28, 2014

NR # 3391B

Committee on information and communications technology approves “No Calls and No Text Registration Act”
The House Committee on Information and Communications technology has approved a substitute bill seeking to provide for the establishment of the “No Calls and No Text Registration Act ! The committee chaired by Rep "oel Roy #uavit $% st #istrict& Ri'al( approved the unnumbered substitute bill that aims to protect and promote the right of consumers to privacy and protect them from un)anted calls and text messages inducing purchase of goods and services& and solicitations The bill is in substitution of H* %+,+ filed by Rep Roman Romulo $-one #istrict& .asig City( and House Resolution /0 by Rep 1inston Castelo $2nd #istrict& 3ue'on City( Romulo said his proposal )ould prevent un)anted calls and text messages that intrude& disturb and disrupt the activity of any individual& and re4uire a more responsible and accountable business practice “The freedom of the business5oriented person or entities to promote and sell their goods and services ends )here the freedom of individuals to privacy is exercised&! he said Through the enactment into la) of the measure& Romulo said consumers )ill be protected from unsolicited calls and texts )ith an end in vie) of empo)ering them )ith the freedom to choose their transactions and maintaining consumers6 right to be let alone Castelo& mean)hile in HR /0& called for an in4uiry into and a stop to the scheme of unscrupulous individuals )ho use fraudulent text messages to dupe unsuspecting consumers and con them of their hard5earned money The approved substitute bill provides that the National Telecommunications Commission $NTC( shall establish a No Calls and No Text Registry The identity and privacy of the persons registered shall be kept highly confidential such that only the telephone numbers may be accessed from the registry The bill provides that any person shall register first )ith the NTC before he or she can access the telephone numbers in the No Calls and No Text Registry The bill allo)s any person to register only up to three mobile phone numbers of the net)ork provider& and that the registration of persons belo) %/ years of age may be done by their parents or legal guardian Registration of fixed telephone numbers shall only be allo)ed for residential lines

7utbound and unsolicited calls and text messages maybe managed or limited by any cellular telephone user by registering in the No Calls and No Text Registry of the NTC& the bill provides 8urthermore& no outbound and unsolicited calls and text messages shall be made or sent to the telephone numbers on the NTC registry A person )hose number is not registered in the No Calls and No Text Registry may manage and limit outbound and unsolicited calls and text messaging through the use of the negative option feature The proposal also provides it shall be unla)ful to make an outbound or unsolicited call or text message )ithout disclosing the full name of the caller or text sender& the company or organi'ation for )hose benefit the call or text is being made& and the telephone number of a fixed line )here such identity can be established and verified The bill provides a prohibited call or text refers to a hoax& 9unk and scam call or text This message includes& but is not limited& to the follo)ing: ;essage congratulating the recipient for )inning any pri'e in a promo or a)ard of pri'e )hen the recipient did not 9oin or subscribe to any game or activity of chance< ;essage supposedly coming from a relative abroad asking the recipient to reload their “ne)! roaming number< ;essage re4uiring the recipient to register by texting his or her name and other personal details to a phone number< or Any other similar call or text message 8or penalties& the bill provides a fine of .=+&+++ to .%++&+++ for any offender $,+(

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