Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Thursday 3 January 1935, page 44

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the floor of the buggy and back, but before a mile of the journey had been covered, Cook died. As his symptoms pointed to typhoid they decided not to carry the body fur ther. The Cockawarra



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to get a shovel, and dug beside the track.

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Strange Story

sent was course, another man to take charge at Cockawarra. he came in for supplies a month When To prevent the cattle from straying said, and went up to Reid off the run a series of out-stations were later he 'Look here, boss, that place is getting established on the boundaries, each in there After I'd been on nerves. my whose job was to ride charge of a man about I heard a buggy coming a week lines, looking for cattle the boundary at nine o'clock in the evening. I re tracks which would indicate that stocklit the fire and put the billy on, think would then follow had strayed. He ing you were drive coming out to pay me a the strays and them up, muster visit. When the quite buggy seemed back. them One of these out-stations sound close the stopped suddenly. in and was Cockawarra named was Thinking that you had lost your way I Cook. named charge of a man outside and shouted, but nobody riding along onewent A stranger came answered. I 6at up till atfer midnight, and hut Cockawarra the saw day heard nothing further. Next morn turned off the track to visit the man but the that he would ing I searched everywhere around who lived there, knowing couldn't find a track. The hut, but the for be made welcome, boundary those days lived dreadfully riders of same thing has happened twice since. lonely lives. Upon opening the hut Cook's ghost is haunting that door tie found the unfortunate Cook in I reckon place.' bed, almost too ill to speak. he could for the Reid After at first inclined to treat was doing what the traveller galloped in to joke, but waen the sick man, as the matter a stuck to his story the manager station. de As soon as Reid, the man the head it was cided that heard of Cook's station a stupid dodge to manager, else, a and or get a shift somewhere plight, he harnessed pair of horses dered him to go back. The man obeyed, his buggy and o went out with the but returned within a week, in. 'Tve heard traveller to bring the sick man that After worse. buggy again,' he said, 'and I'm They found him much not stopping. Give me my pay— off rm in blankets they laid nun wrapping job.' to look for another sent another 'inn out The manager to take his place, but he, too, came back story. with the same Just then a Chi nese came along looking for work, and him on Reid engaged the spot, took him before out to Cockawarra anyone could tell him of the 'Ghost Buggy,' left him. to do, and showed him what Chinaman The back within a fort was


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of what did not know to make the business. The tale sounded ut terly absurd— yet three men had sworn it. they had heard He decided to go if out to Cockawarra himself see and there was any truth in it. He carried out this intention during the following week—and himself. heard the buggy Next in vain for morning he hunted tracks. After this he instructed the two stockmen who lived at the adjoin out-stations to their ing lengthen patrols to include the Cockawarra end of the run, and left the hut empty. In 1890, the Cockawarra country was


from someone the sound ceased abruptly. We waited for a few mo ments, then shouted in order to guide the traveller to our camp. Only the echoes And not until then answered. on did it dawn us that we had heard the very 'Ghost exis Buggy' whose tence we had scoffed at! Next morning the black boy scoured the country over a mile radius from the hut, but found no sign of any fresh tracks.


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leased by the Keerongooloo Pastoral for whom I worked a as Company, I was of a party sent stockman. one out to build mustering the yards near deserted hut, and, as was only natural the subject of the 'Ghost Buggy' was fire at our brought up around camp night. is not an There atom of superstitu tion in my make-up; I refused to be lieve a word of the yarn and offered to sleep at the hut to prove my disbe lief. When this announcement I made named Tom old stockman an Johnson said, Tm with I don't believe you; these ghost yarns. We'll both sleep
there.' Ivo, my blade boy, set off for the hut, found carrying our blanket rolls. We the usual bush that it was hut of split timber, with a bark roof, and still quite sound. Nothing happened that night, but on the following night, just as ire of turning were thinking into our blankets, my cattle-dog ran to the door barked. and Ivo ordered him to lie a moment, then down, listened for to us to say, 'Buggy turned come on.' it later Johnson A minute and I heard too— the sound of a pair of trotting horses. ghosfc, 'That's no blanky anyway,' said Johnson, kicking the fire together and putting a billy of water on, in order the usual to greet the traveller with Then hospitality. he joined Ivo bush outside the hut, where and me we were waiting for the buggy to appear.

To say that we were mystified is to put it mildly. We discussed it time and it time again, refusing to give any supernatural explanation, and at length decided that it must be a remarkable 5s no There echo. other explanation it Is by no possible, and means an ab I have often read surd in the one. Journal of the Royal Meteorological






waited and shouted. the echoes answered.'
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Society of sounds travelling for incre dible distances over country, one open case being that of a field gun having been heard over a distance of 80 mites in the Syrian desert.


the express to 10.30 pan. it before

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arrives at Melbourne minutes Steven day. every

be heard quite arrives, however, it can 30 of about distinctly for the space seconds, then the sound ceases abruptly again until and the train is not heard it is quite close. It must be quite 12 miles away when it is first heard.



TPHE a series country round about was ?*of gravelly ridges, sparsely timbered, lit the scene and a full moon up bright the and as Nearer came nearer day. could hear the gravel sound, until we the wheels, the drum crunching under of the hoofs, and the jingling of the harness buckles. I was in the act of saying, 'It must from be someone

Mount Gambler there is a house whose front verandah all the traffic can quite five mites away on a road off be heard quite plainly; if you move
Near the verandah audible. An the






be Gallery' effect can Re heard of the Barossa on the dam Adelaide. servoir, about 20 miles from the is held near If a ticking watch it can be heard south wall of the dam quite distinctly by a person at the other end of the on the and if a


end of the dam, and if a person on the tone every south end talks in a low word is audible on the other 6ide. There must tour have been something in the of the gravelly ridges around


hut which caught and sound of a distant buggy From —perhaps 20 or 30 miles away. or less regularly weekly in the more the 'Ghost tervals at which Buggy' time in heard, always at the 6ame was the evening, I surmise that the sound station manager originated where some after a regular visit was driving home of inspection, or something of the kind. Cockawarra amplified the

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