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What is the Summer Invitational Institute?

The$Eastern$Michigan$Writing$ Project$(EMWP)$Summer$Invitational$ Institute$is$an$intensive$four< week$ session$designed$for$teachers$and$ administrators$(K < College)$ who$are$ concerned$with$the$teaching)of) writing)in)any)subject)area) and$ interested$in$professional$growth$ opportunities.$We$seek$applicants$ who$are$committed$to$the$teaching$of$ writing$in$their$subject$areas$and$ who$wish$to$deepen$their$ understanding$of$theories$and$ practices$of$writing.$We$encourage$ teacher s$from$all$disciplines$and$ grade$levels$to$apply. $


What happens during the Institute?

During$the$Invitational$Institute,$ participants$have$opportunities$to$ write$for$personal$and$professional$ audiences,$investigate$questions$ and$ demonstrate$their$ best%pr actices$ in$ the$teaching$of$writing,$meet$new$ colleagues,$and$celebrate$teaching.$$ $

colleagues,$and$celebrate$teaching.$$ $ Summer Invitational Institute Summer 2013 “…
colleagues,$and$celebrate$teaching.$$ $ Summer Invitational Institute Summer 2013 “…

Summer Invitational Institute

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Summer 2013

“…this%was%amazing!%I%have%so%many% ideas%I%want%to%try.%I%feel%better% equipped%with%my%knowledge%of% teaching%writing%an d%using% technology.%I%am%excited%to%share%with% colleagues%and%create%some%new%units% specifically%with%tools%and%strategies% learned%at%EMWP.% % More%importantly,% I%feel%connected%with%talented % colleagues%outside%my%bubble — my% district. ”% GMartina%Vit,% Middle%Sc hool,%ELA %

Eastern%Michigan%University %

June) 23) – ) July)21,)2014 )

http://www.emichwp.or g

% % % “I%am%so%appreciative%of%the%Eastern% Michigan%Writing%Project’s%Summer%
hundreds%of%ne w%tools%to%my%teaching%
titles%to% my%‘toGread’ % folder%on%my%
had%some%of%my%views%challenged. ”%
~Kevin%English,%High%S chool%ELA %


What can you gain from the Invitational Institute?

- Five$graduate$credits$or$150$

State$Clock$Hours $

- The$status$of$Teacher$ Consultant$of$the$National$ Writing$Project $

- New$visions$for$the$teaching$ of$writing$

- Opportunities$to$participate$

in$ a$continuing$learni ng$



$ community $ $ How can you learn more? %
community $
How can you learn more?

“This%has%been%the%single%most% important%professional%experience%in% my%25%years%as%an%educator. ”%


invitational-institute-information/ or$



$ Bill$Tucker,$Director $ Eastern$Michigan$Writing$Project$ Eastern$Michigan$University$ 614P$Pray< Harrold$
Bill$Tucker,$Director $
614P$Pray< Harrold$
Ypsilanti,$MI$48197 $
$ )

Deadline for applications:

April 1, 2014

Thank you for your interest!


Educator %

$ $


EMWP Invitational Institute: Application Form, Summer 2014

The Eastern Michigan Writing Project (EMWP) Invitational Institute is an intensive four-week session designed for teachers and administrators (K-College) concerned with the teaching of writing in any subject area and interested in staff development opportunities. We seek teacher applicants who demonstrate their commitment to the teaching of writing and who wish to expand their knowledge. We encourage teachers from all disciplines and grade levels to apply. Some activities during the Institute include:

• Writing, as well as responding to each other’s writing; coaching

• Reading and talking about current research in the teaching of writing

• Demonstrating to each other our own teaching practices

• Learning from other teacher consultants with leadership roles in schools

Throughout the subsequent school year teachers will participate in five continuity meetings and share what we have learned about writing and the teaching of writing in our classrooms. You must apply and be accepted to this institute (application below), and an interview is required. Preference is given to applicants requesting credit, but participants may also apply for State Clock Hours.

Facilitators Bill Tucker (EMWP Director), EMWP New Teacher Coordinator, Returning Fellow, Tech specialist Dates ……… Pre-Institute Session– late April (TBA) Summer Session – June 23 – July 21, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 5 continuity meetings during the 2014-15 school year Location …… EMU Student Center Stipend/ Tuition Offered as ENGL 675, registration for EMU credit or State Clock Hours will be arranged at the pre-institute meeting. Tuition and fees are about $2950, for five graduate credits. 150 State Clock Hours available.


Eastern Michigan Writing Project 2014 Invitational Institute Application Form


Home Phone





School District

Grade Level(s)

Years Teaching

Email Address



Please write answers to the following questions: (1-2 pages)

1. Why are you interested in participating in the EMWP Invitational experience?

2. How do students engage in writing in your classroom?

3. What previous experiences have shaped your practice as a teacher?

4. What other professional activities, committees and organizations have you experienced?


Please return the application by April 1, 2014:

Bill Tucker, Director Eastern Michigan Writing Project Eastern Michigan University 612 Pray-Harrold Ypsilanti, MI 48197


submit your application online to: