IkuReader, an e-book reader for Nintendo DS Project page: http://code.google.

com/p/ikureader/ Contact author: nopleasenoo@gmail.com Changelog: Version 0.058 three options for gamma (boldness) Version 0.057 cleaner letter shapes by the means of gamma correction (only for black & white) epub: &nbsp ; is now expanded to a space, it wasn't at all previously Version 0.056 fixed line breaking when there are no spaces kind of profile support: differently named copies of iku.nds will use se parate setting files [if loader passes argv] Version 0.055 solved "out of memory" error for many epubs indication of font, size and screen configuration in settings Version 0.051 added progressbar Version 0.05 speedup epub loading (no more disk caching) added Droid Serif font, it's really nice! minor optimisations and bugfixes Version 0.046 added option to pick colors for font and background fixed crashes on some files Version 0.045 critical fix: file browser hanged in some situations speedup loading some files Version 0.044 added hints on plus-minus buttons Version 0.043 soft hyphen support reduced slowdowns on large paragraphs fixed: moonshell related error was displayed on some cards fixed: hyphen sign was sometimes drawn twice Version 0.042 added automatic hyphenation for texts in Russian allowed line breakes after hyphens fixed: file ordering is now case-insensitive (for latin filenames) fixed: letters could appear messed up after changing font Version 0.041 fixed: files weren't always alphabetically ordered Phat: more BGR options to remove blur Lite: backlight level is restored from previous session

should solve some bugs latest page is saved every time a page is turned Version 0.033 changed memory management.032 improved epub compatibility.Version 0.021 added touch controlled page turning Version 0.022 changed the way settings are saved. should get rid of a lot of 'out of memory' er rors Version 0.04 major card/loader compatibility issue solved: no more distorted text changed folder structure upon multiple requests moonshell's extlink enabled (not perfect) Version 0.nds to a different folder Version: 0.023 improved rendering of small fonts Version 0. still too raw Version: 0.03 fixed last letter of a line sometimes not being displayed fb2: fixed paragraths containing <empty-line /> tag not being displayed *experimental* epub support Version 0.024 books folder no longer required: file browser should start in the same f older last book was opened from fixed recent book not always saved messed with saving settings even more updated libfat Version 0.02 initial release .034 fb2 fix: <empty-line/> only breaked line fixed error after moving .

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