible price#

Our plastic injection molding products include agricultural products, kitchen products, tools, toys, promotional products, machinery components and much more. Peliton custom molders will match your sophistication level on any plastic project. Whether you want to meet the highest quality tolerances or save time and money, we will watch over your product to insure that only acceptable parts are produced. Scroll down to see a few of our recent custom plastic molded parts, manufactured and assembled at Peliton.

"itchen Products Specialty lectronic !ool #griculture Products

$nk Pen Saniti%er Office Products

Plastic &uckets Pest 'ontrol Products

Plastic !oys

Parts (or Water Pump

$ndustrial Pump $mpeller

Small Plastic Parts )rafting !ool

*edical Products

Water 'ooler Parts

Plastic +andle

,(lying )isk, *olded and 'ustom Screen Printed at Peliton Plastics

'oncept to Design

't ( < = 8ngineering we work with clients that have complete plans and specifications or 7ust an idea in their head. )ur skilled team of engineers will assist you in developing a clear understanding of your requirements and help you make the important decisions that will speed your design to market.

Three +eats of 2aster C'=>C'2

/apid Protot#ping in 5ust a few da#s.

Whether you are a mechanical engineer wanting to verify the fit of a part or an inventor looking to create a plastic prototype of an invention, stereolithography gives you a fast, easy way to turn C'= drawings into real ob7ects. With (apid &rototyping +?' you can now hold examples of your designs for early visuali:ation and verification before one dollar is spent on the mold. If you have an existing design or an idea that requires in7ection molding to produce, contact us today and ( < = 8ngineering will help you achieve production success.



3our pro7ect is in good hands with ( < =$s sophisticated engineering and mold making skills. Working from scratch or from your existing C'= file our engineers will create a mold design to meet your needs. With our advanced tool room technology and engineering excellence we will speed your product to market. In house mold making also allows ( < = 8ngineering to be very competitive. +ince there is no middleman mark up on tooling cost, the savings is passed along to you.

We currently have @ mold designers and A experienced mold makers on staff at ( < = 8ngineering. )ur experience in building multi cavity family molds can bring a cost benefit to your production requirements. The key to molding quality parts begins with well designed, well built and well maintained molds. ?et ( < = 8ngineering help you optimi:e your next in7ection molding pro7ect.

n5ection &olding
( < = 8ngineering currently has 0@ late model T)3) in7ection molding presses ranging in si:e from B1 ton thru C11 ton. These computer controlled machines offer reliability and repeatability so we can consistently supply high quality plastic parts.

Secondar# )perations
( < = 8ngineerings onsite secondary operations benefit our customers directly, by providing them with a one stop solution. #aving all the services you need located under one roof helps you speed your next plastic in7ection molding pro7ect to market. Secondar# )perations nclude 0. #ot +tamping @. +onic Welding D. +econdary 2achining A. 'ssembly C. &ackaging E. &ad &rinting

Plastic n5ection &olding Product .$amples " Packaging

)ne of the key essentials that set ( < = 8ngineering apart from or competition is our ability to solve your problems. ( < =Fs team of plastic in7ection molding engineers uses the most refined technology, a deep understanding of plastics, and extensive real world experience to deliver your product from concept to completion. With ( < =, you can take your product from a rough drawing to a fully assembled and packaged product ready for shipping. ,elow are a few examples of (<=Fs custom plastic in7ection molding solutions.

Product .$amples

' 4ariety of Industries < 'pplications

2edical 8quipment

+mall Intricate &arts

+mall and ?arge 8nclosures

8xperienced Clear &art 2older

4inyl )ver 2olded 6nobs

+imple or Complex

Customi:ed +olutions

Packaging .$amples
( < = 8ngineering can produce, package, label, store, < ship your product. )ur start to finish service makes your next in7ection molding pro7ect a bree:e.

n5ection molding -,ritish 8nglish/ moulding. is a manufacturing process for producing parts by in7ecting material into a mold. In7ection molding can be performed with a host of materials, including metals, glasses, elastomers, confections, and most commonly thermoplastic and thermosettingpolymers. 2aterial for the part is fed into a heated barrel, mixed, and forced into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.G0H/@A1 'fter a product is designed, usually by an industrial designer or an engineer, molds are made by a moldmaker -or toolmaker. from metal, usually either steel or aluminum, and precision machined to form the features of the desired part. In7ection molding is widely used for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest components to entire body panels of cars. &arts to be in7ection molded must be very carefully designed to facilitate the molding processI the material used for the part, the desired shape and features of the part, the material of the mold, and the properties of the molding machine must all be taken into account. The versatility of in7ection molding is facilitated by this breadth of design considerations and possibilities. &lastic In7ection 2olding &roduct 8xample











2any of the consumer plastic parts you see in stores use this process. In order to turn your invention into reality, working with a plastic in7ection mold manufacturer may be required. Q: How long does it keep drinks cold for? A: When charged in the freezer it keeps drinks cold for around 5-10 hours depending upon use conditions. When charged in the fridge it keeps drinks cold for up too three hours.

Q: oes it reall! glow like the picture? A: "#$% &t took 'uite a few shots and ca(era setting changes to get an unaltered i(age that looks )ust like it does in real life. &n a well-lit roo(* !ou get a glow that is less intense than in a dark roo(.

Q: What is the &+# ,lock +ooler- (ade of?

A: .he &+# ,lock +ooler- is (ade of /00$. .his is the plastic used in water 1ottles* )ust a (uch thicker a(ount for strength.

Q: +an !ou freeze it with the 1atteries in it? A: "es* the &+# ,lock +ooler- has 1een designed to freeze with AA 1atteries inside and work perfectl! the (o(ent !ou take it out of the freezer.

Q: &s the li'uid inside safe? A: "es* the li'uid inside is a 2ariation of the gels in traditional ice pack products and is 3 A appro2ed for use in coolers. .he +445#6 +ooler is the &+# ,lock +ooler-% A cool new wa! to keep !our 1e2erages cold and crisp. .he &+# ,lock +ooleris a re2olutionar! +445#6 cooler design that fits in a freezer and features a cool 1lue glow when the power is turned on%

.he &+# ,lock +ooler- keep 1e2erages colder (uch longer than traditional frozen &+# packs or (ugs thanks to intelligent engineering principles. .his is one of the reasons we call the &+# ,lock +ooler- the +ooler cooler% A(azingl!* it e2en keeps drinks like soda and 1eer colder than ice right down to their freezing point of 783.

.ake !our +445#6 cooler an!where !ou need to keep !our drinks ice cold% &t fits 17.oz cans and (ost 1ottles%
Noun 2. molding the act of creating something by casting it in a mold casting creating from raw materials the act of creating something that is different from the materials that went into it

;. molding a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing moulding bandelet, bandelette, bandlet, square and rabbet, annulet molding in the form of a ringI at top of a column architrave the molding around a door or window baseboard, mopboard, skirting board a molding covering the 7oint formed by a wall and the floor astragal, beading, beadwork, bead a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture cavetto a concave molding shaped like a quarter circle in cross section conge, congee -architecture. a concave molding cornice a molding at the corner between the ceiling and the top of a wall cyma, cymatium -architecture. a molding for a corniceI in profile it is shaped like an + -partly concave and partly convex. decoration, ornament, ornamentation something used to beautify egg and anchor, egg and dart, egg and tongue a decorative moldingI a series of egg shaped figures alternating with another shape gorgerin, necking the molding at the top of a column ovolo, quarter round, thumb a convex molding having a cross section in the form of a quarter of a circle or of an ellipse quirk molding, quirk moulding a molding having a small groove in it rib a pro7ecting molding on the underside of a vault or ceilingI may be ornamental or structural subbase the lowest molding of an architectural base or of a baseboard surbase the molding or border above the base of a structure -a pedestal or podium or wall. tore, torus commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column <. molding a decorative recessed or relieved surface on an edge moulding, border edge the outside limit of an ob7ect or area or surfaceI a place farthest away from the center of somethingI Jthe edge of the leaf is wavyJI Jshe sat on the edge of the bedJI Jthe water$s edgeJ picture frame a framework in which a picture is mounted =. molding sculpture produced by molding clay sculpture, modeling, moulding, mould, mold sculpture a three dimensional work of plastic art

0. molding a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied modelling, modeling, moulding sculpture, carving creating figures or designs in three dimensions


-m l d ng. n. 2. The act or process of molding. ;. +omething that is molded. <. 'n embellishment in strip form, made of wood or other structural material, that is used to decorate or finish a surface, such as the wall of a room or building or the surface of a door or piece of furniture. 'lso called mold0.

#2aluating product design* product usage* and consu(er acceptance of new and e9isting products 6esearch is also conducted to collect infor(ation a1out co(petiti2e products :ew product acceptance 0roduct testers .est ;arkets 0roduct 6ating ,oards #9isting product research

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