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Single Photon! Sens itivity

Seeing is believing ...


uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

Proud Past; Dynamic Future

Single photon sensitivity guarantees great performance industry leading water Raman signal-tonoise ratio for a bench-top uorimeter

uoroSENS for the demanding researcher ... ... or the demands of routine measurements
The uoroSENS is a versatile bench-top uorimeter with single-photon counting sensitivity. It smashes the established priceperformance ratio for a high-sensitivity uorimeter. The uoroSENS brings the ultimate sensitivity of single-photon counting into a fully integrated, computer-controlled spectrometer, allowing measurements of high-performance steady-state uorescence spectra. Ultimate photon counting sensitivity now no longer for exclusive specialist research Exceptionally high dynamic range weak and strong uorescence peaks can be viewed simultaneously High spectral resolution ne line structure can be resolved with minimum stray light Comprehensive software for spectral measurements, analysis and presentation Many advanced performance features included as standard not usually found at this price level Full spectral correction for both emission and excitation channels Compact footprint ultimate scientic performance packed into a bench-top instrument Complete luminescence laboratory in the one package - uorescence, phosphorescence, transmission, quantum yields, electro-luminescence, plate reader, mapping systems, cryostats and much more.

impact your research without devastating your budget

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uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

fluoroSENS value-engineered for performance

When we designed this remarkable single-photon counting uorimeter we knew what we wanted to achieve a specication to match the best research instrument on the market, for the price of a standard routine laboratory uorimeter.
Ambitious, yes, but we started from the ground up with a clean sheet of paper and no pre-existing constraints just years of practical experience in designing, manufacturing and using uorimeters in reallife applications. We thought through in detail each element of the design. Each component part had to be fully optimised to meet our rigorous technical specication. The result was uoroSENS, a single-photon counting uorimeter which incorporates the latest developments in optical, electronic and software technology and it is highly competitively-priced too. There are no nasty budget surprises either, with many advanced features provided as standard, including: On-line real-time correction of excitation and emission spectra Integrated automated lter-changer for insertion of order-sorting lters as the measurement proceeds Flexible sample chamber with full side access for easy interchange of accessories, such as integrating spheres for quantum yield measurements, optical bres for remote sensing, cryostats for ultra-cold samples, 96-well plate reader, XY mapping stage and many more Method les for recall of complete experimental parameters and many more time-saving features that make the system a complete luminescence measurement laboratory.

Your relationship with Gilden Photonics starts here

At Gilden Photonics we support you every step of the way from selecting your uorimeter, to installing it in your laboratory and then providing on-going support when required. Selecting the right instrument for your application is often a difcult process. It can be confusing comparing technical specications and trying to ensure that measurements have been taken under the same conditions. Meaningful comparisons can often be hard to obtain because there are no international standards for some specications e.g. scan speed and water Raman signal-to-noise.

Seeing is Believing
We are condent that we have designed our uoroSENS uorimeter to meet even the most demanding applications. But dont just take our word for it put us to the test! You can send samples, visit us in our laboratories, request an on-line demonstration or we can bring the uoroSENS to your laboratory and demonstrate the instrument to you. In any method we can use your own samples and provide you with your own personalised measurement report.

About Gilden Photonics

Gilden Photonics Ltd. is a specialist spectroscopy company packed with realworld experience. Our staff bring over 75 man-years of practical experience in spectroscopy instrumentation, design and development, manufacture and customer support. All of our products are designed and congured with the user in mind. Our goal is always to provide our customers with rst-rate instrumentation, supported by sound technical advice, at an affordable price. Gilden Photonics Ltd. is based in Glasgow on the state-of-the-art Clydebank Business Park, just minutes from Glasgow Airport. The company occupies purpose-built premises which include a suite of ofces, manufacturing facility and customer application, development and demonstration laboratories.

Installation and support

All uoroSENS uorimeters are pre-aligned and fully calibrated before they leave our facility. We can undertake a complete installation at your laboratory and ensure that you are totally satised with your new uoroSENS. Should you need any support thereafter, whether it be applicationdevelopment or service, our technical team is always on hand to help via our dedicated support channels.

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

The ideal uorimeter: uoroSENS

The ideal uorimeter should be extremely sensitive, with no noise signals. It should be capable of measuring true excitation and true emission spectra without any interference in signals or non-uniformities in spectral output. The real world, however, is never idealbut with uoroSENS we have come pretty close! Demonstrated below are some of the reasons that make uoroSENS such a high-performance and versatile laboratory companion. Ultimate Single-Photon Counting Sensitivity Single-photon counting is the ultimate when it comes to uorescence spectroscopy techniques. The signal is measured digitally, allowing any background noise to be eliminated. Samples can be measured with ease down to femto-molar concentrations. The excitation and emission monochromators included in the uoroSENS have been designed to out-perform conventional instruments. The high-aperture and high-throughput optical design collects and transfers more signal to the detector. At the same time they offer excellent stray-light performance. This ensures that you will have no problems with photo-bleaching. uoroSENS incorporates the latest single-photon counting technology to offer you a high-performance uorimeter with outstanding sensitivity. The water Raman test is the standard frequently used to measure sensitivity. The plot below shows the performance for uoroSENS and the experimental conditions under which it was obtained. Spectral Correction for Best Measurement Performance In order to obtain true excitation and emission spectra it is necessary to correct for any effects introduced by the instrument itself. Every uoroSENS uorimeter gives you correction of both excitation and emission spectra included as standard a feature rarely found in instruments in a comparable price bracket or even some of the socalled research grade uorimeters.

Sample: Pyrene in cyclohexane (2x10-3M) Measurement Conditions: !ex = 338nm, !!ex = !!em = 0.5nm, step size = 0.5nm, integration time = 1s

Corrected excitation spectra uoroSENS provides you with on-line, real-time corrected excitation spectra. This is achieved by incorporating a large-area, high-stability reference photodiode which has been calibrated to give the true correction of excitation intensity at every measurement point. Corrected emission spectra Included with every uoroSENS is a factory-determined correction function which has been derived using a National Standards Accredited tungsten calibration lamp This guarantees the measurement of true emission spectra from your samples every time.

Sample: Raman Spectrum of Distilled Water Measurement Conditions: !ex = 350nm, !!ex = !!em = 5nm, step size =1nm, integration time = 1s Signal to noise ratio > 3,000:1 for water Raman signal, !peak = 397nm. Background noise measured at 450nm

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

Comprehensive is STANDARD
Excellent Spectral Resolution for Fine Line Structures The high-resolution monochromators in the uoroSENS permit spectral resolution from 0.1nm. This allows ne line structures to be resolved with outstanding accuracy and repeatability. The graphs below show 10 repeat scans with close up of the spectra peaks demonstrating the excellent spectral resolution of the uoroSENS. Broad Spectral Range from VUV to NIR There is a wide range of single-photon counting detectors available for use with uoroSENS which can cover from the UV to NIR. Choice of detector depends on application requirements. The most popular are blue- or red-sensitivity single-photon counting photomultipliers with spectral ranges of 185-670nm or 185-870nm respectively. Other detectors are available upon request.

Method Files for Complete Recall of Experimental Parameters uoroSENS will retain all your experimental details with a single method button, providing you with an instant record of all previous parameters used. In addition to the actual data, all method and report information, calculations and graphical outputs can be displayed. This feature is particularly useful when you wish to re-run experiments under precisely the same conditions. It also means that each user in your laboratory can efciently set-up and store their particular measurement methods and experiments.

High Dynamic Range The exceptionally high dynamic range of uoroSENS allows you to view weak and strong uorescence peaks simultaneously from the one scan without any time-consuming changes in conguration or instrument saturation. No longer do you need to make several measurements under different conditions to resolve strong and weak signals.

Compact Footprint and USB 2.0 Connectivity uoroSENS is a highly compact desktop instrument occupying a fraction of the space of most research instruments. Measuring just 0.6m (D) x 0.83m (W), it will t conveniently on the laboratory bench. The low and at prole of uoroSENS makes it ideal to place either a laptop computer or monitor and keyboard on top of the instrument and still maintain a comfortable working height, thus saving further demands on laboratory space. Each uoroSENS has a security locking point for computer hardware. No special computer interface cards are needed, simply connect using a USB 2.0 cable.

Transmission Detector for Checking Sample Stability The optional transmission detector allows the direct monitoring of the transmission intensity through your sample. This is achieved through simultaneous acquisition of sample data during scans. You can be condent of sample integrity during measurement. This feature is particularly ideal for life-sciences applications, providing a real-time, on-line check of your sample for photo-bleaching, cell death, sample settling etc. All measurement modes can utilise this detector option including the demands of anisotropy analysis.

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

Turning precision measurements into high-quality information

Signal Rates Excitation and Emission Spectra Synchronous Spectra Excitation-Emission Mapping Synchronous Mapping Phosphorescence Spectra and Lifetime Anisotropy Spectra
No uorimeter is complete without the ability to capture high-quality data and translate it into meaningful information. The software supplied with each uoroSENS has been designed to give you maximum exibility and control over your workow with the minimum of unnecessary effort. The software provides clear interfaces, direct-tothe-point operation, comprehensive features and facilities including export of data and graphical results in a wide range of formats. uoroSENS software is a comprehensive package for taking an extensive range of spectral measurements. Also included are complex mathematical options for data analysis and manipulation. Preparing your work for print and presentation is made easy too through the comprehensive exporting and display tools provided as standard. Excitation and Emission Scans are routine measurements with uoroSENS. The software has a simple-to-use tab system, providing easy access to ready-to-use routines such as excitation, emission, synchronous and kinetic scans. The single window operation enables you to enter scan parameters in an intuitive sequence.

Corrected Spectra Electro-Luminescence Quantum Yields Plate Reader XY-Mapping Surface Mapping Transmission Surface Plasmon Resonance
A synchronous scan is a powerful technique that can be used to separate and identify uorescent compounds within a mixture. Unique wavelength peaks provide information similar to a ngerprint making it possible to identify the components in a mixture. Synchronous scans involve scanning the excitation and emission monochromators simultaneously with a xed offset between the wavelength ranges. The uoroSENS software makes this technique simple to perform. Selecting the Synchronous Scan tab directs the user to enter test parameters with the greatest of ease. The gure below represents a mixture of four aromatic hydrocarbons: ,uorene, cyanonaphthalene, anthracene and perylene. The conventional emission scan (blue) does not reveal the complexity or identies any part of the mixture. The synchronous scan (red)clearly shows 4 synchronous peaks at the excitation-emission overlap positions of the relative compound enabling identication.

Sample: Anthracene in Cyclohexane (10-5M) Measurement Conditions: !ex = 338nm, !em = 400nm !!ex = !!em = 0.4nm, step size = 1.0nm, integration time = 1s

Sample: Four aromatic hydrocarbons dissolved in cyclohexane Measurement Conditions: !ex = 280nm, !!ex=!!em = 0.5nm, step size = 0.5nm, integration time = 1s, offset = 0nm for synchronous scan

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

Analysing and Manipulating Data

Flexible 2D, 3D and Contour Charting Spectral Arithmetic (+, -, x, /) Normalisation 1st, 2nd, 3rd Derivatives Integration Differentiation Spectral Correction (during or post acquisition) Smoothing Zooming Anisotropy Analysis including G-factor Correction Quantum Yield Analysis Peak Search

Wavelength Selection (!ex and !em) Integration Time per Data Point Sample Selection (4 position) Spectral Scan Limits Bandpass Selection (ex and em) Polariser Selection (Pre-Set Angle or Manual Selection) Repeat Scan Control

Live Signal Count for Sample Positioning Optimisation Plate Reader Control Post-Acquisition Spectral Correction

Real-time Spectral Data Correction Signal Attenuator

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

Key uoroSENS features:

Excitation and Emission Monochromators
300mm focal length, Czerny Turner f/4 Standard Gratings, 300nm blaze (Exc), 500nm blaze (Em) Motorised triple-grating turret offering capability for UV to NIR optimised coverage Continuously-variable motorized bilateral knife-edge slits Spectral dispersion 2.7nm/mm, slit widths 10 microns to 3mm Wavelength accuracy 0.1nm; wavelength reproducibility 0.1nm
All specications standard with1200g/mm gratings

High-speed digital signal processing for hardware control and data acquisition Single USB 2.0 connection to host computer no interface cards needed for PC 90-260V ac, 50/60Hz User-control interface

Other standard features

Beam splitter and reference silicon photodiode for automatic correction of excitation spectra Stored emission channel transmission for automatic correction of emission spectra Optical signal attenuator up to 100:1 Computer security mounting point

Light Source
150W xenon arc lamp Optical intensity stability better than 0.1% F/1 collection, fused silica optics Easy interchange of bulb on site Integrated power supply Pre-aligned mount Ultra-stable excitation source for precision steady-state measurements Auto-ignition of lamp on instrument switchon

Sample Chamber
Holder for liquid samples on precision rotation stage Full side access for easy interchange of accessories Detector protection interlock on sample chamber lid F/1 optics for excitation and emission channels Spacious, exible sample chamber to mount various cryostats Options for solid, powder and lm samples; XYZ position adjustment; waterthermostattable cell holder with magnetic stirrer

Automated Filter Changer

Auto-insertion of order-sorting lter as measurement proceeds Up to 5 selectable lters Filter selection automatically included in the spectral correction function Reduced stray and scattered light

Standard single-photon counting photomultiplier (185-650nm) Optional extended range, low noise photomultiplier (185-870nm) Choice of blue- or red- sensitive PMT, NIR detector, InGaAs photodiode

Gratings option for up to 3 different blaze

gratings to be tted within both excitation and emission monochromators for highest possible optical throughput and wide spectral range

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

... and accessories

!-BBO Glan Thomson motorized polariser for the study of
steady-state uorescence anisotropy and other polarisation effects a key measurement in life sciences, drug interaction studies, photochemistry and polymer studies. 1 resolution for anisotropy measurements Spectral range 200nm 3500nm Superb extinction coefcient 5 x 10-6 guaranteeing exceptional polarisation purity Motorised positioning into the beam Motorised angular selection 0, 90, magic angle and free selection

Solid, powder and lm sample holders which are easily

interchangeable to suit all types of sample

Water-thermostattable cell holder with magnetic stirrer keeps

your sample at a constant temperature. Supplied with a stirrer for mixing viscose liquids while taking measurements

Automated four-position cell holder allows you to take multiple

sample measurements without having to re-congure your experiment each time

Front-face cell holder with rotation a sample holder with front

face excitation designed for use with thin lms, microscope slides, bres and powders. Fitted with a rotation facility for angle adjustment

96-Well plate reader (used with the bre optic accessory) allows
you to scan large numbers of samples rapidly

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

A complete uoroSENS system ready for your application

uoroSENS - QY, QUANTUM YIELD SYSTEM for high performance Quantum Yield measurements
The measurement of Quantum Yields (QY) is a fundamental property of a luminescent sample. It refers specically to the ratio of the number of photons of light radiated from the photoluminescent material to the number of photons of light that the material absorbs. Practically, QYs are very important because they allow the assessment of uorometric materials and the extent of interferences. As such these measurements are made on solutions, powders and thin lms and apply to a wide range of applications including, for example, uorescent materials for whiteners and white lights, organic and inorganic LED materials, biology, uorescent probes and quantum dots, laser threshold requirements, determining suitability of wavelength shifters and for studies of radiation-less transitions in molecular systems. The uoroSENS-QY achieves high performance through the use of an integrating sphere. The reason for this is that by the time the light reaches the detector much of the original emission anisotropy has been eliminated so that the detector gives a good measure of the total emitted radiant power. In addition there is the benet that there is a relative lack of sensitivity to scattering and the geometry of the sample. However, the sphere walls reect the excitation light, as well as the emission light, which can be re-absorbed by the sample. This reabsorption is quite important for the excitation peak because part of this light, either reected from or transmitted through the sample, can be re-absorbed by the sample after reection from the sphere wall. The uoroSENS-HS single photon counting sensitivity and proprietary high speed scanning capability provides a perfect combination.



making your Phosphorescence measurements convenient and accurate

uoroSENS-P is specically-designed for time-resolved and steadystate Phosphorescence measurements. This uoroSENS version uses a pulsed xenon lamp or an optional laser to provide the excitations and time-gated detection to separate the high-intensity uorescence signal from the phosphorescence. The standard uoroSENS system comes with a high-speed shutter in the excitation channel that permits phosphorescence measurements of medium lifetime. The uoroSENSP system improves ne resolution using a pulsed Xe lamp for lifetimes down to a few 10s microseconds. Fast photon counting is standard at time-resolutions from 1"s per point.

uoroSENS-PL, PHOTOLUMINESCENCE MAPPING SYSTEM your PL mapping tool for quality control and materials investigation
Photoluminescence mapping from semiconductor wafers has become an important QA tool for the assessment of alloy concentration and the quality of wafers and devices and devices quality. The uoroSENS-PL instrument comprises a high sensitivity, rapid scanning system for wafers up to 4 diameter. The method software allows mapping in rows, columns or other userdened patterns across the wafer, permitting the user to customise the map requirements.

uoroSENS - PR,


enabling high sample throughput without compromising on sensitivity and resolution

For many analysis methods the use of 96 and 384 well plates have become the dened standard method for medium and higher throughput assays. uoroSENS-PR has a uorimeter package specically designed to exploit the uoroSENS measurement, power and resistivity combined with a Plate Reader system. The large sample area easily permits insertion and removal of plates. This instrument is ideal for many applications where large numbers of samples need to be measured using a repeatable method and often nds applications in bio and chemi-analysis. Complete plates, stacked volumes and/or rows or even individual wells can be measured.

uoroSENS-EL, ELECTRO-LUMINESCENCE SYSTEM complete system for measuring your Electroluminscence samples
The uoroSENS-EL is a unique instrument for the measurement of
Electroluminescence samples. Complete with the EL driver system, LEDs and other EL materials can be driven under precisely-controlled current and voltage conditions to determine their I-V and spectral emission characteristics. Output spectra can be readily connected to show co-ordinates for light colour assessments.

uoroSENS-HS HIGH SPEED SCANNING SYSTEM for ultra-fast scanning of your samples
Speed of scan can be important where the sample will degrade quickly. It can also be an important factor for gathering quick measurements without the requirement for high resolution.

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1

uoroSENS key specications

Optical conguration Excitation source

Right-angle geometry; optical accessories for other geometries 150W continuous Xenon arc lamp, ozone free Optical intensity stability better than 0.1% 200-2600nm spectral range XYZ bulb, rear mirror and lamp focus adjustment factory pre-aligned User interchangeable xenon bulb Czerny-Turner design, 300mm focal length Triple-grating turret as standard Motorized continuously-variable precision knife-edge slits from 10 to 3mm as standard Stray light performance 1:105 Excitation monochromator 1200g/mm, 300nm blaze grating Emission monochromator 1200g/mm, 500nm blaze grating Wavelength accuracy 0.2nm Wavelength repeatability 0.1nm Bandpass 0.1 10nm continuously variable in steps of 0.05nm Scan speed 80nm/s depends upon grating 185-670nm, blue-sensitivity single-photon counting photomultiplier; dark count rate <100cps at room temperature 185-870nm, red-sensitivity single-photon counting photomultiplier; dark count rate <2,000cps at room temperature Optional InGaAs, InAs, InSb emission detectors for NIR 185-1,000 nm large-area calibrated Silicon Photodiode 100M counts per second photon counting system 4 x 16 bit, 1Ms/s digitisers for analogue detectors and sample temperature monitor Flexible user I/O control port Exc; Em; Synchronous; Anisotropy; Ex-Em Mapping; synchronous mapping spectra; 2D, 3D and contour plotting; spectral arithmetic; normalisation; smoothing; differentiation; integration; spectral correction; anisotropy analysis (including G-factor correction) Water-Raman signal-to-noise > 3,000:1 90-260V ac, 50/60Hz Desktop or laptop USB 2.0 interface with Microsoft Windows operating system 0.6m (D) x 0.83m (W) x 0.31m (H) CE marked



Reference detector Data acquisition


Sensitivity Power requirements Computer Dimensions Certication

uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1


Single photon detection, Guaranteed Water Raman signal-to-noise >=3,000:1

Dynamic Range
100MHz photon counting system and one of the lowest stray light and dark noise performance levels.

Spectral Resolution
Resolution from 0.05nm FWHM. Exceptional monochromator turret reproducibility. High speed scanning facility. Fully automated slits.

Spectral Correction
On-line, real-time lamp monitoring and spectral correction of the excitation channel. Emission channel correction using calibrated lamps.

Method les for experiment set-up. Comprehensive measurement protocols. Data analysis and presentation graphics.

Size & Price

Size matters - compact desktop system without measurement compromise. USB 2.0 connectivity-no need for a dedicated, costly interface card. Matched with an equally compact price.

Seeing is believing ...

Contact us for your own sample measurement report. Visit our facility, your local distributor or watch on-line as your samples are being measured and discuss the results with our application scientists.

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Gilden Photonics Ltd has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend specications without prior notice. E & OE.
uoroSENS Brochure Issue 1