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Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202 PLAINFIELD EAST HIGH SCHOOL: 12001 S.

Naperville Rd, Plainfield, Illinois 60585

To Whom It May Concern: Araceli Serrano had been a student in my Advanced Writing/Journalism I and Journalism II class during her sophomore and junior year. During that time, I came to admire her intelligence, work ethic, and consideration of others. I have also come to rely on her for everything in the school newsroom from her ideas, to her willingness to stay late, to her attention to details, and her eagerness to consistently give all of herself. She sets ambitious goals and does whatever is necessary to achieve them pleasantly without the drama and stress that some teens express. Araceli served in an exemplary leadership role as the school newspapers advertising executive as well as the Features/Entertainment Editor. She kept track of every dollar that came in and out of the newsroom. I never had to worry about whether an advertiser had paid because Araceli stayed on top of the finances in an organized and professional manner. She sold ad space, communicated with advertisers, dealt with the school bookkeeper, filed accounts payable and receivable in a binder that she created, and ran this school newsroom as if it was a professional business. Besides the financial aspects, Araceli also created an advertisement which won a Blue Ribbon- the highest honor- in the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association competition. As for writing, Araceli won several awards while writing for our school newspaper including a Blue Ribbon for graphics and a Blue Ribbon for photography. For the photo, a soccer player kicked a ball toward her face and she did not even flinch so she could get a clear shot. The ball hit her in the face but Araceli, in her usual manner, laughed it off. She knows that when a person wants greatness, it is not always going to come easy. When it comes to intelligence, Araceli is certainly one of the brightest students I have had the pleasure to teach. However, she does not showcase her intelligence. It seems to be just another gift that she has. Araceli is also extremely considerate of others and kind. She eagerly helps fellow reporters with interviews, photographs, writing, or design. Fellow students and I know we can rely on her to cover any topic on any day in any condition. As Araceli begins her search for the right institution to seek higher education as well as career opportunities, please understand that she would be an asset in any professional or academic environment. She would make anyone proud. I am proud of her. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

Donna M. Hornik Adviser: East Side News English teacher