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Understanding Tools: BASICS: Offense: Ladders reduce wall bonus Ram offset Gate bonus Manlets reduce Range

defenders effectiveness Defense: Roc s increase wall strengt! "lame Arrows increase strengt! of range defenders Gate reinforcement will strengt!en t!e gate S!ar#en sta es increase moat #rotection T!e above all !ave rub$ e%uivalents wit! bigger bonuses& Tools '(#lained

It is im#ortant to understand e(actl$ w!at tools do& )!en

defending t!e$ increase bonuses t!at are alread$ #resent due to castle defenses& "or e(am#le !aving Stone*t!rowing tools in two slots will increase a castle wall bonus b$ an additional +,- or ./+- eac!0& )!at does t!is actuall$ mean1 It means t!at t!e defensive #ower of an$ troo#s stationed on t!is wall will be boosted b$ t!e bonus giving t!em an advantage& )!en attac ing t!e aim is to reduce t!e advantages or bonuses t!at t!e defender !as to ,- meaning t!e troo#s will fig!t an even battle& An im#ortant note !ere is t!at b$ overloading attac ing tools $ou will not receive an$ additional bonus*t!e defending troo#s will still fig!t at normal strengt!& If2 for e(am#le $ou !ave s#ied and t!e enem$ !as an 3,- boost on !is wall t!en it is onl$ necessar$ to use 3( ladders w!ic! reduce it b$ 4,- eac!& Using 5 or more ladders will !ave no effect on t!e battle at all& A castle wit! level 6 walls and a level 6 gate !as a natural wall and gate bonus of 3,- wit!out an$ defensive tools2 so even if $our s#$ re#ort s!ows t!e enem$ !as no tools2 it is still im#ortant to send attac ing tools to reduce t!ese bonuses as

#recisel$ as #ossible to ,- if $ou want to reduce $our troo# casualties& If $ou are farming !ig! level #la$ers its wort! t!rowing /, or so ladders at t!e castle since $ou will li el$ be #lundering tens of t!ousands of resources an$wa$s& So far2 so good1 )ell now tools become more com#licated as $ou will see7 T!ere are four basic t$#es of combat bonus tools .wit! corres#onding attac and defense ones0: )all bonus2 suc! as Scaling Ladders2 gate bonus2 suc! as Battering Rams2 ranged defense bonus2 suc! as "laming Arrows and finall$ moat bonus2 suc! as "ire Moat& Unfortunatel$ w!en attac ing t!ere are onl$ / slots on eac! flan and 8 slots in t!e centre2 meaning t!at t!e defender can alwa$s get a bonus somew!ere& "or e(am#le t!e defender can bolster !is moat on !is left flan wit! S!ar#ened Sta es2 !is wall wit! Stone*t!rowing and !is wall wit! "laming Arrows meaning t!at on eac! wave !is defenders will receive at least some bonus& T!is nowledge is vital as attac ers2 often because Siege wor s!o# level 8 is a !ig!*tier building2 omit moat tools meaning t!e moat offers an e(cellent o##ortunit$ for a ver$ significant defensive bonus& If t!e$ !ave omitted wall tools in favour of mantlets and moat tools2 t!en boost u# $our wall bonus and sacrifice $our moat tools2 9ust #ull t!em out and save t!em for $our ne(t fig!t* be sensible as if $our tools aren:t doing an$t!ing 9ust save t!em until ne(t time7 If $ou see 3, Belfries .w!ic! reduce wall bonus b$ /,-0 t!en w!$ would $ou leave $our stone*t!rowers in t!ere1 As for tools t!ere are two more crucial t!ings to understand2 t!e first of w!ic! is Mantlets& T!e$ are t!e ;<L= t$#e of attac ing tool w!ic! can reduce t!e defensive soldier:s ca#abilities to not!ing*b$ t!is I mean t!at wall tools !ave no effect after eliminating t!e defensive bonus as e(#lained in t!e #revious #aragra#!& Mantlets .or ot!er t$#es of ranged defense bonus attac ing tools suc! as S!ield )alls0 reduce ranged soldiers effectiveness rat!er t!an advantage& )!at does t!is mean1 If $our enem$ !as 4,, longbowmen on one flan 2 $ou could actuall$ send one bowman2 w!o is a ver$ #oor offensive unit to attac t!em wit! /, normal mantlets .eac! reducing effectiveness b$ +-0 and !e would ill all of t!em&

An e(am#le of t!is absolute attac er advantage is s!own t!roug! t!ese screens!ots w!en one longbowman wit! /, mantlets ta es down +, scouts of t!e ingsguard .ranged defenders0 on t!e left flan !tt#:>>#rntscr&com> !tt#:>>#rntscr&com> !tt#:>>#rntscr&com> !tt#:>>#rntscr&com> !ld8 !lfg !lg+ !l!f

If $ou are defending a mantlet*!eav$ attac be sure to alter $our ranged*melee #ercentage of defenders2 $ou can do so b$ clic ing t!e icon wit! a bow and sword on t!e defensive #age& If $ou !ave no tools w!ic! can re*increase t!e ranged defense bonus t!en consider defending wit! 4,,- melee defenders& Melee defenders are actuall$ ver$ com#etent against ranged attac ers wit! a decent moat>wall bonus so if t!ere are lots of mantlets2 use melee defenders wit! lots of moat>wall bonus and $ou will be fine7 T!e final t!ing to note wit! regards to tools is t!e Armourer& It is a random event w!ic! occurs a##ro(imatel$ ever$ 4, da$s2 but w!en !e comes ma e sure $ou #urc!ase some good Armourer tools& T!e "ire Moat costing 33 rubies is a solid #urc!ase as t!e 44,- bonus can often save man$ troo#s and t!e Arrow Slits and Mac!iolation offer a substantial bonus too& In general it is ver$ difficult to defeat a castle wit! Armourer defense tools wit!out !eav$ rub$ attac tools $ourself so it is well wort! stoc ing u# ne(t time $ou see t!e fella #o# u# underneat! $our castle& "or now I am going to omit tools suc! as loot carts and glor$ banners as t!e$ are self*e(#lanator$ and will not influence t!e verdict of t!e battle itself unless an attac er !as decided to use too man$ #rofit*gaining tools as I li e to label t!em as o##osed to battle tools&