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ummary: Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report o!!ers timely update and "lose !ollow up o! China#s $arious %ind o! Titanium Dioxide mar%et dynami"s&

Pu#lished on the 2$th ever% month, Titanium Dioxide China &onthl% 'eport is a monthl% pu#lication released #% CC&( It o!!ers timel% update and close !ollo) up o! China*s various "ind o! Titanium Dioxide mar"et d%namics, anal%+e the mar"et data and trends( TiO2 China &onthl% 'eport )ill provide intelli ence o! Chinese TiO2 industr%, includin suppl%,demand, compan% d%namics, ra) material suppl%, etc, and the latest policies and technolo ical pro ress to !acilitate %our search !or commercial opportunities in this promisin mar"et(

Following are headline news o! the Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report: Domesti" Ti'( mar%et )e"omes *uieter )e!ore the pring Festi$al The domestic TiO2 price continued its do)n)ard trend, and the mar"et has #ecome -uieter as the Sprin .estival approaches( +roused pu)li" "on"ern o$er pipeline sa!ety to )ring opportunities !or anti,"orrosion "oating The #last happened on /ov( 22, 2012 in 3in dao Cit% caused increasin pu#lic concerns on the sa!et% o! #uried pipelines, it is estimated that the anti4corrosion coatin )ill #e in reat demand i! pipelines up radin is carried out( -n"reasing domesti" auto output and lower raw material "ost in"rease .NT/s pro!it 5!ter an encoura in !inancial per!ormance in 2012, 6/T is expected to continue its ro)th momentum into 2017 as ne) pro8ects o into operation( China produ"ed around 1&00 million tonnes o! Ti'( in (011 9ith the )ea" domestic demand and the !lat export volume, China produced around 1(:0 million tonnes o! TiO2 in 2012, the same level as in 2012( R2 attains massi$e growth in produ"tion )ut su!!ers massi$e drop in pro!it in (011 Despite the #ear mar"et, S'L;s 2012 production increased si ni!icantl%, and is pro8ected to increase in 2017( Ho)ever, their revenue and pro!it declined(

-t/s wise !or handong Dong3ia to halt its -4' appli"ation <iven that onl% 20= TiO2 producers )ere pro!ita#le in 2012, it is )ise !or Shandon Don 8ia to halt its IPO application under the CS'C;s current re ulations( 5xport growth to )e the dri$ing !a"tor !or China/s Ti'( "onsumption in (014 The domestic demand !or TiO2 ma% remain so!t in 2017( Ho)ever, the export volume is expected to increase si ni!icantl%, ma"in export ro)th the ma8or drivin !actor !or the consumption o! Chinese4produced TiO2 in 2017( Comparison o! Ti'( properties indi"ators and re*uirements o! end users Comparison o! TiO2 properties indicators and re-uirements o! end users( Ti'( import $olume soared while export $olume in"reased moderately in No$& In /ov( 2012, the import volume o! TiO2 soared )hile the export volume increased moderatel%( The import price and export price #oth declined sli htl%( Titanium !eedsto"% imports in"reased while domesti" output !ell in No$& In /ov( 2012, the imported volume o! titanium !eedstoc" continued to ro)( Ho)ever, some small domestic titanium !eedstoc" producers cut their operatin rate, )hich led to the decline in the total domestic output o! titanium !eedstoc"(

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