MARCH 1, 2014

NR # 3392

Establishment of local bikeways office sought
A lady lawmaker has filed a measure seeking the establishment of a Local Bikeways Office (LBO) in all cities and municipalities to prepare plans, specifications and manage construction of bikeway projects on thoroughfares within their jurisdiction. ep. !mi "ali#to$ ubiano (Lone %istrict, &asay "ity) said 'ouse Bill ()*+ mandates the Office of the "ity or ,unicipal !ngineer to be responsible for project de-elopment, management and implementation of a bikeway project and roadmap and defines the duties and obligations of bicyclist. "ali#to$ ubiano underscored the ad-antages of using a bicycle as an alternati-e means of transport far outweigh the use of a motori.ed -ehicle. /Aside from its health and physical rewards from e#ercise and relie-ing stress, the use of the bicycle does not only consume fossil fuels but will definitely decongest traffic in the metropolis,0 "ali#to$ ubiano said. 'owe-er, "ali#to$ ubiano said not only proper infrastructure is needed, but foremost is the framework that will implement the bicycle program that is -ital for its successful implementation. 1n filing the bill, "ali#to$ ubiano cited the declared policy of the 2tate, which pro-ides to protect and promote the right to health of the people and instill health consciousness among them. 3he measure, to be known as the /Bicyclist Act of *456,0 mandates the LBO to establish partnerships with local or foreign organi.ation to carry out the pro-isions of this Act in facilitating an easy bicycle access and network. 1t is directed to conduct information dri-es in coordination with the %epartment of 3ransportation and "ommunication (%O3") on the ad-antages of using bicycles and cause the registration of all bicycles operating within the bikeways and determine the manner of registration. 3he bill also mandates the LBO to establish and maintain a bicycle registry or database relati-e to its mandate of crafting a manual and a system of operational procedures. 7nder the bill, all cities and municipalities shall establish in their respecti-e jurisdictions a bicycle park limited to the enjoyment and use of bicycles, for its parking areas and other similarly related acti-ities. 1t also pro-ides that all bicycle riders or cyclists shall obey traffic regulations, signs and other control de-ices applicable to -ehicles, wear the appropriate gear and ensure that their bicycles are e8uipped with reflecti-e materials -isible from both sides. 9iolators will be penali.ed with a fine of not more than &*,444. ((4) lvc